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A knocker answered

Published: 10 August 2019 (GMT+10)

We received the following negative comment from Fred P., from the United Kingdom, in response to our article ‘Countering blockers and knockers’:

Why are you surprised that the established church does not welcome your weird views? The Old Testament is a collection of wonderful stories that have spread round the world, BUT they are stories, fairy stories. Just because they're written down doesn't establish any veracity, certainly not now that science has proven thousands of times over that the earth is around four billion years old, not a trifling 10,000 as you claim. Pick any branch of science from palaentology and geology to genetics and cosmology and every piece of evidence points to an ancient world. Darwin's evolution may have been a theory in 1850 but now, today, in 2019 it is a fact. How else can you explain that we all have 98% or so the same DNA as apes and chimpanzees; and 50% the same as a banana? We all have common ancestors given enough time and mutations to develop into different species. Your hilarious depiction of the ark that according to you encompassed lions and penguins, polar bears and the 114,000 types of beetle to pick one at random. When are you going to stop this farce—or is it such a money spinner that it would be financially embarrassing to admit the Emperor's Clothes?

The author of the article, Don Batten, responded:

Why are you surprised that the established church does not welcome your weird views?

The ‘established church’, as you call it, is rapidly dying, whereas the churches that believe and teach the Old Testament history from the beginning are growing. That is a statistical fact. See Voting with their feet (about the UK ‘mainline’ church decline).

The Old Testament is a collection of wonderful stories that have spread round the world, BUT they are stories, fairy stories. Just because they're written down doesn't establish any veracity,…

Discovery after discovery in archaeology is showing that the ‘stories’ of the Old Testament were historical events. See some examples at Archaeology Q&A. And Jesus, through whom all things were created, clearly took them as real events in time and space.

“science has proven thousands of times over that the earth is around four billion years old”.

Um no, not even once, let alone a thousand times over. Please see Long-age isotope dating short on credibility, which shows how the value of 4.55 billion years was based on very flawed methodology, many years ago, and ‘canonical phase locking’ (confirmation bias) has kept it very close to that original value since. The following articles show how radiometric dating is not objective science but sophisticated-sounding story-telling: The dating game and The pigs took it all. Geologist Dr Tas Walker explains simply why there is no proof of deep time ages from radiometric dating: The fatal flaw with radioactive dating.

Furthermore, there is abundant evidence (not proof) that the billions of years are fiction, and that Earth and the universe are much younger; please see Age of the earth (note the introduction that explains why there is no dating system in the present that can ‘prove’ the age of something from the past).

“Pick any branch of science from palaentology and geology to genetics and cosmology and every piece of evidence points to an ancient world. Darwin's evolution may have been a theory in 1850 but now, today, in 2019 it is a fact.”

Nice bit of elephant hurling here! But then you do give some specifics, so let’s look at them:

“How else can you explain that we all have 98% or so the same DNA as apes and chimpanzees; and 50% the same as a banana.”

Well no, that’s old science, the 98% figure (and the comparison was between humans and the common chimp). See: The one percent myth. And note that even a 1 or 2% difference would be an impossibility for evolution by mutations and natural selection, even with all the best possible assumptions (see below), to change a common ancestor with a chimp into a human in the supposed 6 million years that it took. However, the difference is now known to be much larger, which makes human evolution even more impossible—if that were possible!

Note also that the 50% banana figure came from a flippant throw-away line from Professor Steve Jones; it did not come from a careful comparison of the two genomes. If we had two random sequences of DNA the same length, then they would be expected to be 25% the same; that is the ‘bottom line’, since there are only four DNA ‘letters’ (nucleotide bases). If we did share 50% of our DNA with a banana (it’s possible), that would be a problem for evolution, because the supposed common ancestor with a banana would be so far back in deep time that every base pair would have mutated, such that there should be little similarity at all.

“We all have common ancestors given enough time and mutations to develop into different species.”

No common ancestors have been identified, because they never existed. And there has not been anywhere near enough time, even with your naïve acceptance of the deep time myth. See Haldane’s Dilemma. Furthermore, the genetic evidence from a wide range of species matches a very recent origin; see Empirical genetic clocks give biblical timelines.

“Your hilarious depiction of the ark that according to you encompassed lions and penguins, polar bears and the 114,000 types of beetle to pick one at random.”

