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Morning glory’s designer label clothing December 31, 2007
Whatever the flower colour of your morning glory plant, it did not evolve that way.

Biblical Archaeology: Year 2007 in review December 28, 2007
It’s been a big year for biblical archaeology, from the seal of Jezebel to the discovery of Nehemiah’s wall.

Christmas and Genesis December 25, 2007
How does creation relate to this season? Because the babe in Bethlehem was the Creator of the Universe!

The ‘fish gills’ girl December 24, 2007
When a spot on Leanne Burgess’ neck inflamed suddenly, her doctor blamed her fish ancestry. But Leanne knew better.

Does gene duplication provide the engine for evolution? December 20, 2007
There are a number of problems with evolution by gene duplication and mutation.

Fancy flying from advanced aeronautics December 17, 2007
New discoveries about swift flight may help aircraft designers. Swifts also have such a sophisticated navigation system that they can find their way in their sleep.

Quotations in the NT: Is the quoted book fully authorative? December 15, 2007
Are books quoted in the New Testament really authoritative?

'Giants' in the land: an assessment of Gigantopithecus and Meganthropus December 13, 2007
Has evidence of ‘bigfoot’ or giant humans been found in the fossil record?

Hibernation, Migration and the Ark December 12, 2007
A tiny marsupial that can hibernate for over a year—should we use this to help ‘explain’ the feasibility of a year-long journey by animals on the Ark?

Defending vital doctrines and the deity of Christ December 8, 2007
Do we really confess Jesus as God? To understand New Testament confessions, it is important to understand the Old Testament basis. Many Old Testament references to God/YHWH/Jehovah are applied to Jesus.

Apoptosis: cell 'death' reveals creation December 6, 2007
Programmed cell death is an intricately controlled and irreducibly complex process, without which no multicellular life could live.

Christians, planning your next retreat? How about an advance instead? December 4, 2007
Calvin Smith makes a sobering assessment of Christianity in Western society today and issues a clear challenge to action.

Life in a test-tube December 3, 2007
Many think that Stanley Miller’s famous 1953 experiment showed that life could arise from non-living chemicals. But real chemistry shows that the chemicals Miller produced would react in the wrong way for life to form.

Evolution v the reliability of the Bible December 1, 2007
Is evidence for evolution really evidence for creation? If Genesis is untrue, what does this say about the rest of Scripture?

Is Genesis poetry / figurative, a theological argument (polemic) and thus not history? November 30, 2007
The ‘Genesis is poetry’ (Framework Hypothesis) idea is thoroughly self-inconsistent and nebulous, but also undermines the Gospel at its foundations.

The story of Jericho November 29, 2007
Is there any evidence for the Israelite conquest and destruction of Jericho?

Believe it or not—the earth is young! November 28, 2007
Evidence mounts that the earth is not millions of years old. What does that mean for me?

Islam and worldview: the big picture November 26, 2007
Long before 9/11, with the cold war still active, Darrell Furgason was warning that radical Islam, not communism, was the major coming threat to the West.

CCR5–delta32: a very beneficial mutation November 22, 2007
A mutation in this gene can provide resistance against HIV. Are beneficial mutations like this evidence for evolution?

'Plugging the back door' November 21, 2007
Church programs and ‘isms’ fail to retain the flock. Why the entertainment factor doesn’t last.

Naturalistic attacks on the Virginal Birth and Resurrection November 20, 2007
Naturalism, the antibiblical foundation of evolution and ‘long ages’, attacks the very heart of Christianity.

Vision control November 19, 2007
The tiny muscles that control your eyeballs are unbelievably designed—precision micro mechanics.

Who designed the Designer? November 17, 2007
Who designed the Designer?

The uniformitarian challenge of ultrahigh-pressure minerals November 15, 2007
They challenge uniformitarian pictures of continental drift, but what do they mean for creationist models?

The early chapters of Genesis and evolution November 13, 2007
Why attempts to reconcile Genesis and evolution on the part of Christians result in compromise.

Fossil ant found alive! November 12, 2007
Better watch where you walk … lest you tread on an ‘extinct’ ant!

Inside the mind of a killer November 9, 2007
The Finnish high school tragedy once again shows that ideas have consequences.

Problem of short-lived radionuclides: design perspective November 8, 2007
They are commonly used to argue against a young earth, but what role did accelerated decay rates and abundances play?

