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Responding to common atheistic arguments December 31, 2011
How should we respond?

A creationist cosmology in a galactocentric universe December 30, 2011
What would we expect the universe to look like if we were near the centre?

Quirinius census luke December 29, 2011
Luke’s account of the census of Quirinius holds up against biblioskeptical attacks.

Light, life and the glory of God December 28, 2011
At least 11 occasions in the Bible of light appearing without the sun show that the sun was not necessary to provide light on Day 1 of Creation Week.

Why CMI doesnt take a position December 27, 2011
The rationale behind CMI’s focus

Defending the authority of Scripture December 26, 2011
Lael Weinberger talks with leading Bible expositor John MacArthur

Christmas and Genesis December 25, 2011
How does creation relate to this season? Because the babe in Bethlehem was the Creator of the Universe!

Did Matthew misuse the Old Testament? December 24, 2011
Did Jesus’ birth actually fulfill prophecies in Scripture?

Is the K/T the Post-Flood boundary?—part 1: introduction and the scale of sedimentary rocks December 23, 2011
Is there a change from worldwide/continental to local/regional sedimentation at the K/T boundary?

Staring Death in the Face December 22, 2011
With the media deluged with eulogies on the passing of Christopher Hitchens, it pays to reflect on his own words about the prospect of death.

The Love Trap December 21, 2011

Is Isaiah 7:14 exclusively a prophecy of Jesus birth? December 20, 2011
Is there a contemporary fulfillment of this passage?

Speedy stone December 19, 2011
With the help of added microbes, researchers can turn soft sand into rock as hard as marble. You don’t need millions of years.

Project Nim: Can a chimp learn language? December 18, 2011
Can a chimp learn language? And if so, does that mean we are closely related?

Badly designed arguments—‘vestigial organs’ revisited December 17, 2011
The argument from ‘vestigial organs’ has been refuted many times by creationists, but some evolutionists still think it is a good argument against creation.

A challenge to traditional cultural anthropology December 16, 2011
The story of the Moriori contradicts the traditional view of so-called hunter gatherers.

Has the Kepler spacecraft found an ‘alien world’? December 15, 2011
Is it just more hype, or are the claims justified this time?

'Lost world' animals—found! December 14, 2011
Cave drawings brought to life by exciting discoveries.

Make believe knowledge December 13, 2011
We all ‘believe’ many things for many different reasons, but only Christianity is a belief with a solid rational foundation—Christ.

Bighorn horns not so big December 12, 2011
Much to trophy-hunters’ disappointment, bighorn sheep on Ram Mountain are not what they were. But is it evolution?

Apartheid, racism, and biology December 11, 2011
Does biology have a place in our understanding of apartheid in South Africa?

Is God ‘simple’? December 10, 2011
Does God have parts?

Where are we in the universe? December 9, 2011
Are we anywhere near the centre?

Is it God’s fault? December 8, 2011
How could a loving God just sit back and allow all the death and suffering in this world?

Morning has broken … but when? December 7, 2011
The Hebrew of Genesis 1 forbids long ages before, during or after Creation.

Why do children lose their trust in the Bible? December 6, 2011
We need to teach our children that the Bible reliably reflects the real world.

Speedy sharks and golf balls December 5, 2011
A key design feature of modern golf balls has been found on sharks, too.

Flood models and flat-earthers December 4, 2011
How do we decide between different flood models?

‘Asexual’ lizards and pioneer plants December 3, 2011
Does parthenogenesis in lizards mean that some lizards only had one gender on Noah’s Ark?

Solar system formation by accretion has no observational evidence December 2, 2011
No observational evidence

Chile desert whale fossils December 1, 2011
Marine graveyard is dramatic evidence for Noah’s Flood

What’s in a name? November 30, 2011
Why did Moses use different names for God in Genesis chapters 1 and 2?

Is the Bible an immoral book? November 29, 2011
Skeptics twisting the Scriptures

The lingering death of junk DNA November 28, 2011
The idea that huge stretches of human DNA are useless junk left over from evolution is itself having to be progressively junked.

From Shadows to Light November 27, 2011
Believing God’s Word, and receiving the salvation on offer through His Son Jesus Christ, won’t mean an end to your problems while on this earth. But it sure helps to make sense of them.

The Qu’ran, Messianic prophecy and Christianity November 26, 2011
A brief look at Islamic and Judaistic arguments against Christianity.

Should creationists accept quantum mechanics? November 25, 2011
Quantum mechanics is well supported by the evidence. Creationists should not reject it, since fighting on two fronts is a losing strategy.

Doubts about hyped-up planet November 24, 2011
Does Gliese 581g exist at all?