This shows that you have not looked at anything much at all that we have written regarding evidence for Noah’s Flood, the variation within a created kind that has occurred, or the feasibility of the Ark. In other words, you lampoon something that you know next to nothing about. That is not a reasonable approach to knowing. There is abundant geological evidence for a global flood like the Bible describes; see: Geology Q&A,

When are you going to stop this farce—or is it such a money spinner that it would be financially embarrassing to admit the Emperor's Clothes?

Many of the front-line workers in Creation Ministries International gave up well-paid careers in science, medicine, and other professions to be paid much less (some are volunteers). So, it is rather ludicrous to suggest that we are ‘in it for the money’. We also sustain a lot of personal abuse from people such as yourself. The irony does not escape us that the story of the emperor’s clothes is much more aptly applied to the dogmatic teaching of evolution. The emperor insisted on pain of severe penalty that everyone agree that his naked body was beautifully clothed. No one will suffer stigma or penalty in the here and now for disagreeing with biblical creation, but many have suffered for daring to question evolution. Many in academia have lost their jobs for daring to question the evolution myth; no dissent will be tolerated in many universities (see Review of Slaughter of the Dissidents).

I would personally prefer to lead a quieter life without the unpleasantness. However, we all see the importance of getting the truth about origins into the public square—that God created us with a purpose for eternity; we are not just ‘re-arranged pond-scum’. This message is life-changing on a personal level, but also facilitates human flourishing, as shown with the history of ‘western’ nations since the great revivals of the 1800s until recently. This is now rapidly being lost as we descend into chaos as God and his Word have been jettisoned in similar manner to what you are advocating. It would be wonderful if you would investigate the evidence for the Bible’s real-world history and its life-saving message.

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Readers’ comments

Steve W.
Mr. Batten, there is Biblical basis for an old earth. Genesis 1:1 is creation. This could have been 4 billion years ago. This would explain how the dinosaurs roamed the Earth 165 million years and went extinct 65 million years ago. It would explain how the Grand Canyon is over 6 million years old. It would explain our fossil fuels that take millions of years to develop. Somewhere in that time frame God gave dominion in the Earth to Lucifer to rule over nations and cities Isaiah 14:12-17. Genesis 1:2 would be a flood before Noah's 2 Peter 3:5-6. There is no mention of Noah and the ark. How long did God let the Earth sit in darkness as a big ball of water because of His judgment - thousands or millions of years more? Then in Genesis 1 God does a literal six day restoration of an old Earth. God moves the water out of the way and reveals the land again. God brings back the light again. He creates Adam as the first modern man. God tells Adam to replenish the Earth with people again Genesis 1:28.
Don Batten
I'm sorry Steve, but there is no biblical basis for an old earth, including what you propose, which is called the Gap Theory. This is an idea that arose in the mid-1800s in an attempt to find space in the Bible for the deep time that was being invented by the Bible-hating deists Hutton and Lyell. No one had seen an old earth in the Bible before that time, because it is not there. The Hebrew of Genesis 1:2,2 expressly prevents this idea that there was a primeval earth destroyed over hundreds of millions of years before a re-creation in six days. God's own words in Exodus 20:11 also rule it out (do you believe God?).
You accept the secular dating of dinosaurs and Grand Canyon, but how do you know that this is correct? Radiometric dating? Try again! Radioisotope dating of rocks of Grand Canyon. There is a wealth of evidence now available that dinosaurs could not have died out 65 million years ago? See some here: Double decade dinosaur disquiet.
Fossil fuels take millions of years to develop? How do you know this? Experimental and geological evidence indicate that coal and oil formed very fast indeed. Brown coal can be made in just 3 weeks using realistic conditions that would have prevailed when the organic matter was buried: Coal: memorial to the Flood See also: How fast can oil form?
But the bottom line is this: you are accepting hundreds of millions of years of death, disease and suffering in a world that God created, before Adam sinned and caused the Fall, with the corruption of the creation (Genesis 3, Romans 8). You have the creation corrupted before sin! And God saw everything that he had made at the end of day six and said it was "very good"? But in your view, Adam and Even were standing on a graveyard!
Some other points: 2 Peter 3 uses a Greek word, mabbul, for the deluge. This is a word only used of Noah's Flood. And where does Genesis 1:2 mention any flood? There is no mention of any flood in the Bible other than Noah's Flood.
No, this Gap Theory idea is an idea full of holes and it undermines essential biblical teaching. Please read this comprehensive treatment of the Gap Theory, which deals with all the supposed arguments for it: Chapter 3 of the Creation Answers Book on Gap Theories. And then make use of the wealth of material on creation.com that will equip you with the knowledge you need to defend the Bible's true history.
Jim G.
Excellent response. As an aspiring Christian writer, I know that it's hard to present the truth without getting bent out of shape. I frequently have to go back and rewrite some of my statements, to remove harshness.