Fantastic voyage November 7, 2007
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of an article from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Raymond Dart and the ‘missing link’ November 5, 2007
Famous for promoting evolution through a fossil ‘ape man’, Raymond Dart wanted to be a medical missionary in his youth. What happened?

Accelerated nuclear decay extinguishes ‘extinct nuclides’ argument November 2, 2007
Old claims for an old earth are overturned by new evidence and new concepts

A baraminology tutorial with examples from the grasses (Poaceae) November 1, 2007
How do we go about determining the original biblical ‘kinds’?

Good design in miniature October 30, 2007
When William Eberhard studied the orb web-building abilities of the tiniest of tiny spiders, he was in for a big surprise.

Answering life's big questions October 29, 2007
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Corals and sponges and ur-complexity October 27, 2007
Secular scientists are continually expressing astonishment at the complexity they find in creatures they presume to be primitive, and at the fact that they contain a proportion of DNA sequences identical to those in humans.

Massive graveyard of parrot-beaked dinosaurs in Mongolia October 26, 2007
Paleontologists puzzle about the cause of death but miss the obvious clue.

The design of tears: an example of irreducible complexity October 25, 2007
Tears perform an amazing variety of functions to help us see and feel.

Beware the bubble’s burst October 24, 2007
Increased knowledge about cavitation highlights the destructive power of fast-flowing water.

Out of this world! October 22, 2007
You might be surprised at who believes in UFOs.

Dawkins' eye revisited October 18, 2007
Ophthalmologist dismantles Dawkins’ arguments for the evolution of the eye.

Appendix a bacterial ‘safe house’ October 17, 2007
New research suggests function for appendix in maintaining good digestive bacteria populations.

Cats from Shinar, not Egypt October 16, 2007
The domestic cat ancestors of Cleopatra’s cat (assuming she had one) lived near two famous rivers.

Colourful creature coats October 15, 2007
Mutations cause variety in the coat colours of animals. These mutations are all ‘downhill’, in the wrong direction for mutations to make microbes-to-man evolution feasible.

The riddle of paleokarst solved October 11, 2007
Are there ancient buried landscapes, and how do they fit into a biblical model?

Amazing armoured armadillos of the Americas October 8, 2007
This mammal with a leathery armour was once rare in Texas, but its ‘conquest’ of that state—and beyond—conveys a strong message.

New bacteria show "wonder upon wonder" October 4, 2007
Unique chemical reactions in new micro-organisms defy evolution.

Footprint fiasco October 3, 2007
If radiometric dating is objective science then why do researchers disagree so widely over the results?

Colossal Crystals October 1, 2007
Because the conditions under which they form are so rare, fast-growing cave crystals are another example of a young earth.

The genetics of skin colour in people—something fishy? September 27, 2007
What can a fish gene tell us about human ‘races’ and the origin of ‘black’ and ‘white’ skin colour?

More 'Sleeping Beauty' bacteria September 26, 2007
Once again, bacteria have been revived from Antarctic ice said to be eight million years old.

Disconnected from reality: Genesis foundational to Gospel September 25, 2007
Why the trend to move away from the solid truth of God’s Word to subjective moods and feelings?

Diamonds: a creationist's best friend September 24, 2007
These brilliant and hard gems are almost pure carbon. Recent research shows they contain some radiocarbon. But since this should have all decayed in under a million years, how could the diamonds be billions of years old as evolutionists believe?

A Christian response to radiometric dating September 21, 2007
An evangelical Christian says the science of radioactive dating is reliable, and that Christians should accept that the earth is old. See why this claim is wrong.

The supposed consistency of evolution’s long ages September 20, 2007
Why do the different dating methods seem to agree?

Submarines with fish fins? September 19, 2007
Engineers want their underwater survey vehicles to be able to do what fish can do.

Earth is 'too special'? September 17, 2007
Evolutionists propose that Earth formed by itself from dust particles colliding together. But astronomers are realizing that this just-so story requires some incredibly unlikely ‘coincidences’.

Homo habilis hacked from the family tree September 14, 2007
Evolutionists have been disagreeing about the validity of Homo habilis as a human ancestor. Now it seems they all agree, for different reasons, that it is not.

The origin of bubonic plague September 13, 2007
Is there a connection between the ‘Black Death’ that devastated Europe in the 14th century and the plagues mentioned in the Bible?

