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Volume 41, Issue 4
October 2019
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: Refuting evolutionary agitprop
by Jonathan Sarfati
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–14 A painting ‘95 million years’ in the making?
by Philip Robinson
15 A new cancer treatment thanks to Darwin?—it actually speaks against Darwinism
by Don Batten
16–18 The wonderfully designed cell cycle
by Matthew Cserhati and Lita Sanders
19 The surprising ‘belwhal’
Philip Robinson
20–23 How the rocks fit the Flood
Shaun Doyle talks to Tim Clarey
About his research career in Flood geology
24–25 Enoch: The man who walked with God
by Lita Sanders
26–27 Manta Ray might inspire new filter design
by Jonathan Sarfati
28–31 The Ostrich: A reminder of Creation and the Fall
by Michael Eggleton
32–35 Creation for Kids—How did dinosaurs survive the Flood?
by Erin Hughes and Lita Sanders
36–37 Shiny eyes in the rocks
Jonathan O’Brien
38–39 A Chinese Camarasaurus
by Philip Robinson
40–43 The skeletons in evolution’s closet
Joel Tay interviews Christopher Rupe and Dr John Sanford, co-authors of ‘Contested Bones’
44–47 The unique post-Flood Ice Age
by Michael Oard
48–50 Genetic entropy: The silent killer
by Paul Price
51 Dark matter search comes up empty
by John Hartnett
52–54 Literal days before the sun
by Jonathan Sarfati
55 Fish giving birth?
by Philip Bell
56 Hear bee, make nectar
by David Catchpoole