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Book review: 'Apes as Ancestors' December 16, 2022
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Octopus reproduction and the Fall December 1, 2022

Argonauts, octopuses, and death


Photo: © Rudie Kuiter, oceanwideimages.com argonauts

The octopus is a strange and beautiful creature. While the many varieties of octopus express unique and fantastic qualities, almost all of them have something in common: a cold and lethal reproductive cycle.

The argonaut is a unique variety of octopus with the females being the most recognizable. The females are much larger than the males and have shells made of calcium carbonate. The male is like all octopus varieties: it has a specialized arm that is used in reproduction. It carries the male reproductive cells and delivers them to the female. However, this is where the similarity quickly ends.

The male argonaut has the unique ability to detach this specialized arm from its body. After detaching, this limb will swim on its own to the female and is then stored inside her body, for later use. The male argonaut achieves this by taking advantage of general octopus biology. An octopus has nine brains. There is one brain in each arm, and one brain in the head. The suction cups on the arm of an octopus also contain olfactory organs (they can smell things). As a result, each arm can act independently after detaching. For the argonaut, this characteristic is taken advantage of in reproduction.

To avoid being eaten by the much larger female, the male detaches its reproductive arm. The arm, equipped with its brain, and sense of smell, then carries out its mission of swimming to the female and enters a special chamber where she can store the arm for later use. The male argonaut dies shortly after losing this arm.1 This seems to be a case of designed death and suffering since the death of the male is an unavoidable part of reproduction.

Were octopuses created to die after mating?

With the Fall in mind, what can we deduce based on what we have discovered about the octopus in general? Unfortunately, much about these creatures, and octopus reproduction, in general, is unknown. What we do know is that post-reproductive death in both sexes of the octopus is caused by the optic gland. The gland becomes very active as it preps the body for reproduction, but the gland also begins shutting down the digestive system (among other things).

The result of this is that the animal slowly starves to death, but the disoriented and discolored males are often eaten long before starvation would claim them. When the optic gland has been surgically removed from females, the female octopus continues to live beyond reproduction and will leave the nest to forage for food.2

A recent study has revealed that a big part of this is tied to changes in cholesterol production in the octopus. Something particularly fascinating about this is a link between the behavioral changes we see in the octopus and other organisms that suffer from genetic disorders that result in excessive cholesterol production. The article brings attention to a similar situation observed in human children. The article states:

“Elevated levels of 7-DHC are toxic in humans; It’s the hallmark of a genetic disorder called Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome, which is caused by a mutation in the enzyme that converts 7-DHC to cholesterol. Children with the disorder suffer from severe developmental and behavioral consequences, including repetitive self-injury reminiscent of octopus end-of-life behaviors.

Pacific striped octopus

The findings suggest that disruption of cholesterol production process in octopuses has grave consequences, just as it does in other animals.”

While research into octopus senescence is ongoing with much to be discovered, this finding suggests that the octopus did not originally die after mating. Rather, this is a product of genetic deterioration. The larger Pacific striped octopus still has an optic gland but does not experience these issues after reproducing. The scientists that did this research intend to begin studying the optic gland in lesser Pacific striped octopus to see why they do not experience this cholesterol problem.3

Death, intimacy, and children

The octopus in general dies after mating. They live to reproduce on one occasion and put forth great effort to find the best mate. The males must be very cautious during this process as females will often attempt to eat the males. The arrangement is very cold. The male approaches the female cautiously and attempts to get her to receive the sperm package, and the male remains prepared to flee just in case the female decides to eat him. The males die shortly after delivering their sperm package to the female. The female continues for a much longer period. After she lays her eggs, she remains in her nest and guards the offspring. During this process, the female refuses to leave the nest, and gather food. The female slowly starves to death, becomes discolored, and will even begin to self-cannibalize.