Something more or less? September 10, 2007
The Manx cat has something missing while the Manx Loughtan sheep has something extra—but neither of these support evolution.

Inaria, Kimberella and 'primitive' myths September 8, 2007
Be wary of evolutionary indoctrination arriving in your mail box—or stamp collection.

Eggceptionally different September 6, 2007
More cracks for dino-to-bird belief. Electron microscopy shows dinosaur eggs are unique.

Wild, wild floods! September 5, 2007
The Brits now think they were separated from mainland Europe by a catastrophic megaflood. When did it happen and what does it mean?

Lunar eclipse, loony offerings September 4, 2007
Last week’s lunar eclipse elicited quite a response from some people

Exploring the heavens Michael Tigges (NASA) interview September 3, 2007
Jonathan Sarfati chats with NASA scientist Michael Tigges about outer space and Genesis

Human tails and fairy tales September 1, 2007
Have there really been people with functioning tails, and if so, are they vestigial?

‘Glacier Girl’ on a mission August 31, 2007
Flying again after decades covered by ice.

Meta-information August 30, 2007
Recent discoveries of how the non-protein coding DNA controls the protein-coding part and how cells replicate give evolutionists a seemingly incurable headache.

Prison power August 27, 2007
Answering ‘Genesis Questions’ reaches young offenders for Christ.

Is the human male nipple vestigial? August 23, 2007
Evolutionists often argue that some organs are a throwback to our evolutionary past because they don’t seem to have a function. Is this true of the male nipple?

Brilliant brittlestars August 22, 2007
Brittlestars have one huge compound eye, made of an array of perfect microlenses, with hardly any optical distortion. Researchers didn’t dream that nature had such advanced optical technology.

Fibre optics in eye demolish atheistic ‘bad design’ argument August 21, 2007
Is our eye harmed by ‘backward wiring’? No! Not only is it necessary, but eyes have a fibre optic plate to guide light through the nerve net to receptors.

Stalin’s ape-man Superwarriors August 20, 2007
The ruthless dictator’s dream of a race of ape-human hybrids to use as ‘cannon fodder’—fantasy or plausible history?

Fossil axe-head? August 16, 2007
Has a fossilised axe head been found from a pre-Flood culture?

Who wants to be a millionaire? August 15, 2007
A group is offering a prize of one million dollars for anyone who can demonstrate how the genetic code could come into existence naturally.

A new age of quantum madness August 14, 2007
You and I help to create the physical world, including the laws by which it operates? Bizarre mystical notions like this are increasingly being taken seriously by top scientists.

Denied the prize August 13, 2007
Frederick Banting and John MacLeod are renowned for having shared the 1923 Nobel Prize as the first to discover insulin. But Romanian creationist professor Nicolae Paulescu had beaten them to it.

Alien Apologetics August 11, 2007
Can Christians co-opt secular psychology’s idea of ‘externalizing anxiety’ to reach UFO believers who resist ‘logic’ and ‘evidence’?

Another evolutionary ‘truth’ now conceded to be myth August 10, 2007
Evolutionists abandon the idea of 99% DNA similarity between humans and chimps

Intriguing instincts August 8, 2007
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Water inside fire August 7, 2007
The Beijing anomaly, deep inside the earth, suggests Earth’s history was much different from what is usually envisaged.

Aping humans August 6, 2007
The idea that chimps can learn to speak as humans do was thoroughly debunked earlier this century.

Could Jesus' body have been stolen before the guards arrived August 4, 2007
Do sceptics of the Resurrection have a loophole? No, their scenario overlooks both the cultural context, and requires such an implausible combination of circumstances that can only be called special pleading.

Paleokarst: a riddle inside confusion August 2, 2007
Uniformitarian ‘ancient buried landscapes’ are not what they are claimed to be, and definitely not a problem for a young earth.

New archaeological find affirms Old Testament historicity July 31, 2007
The discovery of a tablet with details of one of Nebuchadnezzar’s court officials supports the historicity of the book of Jeremiah.

A lousy story July 30, 2007
A louse fossil, so well-preserved that even its last meal is visible in its stomach, is just like lice today. Can the evolution story explain it?

The Cygnus Loop—a case study July 26, 2007
Age estimates of stellar explosions send shockwaves through cosmological community

What good is Christianity? July 25, 2007
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Creationist's rapid claims recognized July 23, 2007
Japanese researchers report that, in real life, wood can turn into stone much faster than geologists previously thought.

