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Nature’s creatures do ‘impossible’ things December 31, 2018
Water striders are strides ahead of robotics engineers, and fleas have the jump on them, too

Adam and Eve blood types December 29, 2018
Since God made Eve from Adam’s rib, would their blood types be identical? So how do we explain different blood types now?

Review: Undeniable December 28, 2018
Design by intuition: good biology, naive philosophy.

Fitness and Reductive Evolution December 27, 2018
Time to clear up the confusion caused by misleading use of the term ‘fitness’.

William of Ockham December 26, 2018
The Bible is the supreme authority in all it teaches. All else, and particularly human conjecture, is subordinate to and corrected by the written Word of God.

Apollo 8 and Genesis: A Christmas message December 25, 2018
On Christmas Eve, December 24, 1968, the crew of Apollo 8 read from the Genesis account of creation.

Apollo 8 and Genesis: A Christmas message December 24, 2018
On Christmas Eve, December 24, 1968, the crew of Apollo 8 read from the Genesis account of creation.

Bodily functions before the Fall? December 22, 2018
How helpful are our ideas of beauty and disgust at gauging what the pre-Fall world was like?

Review: Shadow of Oz December 21, 2018
The total bankruptcy of so-called theistic evolution.

How abortion harms women December 20, 2018
What does the science say?

Recent origin of species December 19, 2018
It does not add up for the evolutionary story.

Why do you just bash evolution? December 18, 2018
Does CMI just bash evolution? Learn about both the positive and negative arguments in biblical apologetics.

Cosmic storytelling December 17, 2018
When it comes to explaining how our universe came into being, widespread speculation is embraced over hard evidence.

Disagreement December 15, 2018
Responding to correspondents who take exception to our recent articles about Andy Stanley.

Hitler's Religion December 14, 2018
What was Hitler’s worldview? A review of Hitler’s religion by Richard Weikart

Defending Genesis is popular! December 13, 2018
CMI’s new resource is a collection of the best of 40 years of Creation magazine.

The puzzle of large natural bridges and freestanding arches December 12, 2018
These spectacular geological features raise more questions than answers for proponents of slow and gradual processes.

Genetically modified babies December 11, 2018
A Chinese physicist claims to have used gene editing techniques on twins that were born last month. What should we think?

The goodness of God December 10, 2018
Most don’t think about the goodness of God, but this important doctrine can revolutionize our faith.

Carbon dating—who is fooling whom? December 8, 2018
Response to a correspondent who had taken a CMI writer to task, claiming that 14C, dendrochronology, and uranium-thorium (U-Th) dating techniques are trustworthy.

Adam and the Genome: Reading evolution into Scripture December 7, 2018
Reading evolution into the Bible destroys its testimony to the historical Adam and distorts the gospel.

Andy Stanley Irresistible review December 6, 2018
Some parts of the Bible are hard to understand. What should we do with them?

Bird-of-paradise flower pigment surprise December 5, 2018
What’s an ‘animal-only’ pigment doing in plants?

Is evolution supported by science or is it all bluff? December 4, 2018
It’s controversial to question the scientific basis of big bang, origin of life and evolution, but scientists acknowledge that these so-called facts are propped up by imaginative stories.

Mighty mites stifle evolutionists December 3, 2018
Evolutionists stopped in their tracks as amber find has them scratching their heads.

Is the resurrection physical or spiritual? December 1, 2018
Answering some misconceptions about our eternal existence.

The irreducibly complex ribosome November 30, 2018
Is the ribosome designed? Are there differences between the ribosomes in the different domains of life?

Review: Why Science Matters November 29, 2018
Did God pander to human error in the Bible’s statements about nature?

Capybara November 28, 2018
Humans mostly find rodents repulsive, but lots of creatures love this one.

Homosexuality and Christianity November 27, 2018
Responding to a “Christian psychiatrist” on homosexuality and transgenderism.

OT scholar: Genesis teaches a short timescale November 26, 2018
Old Testament professor: Genesis 5 and 11 are accurate and gap-free timelines that teach a ~6,000-year-old earth

Physical science November 24, 2018
Does CMI reject science? How can we believe what we do in the face of the evidence? The answer is simple.

Cleland’s case for historical science: part 1 November 23, 2018
Is experimental science overrated?