But, you guys seem to do it effortlessly. You have trained yourselves and your staff well. It shows. Keep up the good work!
Don Batten
Thanks Jim. We don't always get it right and it is not always easy to respond without responding in kind. We appreciate everyone who prays for us in this.
Sue T.
I wonder if these detractors perhaps don't CARE how CMI responds to their nonsense because their aim is to get challenges to Genesis and a Young Earth IN PRINT, to niggle like grit in the public-at-large's shoe, distracting the focus from obvious evidence like dinosaur soft-tissue, a dearth of transitional intermediates, increasingly more functions for 'junk' DNA, polystrate fossils, highly subjective analyses of rock-age tests etc etc?! They're in print and out there, causing havoc in unwary minds, even though evolution is fragmented at best, and irrelevant to most disciplines. . . They won't win in the end . . .
Steve W.
I see flawed human thinking on both sides of the argument. Creationists don't want to admit the earth is old, fearing it will somehow make evolution true. We know evolution is just a lie from Satan. On the other hand, evolutionists don't want to admit the Bible is completely true. Adam couldn't have had a common ancestor with the apes because God created him from the dust of the ground. Personally, I believe the Bible does support an old earth. We can't ignore scriptures to make the Bible fit our beliefs. We need to make our beliefs fit with the Bible. Isaiah 14:12-17 speaks of a time when God had given Lucifer dominion in the Earth. It says Lucifer had cities and nations under him. Of course, Lucifer ruined the world then too. 2 Peter 3:5-6 speaks of a flood that destroyed the ancient world. There is no mention of Noah and the Ark. This was a flood before Noah's. I believe Genesis 1:2 describes this first flood. We also can't ignore evidence that there were ancient people that lived well before Adam and Eve. We can't just ignore evidence that the dinosaurs went extinct way before God created Adam and Eve. We can't ignore evidence the Grand Canyon is much older than 6000 years. No where in the Bible does it say God created Adam at the same time He created the Earth. 4.5 billions years is nothing to our God that has no beginning. I believe the six days in Genesis 1 are not days of creation, but six days of restoration of an old Earth. God then creates Adam as the first modern man. Notice in Genesis 1:28 God tells Adam to replenish the Earth or fill it with people again.
Don Batten
You clearly have little knowledge of our teaching. Our opposition to an old earth has nothing to do with it helping evolution. No, it is because it undermines just about every major doctrine, and especially the Gospel itself. See Did God create over billions of years?
Furthermore, you are proposing what is known as the Gap Theory, which was invented in the mid-1800s (no one saw it before) to try to harmonize the Bible with the then-fashionable deep time ideas.
There is zero biblical basis for the Gap Theory, as clearly shown in numerous articles on creation.com. Even the structure of the Hebrew in Genesis 1:1-3 rules out the very basis of the Gap Theory (that there is any time gap). Also, God's statement in Exodus 20:11 rules out any gap.
But the Gap Theory also puts the fossils, which represent death, disease and suffering before Adam and Even, when God said everything was "very good", and before Adam sinned and brought the curse of death and struggle upon the creation (as per Romans 8 also). Please see: Answers Book chapter 3 Gap theories.
Richard P.
Can I just focus on one aspect of the comment from Fred: “How else can you explain that we all have 98% or so the same DNA as apes and chimpanzees...”? Dr Batten rightly draws attention to the fact that this figure is a thoroughly-debunked myth, but even if it were true, so what? Fred seems to think of it as the outright knock-down proof of evolution - "How else can you explain...", but it isn't even evidence for evolution, let alone proof. It is evidence that IF evolution is true, THEN we would be closely related to chimpanzees. However, IF design is true THEN it is evidence that there are many design features in common. Whatever the actual figure, it would be entirely compatible with either explanation of origins.
A human designer or engineer will routinely use similar features in different products, expressing commonality of purpose, or his/her own design style, or both. Why should not the Supreme Designer of all do likewise? And yet so firmly wedded is Fred to his evolutionary mindset that he can't even see this! “How else can you explain...". Fred, it should be obvious to you how else we would explain it. Whether you agree with the explanation or not, to write as though creationists could have no explanation for your putative figure is ridiculous.
Neil M.
Another great reply!
Why do people keep writing in without having apparently read any of the wealth of information available in the thousands of articles on this site?
Jim M.
Just goes to show that much of what people believe is not really true. It is based on old "scientific" claims that were never proven or that were based on false assumptions. A lot of ignorance exists as to what creationists believe as well - this also is often times the result of mockery from unbelievers that twists the facts to make our beliefs seem ridiculous. I can't really blame these people though. It's what they have been taught and what most people seem to believe. And there is a cost associated with questioning the status quo so why would they? And but for the grace of God, we would all be in that position. Thanks to CMI for their hard work in upholding these fundamental biblical doctrines.
Mark P.
Excellent point-by-point breakdown of the problems this argument was making.
I am reminded of the words stated this weekend by Nigel Farage - leader of the Brexity Party in England.