God made the stars November 23, 2011
Interview with Ph.D. full professor of astronomy, Danny Faulkner

Evolution-Its childs play! November 22, 2011
Theistic evolutionists say Genesis was how God communicated to people with limited understanding because evolution was too sophisticated for them. Why then are atheists able to teach children evolution easily?

Cosmic catastrophes November 21, 2011
Planets crashing together, moons being ripped apart, all sounds very dramatic, but is this true history, or just a fanciful story?

Gap theory revisited November 20, 2011
‘Gap theory’ has no exegetical basis in Scripture in both ancient Hebrew and 17th century English.

Understanding the Hebrew Bible: ‘season’ and ‘pi’ November 19, 2011
This week’s feedback addresses questions of the proper understanding and defence of the Old Testament. CMI’s Dr Jonathan Sarfati responds.

Cell systems—what’s really under the hood continues to drop jaws November 18, 2011
What’s really under the hood continues to drop jaws

Refuting compromising critic of CMI seminar November 17, 2011
Compromising theistic evolutionary biology lecturer attacks CMI speakers in a fact-free character assassination. We show why the Bible should be our final authority, including its corollary, ‘young-earth’ creation.

Counting the stars November 16, 2011
How many stars are there? The Bible got it right!

The Moon’s former magnetic field November 15, 2011
Still a huge problem for evolutionists, but not for creationists

Biblical history and the role of science November 14, 2011
Science can help elucidate Scripture, including model-building to aid understanding. But these models must be held loosely, never given the same authority as God-breathed Scripture.

Age of the Sun November 13, 2011
Does the current ratio of helium to hydrogen in the sun prove it is billions of years old?

Curiosity: Did God Create the Universe? November 12, 2011
Is Stephen Hawking right in claiming a universe could create itself?

320-million-year-old amber has flowering plant chemistry November 11, 2011
Why evolutionists try to explain such chemistry wouldn’t exist until over 100 million years later.

A miracle by any other name would be … called science? November 10, 2011
Taking their own medicine. Atheists sometimes criticize Christians as irrational for believing in miracles. Can their worldview withstand the same examination?

A brief history of design November 9, 2011
From ancient times to today the signs of a Creator are clearly evident.

Who wrote Isaiah? November 8, 2011
Isaiah contains accurate predictions about the future, including the coming Messiah. So liberals have desperately attacked its authenticity.

Bible interracial marriage November 7, 2011
Interracial marriage. The hangovers of evolutionary racism can still be found in some church circles today

Getting a bad rap November 6, 2011
A recent interview in Creation magazine emphasized the rap group Destiny Lab’s biblical creationist views, and some readers were concerned that any association with rap is ungodly.

Whale fossils, mutations, and yom in Genesis 1 November 5, 2011
Whale fossils, mutations, and the meaning of Genesis 1

Quasars again defy a big bang explanation November 4, 2011
Defying big bang explanations yet again!

The fascinating geological history of Pyramid Rock, Phillip Island, Australia November 3, 2011
Spectacular evidence for huge catastrophe of fire and water.

Evolutionary racism November 2, 2011
A revealing secular book documents the huge change in how other Australians regarded their country’s indigenous population after Darwin’s book appeared.

The Greatest Hoax on Earth? November 1, 2011
Refuting Dawkins on Evolution, A response to The Greatest Show on Earth: the evidence for evolution

The bee and the postman October 31, 2011
Just like the postman, the bee delivers information—for those who are willing to receive it.

From the rocks to reincarnation October 30, 2011
The Bible is our final authority and reliable guide

Mutations, epigenetics and the question of information October 29, 2011
Addressing some common misconceptions about creationist biology.

Can mutations create new information? October 28, 2011
It depends on what you mean by ‘new’ and ‘information’ …

Christianity Today? October 27, 2011
A popular magazine regarded by many as ‘mainstream evangelical’ actually promotes no basis for Christianity at all!

Cults and Creation October 26, 2011
How the major cults all reject straightforward biblical creation.

Redressing the imbalance October 25, 2011
Correct information (truth) shines a ‘light’ in this dark world

Why do atheists hate God? October 24, 2011
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

C-14 dates and the HK ‘ark’ October 23, 2011
Discrepant C-14 dates provide further skepticism of the recent claims to have found Noah’s Ark on Mt Ararat.

‘Religious’ racism, and a chronology of Cain October 22, 2011
The Bible provides the antidote to racism and slavery, and a basic chronology of Cain.

