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Journal of Creation

Volume 28, Issue 3
Published December 2014
127 pages

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Fossil time ranges continue to be increased
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
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Denisovans menace evolution—new chapter in the human origins debate
Perspective by Denis Savanne
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Explaining nearby objects that are old in time dilation cosmologies
Perspective by Ronald G. Samec
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Open questions on the Origin of Life in 2014
Perspective by Peter M. Murphy
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Fossil snakes and the Flood boundary in North America
Perspective by Chad Arment
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Woolly mammoths were cold adapted
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
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Warm early Eocene Antarctica
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
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Post-Flood log mats potentially can explain biogeography
Overview by Michael J. Oard
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Comparative anatomy of the eye in the animal kingdom—with dubbed-in evolution
A review of Evolution’s Witness: How Eyes Evolved (Ivan R. Schwab)
Book Review by John Woodmorappe
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A troubling thesis–Nicholas Wade pushes an old view of the origin of races
A review of A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History (Nicholas Wade)
Book Review by Robert Carter
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Darwin’s corrosive influence on literature and society as a whole
A review of Apostate—The Men Who Destroyed the Christian West (Kevin Swanson)
Book Review by Jerry Bergman
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An unbalanced perspective
A review of Christian Perspectives on Origins (Steve Badger and Mike Tenneson)
Book Review by Mark Harwood
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The secularist anointed to replace Christian conservative anointed—for evangelicals
A review of The Anointed: Evangelical Truth in a Secular Age (Randall J. Stephens and Karl W. Giberson)
Book Review by John Woodmorappe
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Is there a Reformed approach to science and Scripture?
A review of A Reformed Approach to Science and Scripture (Keith Mathison)
Book Review by Ian Hodge
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On pterosaurs, and flights of the evolutionary imagination
A review of Pterosaurs From Deep Time (David M. Unwin)
Book Review by John Woodmorappe
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The biblical minimum and maximum age of the earth
Letter from David Austin. Reply: Robert Carter
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The emperors who had no clothes
Letter from Dominic Statham.
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More evidence for the reality of genetic entropy
Letter from Earl Rodd. Reply: Robert Carter
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Human genome decay
Letter from Paul Sauer. Reply: Alex Williams
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Magnetized moon rocks shed light on Precambrian mystery
Paper by D. Russell Humphreys
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Do you know the laws of the heavens?—the Bible and the hydrologic cycle
Paper by Ron Neller
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Developmental system plasticity—a brief initial assessment of extent, design, and purpose within the creation model
Paper by Jean K. Lightner
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Heredity is foundationally cellular, not genetic, and life’s history is discrete, not continuous
Paper by Alex Williams
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Gilgamesh and the biblical Flood—part 2
Paper by Murray Adamthwaite
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Adam as the protoplast—views from the early church in response to the archetypal view
Paper by Andrew Sibley
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How reliable are genomes from ancient DNA?
Paper by Brian Thomas and Jeffrey Tomkins
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Precambrian impacts and the Genesis Flood
Paper by Michael J. Oard
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New view of gravity explains cosmic microwave background radiation
Paper by D. Russell Humphreys
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Analogy and geology—the ‘science’ of Charles Lyell
Essay by Dominic Statham
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A theologian’s disappointing departure from biblical creation
Essay by Nick Sabato

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