Is Young-Earth Creationism a heresy? Absence of short-lived radionuclides a problem? July 21, 2007
An anticreationist attacks biblical creation as heresy, although biblical heresy is an oxymoron. The response also refutes a common argument about the absence of short-lived isotopes, beloved of atheists and progressive creationists, and answers some alleged biblical contradictions.

High-redshift quasars produce more big bang surprises July 19, 2007
Big bang cosmology fails to explain high-redshift quasars. But how do we then explain them?

Eat your Brussels sprouts! July 16, 2007
The variety in the cabbage family speaks of how God created plants with a built-in capacity to diversify—within limits.

Fibre optics in the eye July 14, 2007
Antitheists argue against any challenge to their materialism, but use many fallacies to do so. Richard Dawkins is a prime example in his recent tirade against Michael Behe.

Correcting the headline: 'Coelacanth', yes; 'ancient', no July 13, 2007
Instead of ignoring news reports with an evolutionary ‘spin’, we can ‘de-evolutionise’ them for powerful use in outreach.

Temporal changes in the ageing of biblical patriarchs July 12, 2007
Comparison of biblical life spans with those of modern human populations indicates that the ages of the patriarchs are not exaggerated.

Big birdosaur blues July 11, 2007
New fossil find creates problems for dino-to-bird evolution.

Kata Tjuta: an astonishing story July 9, 2007
Kata Tjuta, a famous Australian tourist attraction amazes visitors. Visit the Olgas in Central Australia and discover what is so astonishing.

What really happened at Roswell? July 6, 2007
Hundreds of thousands of ‘true believers’ celebrate the famous ‘Roswell aliens incident’ every year. But what really happened?

Creationist cosmologies explain the anomalous acceleration of Pioneer spacecraft July 5, 2007
Groundbreaking research in the latest Journal of Creation explains the anomalous acceleration of the Pioneer spacecraft.

Astonishing DNA complexity update July 3, 2007
The study that has overturned the idea of ‘junk DNA’ has also revealed yet more astonishing complexity.

Noah’s long-distance travelers July 2, 2007
Well-rounded quartzite boulders, scattered over mountain tops, speak powerfully of the global Flood.

Was Leviathan a Parasaurolophus? June 30, 2007
Leviathan has long been a puzzle, but a likely solution is in sight. A major problem was the limits on the information that fossils can provide.

Neandertal speech capability and the limitations of osteological analysis June 28, 2007
Some claim Neandertals couldn’t produce modern human vowel sounds. But what can examination of skeletal remains really tell us about speaking ability?

Amazing discovery: Bird wing has ‘leading edge’ technology June 26, 2007
Jumbo jets have certain design features enabling safe take-off and landing at slower airspeeds than in mid-flight. It turns out that one of those design features—previously unknown in birds—eagles use brilliantly.

Knowing toil, knowing soil June 25, 2007
Agricultural scientist Dr. Craig Russell is yet another living example of a Bible-believing Ph.D. scientist actively doing cutting-edge research with direct benefits to the community.

Atheism is more rational? June 23, 2007
Is atheism simply non-belief or an active belief? Who has the ‘burden of proof’: atheists or theists.

Tall tales in the trees June 22, 2007
Evolutionists are now saying that man’s ability to walk upright evolved when his ancestors were still in the trees, rather than after having already descended to the ground.

The history of the rise of materialism in Western society June 21, 2007
Anti-biblical philosophies from the 17th century paved the way for the acceptance of evolution.

Astonishing DNA complexity uncovered June 20, 2007
A major study of human DNA reveals that there is probably no such thing as ‘junk DNA’. This makes the case for creation even more overwhelmingly powerful.

‘How do I do my assignment about evolution?’ June 19, 2007
Bible-believing students can get top marks in evolution courses—it helps to know more about evolution than the evolutionists want you to know!

Rare Australian fish has fins like hands June 18, 2007
‘Walking’ fish such as the Australian handfish are not transitional forms but living testimony of creation.

How do people come into a right relationship with God? June 16, 2007
How did people who lived prior to Jesus’ time get saved, as they could not have put their faith in him? And how does that apply to Muslims?

Australia's drought exposes 'drowned town' June 15, 2007
Australia’s drought has exposed places not seen for half a century, stirring painful memories for some old-timers. Did Noah have a similar experience?