Evolutionary legal theories—the impact of Darwinism on western conceptions of law October 21, 2011
The impact of Darwinism on Western conceptions of law

The slippery slope October 20, 2011
Richard Dawkins has written approvingly of the ‘changing moral zeitgeist’ but this is a treacherous slippery slope where former taboos like pedophilia are increasingly seen instead as ‘alternative lifestyles’.

What would life be like without creation ministries? October 19, 2011
It causes people to think about the issues by making them realize that there is an issue to think about in the first place.

Thermodynamics and evolution October 18, 2011
How useful is the Second Law of Thermodynamics as an argument against evolution?

The mud is missing October 17, 2011
So the world is young

Copycat copout: Jesus was not made up from pagan myths October 15, 2011
Jesus was not made up from pagan myths

An important academic resource October 14, 2011
A review of Coming to Grips with Genesis: Biblical Authority and the Age of the Earth by Terry Mortenson and Thane H. Ury (Eds.)

What happens when speculative science and questionable exegesis collide October 13, 2011
What happens when speculative science and questionable exegesis collide.

Flood! October 12, 2011
Ancient legends from various cultures around the world all point to knowledge of one cataclysmic historic event.

Neutrinos faster than light? October 11, 2011
Neutrinos moving faster than light? Is it real? What would it mean?

Don’t blame Malthus! October 10, 2011
English clergyman Thomas Malthus wrote an essay on population and food supply which Darwin credited as one of his inspirations. What are the facts?

Living fossils erv function October 8, 2011
Why do ‘living fossils’ and functions in ‘junk DNA’ present problems for evolution?

John C. Eccles, Nobel laureate and Darwin doubter October 7, 2011
Nobel laureate and Darwin doubter

Did God create over billions of years? October 6, 2011
The god of an old earth is not the God of Christianity.

Einstein, the universe, and God October 5, 2011
Einstein said: ‘God does not play dice with the universe’, but what did he mean by ‘God’, and was his ‘God’ anything like the God of the Bible?

We are … biblical creationists? October 4, 2011
Being careful not to play into the opposition’s hands …

Dr Jean K. Lightner, veterinarian October 3, 2011
Dr Jean Lightner tells how her education and experience led her to see that the Bible is an accurate account of history, unlike the evolutionary story.

Evolution exams and fossil fallacies October 1, 2011
How to answer questions about evolution: whether for course credit or to clear up misconceptions about fossils

On literary theorists’ approach to Genesis 1: Part 2 September 30, 2011
Does the presence of the literary devices that Genesis 1 supposedly has rule out its being historical prose?

Religious spin merchants September 29, 2011
Stopping the ‘spin cycle’

Thunder lizards September 28, 2011
Cinema technologies have brought mankind face-to-face with Earth’s largest-ever land animals, but what do we really know about them?

Truth matters in a pagan society September 27, 2011
As secularism’s grip on society intensifies, a humble acceptance of Genesis as history is as vital as ever.

Is the famous fish-fossil finished? September 26, 2011
Tiktaalik, the transitional star, faces an evolutionary dead-end

Of silver bullets, natural selection and fossil formation September 24, 2011
No one article will win the origins debate single-handedly.

Which prey do predators eat? September 23, 2011
Do predators always take the weak, sick and young as evolutionists have long accepted and taught?

Responses to our 15 Questions: part 3 September 22, 2011
Our 15 Questions for Evolutionists has sparked many responses from evolutionists and skeptics attempting to answer. We’ve compiled many of the answers that we’ve received, along with our refutations.

Atheist heavyweights move to ban creation September 21, 2011
CMI named as a ‘threat’ to Britain’s school children.

Australopithecus sediba revisited September 20, 2011
And still no missing link.

History and pseudo-history September 19, 2011
The literary framework approach to Genesis has become very popular among evangelical academics but there are many reasons why this belief is wrong.

Is there enough time in the Bible to account for all the human genetic diversity? September 17, 2011
Is there enough time in the Bible to account for all the mutations?

On literary theorists’ approach to Genesis 1: Part 1 September 16, 2011
More Christians are using a more sophisticated program to dehistoricize Genesis 1, downplaying or even eliminating the importance of content and allowing literary structure to determine the meaning.

2011 Super conference report September 15, 2011
2011 Super Conference attendees from all over the world speak out about a fantastic weeklong conference.

Responses to our 15 Questions: part 2 September 14, 2011
Our 15 Questions for Evolutionists has sparked many responses from evolutionists and skeptics attempting to answer. We’ve compiled many of the answers that we’ve received, along with our refutations.

More nails in the coffin of ‘junk DNA’ September 13, 2011
‘Junk DNA’ has been trumpeted as an unanswerable proof of evolution. As more observations show this to be functional, yet another argument for evolution is heading for the waste bin.

