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This week we combine two feedbacks on our books: the first on Alien Intrusion and the second is our new Skeptics vs Creationists debate booklet.

The first is a friendly exchange starting when R.S. of the USA asked about so-called ‘alien implants’. It is claimed that implants supposedly left in human beings are evidences of alien abductions and visitations. As you will read, there are professional medicos who even make their living by professing to remove and analyse these implants. Is there something sinister going on? CMI’s Head of Ministry, Gary Bates, responds. 

After Gary’s reply, R.S. responded again, followed by asking about cattle mutilations, to which Gary replied again.

The second from Vincent Buttigieg of Australia commends our Skeptics vs Creationists debate booklet. In a very thoughtful piece, he gives his impression on the debating methodology of both sides, then why this issue matters so much for the Gospel. We just added a few hyperlinks that support his points further.

I have read Gary Bates new book Alien Intrusion, UFOs and the Evolution Connection and found it very impressive. However despite his elaboration on many details of the UFO phenomenon, one thing that he didn’t seem to mention or just gloss over was the existence of so-called ‘alien implants’ left in the bodies of abductees. Does he have any explanation for this phenomenon?
I would really appreciate it if someone from [CMI] would get back to me of supply me with some place where I can attain some good information on this subject.
Thank you

Dear R.S.,
thanks for your email.

A search on the web of ‘alien implants’ will provide a variety of explanations. The true UFO/alien believing type will no doubt suggest that the implants are of real extraterrestrial origin, and the skeptic will probably say that they don’t exist at all or that they are merely of biological origin.

The facts are that many, after recalling their ‘abduction’ experience, claim that something was placed in their neck, nose or other part of their body. Subsequent x-rays usually show nothing. Then it is claimed that the so-called ‘aliens’ know when the ‘abductee’ is about to be scanned so they come back and remove them beforehand. As you can see there is much inconsistency in these types of claims. When the evidence is lacking a suitable story/explanation is concocted to explain away the lack of evidence. When supposed implants have been located and removed they have mostly been found to be of a biological origin. That is, they could be a small growth or piece of tissue, which would not be unusual in a person anyway.

There are a small number of cases claimed where tiny non-biological fragments have been removed. Sometimes these look like small pieces of ceramic, silicone or something like that. The fact is, and to the best of my knowledge, there has never been a single object removed from a person, which has been shown to be an electronic item or radio transmitter etc. This is despite the claim by the entities themselves that such items are placed there in order to locate the ‘abductee’ etc. Again, this highlights the gross inconsistencies because some never have implants and yet claim they are able to be located and visited time and time again.

Fallen angels are already going to elaborate lengths to create the illusion of being space visitors. There are claims of hybridization [cross species reproduction between aliens and humans] etc. I believe the suggestion of implants is part of the deception and illusion to propagate the extraterrestrial idea. I did not spend much time on ‘alien implants’ it in my book because there is really nothing to investigate. I’m not saying that it is not possible for fallen angels to implant materials into people, because we can understand that these experiencers are being made subject to real physical experiences as well as illusory ones. However, it is my opinion they do not represent any technology at all and just serve to reinforce the masquerade in the same way that supposed medical examinations aboard a ship do.

There is a man by the name of Dr Roger Leir who claims to be a surgeon who removes these items regularly from people (in fact, he has only operated nine times yet he has written a book on the subject). Further investigation will reveal that he also asks for donations to support his work. Traumatized experiencers are an easy mark for ‘abductee’ specialists and hypnotists who, sadly, will only reinforce the illusion for them. 

The claim that people are being implanted is spectacular and many feel that it could represent real physical evidence. Good information will not be forthcoming on this subject. In my view, it is not a subject worthy of further investigation.

I hope this helps.

in Christ

R.S. replied:

Dear Gary:

I honestly had no idea that when I contacted [CMI] about this subject I would actually get a letter from the author HIMSELF!  Thank you ever so much … I really appreciate it!  By the way, I did check some websites to check out their claims and what you said about them is absolutely TRUE!

One website stated that when a doctor removed a so-called ‘implant’ it caused everyone in the room to feel nausea and other problems, and that everyone in the operating room ‘observed’ that it was part mechanical and part biological and was giving off a definite signal.

Of course, when these ‘implants’ were sent to another place to be observed, somehow the ‘aliens’ managed to switch them off and they were rendered useless!  It sounded like a plot from the X Files, where brave scientists with implants were taking them to the authorities to ‘prove’ the existence of ET and then poof … they were left with an empty bag!   Maybe they should have called Mulder and Scully at FBI headquarters to investigate!

Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable book … in fact the ONLY book I could find on the subject. Your views are very similar to my own way before I read your book and viewed your lecture on DVD!

I have always believed the planet these ‘aliens’ come from is not Planet X, but Planet HELL!

Your Friend in Christ,

Another question I have about aliens and UFOs from Gary Bates book [Alien Intrusion, UFOs and the Evolution Connection and DVD UFOs, Aliens and the Bible], which was never stated was the so-called ‘cattle mutilations’ that I have seen on television and heard about.

Does [CMI] or Mr Bates have any speculation about what is the cause of these clean laser like wounds that have occurred in cattle?  I know this was something back in the 80’s and 90’s and you never hear about it anymore so I wonder if the hoax had been exposed, but not revealed by the media, very much like the ‘crop circles.’

R. S.

Hi Robert, nice to hear from you again.

One of the reasons I didn’t talk about cattle/animal mutilations etc. is that it is an area that is not highly regarded by UFOlogists themselves and therefore rather easy to debunk. I didn’t want the book to appear as if I was taking potshots at an easy target. I’m sure you understand.