Genetic algorithms and robotic folly June 14, 2007
Robots designed by genetic algorithms don’t support evolution

Bypassing the cracks June 11, 2007
When mud that encases the larva of a particular African horsefly dries out and breaks up, it does so in a way that protects the insect.

'Southwest Colorado Man' and the year of the one-tooth wonders June 9, 2007
An enquirer asks about ‘Southwest Colorado Man’. This gives an opportunity to discuss some of the other amazing ‘human evolution’ claims made on the basis of fragmentary evidence.

Fast stars challenge big bang origin for dwarf galaxies June 7, 2007
Stars in dwarf galaxies move away from each other too fast for big bang billions of years.

Terrible lizards trapped by terrible Flood June 5, 2007
What happened to the dinosaur struggling to maintain its course in deep flowing water?

The travel bug June 4, 2007
Even tourism is pervaded with evolutionary thinking. But alert travelers can demonstrate the truth of the Bible, when they know what to look for.

Making a man out of a chimp June 1, 2007
Another push to give human rights to great apes reminds us of how evolutionary belief leads to the downgrading of people and the elevation of animals.

Evolutionary professor encourages critical thinking May 31, 2007
Admits universities use propaganda tactics to teach evolutionary message.

Losing faith: how secular scholarship affects scholars May 30, 2007
The impact of secular ‘scholarship’ on a person’s worldview is a warning for us and our children.

Darwin’s ‘yard apes’ May 28, 2007
A deadly hurricane exposes an even deadlier philosophy.

Did God know Adam would sin? May 26, 2007
Why did God create us in the first place, if He knew we were going to sin—wouldn’t that make God responsible for sin?

Feathery flight of fancy May 25, 2007
Microscopy of the famed Sinosauropteryx ‘dino-bird’ fossil shows the idea of ‘protofeathers’ fails under close scrutiny

Scriptural constraints on the variation of water level during the Genesis Flood May 24, 2007
A detailed examination of the biblical chronology sets the hydraulic framework for models of the Flood event.

Letter to an atheist: A birdbox and a tree May 23, 2007
How do you show someone there’s a Creator? You can simply point to the things around you—in this example, a birdbox and a tree—and ask a few telling questions.

ockhams-razor May 22, 2007
When Ockham’s Razor is applied to aspects of the creation/evolution debate, the results are clearly on the side of creation and against evolution.

Seeing a way through the forest May 21, 2007
World War II refugee Dr Joe Havel experienced the catastrophic effects of evolutionary philosophy under the Nazis. He eventually escaped to Australia where his scientific research in forest ecology strengthened his conviction that evolution is a ‘destructive and flawed theory’.

Deconstructing Darwin: Darwin and eugenics May 18, 2007
Many evolutionists claim that ‘Social Darwinism’ is a distortion of Darwin’s teaching. Yet he clearly held to many social Darwinist views, and his cousin and son promoted eugenics.

Ecology, biodiversity and Creation May 17, 2007
The study of natural relationships in biology has revealed remarkably designed ‘services’, without which life could not survive and thrive on Earth.

Bunchberry bang! May 16, 2007
High-speed video cameras have catapulted the bunchberry dogwood plant into the spotlight—and the record books.

The Ark Van ministry May 14, 2007
Travelling Australia and the world beyond talking about Noah and the Ark.

Conspiracy and doomsday scenarios May 12, 2007
Was the US Government really behind 9/11? Is destructive weather really being generated by secret ‘scalar interferometry’ weapons? Are such claims true, and what should Christians do about it?

Genesis—the seedbed of all Christian doctrine May 11, 2007
A compact, point-by-point demonstration of the oft-stated and important claim that virtually all Christian doctrine is dependent on, or founded in, the history in the book of Genesis.

Is the evolutionary tree changing into a creationist orchard? May 10, 2007
Genome sequences of microorganisms create problems for the evolutionary tree but support the biblical ‘kind’ concept.

Birds: fliers from the start: Archaeopteryx, Confuciusornis May 8, 2007
Archaeopteryx and Confuciusornis were fully-formed birds, conflicting with the evolutionary dinos-to-birds narrative.

Radiohalos; startling evidence of catastrophic geologic proc May 7, 2007
Tiny features in granite rocks make no sense in an evolutionary framework, but are powerful evidence of biblical creation and the Flood.