Solar system origin: Nebular hypothesis September 12, 2011
Naturalism has many problems in explaining both stars and any planets around them.

15 questions for evolutionists September 11, 2011
The teaching of biological evolution in science classes amounts to the teaching of a materialistic religion based on arguments that lack scientific merit.

Are Christians ‘atheists’ with respect to other religions? September 10, 2011
What does it mean to be an ‘atheist’?

The paradoxical urinary concentrating mechanism September 9, 2011
An excellent example of ‘irreducible complexity’

Chronological order in Genesis 1 September 8, 2011
Big bang beginnings and days before the sun.

Responses to our 15 Questions: part 1 September 7, 2011
Our 15 Questions for Evolutionists pamphlet has sparked many responses from evolutionists and skeptics attempting to answer.

Britain needs God September 6, 2011
Former atheist laments the sour fruit of godlessness.

‘Parade of Mutants’—Pedigree Dogs and Artificial Selection September 5, 2011
Pedigree dogs, far from being the ‘most evolved’, are actually the sickest and most genetically impoverished.

Atheism, plants, and gas giants September 3, 2011
CMI gets questions and comments on all sorts of issues. This week we showcase some of that variety, with questions on topics from atheism to astronomy.

Robert A. Millikan, physics Nobel laureate and Darwin doubter September 2, 2011
Physics Nobel laureate and Darwin doubter.

Childbirth pains and human consciousness September 1, 2011
Would stopping childbirth pain disprove the Curse? And, how does human consciousness fit into the Christian worldview?

Simplified sardine arguments and ‘sacking’ heretics August 31, 2011
Do either have a place?

Dawkins calls Texas Governor a ‘fool’ for questioning ‘fact’ of evolution August 30, 2011
Does Dawkins think his fellow scientists who say evolution has problems are also fools?

Theologian: Genesis means what it says! August 29, 2011
A seminary head of Old Testament explains that Genesis unambiguously teaches recent creation in six normal-length days, and why it’s so important.

‘Lucy’ walking upright, and atheism and science August 27, 2011
Even if ‘Lucy’ walked upright, would she be an ancestor of humans? And, does science naturally lead to atheism?

Hebrew Scriptures as an aid to developing a creationist taxonomy August 26, 2011
Do biblical words provide a framework for a creationist taxonomy?

Hidden messages in Scripture? August 25, 2011
Is the plain meaning (i.e. the historical grammatical reading) of Scripture enough?

Did life come from outer space? August 24, 2011
Some evolutionists are admitting that it’s just impossible for life to have begun from nothing, on Earth. So they’re asking…

The not-so-dark side of the Moon August 23, 2011
Volcanism on the far side of the moon points to a young solar system.

Oil not always fossil August 22, 2011
Most oil comes from buried life; evidence indicates that some oil comes about in a completely different way.

The Non-Mythical Adam and Eve August 20, 2011
Refuting errors by Francis Collins and BioLogos

Biogeography August 19, 2011
Evolutionists claim that biogeography provides strong evidence for evolution. Can the data fit the biblical account of recolonisation following the Genesis Flood?

The importance of correct history and theology August 18, 2011
History, science and philosophy without theology lead to atheism

Do I have to believe in a literal creation to be a Christian? August 17, 2011
Disbelief in Genesis is a slippery slope that has caused many to fall.

Is our ‘goodness’ good enough for God? August 16, 2011
Genesis is foundational to understanding why the answer is ‘No’.

Did Hitler rewrite the Bible? August 15, 2011
In Nazi Germany, the New Testament was rewritten to ‘dejudaize’ it, but who did this and why?
A preview of one of the fascinating articles in the September 2011 issue of Creation magazine.

Why is England burning? August 13, 2011
Shocked by the recent rioting throughout England, people have been asking why it is happening. Only the Bible has the answers.

The Christian Nazi myth refuted August 12, 2011
A review of: The Swastika against the Cross: The Nazi War on Christianity by Bruce Walker

Norway terrorist: more anti-Christian media mendacity August 11, 2011
Terrorist Breivik killed dozens of people in Norway. The media quickly and wrongly labelled this Darwinist a ‘Christian fundamentalist’, in contrast with ‘don’t jump to conclusions’ about Islamic terrorists.

Hummingbird hitch-hikers August 10, 2011
Hummingbird mites are tiny creatures that hitch-hike from flower to flower in the nostrils of their bird hosts, but where did they get the intelligence to do this?

Beyond shadows foreword August 9, 2011
In his foreword to Beyond the Shadows, Gary Bates shows why this book on death and suffering is needed.

