Origin of Life, Chirality problem

Hub page for chirality, racemization, and the problems they pose for chemical evolution (‘abiogenesis’)

Racemization of amino acids under natural conditions, 4-part series by Dr Royal Truman

  1. Part 1—a challenge to abiogenesis, J. Creation 36(1):114–121, 2022
  2. Part 2—kinetic and thermodynamic data, J. Creation 36(2):72–80, 2022
  3. Part 3—condensation to form oligopeptides, J. Creation 36(2):81–89, 2022
  4. Part 4—racemization always exceeds the rate of peptide elongation in aqueous solution (with Boris Schmidtgall), J. Creation 36(3):74–81, 2022
  5. Part 5—exaggerated old age dates, J. Creation 37(1):62–72, 2023

The origin of L-amino acid enantiomeric excess: x-part series by Dr Royal Truman

  1. Part 1—by preferential photo-destruction using circularly polarized light?, J. Creation 36(3):67–73, 2022
  2. Part 2—by preferential photosynthesis using circularly polarized light?, J. Creation 37(1):120–128, 2023

Enantiomeric amplification of L amino acids, 6-part series by Dr Royal Truman

  1. Part 1—irrelevant and discredited examples, J. Creation 37(2):96–104, 2023
  2. Part 2—chirality induced by D-sugars, J. Creation 37(2):105–111, 2023
  3. Part 3—using chiral impurities, J. Creation 37(2):112–120, 2023
  4. Part 4—based on subliming valine, J. Creation 37(3):79–83, 2023
  5. Part 5—sublimation based on serine octamers (with Dr Stephen Grocott), J. Creation 37(3):84–89, 2023
  6. Part 6—sublimation using Asn, Thr, Asp, Glu, Ser mixtures, J. Creation 37(3):90–92, 2023
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