Hybrid approaches to Creation: Is there a middle ground? November 22, 2018
Is there a middle ground between thousands and billions of years? Can the earth be hundreds of thousands of years old?

Cambrian explosion points to creation not evolution November 21, 2018
The remarkable fossils found in the Cambrian rocks provide devastating evidence against Darwin’s theory.

Scriptural originalism November 20, 2018
Do we seek the author’s original meaning in interpreting scripture or impose our own meaning based on trends in culture, politics or science?

These spiders aren’t dummies (or are they?)! November 19, 2018
These spiders are programmed to make larger duplicates of themselves and then animate them to scare and confuse predators.

Why refer someone to a pastor? November 17, 2018
Someone questions why we would advise someone to speak further with their pastor.

Scandinavian and British ice sheets November 16, 2018
Were these ice sheets too thick to fit within the biblical Ice Age?

Redefining marriage, age, gender and species November 15, 2018
Who am I? Increasingly, redefining marriage and gender are held up as a human rights. Some are also pushing to redefine their age, race and even species.

Russell Grigg a fulfilling life November 14, 2018
Entering his 10th decade, Russell Grigg continues to run with endurance the race set before him.

Common sense and evolution November 13, 2018
Is evolution ‘common sense’? Is there even such a thing as ‘common sense’?

The myth of ape-to-human evolution November 12, 2018
Just because ape-to-human evolution is popular doesn’t make it plausible.

Preserving God’s image in the face of death: Important lessons in remembering World War 1 November 11, 2018
Today marks the one hundredth anniversary of the end of World War 1. Even in the horror of war, important lessons can be learnt about the truth of Genesis.

Questions about Noah’s Flood November 10, 2018
Why did God make Noah's Flood so destructive? Why put animals on the Ark God knew would go extinct after the Flood?

Laterite soils November 9, 2018
Do ‘laterite’ soils take a million years to form?

The truth about the Galileo affair November 8, 2018
Contrary to popular opinion, Galileo was neither a martyr to science, nor the victim of a war between science and faith.

Catfish, big and small November 7, 2018
The size variation in the catfish Order is extraordinary.

Moderating comments on our Facebook page November 6, 2018
Being a volunteer moderator for CMI.

The Cal Orcko (‘Lime Hill’) dinosaur trackways November 5, 2018
Thousands of dinosaur tracks in a cliff?—How did they get there!

Confidence in the face of death November 3, 2018
How do we know the truth about what happens after we die?

Apophenia and design November 2, 2018
Life looks like it was designed. Is that impression nothing more than like seeing bunnies in clouds?

How old? When Archaeology conflicts with the Bible. November 1, 2018
Archaeologists discover a spear point “9000 years old”? But it’s far older than either the biblical date for the Flood or Creation. What is the answer to this?

Isn’t it obvious? Natural selection can eliminate, but never create! October 31, 2018
Candid evolutionists have publicly recognized the obvious: natural selection is a process of elimination, not creation.

Richard Dawkins is releasing an atheist children's book October 30, 2018
Richard Dawkins is releasing an atheist children’s book laced with blasphemy.

Genesis: no fable October 29, 2018
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Whale evolution: Are Maiacetus inuus, Indohyus, and Dorudon ‘missing links’? October 27, 2018
Are Maiacetus, Indohyus, and Dorudon missing links that prove whale evolution?

Sedimentary rocks and the geologic time scale October 26, 2018
According to modern sedimentation rates, are there enough sedimentary rocks to span the millions of years of ‘geologic time’?

Apologist Matt Walsh makes a seriously uninformed attack on biblical creationism October 25, 2018
Well-known Christian apologist and blogger Matt Walsh has made an uninformed attack against biblical (young-earth) creationism; CMI responds.

‘Star witnesses’ to a young creation October 24, 2018
In a universe allegedly billions of years old, some clearly visible star features should not exist.

Arthur I. Brown: An early creation leader October 23, 2018
Dr Brown believed that evolution presents one of the greatest challenges, in all of history, against the credibility of the Bible and Christianity

Dead crocodile decomposition and fossilization October 22, 2018
Scientific experiments confirm that dead crocodiles need to be buried quickly in sediment to fossilize.