‘Vampire moth’ discovered August 8, 2011
Entomologists say that blood-sucking moths in Russia have evolved from fruit-eating moths. Are they right?

A high view of Scripture? August 6, 2011
Round two versus a theistic evolutionist who objected to being grouped with the ‘useful idiots’ who help the atheistic cause with their compromise. Objective biblical exegesis trumps postmodern eisegesis.

The Oklo natural reactors in Precambrian rocks, Gabon, Africa August 5, 2011
The nuclear reactor that began without human intervention

Will comet Elenin destroy us? August 4, 2011
Simple physics shows that a comet as far away as Venus, and billions of times less massive, won’t be noticeable in the slightest.

The earth's magnetic field: evidence that the earth is young August 3, 2011
The measured exponential decay of Earth’s magnetic field refutes millions of years. This decay was accompanied by rapid field reversals. This web version of a Creation magazine article has an extensive addition countering evolutionary objections.

Doom and gloom from the BBC August 2, 2011
Answering yet another evolutionary TV program from the BBC that promotes the atheistic worldview.

New design innovations from biomimetics August 1, 2011
The incredible optics of a lobster’s eye have inspired the development of an X-ray device that can see through walls—a boon to the war on terrorism.

Rock layers and cave formations July 30, 2011
Are creationists mistaken about how they form, and how long they take to form?

Inheritance of biological information—part III: control of information transfer and change July 29, 2011
How is the information in cells controlled and transferred?

Backpackers, Dinosaurs and the Great Commission July 28, 2011
Creation evangelism opens doors to the Gospel.

The long story of long ages July 27, 2011
The Genesis account of recent creation is in direct opposition to pagan long-age superstitions.

How does Göbekli Tepe fit with biblical history? July 26, 2011
How does this supposedly 12,000-year-old archaeological find fit with biblical history?

Human evolution: oh so clear? July 25, 2011
The existence of radically different evolutionary scenarios of human origins shows that human evolution is no ‘fact’ but an exercise in storytelling.

Do creationists have to resort to secular ideas to explain geology and astronomy? July 23, 2011
Do creationists have to resort to secular ideas to explain them?

Inheritance of biological information—part II: redefining the ‘information challenge’ July 22, 2011
How Werner Gitt’s five-dimensional theory of information affects the ‘information challenge’ creationists often use against evolution.

Hawking on Heaven July 21, 2011
Why should an atheistic physicist be regarded as an expert on theology?

Exploding stars point to a young universe July 20, 2011
Missing supernova remnants refute millions of years

Namibian genocide—a precursor of the Holocaust July 19, 2011
A Review of The Kaiser’s Holocaust: Germany’s Forgotten Genocide and the Colonial Roots of Nazism by David Olusoga and Casper W. Erichsen

The Resurrection and Genesis July 18, 2011
Jesus’ resurrection was a historical event, and it depends on the historical reality of the events of Genesis 1.

‘Mainstream science’, theology, and Genesis July 16, 2011
The folly of theologians favouring the ‘science of the day’ over biblical foundations.

Inheritance of biological information—part I: the nature of inheritance and of information July 15, 2011
What is biological information, and how is it passed on from one generation to the next?

Ghosts in the rocks July 14, 2011
How scientific are evolutionary explanations of the fossil record?

How did all the animals fit on Noah's Ark? July 13, 2011
How big was the Ark, and what kinds of animals needed to be on board? How were they fed and watered and managed?

Where is Noah’s Ark? July 12, 2011
A closer look at the biblical clues.

Raising godly children July 11, 2011
Gary Bates talks to The Old Schoolhouse’s Paul and Gena Suarez about how and why they are at the forefront of the US’s homeschooling revolution.

Soft-bodied fossils and plant survival in the Flood July 9, 2011
Are they possible in the Genesis Flood?

Why evolution need not be true July 8, 2011
A review of Why Evolution is True by Jerry A. Coyne

The diminishing returns of beneficial mutations July 7, 2011
Do they help or hinder each other?

Do rabbits chew their cud? July 6, 2011
What does Leviticus really teach about rabbit eating habits? A proper understanding of biblical Hebrew and modern biology refutes an atheopathic attack on Scripture

Yoke-Peng Kong’s journey from Buddhism to Christ July 5, 2011
Understanding Genesis was the key to confidence

Refuting Dawkins July 4, 2011
A powerful book (by the author of the world’s topselling creationist book, Refuting Evolution) picks up the gauntlet thrown down by the world’s most prominent anti-Christian.

