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The evolution of an idea June 15

How could Adam have named all the animals in a single day? June 13

Changing Lane June 12

The age of the earth: The Bible is reliable. June 10

Venus flytrap June 9

The ubiquitin protein: chance or design? June 8

‘It’s just evolution’ … Not! June 7

Blowing the whistle on corruption June 6

Chimp/Human DNA—count the differences! June 5

Out of his depth on radioactive dating June 3

The Da Vinci Code movie June 2

Gain-of-function mutations June 1

ET needed evolution May 31

Protecting your children in the battle of worldviews May 30

Fish challenge misconceptions May 29

Amazing Abalone Armour May 27

No facts, no faith! May 26

Beautiful black and blue butterflies May 25

No flies on ‘freak’ sheep May 24

Summer in the enemy’s camp May 23

The Da Vinci Code: The Church is Mobilizing! May 22

Too Many Questions, No Answers! May 19

The Da Vinci Code: Fiction masquerading as fact May 18

Back on solid ground: A scientist drifts for years before returning to the Rock May 17

The Pizzly: a polar bear-grizzly bear hybrid explained by the Bible May 16

What about the slowing, stopping and reversing of light? May 15

Dino feather folly May 13

Kamikaze ichthyosaur? May 12

Radio-dating in Rubble May 11

Darwin’s impact—the bloodstained legacy of evolution May 10

Super shells May 9

The Three Sisters: strong evidence for Noah’s Flood in Australia May 8

Intelligent Design—‘A War on Science’ says the BBC May 6

Flat leaves—a curly problem May 5

Did Jesus walk on ice? May 4

How we got red hair May 3

What‘s in an egg? Unscrambling the mysteries May 2

Immeasurable Age May 1

Revisiting a ’worthless‘ explanation April 29

Climate change, Niagara and catastrophe April 28

Scientists finally copy Creator’s super-rubber April 27

‘Evidence for Evolution’—a Paradox April 26

Creation belief alive and well—New Zealand survey April 25

‘Frankenstein’ foods April 24

Connecting imaginary human evolution dots: The case of Australopithecus anamensis April 22

Doomsday Glee April 21

Paleocene dinosaurs and the reinforcement syndrome April 20

The way it is: little-known facts about radiometric dating April 19

Do toads goad snake evolution? April 18

Holy Books? April 17

Tiktaalik—a fishy ‘missing link’ April 15

Does it matter what people believe? April 15

Our steady sun April 14

Biblical chronogenealogies April 13

‘That's nice for you, but it’s not for me’ April 12

The first book of public hygiene April 11

Couple for creation April 10

Seeing the connections April 8

Taming your caveman children? April 7

Cosmologists can’t agree and are still in doubt! April 6

‘But Genesis is not a science textbook.’ April 5

Adam’s Brothers? Race, Science, and Genesis pre-Darwin April 4

A tale of ancient toothpaste. April 3

Why should Christians subscribe to Creation mag? April 1

New missing link: real or imaginary? March 31

Echoes of the big bang...or noise? March 30

Potatoes and ‘white chimpanzees’ March 29

The sure Word of God March 28

Horseshoe crab meets ET? March 27

CMI presents geological ‘misinformation’? March 25

Dead whales: telling tales? March 24

Ice sheet puzzle March 23

The breath of life March 22

The origin of old-earth geology and its ramifications for life in the 21st century March 21

The Giant‘s Causeway March 20

Adam and Eve and world population March 18

Humans walking on all fours March 17

Eroded Appalachian siliciclastics March 16

Dinosaur fairy tales March 15

Genesis 1 and 2 contradictions? March 14

Walking monkey business March 13

‘Radio-dating in rubble’ article ‘ignores’ data? March 11

Western civilization was God-given March 10

Lucy reconstruction faulty March 9

Plagues of Egypt March 8

Tribute to the late Dr Henry Morris March 7

Elite swimmers March 6

No right or wrong? March 4

Lessons from H.G.Wells March 3

Jane Hawking March 2

Separation of faith & reality March 1

Wake up call from Sydney riots February 28

Shining light on the evolution of photosynthesis February 8

Why the Miller–Urey research argues against abiogenesis February 1

‘Life’ according to the Bible, and the scientific evidence January 25

Not for everyone January 18

Creating life in a test-tube? January 17

Echoes of the big bang … or noise? January 11

Catching a kinkajou January 10

Yet another way of getting more from less January 4

Published: 24 February 2006