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Did the Sumerians and Illuminati invent the God of the Bible?

Published: 4 November 2017 (GMT+10)

We receive lots of questions about wide-ranging theological topics, and we seek to help people to think through these issues biblically. S.B. from Brazil writes:

Hello, I have been having doubts about my faith, regarding the true origin of the God of the Bible, and if He really is the Creator/ exists. I've heard that he originally existed as a god of a divine council, that he originated in Egypt, was created by Sumerians [link deleted], that he was created by the Illuminati, etc. Answering this question would greatly help me, thanks!

, CMI-US, responds:

I hope you will spend some time reading articles on our site, because there is much stronger evidence for the God of the Bible than there is for wild conspiracy theories like that book on the Illuminati presents. See our article, Why CMI rejects ‘conspiracy’ theorizing. Don’t just settle for assertions; make sure, as you read, you are asking yourself questions like, “What is the evidence for this assertion?” and “How strong is that evidence?”

There is much compelling evidence for the God of Scripture. See The Creation Answers Book ch. 1: Does God exist? I encourage you to read that chapter, and then dive into more detail, if you like, by exploring our Topics page. There, you can follow links to read about evidence for God from the design in living things, from the reality of good and evil, from the young age of the world, from genetics and the information present in DNA, from archaeology that supports Scripture, from the rocks and fossils that point to a worldwide Flood, and more.

There is some evidence in Scripture of a divine council, but this involves angels who are not God’s equals (or, in some cases, intra-Trinitarian dialogue). That is quite different from saying that polytheism came first and then eventually one god was exalted over the others. Actually, the evidence does not suggest that this is the correct order of religious development, or that people made up God. Rather, the evidence indicates that the earliest form of religion in various cultures around the world included belief in monotheism—one personal and supreme God—and other idolatrous beliefs (in false gods) have developed since then.

Also, the true history in Genesis is confirmed by the fact that many of these cultures also have ancient traditions they’ve handed down from their ancestors that resemble the Creation, Fall, Flood, and Babel stories in Genesis 1–11. And, did you know that even children raised in homes where they are not taught about God naturally form a belief in a Creator, and they only lose that belief by being educated against it?

Finally, ask yourself what the alternative is. Don’t just be skeptical about Christianity—apply equal skepticism to whatever worldview is being proposed in its place. In other words, it’s good practice to doubt your doubts and be skeptical of the skeptics. For example, if God does not exist, then how do we explain the fact that there is real evil in the world? How do we explain the incredible design in living things, and in the structure of the universe? How do we explain our ability to reason if we are the product of unthinking materials and forces? Atheism has numerous insurmountable problems, while the biblical God is the best explanation for the way the world actually is.

I hope the above will encourage you and strengthen your trust in Him.

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Readers’ comments

Martin S.
Well said, thank you. In response to atheists and agnostics, I tell them to understand, Abraham came out if Ur, part of the Sumer Empire. He would have been well-educated and had copies of work handed down to him. Possibly original work from the sons of Noah. There is some thought that Shem was still alive and Abraham would have visited with his ancestor as a matter of respect. Ur was famous for developing writing long before Abraham was born, and the sciences of math and astronomy were strong there. Also, as most cultures have similar creation claims, it stands to reason humanity is not nearly as old as they claim; we are much closer than anthropologists/evolutionists will admit.
God's peace on you, His beloved children!
Gennaro C.
Thank you Keaton for your answer to S.B. from Brazil, well documented I would say. It is a FACT that in 1947 archeologists around Dead sea caves unearthed among others, the full book of Isaiah (Bear in mind that Isaiah lived more that eight hundred years B.C.). In ch.44:28 - It is the Lord who is talking - "who sais of Cyrus 'He is my shepherd and will accomplish all that I please; he will say of Jerusalem, 'Let it to be rebuilt' and of the temple, 'let its foundations be laid". (Israel was taken captive in Babylon for 70 years (Jeremiah 25:11) Cyrus was a heathen emperor - born 600 b.c. and died 530 b.c.who knew nothing about the God of Israel, and who was in command of the Persian Kingdom. How did Isaiah know about him? I like the irony God showed when - still in Isaiah 41:21,23 "Present your case Says the Lord ... tell us you idols, what is going to happen ... Or declare to us the things to come ... what the future holds, so that we may know that you are gods." Here we are, who can know the future but God because He is out of space and time? The book of Daniel (mainly ch. 2) contains prophecies which are yet to be happen. Bear in mind that among all other books of spiritual literature only the Bible speaks - IN A DETAILED FORM - about future happenings. The God of the Bible is the only true God, all the plethora of gods and goddesses came later on when people start to forget about the only Triune God.
Nathan S.
I am convinced that the Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks knew the history of early Genesis. However because of the tower of babel there was a period of time when they knew how to speak with one another (within their family group) but did not yet have the ability to write that story down. Therefore, the early Genesis history is distorted (even completely changed). Hope this helps. You might want to check out books by Robert Bowie Johnson which concerns Greek mythology.
Stephen C.
One "proof" I have seen of monotheism coming from polytheism is the fact that the ancient Israelites worshipped multiple gods, and then later worshipped God alone.

Yet what people who claim this miss is that they're only looking at the last two steps of the process! Israel started out following God, and then became CORRUPTED into worshipping other gods (presumably while trying to fit Yahweh into the pantheon), and later RECOVERED their knowledge of God as the one, true God!

In short, it's true that people went from polytheism to monotheism, but only after first falling into polytheism from monotheism!
Deon B.
Folks should come to Africa to see evil at it's worst. The thriving business of witch doctors is legendary. At outreaches I have seen evil spirits driven from "sangomas". I know of evangelists working amongst people of Indian origin(Hindu) that kan record endless stories of spirit possession and spirits driven out in the name of Jesus.

Point is - if these things exist, and the do, the existence of the GOD of the bible is much more believable. He created the fallen angels and their demonic manifestations in people over many centuries
graham P.
Great article. An aspect of Satan's attack is to say "All that body of CMI literature is well researched, and their professors are really good, but did you know about this other information that CMI hasn't heard about?" Which is why CMI's focus on thinking thoroughly about things is so good: it isn't just the answers that count, perhaps, but working our way properly thought the questions too.

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