School assignments and creation account ‘contradictions’ July 2, 2011
Advice on how to structure an assignment on creation/evolution

The search for Earth-like planets July 1, 2011
Improved technology is leading to interesting new findings regarding extrasolar planets.

Retroactive death! June 30, 2011
Did God save people retroactively when Jesus died on the cross? Did God curse the world for what Adam was going to do (sin) before Adam did it, as Bill Dembski claims?

The moon: the light that rules the night June 29, 2011
The moon is essential for life on earth, and has many good design features. Its origin defies evolutionary explanations.

Is all interpretation created equal? June 28, 2011
Do we have the right to interpret the Bible any way we want?

Pollen paradox June 27, 2011
Evolutionists have ‘allergic’ reaction to Precambrian pollen—South American fossils more than a billion years ‘out of date’

Why compromise doesn’t work June 25, 2011
Some Christians think that watering down what the Bible says in Genesis makes it easier to reach unbelievers. Does it really?

Comparative cytogenetics and chromosomal rearrangements June 24, 2011
Towards a better understanding of the types of genomic changes that have occurred throughout history in the creation model

‘Useful idiot’—who, me? June 23, 2011
One correspondent took umbrage at the term ‘useful idiot’ to describe theistic evolutionists in a CMI article. Is the adage, ‘If the shoe fits, wear it’ justified?

Dating in conflict June 22, 2011
Analysis of wood samples from Tertiary rocks yielded significant carbon-14 indicating the wood was only thousands of years old, not millions.

Soldiers and scoffers June 21, 2011
CMI helps believers in the war of ideas where they are and stands as a public challenge to scoffers at the Bible.

Nuclear physicist embraces biblical creation June 20, 2011
What made a Ph.D. nuclear physicist accept biblical creation? See how carbon-14 dating supports a ‘young’ earth! Jim is one of the presenters at our Creation Super Conference in Canada (August 2011).

‘Missing mass’ of the big bang found? June 18, 2011
Do recent reports of ‘missing matter’ being found have anything to do with the elusive ‘dark matter’? Plus: how to handle atheopathic pressure on the Internet.

Megaflood origin of Box Canyon, Idaho, and implications for sapping erosion June 17, 2011
Megaflood origins and implications for sapping erosion

Ancient Near Eastern cosmogonies and Genesis 1 June 16, 2011
Do they prove Genesis 1 should not be interpreted as reliable history? Plus a comment on the Hebrew word bara and heretical ideas by Dutch scholar Ellen van Wolde.

Deconstructing Darwin: Darwin’s quisling (Charles Kingsley) June 15, 2011
The compromising cleric who helped promote evolution.

ISCAST, CASE and New College: It’s time to return to the Word of God! June 14, 2011
It’s time to return to the Word of God!

The treasures of the snow June 13, 2011
Why do snow crystals form such symmetrical shapes? How is this different from DNA and protein organization?

What a relief … June 11, 2011
A supporter testifies to the damage of long-age thinking to Christian faith; plus, the meaning of ‘devolve’, and more.

Discovery Channel program: How the Universe Works June 9, 2011
It promotes a worldview involving the big bang, but how truly scientific is it?

Darwin’s 'savages' June 8, 2011
Darwin supported a missionary society for years—but why?

Is God Science reading Genesis 1 ‘properly’? June 7, 2011
It’s time to stop reinterpreting Genesis and start challenging the ‘science’

Turning the tide June 6, 2011
No other book before or since has so effectively substantiated Christians’ belief in the historicity of the Genesis Flood.

Noah’s Ark replica attracts flood of interest June 5, 2011
As people ponder Johan Huiber’s full size ark it becomes astoundingly clear that the Bible story is not a myth.

Confirmations from creationist cosmology and countering ‘close encounters’ June 4, 2011
Creationist cosmologies help a believer see the truth of Genesis, and how we should address UFO believers.

The non-evolution of apoptosis June 3, 2011
Evolutionists fail to get around the conundrums apoptosis (programmed cell death) produces for their paradigm.

More false claims by Hugh Ross June 2, 2011
Hugh Ross makes excuses for ignoring Refuting Compromise, and claims that YECs have ignored A Matter of Days.

Probing the earth's deep places June 1, 2011
Interview with plate tectonics expert Dr John Baumgardner.

Ludwig Wittgenstein: Darwin doubter May 31, 2011
One of the most influential 20th Century philosophers was a Darwin doubter.

Mars May 30, 2011
Mars: a dry lifeless planet that once had huge floods.

Creationist geology field trip in the media—just May 29, 2011
A recent creationist geology field trip made it into the news—just. And still the media sought an evolutionist geologist’s view for ‘balance’.