How is this strange reproductive method explained by evolution? Evolution is all about random mutations altering how successfully an organism can reproduce. This can occur by making the animal better at defending itself, having larger litters, or producing a smaller number of offspring but those children are less likely to die before reproducing. Ultimately “survival of the fittest” is not about how strong, smart, or durable an organism is. Natural selection is just “differential reproduction”. Whichever organism reproduces at a higher rate than its competitors, is the ‘fittest’. Now that we have clarified this, we can look at how evolutionists have attempted to explain this method of reproduction.

Preventing overpopulation?

It has been proposed that their naturally short lifespan may serve to prevent rapid overpopulation.4 Now, while this initially seems counterintuitive (why would pre-programmed limitations on reproductive success be beneficial for reproductive success?) one could speculate that in their evolutionary past, many octopus populations grew too quickly and collapsed as a result. So the octopus that developed this mutation was able to form a new and long-lasting population since their numbers didn’t grow at unsustainable rates.

Of course, the idea that this evolved for population control breaks down when we look at the larger Pacific striped octopus, and the lesser Pacific striped octopus. These Pacific striped octopuses are not particularly special compared to other varieties except in two areas: reproduction, and social behavior. Among the larger Pacific striped octopus, females and males have a more gentle, intimate courtship process. The male does not fear being eaten, and the two-embrace beak to beak when mating. Afterward, the female will lay her eggs, and the male will often live with the female while the eggs incubate; he will share food with the female. After the eggs hatch, the male and female will stay at the nest, and provide for their babies. Unlike other species, the male and female do not die shortly after fulfilling their role in the reproductive process. Instead, they continue to live and reproduce on multiple occasions.

The evolutionary justification for a single spawning event is that it is beneficial because it prevents overpopulation. However, at the same time this variety of octopus can spawn multiple times throughout its life and the evolutionary tale is that this reproductive method is superior. “This species’ females can also produce several batches of eggs, making them superior to other species that die after laying their first eggs.”5. If this reproductive method is superior, then why did evolution favor the exact opposite reproductive method in what is essentially the same creature? What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. This is a good example of why evolution is useless to real-world biology.

Which came first: single or multiple reproduction?

It also raises the question of which came first? If the single reproduction method was first then it didn’t evolve to prevent overpopulation. Conversely, if continuous spawning is original but is also superior as the article I reference claims, then why did natural selection favor a reproductive method that hinders reproductive success in most varieties of octopus? As the late Dr Philip Skell put it:

“I found that Darwin’s theory had provided no discernible guidance, but was brought in, after the breakthroughs, as an interesting narrative gloss. …The efforts mentioned there are not experimental biology; they are attempts to explain already authenticated phenomena in Darwinian terms, things like human nature. Further, Darwinian explanations for such things are often too supple: Natural selection makes humans self-centered and aggressive—except when it makes them altruistic and peaceable. Or natural selection produces virile men who eagerly spread their seed—except when it prefers men who are faithful protectors and providers. When an explanation is so supple that it can explain any behavior, it is difficult to test it experimentally, much less use it as a catalyst for scientific discovery. Darwinian evolution—whatever its other virtues—does not provide a fruitful heuristic in experimental biology.”6

We can be thankful when occasionally there are scientists who are evolutionists that are honest and brave enough to say openly what most informed evolutionists already know.

“It is our knowledge of how these organisms actually operate, not speculations about how they may have arisen millions of years ago, that is essential to doctors, veterinarians, farmers, and other practitioners of biological science.” —Dr Philip Skell7

It will be interesting to see what future research on the larger Pacific striped octopus will reveal, but what we can see already is that evolutionary storytelling offers no insight.

References and notes

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Are we in the Matrix, or are we safe to assume that the world we’re in is real?

The 'windows of heaven' are figurative July 8, 2022
Reading a 'solid sky' into a biblical metaphor is a mistake. Accusations that the Bible adopted a bogus ancient Near Eastern cosmology fall flat.

The use of creation in the Old Testament July 7, 2022
Is creation an important Old Testament doctrine outside of Genesis?

Knock out punch July 6, 2022
Why creationists are sometimes too quick to embrace the latest apparent ‘evidence’ for biblical creation.