What is 'good'? (Answering Euthyphro Dilemma) May 5, 2007
A reader brings up an ancient dilemma about God and goodness. A biblical understanding grasps both horns of the dilemma.

No more love for Lucy? May 4, 2007
For decades, ‘Lucy’ has been anthropology’s favourite ‘pin-up’ example of evolutionary transition from apes to humans. But she’s just been ignominiously dumped.

Only one Lake Missoula Flood May 3, 2007
Rapidly deposited rhythmites suggest it’s one of the largest floods in history, and a model for something even bigger.

Evolution of the rhinoceros? Preposterous! April 30, 2007
Claims that the rhinoceros is the result of evolution collapse under scrutiny. In contrast, when viewed through the Bible’s account of history, things ‘rhino’ begin to make sense.

C.S. Lewis and evolution April 27, 2007
Lewis is one of the most popular Christian writers and thinkers of all time. So where did he stand on the question of origins, creation/evolution and the like?

Phoenix Galaxy stars explode stellar evolution theory April 26, 2007
Population I stars observed in an unexpected location suggest they didn’t ‘rise from the ashes’.

Is this your first time? April 25, 2007
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Chemists in stew about intelligent design April 24, 2007
Another open minded editor finds himself in hot water from the censors.

Creation teaching makes a difference 2006 April 23, 2007
Students taught only evolution often assume it is correct and don’t bother to question it. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Squishosaur scepticism squashed April 20, 2007
Rigorous testing confirms proteins found in T. rex fossil bone. Is T. rex related to chickens?

Ota Benga: the pygmy put on display in a zoo April 19, 2007
Soon after its inception, Darwinism was used to reinforce every possible division by race, sex and nationality

If only the church could name the enemy ... April 18, 2007
What is now the religion of the Western world? Amazingly, the church seems unable to answer this question.

Clash over origins April 17, 2007
A debate between evolutionist professor, Dr Mark Farmer and creationist medico, Dr Carl Wieland, gives the audience plenty of meat to chew over.

It’s plain to see April 16, 2007
There are many landscapes on the earth that defy conventional (long-age) explanation.

Evaluating an evolutionary science curriculum April 14, 2007
How should creationists respond? Should we oppose evolutionary curricula outright?

Kid Con April 13, 2007
Two popular modern biology texts teach evolution in a most unscientific manner, encouraging students to accept evolution without critical analysis—this is indoctrination, not education.

The pre-Flood/Flood boundary at the base of the earth's transition zone April 12, 2007
Was Noah’s Flood bigger and more destructive than we have previously imagined?

Dinosaurs, humans and the fossil record April 10, 2007
Just because we haven’t found bones of humans and dinosaurs in the same strata does not mean they didn’t live together.

Easter's earliest creed April 8, 2007
The Resurrection of Christ, and the powerful historical evidence that supports it, validates Genesis history at the same time.

Darkness at the crucifixion: metaphor or real history? April 6, 2007
In defiance of many skeptical claims, there is substantial historical evidence of a non-eclipse darkness in the middle of the day when Jesus died on the Cross.

The Black Sea flood April 5, 2007
Geologists claim they have found evidence for Noah’s Flood in the Black Sea but there are many unanswered contradictions.

You know too much! April 4, 2007
Even those who do not have the Bible have no excuse; the evidence shouts that there is a Creator. There is no excuse.

The Lost Tomb of Jesus: Another 'Titanic' Disaster April 3, 2007
Following in the footsteps of the Da Vinci Code, another attempt to cash in on trying to debunk Christianity hits the headlines, and fails miserably.

Encyclopaedia Britannica: supporting a young earth! April 2, 2007
Before the promotion of uniformitarian (i.e. long-age) ‘science’ by Lyell, Darwin and others in the 19th century, the concept of billions of years for the age of the earth was unknown to science—and the church.

Evolution by fiat and faith March 31, 2007
Exercising faith over fact, botanist Hugo de Vries triumphantly proclaimed a plant he bred to be a newly evolved species. Sadly, a century later some evolutionists still use his discredited example.

Clear picture—blurry story? March 29, 2007
Thirty years of observing a celestial ‘odd couple’ has not resolved questions about one of the fundamental assumptions of astronomy.