The Hawaiian hot spot and the Bible May 28, 2011
Catastrophic plate tectonics may provide some clues as to how the Hawaiian islands formed when we start from the Bible.

Beware of paleoenvironmental deductions May 27, 2011
Are they as certain as is often communicated?

The ‘vital mission’ for atheists: discrediting the supernatural May 26, 2011
Did you know that atheists admit to having a ‘vital mission’?

‘The people who walk backwards into the future.’ May 25, 2011
How Genesis is the key to reaching an animist people group.

Atheist spat May 24, 2011
A strategy of subterfuge and stealth? Or to attack Christianity with all guns blazing? The ‘moderates’ and the ‘new atheists’ struggle to unite against their common creationist enemy!

Geologic catastrophe and the young earth May 23, 2011
Geologist Steve Austin talks about his research career in Flood geology.

Bald heads and talking snakes May 21, 2011

Feedback archive Feedback 2011

Bald heads and talking snakes

This week’s feedback features two correspondents: one asks whether it was like Adam was created bald, and the other takes umbrage at the idea that the snake of Genesis 3 could have talked. CMI’s Carl Wieland responds.

Wikipedia.org Male pattern baldness is unlikely to be a created trait.’
Male pattern baldness is unlikely to be a created trait.

Peter L. from Australia asked:

Some years ago, when I was in the early stages of going bald, a friend of mine said that this was a result of the ‘Fall’, which I accepted at the time but now I am not so sure.

Do you think that Adam could have been created bald, or that Adam or Eve could have had the baldness gene, prior to sinning?

This is a relatively trivial issue, but in a world that clearly has different ideas to God as to what is sickness and what isn’t, it is, I think, important.

Another friend and I were talking today about whether Asperger’s syndrome is an illness, and therefore something in need of healing of treating.

I would value your opinion.


Dr Carl Wieland (once a practising medical doctor) replied:

Dear Mr L.

Thank you for an interesting question.

Not everything is known about baldness, but I don’t think that your suggestion is likely, unfortunately. Smilies

Not everything is known about baldness, but I don’t think that your suggestion [that Adam was created bald] is likely, unfortunately. Smilies

For one thing, there is the fact that the hair on the head performs an obvious role in shielding the scalp from sunburn, and that the scalp seems peculiarly sensitive to such sunburn (i.e. it is less well defended against it than other parts of the body). This suggests that when it comes to a mechanism which causes a once-full head of hair able to protect the scalp to progressively be lost, we are talking about a defective gene, rather than the ‘norm’.

This is backed up to an extent, though it’s a much more nebulous argument, by the fact that in all cultures I know of, people spend time and money tackling it as a ‘problem’. So that suggests that it’s not something that fits well with a ‘good’ world.

The most common type of baldness is so-called ‘male pattern baldness’, and it seems to result from the action of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), an androgenic male hormone. It seems likely from research to date that individuals with this pattern have inherited a variant (I would claim likely mutated, based on the above) form of gene that affects the sensitivity of the androgen receptor.

These things are often not straightforward, as they are sometimes linked to other traits. But generally, while I would not want to ‘die on that hill’, the above is what I would favour, which fits with your friend’s suggestion.

Re Asperger’s syndrome– this is a harder issue to define, in a sense. It’s a bit like the situation with ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, where there is a whole spectrum of presentations, ranging from mild to severe. And there, too, the popularity of the diagnosis seems to be related to the frequency of awareness from media exposure.

Asperger’s is commonly seen as part of the spectrum of autism. Having known (and had great sympathy with) parents with severely autistic children, there is absolutely no doubt in their minds (or mine) that such autism most definitely is a very, very serious (even tragic) condition that is definitely ‘abnormal’ and causes havoc to families. A mild case of Asperger’s, though, might not warrant treatment any more than someone with a different personality to another. [Asperger’s support groups and specialized therapists have some success in helping people with the syndrome find alternative strategies and mechanisms to help them cope.—CW] This raises questions about so-called personality disorders too, i.e. to what extent are they the result of ‘hard wiring’ in the brain, and in turn to what extent are they due to the Fall? They are certainly among the most intractable of conditions, and when severe, can cause a great deal of human misery. So does that warrant ‘treatment’, or is it just ‘bad behaviour’ that needs to be controlled and discouraged? Many who have (are struggling with) some of these would certainly line up for treatment if there was any, but we at all times need to be careful when it comes to alleged disorders affecting personality and behaviour. There seem to be several extremes that one can easily fall into: the ‘medical model’ in which everything is a disease that needs ‘treatment’; the ‘social model’ in which it is all ‘society’s fault’, and never the fault of the individual; and the ‘superspiritual’ model, in which it is all down to individual choices to be sinful, and no consideration may be given to the possible effects of the Fall on human proclivity to certain forms of behaviour. (E.g. mutations that might potentially affect brain function in some way.)

