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Journal of Creation Volume 34(2) Cover

Journal of Creation archive > Volume 34 Issue 2

Journal of Creation

Volume 34, Issue 2
Published August 2020
127 pages

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3–4 Evolutionary ‘proof’ of poor intestine support actually evidence of design
Perspective by Jerry Bergman
5–7 The Pinatubo eruption—catastrophic pyroclastic flows and lahars
Perspective by Andrew Sibley
8–11 The pre-Flood world resembled Pangaea
Perspective by Timothy L. Clarey and Davis J. Werner
12–13 What is the meaning of limestone–marl alternations?
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
14–15 Evolutionary confusion on when modern humans split from Neandertals
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
16–18 Hiccups—evolution evidence or a designed protection response?
Perspective by Jerry Bergman
19–20 What is the origin of carbonates in sedimentary rocks?
Perspective by Michael J. Oard
21–23 Finally, a book on sex from a creation worldview
A review of Darwin’s Secret Sex Problem: Exposing evolution’s fatal flaw—the origin of sex (F. LaGard Smith)
Book Review by Jerry Bergman
24–27 How the universe made itself with entropy
A review of Until the End of Time: Mind, matter and our search for meaning in an evolving universe (Brian Greene)
Book Review by Alex Williams
28–29 God vs science?
A review of Let There Be Science: Why God loves science, and science needs God (David Hutchings and Tom McLeish)
Book Review by Lucien Tuinstra
30–34 The unexpected history of scientific naturalism
A review of Science Without God? Rethinking the history of scientific naturalism (Peter Harrison and Jon H. Roberts (Eds))
Book Review by Daniel Davidson
35–38 Adam and Eve in historical survey—learn but be leery
A review of The Rise and Fall of Adam & Eve (Stephen Greenblatt)
Book Review by Philip B. Bell
39–45 Twelve rounds, twelve knockouts
A review of The Stairway to Life: An origin-of-life reality check (Change Laura Tan and Rob Stadler)
Book Review by Royal Truman
46–47 The evolutionary icon of useless organs has crumbled
A review of Useless Organs: The rise and fall of a central claim of evolution (Jerry Bergman)
Book Review by John Woodmorappe
48–51 Homo lapsus—another failed theodicy
A review of Homo Lapsus: Sin, evolution and the God who is love (Niamh M. Middleton)
Book Review by Philip B. Bell
52–53 Rapid growth of caves and speleothems
Letter from Arthur Manning. REPLY: Michael J. Oard
54 The ‘poor tooth design’ claim refuted
Letter from Stan Mitchell
55–61 New Homo erectus crania associated with stone tools raise issues
Overview by Peter Line
62–66 Useless ear muscles are useful
Essay by Jerry Bergman
67–74 The search for Noah and the Flood in ancient Egypt—part 3
Viewpoint by Gavin Cox
75–84 The search for Noah and the Flood in ancient Egypt—part 4
Viewpoint by Gavin Cox
85–89 The use of single chromosome sequences as input for the Whole Genome K-mer Signature algorithm in molecular baraminology studies
Paper by Matthew Cserhati
90–97 Rapid growth of caves and speleothems: part 2—Growth rate variables
Paper by Michael J. Oard
98–104 Rapid growth of caves and speleothems: part 3—Flood and Ice Age variables
Paper by Michael J. Oard
105–110 Circadian rhythms and creation
Paper by Warren Shipton
111–116 The hemizygosity hypothesis—a novel genetic paradigm for baranomes
Paper by Peer Terborg
117–123 The volcanism and age of Io
Paper by Wayne Spencer
124–127 Critical analysis of Humphreys’ shell metric cosmology
Paper by Phillip W. Dennis