Can we believe the Gospels March 28, 2007
One of Australia’s top legal minds examines the New Testament evidence for the Resurrection. He applies the standard criteria used by courts throughout the Western world to test the reliability of witnesses.

Pterosaurs flew like modern aeroplanes March 26, 2007
New discoveries about a tiny pterosaur bone show that they flew with ‘aerodynamic tricks like those found in modern aircraft’.

Carbon dating into the future March 24, 2007
Carbon ‘dating’ sometimes produces negative ages, i.e. dates in the future. How can that be?

The age and fate of Saturn's rings March 22, 2007
A puzzle for evolutionary chronology began with the Voyager 1 flyby past Saturn’s rings in 1980.

The poisoning of Litvinenko’s body—and mind March 21, 2007
As the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko showed, polonium can be lethal to the body. And also to evolutionary ideas about millions of years.

Creation among the coconut palms March 19, 2007
A missionary speaks passionately of how Genesis proves crucial in giving hope despite an alarming social decay in Fiji.

Did Eve lie before the Fall? March 17, 2007
Eve told the Serpent that God commanded no touching the forbidden fruit, when He had simply said don’t eat. Was humanity’s first sin Eve lying?

The sun is not an average star March 15, 2007
Solar evidence is mounting that our earth occupies a special place in the universe.

Practical pouches March 13, 2007
Some people use uninformed arguments to reject God, e.g. “Koalas’ pouches are at just the right angle for their babies to fall out and bop themselves on the head”. But the koala/marsupial pouch is no accident.

Immense impacts or big belches? March 12, 2007
Long-age evolutionary interpretations of the 'fossil record' result in evolutionists having to explain various 'mass extinctions' (including the demise of the dinosaurs) in the distant past, e.g. via asteroid impacts, or explosive vulcanism. But there's a much more straightforward answer.

Dawkins' Delusion (continued) March 10, 2007
More atheists on a mission: Dawkins’ fans object to review of The God Delusion

Globular clusters and the challenge of blue straggler stars March 8, 2007
‘Young’ enigmatic jewels viewed through telescope raise question about the age of their stellar neighbourhood.

Parrot prodigy March 7, 2007
A parrot with an amazing capacity for using spoken language astonishes scientists—and defies evolutionary expectations.

Dismantle the big bang March 5, 2007
Evolutionary views of the universe sprang, not from a biblical understanding of history, but from efforts to explain origins without God or the supernatural. Yet the big bang concept has major flaws which even some evolutionists now recognise are fatal to its validity.

Stellar evolution and the problem of the ‘first’ stars March 1, 2007
Imaginary processes invoked for evolutionary origin of ‘first’ stars.

The super-senses of oilbirds February 26, 2007
The unique and intriguing oilbird of Central and South America flies at night, navigates like a bat, lives in caves and defies evolutionary explanation.

sonoluminescence February 25, 2007
Did God speak light into existence via sonoluminescence?

Standing up to evolution in Russia February 23, 2007
The Russian Orthodox church supports a student’s legal demand to be able to have alternative origin ideas taught, not just evolution.

Once upon a time … February 22, 2007
Why evolutionists have taken modern dating methods too much ‘on faith’.

Lizard losers (and winners) February 21, 2007
Contrary to media hype, anole lizards on the Bahamas are not evolving

Anti-slavery activist William Wilberforce: Christian hero February 20, 2007
How biblical Christians were at the forefront of the abolition of slavery 200 years ago, while pro-slavers told them to keep their religion out of politics.

The strange case of the 'humanzee' February 19, 2007
For years, the famous ‘sideshow freak’ Oliver, the alleged ‘ape-human hybrid’, was seen by many as a ‘missing link’ in our ancestry—evidence for evolution. But the facts show otherwise.

More or less information? February 17, 2007
Responding to vexatious evolutionist challenges about genetic information.

Peperite: more evidence of large-scale watery catastrophe. February 15, 2007
Re-evaluation of geological sites shows evidence for catastrophe of biblical proportions.

Playwright just plain wrong February 14, 2007
David Williamson’s attacks on Christianity are based on the flawed fanatic Richard Dawkins, and perpetuate his many errors

'Sleeping beauty' bacteria February 12, 2007
Researchers have successfully revived Antarctic bacteria said to have been dormant for eight million years. But sceptics say that’s impossible—there must have been contamination. So what’s the answer?