Roe v Wade in the ash heap of history! July 5, 2022
Why was the US Supreme Court's June 2022 ruling such a significant victory in the battle to protect innocent life? Read our in-depth explanation and analysis.

The Woolly Mammoth July 4, 2022
The unique conditions and short timespan of the biblical Ice Age explain how Wooly Mammoths were buried and preserved.

How does God relate to time? July 2, 2022
God has no beginning or end, but what does that mean for how He relates to time?

Jurassic coast dry valleys: Periglaciation or Noah’s Flood? July 1, 2022
Is the data from dry valleys along the Jurassic Coast consistent with Noah’s Flood?

Could monkeys type the 23 Psalm? June 30, 2022
No, not even if time was infinite. Read why.

Interview Joe Sebeny missile researcher June 29, 2022
An aerospace engineer who designs missiles shoots down evolutionary ideas.

War on fossil fuels June 28, 2022
Concerns about fossil fuels becoming scarce has led many to believe that without immediate extreme action we are doomed.

Drones: copying divine design June 27, 2022
A new drone using flapping ‘wings’ for lift has many advantages.

Sex abnormalities and transgender June 25, 2022
Activists argue that abnormalities in sexual development justify transgenderism, but the argument fails scrutiny.

Research has overturned endosymbiosis June 24, 2022
The unbridgeable gap between prokaryotes and eukaryotes remains.

Ichthyosaur graveyard revealed by retreat of Tyndall Glacier in Chile June 23, 2022
Incredible fossil evidence points to Noah’s Flood and post-Flood Ice Age.

Bird evolution flies out the window June 22, 2022
You were likely taught that the famous Archaeopteryx was a bird-reptile ‘link’. But what are the facts?

The use of Genesis in the New Testament June 21, 2022
Why should New Testament scholars care about the interpretation of Genesis? Because the New Testament quotes it frequently—as history!

Interview with Art Ayris June 20, 2022
Creator of the world’s biggest ‘Bible comic’ project.

Exodus evidence revisited June 18, 2022
Does the biblical account have support from archaeological remains in Egypt or elsewhere?

Neanderthals becoming more modern with time June 17, 2022
Archaeology confirms that Neanderthal Man had numerous abilities that are attributed to modern man.

Margaret Sanger Christianity Today June 16, 2022
While Margaret Sanger was anti-abortion, she was a fanatical racist and eugenicist. Planned Parenthood is practising racist eugenics by locating in minority neighbourhoods and aborting minority babies.

Smart slime June 15, 2022
The single-celled slime mold Physarum polycephalum has a memory, and makes smart decisions, yet lacks a central nervous system.

How to reach into schools without reaching into schools! June 14, 2022
Reaching school teachers with information they’ve never heard before is the key to exposing students to creation.

The waiting time problem June 13, 2022
Can mutations change an organism fast enough even over ‘evolutionary’ time?

Did God simply shape the world like a pagan god? June 11, 2022
A student taking a religion class writes in to ask about some concerning claims made by the teacher.

Review: 'The Mystery of Life's Origin: The continuing controversy' June 10, 2022
A fitting update to a classic critique of chemical evolution.

Making atheists loud and Christians dumb June 9, 2022
A brilliant way to muzzle Christians: Get them to believe in long ages.

Clark’s Nutcracker June 8, 2022
The designed cooperation between species helps the wider ecosystem thrive.

830-million-year-old life in ancient salt crystals June 7, 2022
Microorganisms discovered in salt are reportedly 830 million years old, but this goes against all the laws of chemistry and molecular break-down

A pastor’s journey of teaching creation – Dr Don Hardgrave June 6, 2022
A pastor shares his experiences of teaching creation to youth groups, congregations, and other pastors.

Skeptic challenges biblical Flood account of chalk formation for the second time June 4, 2022
A skeptic challenges CMI’s position on chalk formation during the Flood, offering a second round of questions

The fossil record is complete enough June 3, 2022
Does this mean the paucity of transitional fossils is real?