Education, right across the Western world - the way it should look like is: you tell young people here is a problem, here are two solutions - you as an intelligent being work out which of these is right. It is called critical thinking - it is the corner stone of education.

What is now happening in American and the U.K. and here in Australia is our young people are being told: ... here are two solutions: one is virtuous and one is evil and we are literally having our young people brainwashed through the university system....

The world of philosophy has captured our scientists and along with that worldviews that do not allow for discussion and examination based upon the facts plus truth.

I think there is great value in a detailed examination of such claims as this writer - thank you very much for the inclusion in your feedback articles.
Philip K.
I understand why you felt you needed to answer Fred P from the UK but really if critics insist on making themselves look foolish from their obvious position of ignorance on facts and evidence do we need to waste time on their foolishness? It reminds me of a time when on street pastor duty I encountered an evolutionist university graduate who after some debate declared that he would not let facts stand in the way of what he believed! Talk about wilful ignorance. Nevertheless a masterful response on your part. After that I feel almost sorry for him. My prayer is that God will give me a heart of love when sometimes exasperation just steps in. Thank you for your work and yes our church is thriving here in the UK because I do teach from the undiluted Word of God much helped by CMI. God bless and help you in this battle.
Don Batten
Thanks for the encouragement Philip, and may there be more pastors like you! If there were, then our countries would not be in such a mess.
G W.
H Brethren
I am a keen reader of your site and in agreement with your creationist position.
I write to ask if you have done a analysis/comment or review of the recent work by John C Lennox's book "SEVEN DAYS THAT DIVIDE THE WORLD" ?