Poorly used design October 20, 2018
Does misuse of a designed object imply it was designed poorly?

A broken climate pacemaker?—part 2 October 19, 2018
Can the uniformitarian Milankovitch climate forcing theory of climate change be saved with other data?

UK government targets creation in independent schools October 18, 2018
Under the guise of protecting school pupils against indoctrination, hypocritical moves are afoot to propagate scientific materialism.

Inselbergs October 17, 2018
The incredible geological features that defy explanation within a secular interpretation.

Frantic search ET life October 16, 2018
What are the chances for extraterrestrial life? Could life evolve from non-living chemicals? Are there any suitable planets apart from ours?

Will there be another Ice Age October 15, 2018
Despite dire warnings that humanity has so impacted the world that there is a possibility of a global weather catastrophe, what can the Bible teach us about such claims?

Supernovae and gamma-ray bursts in a biblical cosmology October 13, 2018
When did stars explode, and how can we see their light under a biblical time frame? Are they compatible with a very good creation?

Superflares and the origin of life October 12, 2018
Could solar superflares have made the supposed ‘early’ Earth inhospitable for life?

Nazi child euthanasia and Hans Asperger October 11, 2018
A new study shows that Hans Asperger actively assisted the Nazi eugenics policies.

Reaching the iGeneration with Genesis October 10, 2018
In a society where most people ask their questions using Google, the Bible has life-changing answers.

Bioethicists obsessed with killing babies—why? October 9, 2018
Explaining a worrying trend in bioethics.

God’s amazing design of the hummingbird October 8, 2018
Evolution cannot explain the appearance of the first bird, but the awe-inspiring hummingbird baffles that idea beyond all reason.

Do these skulls prove common ancestry between apes and humans? October 6, 2018
Do these skulls prove common ancestry between apes and humans?

Did the Mediterranean Sea desiccate numerous times? October 5, 2018
Unusually deep evaporite deposits underneath the Mediterranean have some scientists scratching their heads—but there is a biblical answer to the mystery.

Spectacular 2019 Creation Calendar October 4, 2018
Majestic creation wonders from all over the world.

Mirror spider “like a disco ball” October 3, 2018
God’s amazing creation is full of never-ending surprises

The perils of scientific illiteracy October 2, 2018
Scientific and biblical illiteracy enables so-called ‘experts’ to confuse church leaders about God and creation.

By faith … we understand! October 1, 2018
The faith Scripture calls us to is one that involves the mind.

Aliens and the Bible September 29, 2018
Should we leave room for the possibility of sentient aliens?

No evolution of sulfur-cycling bacteria September 28, 2018
1.8 billion years have allegedly gone by but these rapidly-reproducing bacteria haven’t changed in all that supposed time

Can you love Jesus and reject His Word? September 27, 2018
Do we need to ‘unhitch’ the Old Testament from the New Testament?

Deadly plant’s flowers in amber deadly to evolution September 26, 2018
Many people know that Strychnos plants contain strychnine, a deadly poison. The discovery of its flowers in amber is ‘deadly’ to evolution.

Is the Septuagint a superior text for the Genesis genealogies? September 25, 2018
Analyzing one author’s arguments for the superiority of the Genesis 5 and 11 genealogies as preserved in the Septuagint.

Dragons on Noahs Ark September 24, 2018
Ancient artists produced spectacular animal imagery that includes a creature with easily discernible dinosaurian features.

Divine hiddenness September 22, 2018
Is non-belief in God ever ultimately reasonable?

Places in Genesis September 21, 2018
Does the use of ‘place’ in Genesis 1–11 indicate a historical focus?

Goats can read human faces! September 20, 2018
A new study shows that goats can differentiate between human facial expressions—an evolutionary conundrum.

Kirk Cameron from atheist to Christian September 19, 2018
Despite being part of a highly successful television show which brought him riches and adoration, this man’s life was turned around when he met his Creator, Jesus Christ.

Humanism: neither healthy, nor humane September 18, 2018
Chaplains are religious representatives operating in secular institutions. Since humanism is allegedly non-religious, is not a ‘humanist chaplain’ an oxymoron, revealing humanism’s blatant double standards?