Should I stay in a church that compromises on Creation? June 2, 2022
CMI often receives questions asking whether someone should stay in a church that compromises on Biblical Creation?

Neandertal homes June 1, 2022
Neandertals’ most famous homes were caves, but that’s not where they lived all the time.

Rewilding, artificial food, and creation May 31, 2022
A response to the environmentalists’ rewilding agenda, which would devalue people and diminish the quality of human life. Far better, the biblical approach involves stewardship, and respect for creation.

Eve: five things you may not know about her May 30, 2022
Was ‘Eve’ her real name? What did she look like? Did she know the Gospel?

Nucleobases and self-replication from non-living chemicals May 28, 2022
Can nucleobases form from a primordial soup? Can RNA self-replication arise?

The complex tRNA subsystem: part 4 May 27, 2022
tRNAs and their fragments precisely regulate many cell processes.

Asteroid evidence for life on earth coming from outer space? May 26, 2022
Japanese aerospace exploration agency has recently found amino acids in the second ever returning sample from an asteroid. Does this prove that life on earth was seeded from outer space?

Trilobite eyes May 25, 2022
Amazing eyes show amazing design and confound evolution

William Lane Craig historical Adam conference, Templeton Foundation May 24, 2022
William Lane Craig, historical Adam conference, Homo Erectus, Templeton Foundation, Keathley.

US Supreme court revisits Roe vs Wade May 23, 2022
The United States has been lit aflame with both excitement and anger in response to the recently leaked Supreme Court draft

Dicynodonts and ‘out-of-place’ fossils May 21, 2022
Giant mammal-like reptiles in the age of dinosaurs? Cretaceous dicynodont reclassified to Cenozoic mammal, otherwise it would be a proverbial Precambrian rabbit.

Immanuel Kant and Genesis May 20, 2022
How did Immanuel Kant’s philosophy affect the interpretation of Genesis 1–3?

William Pengelly’s cave excavations and the antiquity of man May 19, 2022
William Pengelly’s 19th century cave excavations in Brixham, southwest England, encouraged support of the erroneous belief in the antiquity of mankind beyond the biblical timeframe.

Love is more than skin deep May 18, 2022
Mr and Mrs Unoarumhi are dark-skinned Africans, but their biological children are fair-skinned—How come?

What will your body look like in the future? May 17, 2022
Cryonics tries to sell us the idea of continuing future life by cleverly freezing our current bodies. But is this compatible with Scripture? Is it even scientifically feasible?

The magnificent ‘flying’ frog May 16, 2022
Whether gliding or parachuting, these forest frogs are adapted to the air

Would God make a world where He condemns everyone? May 14, 2022
If God does not owe anyone salvation, would He make a world where nobody gets saved?

The complex tRNA subsystem: part 3 May 13, 2022
Their formation is a ‘chicken and egg’ problem for evolution.

Theistic evolutionists claim the Bible is not a science book May 12, 2022
Compromise undermines the Gospel

Did God create over billions of years? May 11, 2022
The god of an old earth is not the God of Christianity.

Answering a most-asked question: distant starlight and the biblical timeframe May 10, 2022
Does distant starlight conflict with the Bible's account of recent 6-day creation?

Francis Collins and the 2020 Templeton Prize May 9, 2022
Francis Collins accepts the Gospel but, sadly, rejects the details of Creation clearly portrayed in Genesis and by the Lord Jesus, in favour of secular evolutionary theory

Did Jesus have a body before the Incarnation? May 7, 2022
What type of body did Jesus have before the Incarnation? This Feedback question is answered with reference to John’s Gospel and the union of Christ’s divine and human natures.

Ice core oscillations: part 2 May 6, 2022
How did these ‘rapid’ fluctuations measured in Antarctic ice cores arise after the Flood?

The Seven-Day Week May 5, 2022
Around the world today, people observe a seven-day week. Why do we have the concept of a week at all?

