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Creation magazine

Volume 43, Issue 2
April 2021
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: Answering the #1 question
by Tas Walker
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–15 Fantastic folds: Curvy rock layers undermine millions of years 
by Gavin Cox
16–17 The perfect planet
by Michael Matthews
18–21 The geology transformation tool: A new way of looking at your world (pre-publication version)
by Tas Walker
22–24 Taking a stand
Don Batten interviews high profile Singapore researcher Dr Samuel Gan
25–27 The firewalkers: Surrounded by fiery lava and floodwaters, Animals left their mark
by Jonathan O’Brien
28–31 Wonderful whalesharks: Divinely designed denizens of the deep
by Gavin Cox
32–35 Creation for Kids—The moon: “The light that rules the night” 
by Lita Sanders and Jonathan Sarfati
36–38 Tides
by Robert Carter
39 Blowing in the wind: Darwin’s answer to flightless island insects
by David Catchpoole
40–42 Tremendous trilobites: with complex, compound eyes—complete from creation
by Gavin Cox
43–45 Encouraging, equipping, and caring
Ron and Julie Neller interview Dr Don Hardgrave
46 Binary-coded human beings
by Ari Takku
47 And the oldest feather belongs to … a bird
by Philip Robinson
48–51 5 things you may not know about Eve
by Philip Robinson and Lucien Tuinstra
52–55 Francis Collins and the 2020 Templeton Prize
by Russell Grigg
56 Neandertals weren’t ‘cavemen’
by Lita Sanders