Over-engineered odour detectors September 17, 2018
Fruit flies’ ability to sniff out explosives explodes evolution myth

God and beauty September 15, 2018
Does evolution produce real beauty without the need for God?

The historical Adam and what he means for us September 14, 2018
A review of: What Happened in the Garden, Abner Chou (Ed.)

Is the human body badly designed? September 13, 2018
Refuting Human Errors: A Panorama of our Glitches by Nathan Lents.

Plants’ jigsaw puzzle adds to the big picture September 12, 2018
As every jigsaw enthusiast knows, getting every piece of the puzzle to fit in perfect juxtaposition with its neighbours doesn’t happen by itself.

Do dust rings around stars grow into planets? September 11, 2018
Astronomers claim they have found a protoplanet forming around a young star, but not so fast.

The Fermi Paradox September 10, 2018
According to evolutionists, the universe should be teeming with life … but they just can’t find any.

Have quill knobs and feathers been found on dinosaurs? September 8, 2018
Do ‘quill knobs’ indicate that some dinosaurs have feathers?

Did feathered dinosaurs exist? September 7, 2018
Could feathered dinosaurs have existed? Logically distinct question: did dinosaurs evolve into birds?

How were giant coastal sand dunes formed? September 6, 2018
Massive coastal sand dunes were most likely formed both before the post Flood Ice Age, and immediately after the post Flood Ice Age.

Geological strata: they’re everywhere September 5, 2018
Ever seen sedimentary rock layers in cliffs? They were deposited in rapid water currents, sideways

What would Noah have observed coming off the Ark? September 4, 2018
Have you ever thought about what sort of things would have been seen straight after the Flood? Could anything from the pre-Flood world have survived?

The flood chaser September 3, 2018
When Ron Neller studied how water affected the landscapes all over the world, he was on his way to becoming a biblical creationist and did not know it.

Creation is not a salvation issue, but it is a Gospel issue September 1, 2018
Responding to someone who wonders why we bother writing certain articles.

Review How I Changed My Mind About Evolution August 31, 2018
A review of How I Changed My Mind About Evolution, Kathryn Applegate and J.B. Stump (Eds.)

How to make creation outreach a way of life August 30, 2018
How you can make evangelism easy and fun.

Born on a Saturday August 29, 2018
The real reason history can be the teacher that science just can’t be.

What if CMI is censored? August 28, 2018
With all the reports of social media censorship, have you considered how to remain connected with CMI?

Pastor defends Genesis against compromise August 27, 2018
This pastor recognized the danger in compromising on Genesis.

How do creationists explain caves? August 25, 2018
How do creationists explain them?

Review of The Enduring Authority of the Christian Scriptures August 24, 2018
A review of The Enduring Authority of the Christian Scriptures, D.A. Carson (Ed.)

Evolution's Achilles' Heels DVD review August 23, 2018
Although the Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels DVD has been out for a few years now, some keen creationists had still not seen it. One recent viewer explains why they should.

Rainbows, the Flood, and the Covenant August 22, 2018
Rainbows were produced by light dispersion both before and after the Flood. After the Flood, God gave it a new meaning: the sign of the Noahic Covenant.

Building morality on evolutionary foundations? August 21, 2018
Leading evangelical scholar undermined by his own evolutionary presuppositions.

Cannibal deer August 20, 2018
Deer show us that nearly any animal could become a carnivore … under the right conditions.

Is speciation different from evolution? August 18, 2018
Biblical Creation predicts and requires rapid speciation!

SUSY is not the solution to the dark matter crisis August 17, 2018
Not a solution to the big bang dark matter crisis.

DNA Battles DVD August 16, 2018
A new DVD highlights deceptive false teaching under the guise of science.

Immanuel: The Gospel according to Isaiah August 15, 2018
Isaiah prophesied the Messiah’s arrival hundreds of years in advance.

Parker Solar Probe to contact the sun August 14, 2018
The first ever mission to fly a spacecraft directly into the sun’s corona is on the way.

The sloth: Slowest mammal on Earth August 13, 2018
This creature may lack speed, but its special features make gripping reading.

Is God a cruel Creator? August 11, 2018
Explaining why there is death and suffering if God created the world ‘very good’.

The problem of the wet Sahara August 10, 2018
The Sahara Desert was once well-watered. How did it become a desert?