Anyway, in the mid 70’s there was a spate of cattle deaths across the USA. Much of this was attributed to natural causes but the cases attracted attentions because many of the animals extremities (ears, tongue, sex organs) seemed to be removed. Although it was determined that in some cases these parts were eaten by predators first, (Note: it is very difficult for small animals to chew through cowhide but much easier to eat the soft tissue areas first). I’ve personally seen whole cattle carcasses (bones and skin only) lying on the side of the road in Australia.   However, in some cases the removal of such appendages gave the appearance of being surgically removed. To coincide with this, some animals appeared to have blood drained from them.

AlienIntrusion.com sticker

Eventually law-enforcement officers, working together with veterinarians uncovered a bizarre satanic cult that used the animal parts in their rituals. Apparently they moved around the country to avoid detection. It is claimed that some claimed notoriety for efficiently being able to do this without giving the ‘game away.’ They even walked on pieces of cardboard or similar material to avoid leaving footprints, hence the mystery.

Isolated incidents have occurred down the years. It is quite likely that other cults/groups, operating secretly could account for similar occurrences elsewhere. Many are involved in disgusting practices with human parts and even embryos that most would have no idea of. There practices are repulsive to the public and often illegal. I’m sure they’d by quite happy for ‘aliens’ to take the blame. There is no evidence to suggest a more mysterious or even supernatural explanation to them either.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards

Dear Creation Ministries,

I recently read a booklet of yours called Skeptics vs Creationists — A Formal Debate (published Oct’06). The booklet provides a helpful insight into the modern arguments as provided by both sides. The purpose of this letter is to highlight to readers how useful the booklet is to study. I’d also like point out some underlying techniques evolutionists repetitively appear to resort to in these type of debates.

Firstly, I’m amazed to see the recurring cycle of attacking CMI’s credentials and organisation name, as opposed to sticking to the topic. Furthermore, they’ve proven notorious in introducing new material in their conclusion, which unfairly cannot receive a rebuttal (other than researching a post-debate rebuttal on the web). I’ve discovered both these strategies in various debates — such as this one in discussion, as well as in the Wieland–Willis debate of 2003.

I’d also like readers to realise that in the conclusion of the debate, the opposition accused CMI of various forms of ‘appeal’ to the audience, yet hypocritically themselves appealed to the Christian sector by claiming that Christians can follow the Bible and still believe in evolution!  

Although the debate may appear on the surface to be strong on both sides, readers should cross-examine points raised by each party with the rebuttals provided by its opposition. CMI are very thorough in their debates; answering each point with confidence and providing references. The skeptics entailed a variety of flawed statements that severely discredited their arguments (for example: claiming that no modern scientists believe the universe has existed forever; mutations are not needed for evolution; whales are proof of evolution, all massive worldwide floods recorded by indigenous people originated from rivers; the spine is a poor design; etc).

What’s more — which I find hysterical — is that their conclusion attacked the validity of the Bible — claiming that it’s been mistranslated, full of mistakes and quote: ‘What a mess!’. 

Firstly, CMI did not provide evidence for the Bible’s reliability as it was out of the scope of the argument (and the skeptics didn’t attack the Bible until their conclusion). However, if this topic were touched, the skeptics would inevitably have opened a Pandora’s box on themselves. The Bible has been accredited as the most reliable ancient manuscript in history. Countless archaeological discoveries and hostile-witness documents have defended the bible across the entire scriptures. Furthermore, the fact that modern scientific discoveries have verified ancient biblical statements, and evidence existing of fulfilled prophesies, have verified the divinity of the Bible, thus showing its content deserves study. We have a plethora of ancient manuscripts in our possession that reveal the skeptics’ dis-creditation of the literature as nothing more than an outdated fallacy. 

Readers, make no mistake about it — evolutionists would have you believe that evolution can sit side-by-side with the Bible, and that creation provides no science whatsoever. These claims could not be further from the truth. CMI correctly stress the importance of comprehension: that an Earth with a history of billions of years of dead fossils contradicts the Bible’s authority; that death was a consequence of Adam & Eve’s sin some 6,000 years ago. What’s more, old-age Earth and evolution show significant contradictions to scientific discoveries. 

Debates often only provide a brief overview of information; being restricted by word counts and having to balance the content with defending ones self from false claims of the opposition. Yet they also serve a helpful purpose of getting an idea of what evidence atheists affirm to. 

Peter commanded that we know how to answer questions on our faith, but that we do this with gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15). It’s crucial that we understand how to evangelise to everyone with love, balanced with a solid foundation of our faith. We should all be proud of the exhaustive research that CMI undertake to strengthening that foundation.

There was a lot more that I wanted to write in that letter, but I decided to only point out key aspects. Always remember that CMI has a legion of followers who defend your views and appreciate the stand you make — if it were not for CMI, we would greatly suffer in intellectual discussions.

What’s more, the careful selection of wording that you guys put into your publications is picked up and appreciated by many of us — such exhaustive detail in your wording so that:

  • Non-‘experts’ can comprehend the material
  • ‘experts’ can still benefit, or provide their approval
  • Everything is verifiable with references
  • Opponents can not find statements to refute & ridicule
  • An approach of love towards the reader is maintained

I understand how difficult this is to achieve. So keep up the great work — you guys are in our prayers constantly.

Kind Regards,

Vincent Buttigieg
B.MicroElectronic Eng
Brisbane, Australia

Thank you very much. We appreciate your comments, and are glad the debate was helpful.

Kind regards,

Don Batten, Jonathan Sarfati, Tasman Walker, Carl Wieland

Published: 25 November 2006

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