It may be that you have and I missed it, in which case I would be grateful if you could point me to
the comment. With thanks
In the Lord
Don Batten
If you type Lennox into the search window (top of page) and hit the magnifier icon (search), the first result will be the review that you seek.
Don Batten
Danny J.
Yep. That guy didn't follow the feedback rules before giving his feedback.
Pratha S.
Once again,science has proven that the evidence is on the Bible's side -- evolution is just a fantasy.The bad thing about this is that those who believe in evolution,who say they go by the facts,don't want to even consider that they're the ones who could be wrong! They think they're right -- ALWAYS right! As long as you go by their views,they'll listen all day! But to consider that they could be wrong -- heaven forbid! This also brings out the propaganda that evolutionists buy into.It's taught in all the public school systems,on all the secular stations and internet sights.To even consider that they could be wrong is NOT to be even considered! But the Bible makes it clear -- if you want to know that there is a God,all you have to do is look at His natural creation.This is put inside EVERYONE -- but some choose not to believe it.Choosing to believe man rather than God.And that's what it comes down to -- THAT THERE IS NO GOD! Hopefully these people will come to know the Lord before they get to the other side and realize that all they were taught about evolution was teaching that was simply 'built on sand'.
Joe B.
I have encountered these very same words in online debates with unbelievers; I may even know who it is:-). Generally you get one objection, respond in a way that is difficult to re-butt only to find the goal posts are shifted with a different objection. Its good to get it all at once so a comprehensive reply can be made and that response was excellent. Its too bad that the naysayer, in all probability, has a shallow scientific back round and is only parroting others. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the polite thoughtful response.
Don Batten
This is a good article on how to debate more effectively: Anyone for tennis?
Robert H.
Fantastic response! It would be interesting to know if you have had a reply from this guy!
Don Batten
No, no reply. Hopefully he is carefully chewing over the recommended articles. :-)
Michael S.
"weird views", "thousands of times over", "farce", "hilarious" and, "embarassing", are but a few of the colourful buz words this complainant seems to have made, known as question-begging-epithets. Of course Dr Batten did a nice apt job of dispatching the crude rhetoric of this poster. It seems ironic that the side that so often associates themselves with "rationalism and science", seldom seem to be an example of either. I think you got it right Don, with, "naive acceptance". There are so many people like this online that aren't really willing to study the subjects they raise and it seems the only purpose they serve is to mouth off at creationist Christians because we prick their conscience, because deep down they know the Bible is right.
Debra R.
Thank you.
Don W.
Thank you Dr. Batten for your 5 star response. Your admonitions and corrections were helpful, reasonable, defensible and my hope is that the skeptic will take the high road of integrity and follow the many links made available so that he too may be persuaded, by the scientific evidence, to rethink his current position, and to become open to a young earth creation.
Armand B.
Wonderful response--I plan to share it with others!
Your ministry is so important in today's world--thanks for being a light in the darkness and for sharing your message with our church earlier this year!
David P.
Great response to the knocker. But there is something else - the immense pain and suffering inflicted on people around the world because of Darwin's flawed theory about the survival of favored races based on natural selection. Hundreds of millions have died at the hands of dictators who have believed Darwin's lies. Margaret Sanger is responsible not only for the murders of millions of babies through abortion, but of genocides. Then there are the millions of school children who have been brain-washed in public schools by the teaching of evolution as fact, turning them away from God. And because our society as a whole has become anti-God, the moral corruption that has resulted is responsible not only for many deaths, but for eternal damnation in the Lake of Fire.
Dr. John C.
Why is it so difficult to accept that the earth is 4 billion years old. Creation even in the bible is a little vague about the details of creation. For example, we know that God and Satan were together for some time, but we don't know how long they were together. We also know that at some point Satan feel from God and was cast out of heaven. Is it so difficult to believe that on the first day God created the heavens and the earth and that at some point in that first day Satan feel from God? If this is true, backed up by writings in the bible, then it must be a day mentioned in the bible is longer than 24 hours.