Caving in to creation May 4, 2022
Carl Wieland interviews Romanian geologist and world cave authority Dr Emil Silvestru

Was the Flood global? Creation Answers Book Ch. 10 May 3, 2022
Was Noah’s Flood global or local? The universal language of Genesis 6–9, NT evidence, size of the Ark, and sedimentary record say “global”!

Medieval castles and modern fallacies May 2, 2022
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Is ‘female’ the most ‘basic’ human state? April 30, 2022
Are men merely composed of ‘add ons’ to a basic ‘female’ template?

Fungi and Mount St Helens April 29, 2022
Fungi responses to the 1980 Mount St Helens eruption and its implications for recovery from Noah’s Flood.

Early dinosaur victim of end-Cretaceous asteroid impact April 28, 2022
The first dinosaur death is claimed to have been drowned and quickly buried due to a huge tsunami caused by the Chicxulub impact at the Yucatan peninsula.

God made the stars April 27, 2022
Interview with Ph.D. full professor of astronomy, Danny Faulkner

Spiral galaxies: too many for the big bang April 26, 2022
Supercomputer simulations show that proposed dark matter halos cause too many galaxy collisions.

Oldest feather April 25, 2022
Does the oldest feather fossil found belong to a bird or a dinosaur?

Is there absolute truth? April 23, 2022
Can we use the idea of ‘absolute truth’ to prove God is real?

Review of “Baby Dinosaurs on the Ark” April 22, 2022
Book by ex-creationist demonstrates not how evolution explains origins but how it wrecks faith.

Does intelligent extraterrestrial life exist? April 21, 2022
Did Jesus die only for mankind or for other intelligent forms of life?

'Lost world' animals—found! April 20, 2022
Cave drawings brought to life by exciting discoveries.

Were the ‘sons of God’ / nephilim extraterrestrials? April 19, 2022
Who were the sons of God and the Nephilim of Genesis 6? Were the sons of God aliens? Or were they angels? Or Sethites marrying Cainites? What do Scripture and science say about ET?

Gender binary: coded into humans April 18, 2022
God coded the gender binary into every cell of our bodies.

The Christian’s hope in the Resurrection of Christ April 16, 2022
Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians proclaims Christ’s resurrection, grounded upon an historical first Adam, and explains that believers will also be changed into Christ’s image with incorruptible spiritual bodies.

Why Easter? April 15, 2022
Christ is our Passover Lamb, which refers to the deliverance of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt following ten plagues by which God executed judgment on the gods of Egypt. .

Crocodile eats ornithopod dinosaur for last meal April 14, 2022
Did a crocodile ambush an ornithopod dinosaur to eat it, or did it venture upon a fortunate last supper (already dead), before it got buried in the Flood?

The mysterious giant squid April 13, 2022
Despite scoffers over the years, the ‘legends’ and ‘stories’ about these creatures from seafarers are actually based on fact.

How carbon dating works April 12, 2022
Carbon dating clearly shows that the earth is young, but significant challenges remain for the biblical creationist. These are addressed here.

Whale sharks April 11, 2022
Whale sharks are amazingly designed, and have 'teeth' on their eyes instead of eyelids for protection.

The Bible vs slavery April 9, 2022
Many biblioskeptics attack the Bible for teaching racism and slavery, but it was actually biblical teaching that abolished these evils.

Arthropods and Mount St Helens April 8, 2022
What can the response of arthropods to the 1980 eruption of Mount St Helens tell us about post-Flood ecological recovery?

The denial of Genesis is bad for science and Christianity April 7, 2022
Modernists may sneer at the idea of Genesis as history but it’s the foundation for good science as well as vibrant Christianity.

How slavery enhanced racism April 6, 2022
What came first, slavery or racism?

A family tree for all humanity? April 5, 2022
A unified genealogy of modern and ancient humans incorrectly points to northeast African as the ancestral homeland. The results are entirely based on the evolutionary assumptions behind the model.

Was Darwin right about flightless insects on windy islands? April 4, 2022
Charles Darwin got one thing right, but it wasn’t evolution.

