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Day 7 … how long?

Framework Hypothesis

Gap Theory

Progressive Creation

Theistic Evolution

Christian and evolution?

Editor’s note: Creation Ministries International (CMI) stands firmly on the authority of Scripture, which entails that Creation occurred in six normal-length days about 6000 years ago, and a planet-wide Flood followed about 1600 years later. Many Christians who disbelieve the straightforward interpretation of Genesis admit that they are motivated mainly by ‘science’, or rather the uniformitarian interpretations of science. This page deals with only conservative compromisers; outright liberals are addressed in Q&A: Countering the Critics: Alleged contradictions

Key articles

How long was the seventh day?

Framework Hypothesis

Gap Theory

Progressive Creationism

Theistic Evolution: Why is it dangerous for Christians to believe?

Is it possible to be a true Christian while believing evolution?

Published: 8 February 2006

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