Let us accept this and now how do we determine how long a day is? It must be the same amount of time for each day so in 6 days God created everything! That is billions of years! Not so difficult to accept.
Don Batten
I once tried to believe that the days could be long periods of time, but it doesn't work, for numerous reasons. See, for starters: Did God create over billions of years? and more at Day-age theory articles. Long ages undermines the Gospel, and much else, if you think about it!
The fact that God himself wrote on stone that He created everything in six days, with the seventh day of rest, the basis of our seven-day week, should be sufficient reason to abandon this false idea (Exodus 20:11).
BTW, Satan could not have fallen on the first day, because God declared that everything was "good" at the end of the first day. His fall must have been after the creation week, for God proclaimed all that He had made was "very good".
Paulette B.
Well, I seem to have lost my first note about if we where formed with no sense of direction, why are we not stick figures or walk on our hands or are upside down? No, we are all in a functional, appropriate body. We all have moveable parts, hair and skin the regrow itself, body that heals itself, that feels sensations to the most minute feeling...as a chill that raises 'goose bumps' . Can that be an accident? I could go on but I only have a couple questions...as a regular person, not scientific or a super wiz and I want you to take a moment and truly...TRULY look at these and ponder these things... If, IF we are from evolution, why has nothing new hasn't evolved? Why get to this level and not keep going? Why not a different body, animal, tree, bird etc. They are interbred (all but humans that are only human) but there are no NEW SPECIES. Just one more question...take a few moments out of your life with NO HOPE for the future and suppose...JUST SUPPOSE WE ARE RIGHT! Suppose there IS A GOD and He did create all this so it is in a perfect place, with perfect atmosphere, with perfect gravity, with separate species, with perfect organs, skin, hair, bone, muscles...just suppose there is sin that damaged our connection to God, just suppose there is the Jesus that died for you, even though you don't claim Him, suppose there is a place of Hope called Heaven, there is Peace...just SUPPOSE for a moment that IS ALL TRUE. Wouldn't it give sense to the perfection of how we are created? For a minute, can't you see as so many unbelieving scientist come to know... THERE TRULY IS A GOD AND HE LOVES YOU.. just suppose...what if.
Don Batten
We list "No new species" as a bad argument: Arguments not to use.
Also, we now live in a fallen world, so not everything is perfect now (e.g. Romans 8:22), although they would have been when first created.
Jamie L.
Well handled. God bless you.
Sally B.
Well done! I am so thankful that you answered this "knocker" is such a systematic, logically and biblical manner. I can only pray that this person actually reads all of the associated links and becomes enlightened to the TRUTH.
Sam T. T.
I am always surprised when somebody states assumptions as facts. Some are morally looking hard for these "facts", desperately to the point of exaggerating and confusing any findings. Some other times I can almost see a "blind intelligence" approach for the sake of "stability" and closing the millions of gaps. Mr. Krauss tells us about " A Universe From Nothing" then we are told nothing is not really nothing! He goes on to say that his definition of nothing is what we can't measure even if he is sure that his "nothing" has it's laws and even unique particles and complex behaviour! Back to the same starting point. I would say such "nothing" certainly needs God to create more than "anything". I have to say that Mr. Krauss would add "maybe" many times in his speech but that does not pass selective hearing. I would say Mr. Krauss is somebody who can make money from "nothing" and not CMI. We are in the age and time were people are happy to believe that nothing is not nothing, it is rather whatever you want it to be. The power of words all around us in academia and even in "church" Tomorrow it would be "world view" even maybe today. Who dares to say that this is only a MANTRA. Just say it loud and repeat it for many times and watch for a miracle. If no miracle, well just keep the money.
Marie T.
Power-packed, truthful response. However, sadly, unless the Lord intervenes in a life-changing way, this individual will continue to walk in darkness on this issue—a victim of the pride of his so-called intellect on the matter. The creation/evolution debate evokes so much spite on the part of evolutionists that you can quickly discern it’s deeply emotional and spiritual and not purely intellectual...too much hate and personal attacking. As a woman of color, I can say that if you are a nonminority and have no point of reference for what a personal, hate-filled racist attack actually “FEELS” like when it’s “SPOKEN” against you, it feels “SIMILAR” to the ignorant, prideful, vitriolic rage of evolutionists when they rail against creationists—dark and visceral.
Rebecca S.
Awesome comeback, Dr. Batten! The Bible and facts obliterate another of Satan's lies once again. Thanks for showing us how to combat these assertions.
I love being on the good guys' side!
Graham L.
The wisdom of the world is foolishness with God .
Steven F.
Thank you Dr Batten! This is a great post for the many skeptics to read because those very same objections and that very same flippant and arrogant attitude is very common within the millennials and Gen Z of the US. They have been so brainwashed! I have to admit that attitudes and rhetoric like that bring up un-Christian feelings in me and I enjoy seeing those people put in their place. But, At the same time, you have planted a seed that may flower into some very healthy skepticism of the evolutionary paradigm and an impetus to search this site for more information (and possibly, with the help of the Holy Spirit, a new convert to the KIngdom of God!). Well done!
Lassi P.
