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Waterfall formation may not need tectonics or climate change
It may not need tectonics or climate change.
by Michael Oard
Catastrophic Caves: Untold secrets of Planet Earth by Vance Nelson
Noah’s Flood is the key to understand the rapid formation of caverns.
by Joel Tay
The Salt Range saga
The Salt Range of Pakistan has yielded some very interesting fossils—that according to evolution should not have been found!
by Paul Price
Long-distance transport of sediments
Surprising catastrophism in sediments for uniformitarians; is it consistent with the Flood?
by Michael J. Oard
Warped earth
Folded, bent and deformed rock layers across the globe testify to catastrophe on an unimaginable scale.
by David Allen
The origin of laminae in shales
Can they form in moving water, consistent with Noah’s Flood?
by Michael J. Oard
Valley of Fire, Nevada
How it is explained by the geological processes of Noah’s Flood.
by Tas Walker
Submarine canyons bigger than Grand Canyon
Carved as Noah’s Floodwaters receded
by Michael Oard
The meaning of unconformities
How does Noah’s Flood provide a better framework for understanding unconformities?
by John K. Reed and Michael J. Oard
Planation surfaces below the Antarctic Ice Sheet
How did they form?
by Michael J. Oard
The Vredefort Dome, South Africa
Long-age thinking held back scientific explanations of a major South African geological feature.
by Tas Walker
Water and wind gaps carved during channelized Flood runoff
When were these geomorphological features carved?
by Michael Oard