Creationist qualifications February 10, 2007
While many sceptics claim that creationist qualifications are fraudulent, in reality CMI’s and almost all other creationist scientists have genuine degrees. Why do old- and young-earth creationists disagree?

New study claims Hobbit was a new species February 9, 2007
Yet another salvo of shots has been fired in the ongoing ‘hobbit wars’ with one more new paper claiming it is a new species after all.

Darwinism’s influence on modern racists and white supremacist groups: the case of David Duke February 8, 2007
The extensive writings of David Duke, head of the largest white supremacist organization in the world, show the strong influence of evolutionary notions in his racist views.

Critique of ‘The God Delusion’ by an atheist on a mission February 7, 2007
The evolution-based attack on God by ‘new atheist’ Richard Dawkins (2006) was a best-seller, but do its arguments stack up?

Abortion: an indispensable right or violence against women? [sex selection, aborting girls] February 6, 2007
Sex-selection abortion has resulted in killing girl babies, leading to a surplus of men. This is a dilemma for today’s abortion-on-demand feminists, who betray the pro-life stance of the feminist founders.

Not a leg to stand on February 5, 2007
A five-legged calf may be quite a curiousity, but it has nothing to do with evolution.

The Bible and hermeneutics February 1, 2007
Hermeneutics, the study of how we should interpret the Bible, is foundational to all theology. If we make the correct assumptions about the nature of the Bible, we can be confident at arriving at a proper understanding of what God is saying to us.

Jesus Fish/Darwin Fish January 31, 2007
Opponents of Christian faith have parodied the ancient symbol of the Christian faith, the ‘Jesus fish’. Their creations underline the significance of evolutionary doctrine to unbelievers, which Christians cannot ignore.

In the middle of the action January 29, 2007
Recent research strongly suggests that our galaxy, the Milky Way, occupies a central position in the universe—but this is anathema to atheists unwilling to accept the implications of that.

Melbourne Atheist: The Exterminator January 26, 2007
Evolutionary thinking has serious logical consequences, as shown by this scientist who advocates totalitarian population control measures—and is given free rein on Australia’s ABC radio.

Debunking the Documentary Hypothesis January 25, 2007
The Documentary Hypothesis claimed that the books of Moses were late concoctions, not written in the time of Moses. This book documents and debunks this false idea that (sadly) even affects the teaching of conservative theological colleges / seminaries.

Egyptian history and the biblical record: a perfect match? January 23, 2007
The historical accounts in Genesis and Exodus are often attacked on the basis of the ‘secure’ Egyptian chronology—but scholars are increasingly discovering that this is itself on shaky ground.

Did God create life? Ask a protein January 22, 2007
Stanley Miller’s famous 1953 experiments are anything but evidence for evolution.

Does the Bible teach error? January 20, 2007
Many alleged contradictions in Scripture are solved by pointing out Jewish citation methods and distinguishing thematic from chronological order.

The Christian foundations of the rule of law in the West: a legacy of liberty and resistance against tyranny January 18, 2007
The Bible has been historically recognized as the most important book for the development of both the rule of law and democratic institutions in the Western world.

Complaint or compliment? January 17, 2007
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Off the planet! January 15, 2007
A leading evolutionary scientist believes that a cosmic ‘greeting card’ could have been left in our DNA.

Gorman Gray, The Age of the Universe: What are the Biblical Limits? January 11, 2007
Gorman Gray’s ‘The Age of the Universe’ promises much … until you check it out.

Where are the emperor's clothes? January 10, 2007
National Geographic continues to tell tall tales about evolution.

Too dry for a fly January 8, 2007
When researchers found that a rainforest fly was unable to adapt to drier conditions, it was ‘a complete surprise’. But why?

Dave Christie January 5, 2007
Dave Christie

The Genesis 5 and 11 fluidity question January 4, 2007
Many modern scholars believe that the Genesis genealogies contain gaps and cite fluidity as the reason. What is fluidity and why is it wrong?

Global warming (climate change): what is ‘the creationist view’? January 3, 2007
How should creationists handle the hot topic of anthropogenic global warming?

In leaps and bounds January 2, 2007
How is it that frogs can jump up to 20 times their own body length, while a froghopper’s leap is equivalent to a human jumping over a 210 metre (700 ft) skyscraper?

Evolutionary stasis January 1, 2007
Are scientists guilty of using language that serves to distort or disguise the facts?