That vexed question of personal responsibility for bad behaviour can be particularly problematic in some situations—where does ‘disorder’ stop and ‘sin’ start? Is a child a ‘spoiled brat’, or ‘suffering from hyperactivity’? (Or some combination of both?) As with most of these things, the answers will probably not be ‘one size fits all’ and will require a good dose of what the Bible calls wisdom, applied case by case and always bearing James 1:5 in mind.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Carl W.

Louis v.R., known to be a theistic evolutionist from South Africa, writes:

Hello, Carl. You say that either the Bible is the truth or it is in error. Black or white. This applies specifically, if I understand you alright, to the early chapters of Genesis.

In the KJV Gen 3:1 one reads: “Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said …

In the New International Version: “Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the LORD God had made. He said to the woman, “Did God really say, ‘You must not eat from any tree in the garden’?

In the American standard version: “Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which Jehovah God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of any tree of the garden? 3:2

Contemporary English version: “1The snake was sneakier than any of the other wild animals that the LORD God had made. One day it came to the woman and asked, “Did God tell you not to eat fruit from any tree in the garden?””

The creature is referred to either as a “serpent” or a “snake”; there is no capital “S” in the word, so it seems to refer literally and unambiguously to the cold-blooded animal we usually call a “snake.” In the Afrikaans translation also the word used is “slang” (pronounced to rhyme with “hung”), i.e. “snake”.

In all the versions the snake is said to be “more subtle”, “more crafty” or “sneakier” than any of the other animals.

This is patent nonsense if interpreted literally. A snake’s brain is probably hardly bigger than the head of a pin, certainly no bigger than a dried pea, so it simply cannot be cleverer/more intelligent than all the other animals.

Nor does the snake’s brain carry the wiring to conduct speech-only human brains have that (you, as a medical man, will know: I believe it is a special section of the brain on the left side).

Nor does a snake have the kind of speech organs that would make it possible for it to speak.

Therefore I cannot see any way how this passage can be taken literally as straightforward factual historical narrative.

There are a few other points I could mention but this illustrates my point well enough.

Have a pleasant evening


CMI’s Dr Carl Wieland responds:

Louis, Prof. Marcus Dods (not a believer in the literal truth of Genesis, actually very much a liberal, but a Hebrew expert) said that if the word ‘day’ in Genesis does not mean day, then any attempt at exegesis is a hopeless exercise. I.e. folk like him can admit that it means what it says, because they just shrug it off as irrelevant, because they ‘know’ it’s not true, it’s just one more human document with error; they don’t have to worry about preserving even a modicum of special status for it as a revelation from God of how to win eternal life and avoid eternal lostness.

Equally here, if the Bible is not correct, then by the same sort of reasoning the Resurrection is nonsense, and thus there is no hope in Christ, we are of all men the most miserable, as Paul put it.

Look at this thread of logic you’re offering up:

  1. Genesis says that a snake talked.
  2. Snakes can’t talk.
  3. Therefore Genesis is either mistaken, or cannot be intended to be a factual account.

Now compare it to this:

  1. Matthew says that Christ physically rose from the dead.
  2. Dead men don’t rise.
  3. Therefore Matthew’s Gospel is either mistaken, or cannot be intended to be a factual account.

In either case, Louis, having the Bible as the basis for any rational faith is hopeless, and you and I may as well join the Rotary Club. Alternatively, one can take a presuppositional approach. Suppose, even if only for the sake of the argument, that the Bible conveys ‘true truth’ here. There is no indication from the text that this is other than a historical narrative, and that is how the NT writers and the Lord Jesus Christ take it, always. So let’s ask the question, is there any way for this to fit with modern-day scientific knowledge?

The power behind the talking snake was the angelic being originally called Lucifer, later Satan.

Indeed there is. First, a miracle-working God (the only sort able to create a functioning universe in 6 days) would have no problem having an exception to the rule in the case of snakes. But we are in any case given additional clues in other parts of Scripture, namely that:

  1. The power behind the talking snake was the angelic being originally called Lucifer, later Satan. [Later parts of the Bible record apparent speech coming from spirits (in the Gadarene demoniac) which then possessed pigs, for example (though there is no record of their utterances continuing). And then there is Balaam's ass.]
  2. The snake we are talking about, though the ancestor of today’s snakes, was definitely not the same as them; Genesis talks of a radical transformation in its mode of locomotion, for one thing.


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