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Mistakes about mistakes
Do common mutations found in humans and apes prove evolution?
by Dominic Statham
DNA repair mechanisms ‘shout’ creation
The 2015 Nobel Prize for Chemistry highlights that DNA would be useless without the repair mechanisms to preserve it.
by Don Batten
Serial cell differentiation: intricate system of design
The process of cell division is so complicated and selective that evolutionists can’t adequately explain its origin.
by Shaun Doyle
Human genome decay and the origin of life
Observed mutational decay in the human genome provides clues to the origin of life.
by Alex Williams
Epigenetics—an epic challenge to evolution
Research indicates that many outward characteristics of organisms may be the result of ‘switching on’ of existing genes in response to the environment.
by Marc Ambler
Unravelling the knotty khipu code
Who would have ever thought of storing information on segments of threaded strands according to a certain code? The Incas did—and they weren’t the first.
by David Catchpoole
The myth of 1%
It has become dogma that human and chimp DNA is ‘only’ 1% different, but this is very, very wrong.
by Don Batten
Intelligent Ink?
by Michael G Matthews
African invasion of the bodysnatchers
In the heyday of evolutionary racism, materialistic scientists saw dark-skinned people as mere specimens to be studied, and they engaged in the macabre trade of body parts from various countries.
by William Johnson
Sharks: denizens of the deep
Few creatures alive today incite more fear and awe than these fierce marine predators with their razor-sharp teeth. But not all sharks are harmful to man.
by Paula Weston
Teenage mutant ninja people
Why comic book fiction is not biological reality
by Gordon Howard
Basics of biblical biology
While design is fundamental to biblical biology, there is more to the story …
by Shaun Doyle