I must note, I found Freds letter usefull in that even before reading Batten's responce, I was in principle able to know how to answer his remarks. For I have actually read some wealth of articles here at creation.com unlike, most obviously, him.
Peter V.
This honest answer to the question asked above all shows that we have to pray for Fred P., for those who work at CMI and for all Christian scientists.
S H.
It's sad that those who seem intent on pointing towards science, logical reasoning and evidential arguments are very often guilty of ignoring these very things in their debates, while acting (as people like Dawkins suggest they do) with 'ridicule' and mockery. It seems to be increasingly true that atheists are more 'evangelical' and closed minded than the Christians they accuse of such things, yet if we listen to their arguments we are left as cosmic accidents floating in the ether without value, meaning, purpose or a future. Is it any wonder people are increasingly desperate, fearful, hateful and suffering from mental health issues in increasing numbers. The Bible says where there's no 'vision' (I'd say that means knowledge of God), people cast off restraint with the total chaos that follows this - all of which we're seeing. Contrast it to the truth of God's Word - that we were formed by a loving father who cares about us, wants the best for us, gives us value, purpose, meaning, hope and a future! Let alone the truth and accuracy of God's Word, surely the darkening mess that society is creating as it rejects God, is evidence enough that we need God above anything else. As Ravi Zacharias rightly says, only the Christian worldview accurately reflects our world.
Bruce B.
I thank God every day for CMI. I thank God for Andrew Snelling opening my eyes to the truth of His word over 20 years ago.
I am old enough to remember when the Earth was only 2 billion years old. Apparently it is now 4.5 billion years old. This dramatic increase has only come about as science reveals more and more the impossibility of evolution occurring within such a ‘short’ space of time. The only answer for the evolutionist seems to be to have more time no matter how ridiculous it becomes.
Are we willing to believe something because we want to believe it or because we find the evidence convincing? Don has said that there is no proper evidence at all for evolution. If that is true, and I believe it is, then you can only believe in evolution because you want to. On the other hand, if you’re prepared to look at established accepted evidence, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that God’s word is true.
The Bible tells us to test everything and not just accept something because someone else says it’s true. Fred might like to try that on the ‘evidence’ he has put forward to support his case.
Don Batten
Of course the impossible is not made possible by adding billions of years.
Dr Snelling worked for CMI (Australia) when you heard him speak, but he now works for Answers in Genesis in the USA.
Sandy G.
Wonderful answer. I love your page and all that you do. Thank you. Blessings always.
Geoff C. W.
An excellent response, and a good collection of links. Thanks.
An excellent letter from Fred P., as well. It shows what unthinking people believe, and I think there are many who have been duped like this. His letter is worth studying and remembering. It tells us where many people are coming from, and helps us to know how to help them.
John B.
Excellent reply! Keep up your wonderful work. Every day science, true science is pointing more and more towards our God. Persevere and we will be proven right, God is our saviour.
Tim C.
I'm inclined to think you've been too kind to Fred P! From the word go he demonstrates the ignorance of most atheists. Not only do they cherry pick the reports they align to, which themselves are mostly based on cherry picked data, but they completely deny the simple fact that Creation believing scientists have a more balanced view, as most of them have been brought through the orthodox education, found the concepts wanting, searched for alternatives and ended up with the truth of God's Word.
Simon S.
Great response. Don't you love it when knockers such as the above lead with their chin as this fellow did! As you noted, completely ignorant of our position and even popular science.
Be encouraged, we are having an impact.
Richard F.
This is a another perfect example of how the world has shaped peoples thinking away from God. Especially so when there is evidence available that supports a younger earth. I did study science at university for several years. This was the first time I had encounteres evolutionary theory (just a theory and not fact). Until I found out about the evidence available from the great work done by Creation Ministries, I almost had to believe that evolution was a possibility, even though it never made sense and I questioned how unrealsitic it was. Everything from one single celled organism...and also how could people say they knew the age of the earth to be millions/billions of years. Fortunately I came across Creation magazine that provided the evidence I had always hoped to hear about. My mind opened and am now aware of how silly evolutionary scientists try to explain things that dont support the theory. I have now accepted that the earth is not as old as they say and I can tell you it has provided me with a sense of relief because now it makes sense and adds up. Unfortunately when I approached my old church about the magazines, they preferred to follow the gap theory (people trying to make the bible fit supposed science of old earth). I doubt that they even took the time to examine the evidence. That is what I have learned as a scientist. Examine the evidence that is available, and your eyes will be opened. Thank you Creation Ministries.
Nichola W.
Well answered, and thank you for all that Creation Ministries is doing. You are a light in a darkening world. May God bless and prosper you.
Philip P.
Wonderful response. I feel like I must share it with everyone I know including some Theologians.
Please keep up the great work you all do.

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