Skeptic challenges biblical origin of chalk April 2, 2022
But the evidence and arguments turn the tables and challenge the skeptic to reject evolutionary dogma.

The central role of Darwinism in the Holocaust April 1, 2022
How the German academic culture contributed to the genocide of European Jews during World War II

The lies we are told, the truth we must hold: a review March 31, 2022
When lies and fake news are abundant, it becomes hard to discern the truth. The Bible is the book that not only points to the truth, but is the truth.

Mutant (non-ninja) turtle? March 30, 2022
Two-headed turtles are obviously defects, but are they caused by DNA mutation?

Who was Cain’s wife? Creation Answers Book Ch. 8 March 29, 2022
If marrying your sibling is unlawful, who did Cain marry? What are the biblical and scientific issues?

Tides March 28, 2022
How the sun and moon cause our super-helpful tides

England’s Mossdale Caverns March 26, 2022
How were caves like this formed?

Pappochelys and turtle evolution March 25, 2022
Does a more recent fossil find bridge the gap between turtles and their supposed evolutionary ancestors?

Did sound production and hearing evolve? March 24, 2022
Does evolution give a sound explanation for the arrival of acoustics? They say the earth was mostly quiet for billions of years, but is that an argument from silence?

Fossilized animal tracks in the Karoo, southern Africa March 23, 2022
Surrounded by fiery lava and floodwaters, animals left their mark

How did bad things come about? Creation Answers Book Ch. 6 March 22, 2022
Why are there predators, parasites, pathogens, in a very good creation? God didn’t make them that way! They became harmful after Adam’s fall. Poison depends on dose.

Interview with Dr Sam Gan, high-profile Singaporean scientist March 21, 2022
Is evolution needed for biological research? Does biblical creation hinder scientific research?

Did Jesus die on a stake or a cross? And is God’s name Jehovah or Yahweh? March 19, 2022
Refuting Jehovah’s Witnesses: Did Jesus die on a stake or a cross? And is God’s name Jehovah or Yahweh? Why do English Bibles translate God’s name as LORD?

Isaac Newton—friend or foe to biblical creation? March 18, 2022
What were Newton's views on Genesis?

Stonehenge and the new discovery of its inbuilt solar calendar March 17, 2022
New discoveries at Stonehenge reveal the ancient builders had accurate knowledge of the solar 365.25 day year.

Folded rocks: testimony to Noah’s Flood March 16, 2022
Curvy rock layers undermine millions of years

Mars dust may be the source of the Zodiacal lights March 15, 2022
Evidence from NASA’s Juno spacecraft suggests that Mars dust is the cause of the zodiacal lights, known since ancient times.

Were ‘the waters above’ a vapour canopy? March 14, 2022
Why do most modern creationist scientists reject the vapour canopy theory? Biblical and scientific issues.

Balaam inscription March 12, 2022
Archaeology sheds light on the prophet Balaam from the book of Numbers. Explore the evidence that supports the Bible.

'Snowball earth’ caused the Great Unconformity? March 11, 2022
Can one uniformitarian mystery solve another?

What about gap theories? Creation Answers Book Ch. 3 March 10, 2022
Is there a billions-of-years gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, with a Luciferian flood that caused all the fossils? Biblical and scientific problems with gap theory.

Thallatosaur inside ichthyosaur March 9, 2022
Thallatosaur remains found in the belly of an ichthyosaur point to rapid burial.

Positive case for creation March 8, 2022
Creationists are not merely anti-evolution. We are pro-Bible, and advance constructive arguments for biblical creation. Here’s the evidence.

Chalk challenges deep-time dogma March 7, 2022
How the famous white cliffs of Dover testify to Noah’s Flood

Biblical reliability: response to critic March 5, 2022
Is the Bible trustworthy and reliable? Response to critic, covering canon, contradictions, ritual purity laws, miracles, and science.

Morganucodon: a transitional fossil? March 4, 2022
Is this evidence of mammal evolution?

