Introduction to the Forum on the Green River Formation

by Journal of Creation Editors

Part of the Green River Formation

Geology is important for the Christian worldview because it provides a time framework for understanding many other sciences, such as animal diversification, plant distribution and environmental studies. Of particular relevance is the timing of geological events and how to interpret the evidences.

To that end, we publish here a forum on the timing of the Green River Formation (GRF), USA. The GRF is well known because many anti-creationists have used it to try to challenge biblical history. There is also a difference of opinion within creationist circles; some saying that the GRF was deposited in the Flood and others that it was deposited after the Flood. This forum presents some of the arguments on this question.

Of greater significance, the forum illustrates the multitude of issues that need to be addressed by creationist geologists, and the sorts of methods they employ. The lines of reasoning are published here in the same issue of Journal of Creation so readers can consider the arguments and counter arguments together.

Michael Oard puts the case that the GRF is a Flood deposit, and John Whitmore that it is post-Flood. Both have published extensively on biblical geology. Michael and John are good friends and have examined the GRF in the field together.

Although the Flood position is presented first, both the Flood and post-Flood submissions were prepared at the same time and exchanged after they were completed. The second and final submissions were also prepared concurrently.

The fact that creationist scientists have different views on this topic is a healthy sign. We always stress that Christians should never put their faith in one particular scientific model, whether it is geological, biological or astronomical. Models change. Rather, we put our faith in the infallible Word of God, the Bible, which does not change because it is true.

We hope you enjoy the forum and that it helps you to appreciate something of the issues involved in reconstructing the geological history of the earth.

Forum contents

 Geological Setting  The Green River Formation of the west-central United States: Flood or

 By Michael J. Oard and John H. Whitmore

 Flood  post-Flood
The case for Flood deposition of the Green River Formation
By Michael J. Oard
The Green River Formation: a large post-Flood lake system
By John H. Whitmore
Second Contribution Response to the post-Flood lake model for the Green River Formation
By Michael J. Oard
The geologic setting of the Green River Formation
By John H. Whitmore
Conclusion Geomorphology indicates the Green River Formation was deposited in the Flood
By Michael J. Oard
Difficulties with a Flood model for the Green River Formation
By John H. Whitmore

These forum articles will be added over a period of weeks.

Published: 20 July 2006

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