Joint European Torus (JET) nuclear fusion reactor breaks energy production record March 3, 2022
Will nuclear fusion be the energy provider of the future? Joint European Torus breaks record and paves the way for ITER.

Creation-based conservation for the Red Panda March 2, 2022
Can creation-based conservation provide a better solutions than evolution-based attempts?

Exciting discovery in Rutland of UK’s biggest, most complete ichythosaur,Temnodontosaurus March 1, 2022
The largest and most complete fossil ichthyosaur skeleton ever found in the UK is best explained as evidence of catastrophic burial during the Flood.

Physicist staunchly defends biblical creation February 28, 2022
For the last four decades, Dr Russ Humphreys has been in the forefront of biblical (‘young-earth’) creationist research, in geochemistry, radiometric dating, and astronomy.

Kalam cosmological argument: a good argument? February 26, 2022
What’s the difference between a good argument and a bad argument?

Review: 'The Demon in the Machine' February 25, 2022
Can 'Maxwell’s Demon' avoid an intelligent origin for life?

Six days? Really? Creation Answers Book Ch. 2 February 24, 2022
Are the days of creation ordinary days? Could they be long periods of time? Is Genesis 1 poetry? Does the length of the days really affect the Gospel?

Tribute to renowned creation scientist Dr Kevin Anderson February 23, 2022
This Creation magazine interview, completed before Kevin’s relatively sudden and recent tragic passing, is previewed here to honour the life of a remarkable man.

Humanists UK seek to 'ban repentance'! February 22, 2022
Will it be legal to encourage repentance from sexual sin?

How is it that I never knew? February 21, 2022
Tas Walker’s editorial from the latest Creation Magazine

Process theism and biblical creation February 19, 2022
Is process theology compatible with the Bible?

Review: ‘The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs’ by Steve Brusatte February 18, 2022
The standard evolutionary story of dinosaurs, but full of holes.

Biblical Unity February 17, 2022
Biblical unity is very important, but how does the Bible define it? Those who divide the church are those who introduce false teaching, not those who confront it.

Jesus on the age of the earth February 16, 2022
Jesus believed in a young world, but leading theistic evolutionists say He is wrong.

Does God exist? Creation Answers Book Ch. 1 February 15, 2022
Is there objective evidence that God exists? What are the consequences of atheism? Where did God come from? Can we know God personally?

Artificial intelligence and evolution February 14, 2022
How evolution undergirds the belief that AI will one day take over.

Why is sin attractive? February 12, 2022
Did God make sin that way? Or is there something inherent in what sin is that makes it attractive?

Amphibians and Mount St Helens February 11, 2022
Responses to the 1980 eruption and its implications for recovery from Noah’s Flood.

Sensational seeds February 10, 2022
A farmer plants a seed. Night and day, whether he sleeps or gets up, the seed sprouts and grows, though he does not know how …

Our shrinking brains February 9, 2022
Evolutionists who linked human brain size to intelligence have had to change their story.

Still time to join CMI’s upcoming Egypt tours! February 8, 2022
As CMI’s tours to Egypt approach, we interview Gary Bates to find out what our supporters can expect.

Jonah’s witness to the Creator February 7, 2022
Jonah’s story is about more than the whale

‘Knowing good and evil’: what does it mean? February 5, 2022
What did Adam and Eve learn? How did God ‘know good and evil’?

Do five dropstones define another Proterozoic cold period? February 4, 2022
Are there other interpretations consistent with the Bible and Noah's Flood?

Recent evidence from paleoanthropology, the brain, and embryology does not support human evolution February 3, 2022
Isn’t it simply nonsensical to gainsay the large amount of scientific evidence for evolutionary anthropology?

Kamikaze caterpillars February 2, 2022
Caterpillars that sign their own death warrant are a conundrum for evolution by natural selection

The vital discipline of study, both Scripture and creation science, for achieving success in apologetics February 1, 2022
Encouragement and advice for Christians, especially young people and students, who are interested in deepening their knowledge-base in creation science, and in their devotional studies.

How cells handle heme, vital to life but toxic unless tightly controlled January 31, 2022
Recent discoveries about heme pose problems for evolutionary theory

Does Leviticus 19:19 prohibit the cross-breeding of horses with donkeys? January 29, 2022
Does Leviticus 19:19 prohibit the cross-breeding of horses and donkeys?

Hierarchical clustering in dinosaur baraminology studies January 28, 2022
Baraminology studies need adjustment to properly reflect the biblical distinction between flying animals like Archaeopteryx and land animals like dinosaurs.

The good news without the bad news is no news at all! January 27, 2022
Does it make sense without the bad news of the Fall?

Lactose intolerance January 26, 2022
For years, lactose intolerance was regarded as abnormal.

Monkeying around with human embryos? January 25, 2022
Modern science allows us to perform experiments on human embryos that are contrary to Scripture. What should our response be?

Photographing God’s creation January 24, 2022
Wilderness adventurer and photographer Bill Boehm tells how nature reveals its creator

Curious about Curious Earth January 22, 2022
Tips for starting a creation evangelism market display

Jumping beetle mechanism inspires bionic design January 21, 2022
Accident and adaptation, or divine design?

Review of ‘In Quest of the Historical Adam’ by William Lane Craig January 20, 2022
William Lane Craig’s historical Adam is Homo Heidelbergensis 750,000 years ago.

Bees outsmart supercomputers January 19, 2022
Even the best supercomputers struggle to solve the ‘Travelling Salesman Problem’. Yet bees do it as a matter of course.

The History of Interpretation of Genesis 1–11 January 18, 2022
Anti-creationists often claim that young-earth belief began with Seventh-Day Adventists. Refuting Compromise, Ch. 3, 8, showed that old-earth belief is the novelty, and the result of intimidation by uniformitarian geology.

Life on Mars? January 17, 2022
Life from Mars? Remember evolutionists’ claims about Antarctic meteorite 25 years ago? CMI’s original articles have stood the test of time. Now decisive confirmation by Mars rovers.

More questions on the dating of Mount St Helens lava dome January 15, 2022
See how they have been answered many times and understand the key concept to dismiss dating doubts

Ice core oscillations: part 1 January 14, 2022
How did these ‘rapid’ fluctuations measured in Greenland ice cores arise after the Flood?

Philosophical arguments for God January 13, 2022
Why think God exists? Here are several reasons why.

Prioritizing People January 12, 2022
Carl Wieland chats with environmental biologist Douglas Oliver

The Bible’s days are numbered! January 11, 2022
Would you have answered these ‘True or False?’ questions as these high school students did?

Shrimp eye design January 10, 2022
The shrimp eye has an intricately structured reflective layer to focus light. Engineers would like to be able to copy the structure.

Elohim, the Trinity, and the relationship with Adam January 8, 2022
Response to a question on the triune nature of God in the name Elohim, and the relationship between the Trinity, Adam, and humanity as a whole.

Land bridges after the Flood January 7, 2022
What place do land bridges have in the post-Flood dispersal of animals?

Largest fossil of 'multi-million-year-old' millipede Arthropleura found in England. January 6, 2022
A newly discovered fossil of Arthropleura, a giant millipede, provides good evidence of having been buried during Noah’s Flood.

Anyone for tennis January 5, 2022
When you successfully return your opponent’s shot, does he acknowledge the point?

Racism countered by biblical creation January 4, 2022
Racism is evil: Bible is solution; evolution exacerbated problem. All people come from “the first man Adam”, and can be saved by their relative Jesus Christ, the Kinsman-Redeemer and “last Adam”.

Pinnipeds January 3, 2022
Fascinating creatures that thwart evolution

Egypt’s Great Pyramid: constructed post-Flood using conventional technology. January 1, 2022
Commenter believes The Great Pyramid of Giza, was constructed before the Flood. CMI’s Gavin Cox responds.