Hyped hominin August 9, 2018
Australopiths are in the news again.

The atlatl (woomera) and the heron’s neck August 8, 2018
Some have speculated that the idea of atlatl-assisted spearthrowing came from watching herons hunt.

Evolution, the age of the earth and blasphemy August 7, 2018
A tragic fruit of the evolutionary compromise in today’s evangelical churches is the resurrection of age-old heresy concerning the deity of Jesus Christ.

Niah Cave’s ‘Deep Skull’: Teenaged boy or elderly lady? August 6, 2018
After nearly sixty years of misinterpreting these bones from ‘human prehistory’, how could paleontologists have gotten it so wrong?

Reaching out to Alien experiencers August 4, 2018
How to reach out to ‘Alien’ experiencers.

Can the Ica Stones be independently authenticated? August 3, 2018
Thousands of engraved rocks, many depicting dinosaurs—are they authentic ancient artifacts?

Evolution by Steve Jones: Book review August 2, 2018
An outstanding piece of science communication or just another evolutionary propaganda tool?

40 years of Creation magazine August 1, 2018
Defending the truth of the Bible from beginning to end. See this editorial from the soon-to-be-released issue.

Wikipedia: Often a biased source July 31, 2018
Wikipedia is shown to have major problems with biased articles, and is systematically discriminating against biblical creation.

Canadian landscape a testimony to the Flood July 30, 2018
Catastrophic forces that carved flat vast swathes of the planet defy explanation in conventional geological thinking.

Proving Jesus' resurrection without the Bible? July 28, 2018
Do we need the Bible to argue for Jesus’ resurrection?

Much supposed geological time missing from strata July 27, 2018
Deep time is more gap than rock record

Is Genesis psychology or history? July 26, 2018
A response to Jordan Peterson’s lecture series on the psychological significance of the biblical stories.

Bed bugs are fighting back July 25, 2018
In the battle to control pests with pesticides, things can change.

Higgs Boson and Top Quark coupled together: What does it mean? July 24, 2018
Fine tuning of Higgs boson frustrates materialistic theories.

Geneticist praises the Creator July 23, 2018
Raised in a secular household, a budding scientist was confronted with a challenge that changed his life.

Do something about Mammoth Cave, Kentucky July 21, 2018
It turns people away from trusting the Bible.

The Manx comet and naturalistic assumptions July 20, 2018
Naturalistic assumptions can get in the way of understanding the origin of solar system objects.

Is bias a bad thing? July 19, 2018
Christians and atheists have presuppositions that affect how we interpret facts and evidence.

Wasps: Natures pest control July 18, 2018
Do these pests have a place in God’s ‘very good’ creation?

Standing firm in a hostile culture July 17, 2018
Many great Christians have taken their stand upon Scripture’s authority, not compromising with pagan culture. Is your faith as rock solid as theirs in the face of secular dogma?

Bird-brainy birdsong July 16, 2018
Groups of plain-tailed wrens can sing a 4-part avian chorus with ease.

A personal cause for the universe? July 14, 2018
Is a non-sentient entity a viable cause for the beginning of the universe?

A broken climate pacemaker? Part 1 July 13, 2018
Why calculations that undergird the uniformitarian explanation for ice ages are faulty.

What is the origin of human consciousness? July 12, 2018
We humans may think our self-awareness marks us out as special but atheists insist it’s merely an illusion brought about by our brain chemistry. Why, then, do cognitive scientists, psychologists and philosophers fail to explain consciousness?

Lucy’s baboon backbone July 11, 2018
Human error shows scientists are just as prone to making mistakes as anyone else

Dissolving the Fermi Paradox: Life is unique after all July 10, 2018
Oxford scientists cast doubt on intelligent life outside Earth; Elon Musk says this is all the more reason to colonize space.

Manta motion marvel July 9, 2018
The swimming motion of manta rays is the envy of marine robotics engineers.

Creation or endless cycle of re-creation? July 7, 2018
Why the Bible gives us a linear view of history from creation to consummation in Christ.

Creation in-depth: Surprises in Surprise Canyon July 6, 2018
Did the Surprise Canyon Formation in Grand Canyon have to form slowly by normal river erosion?

Giving glory to the Creator July 5, 2018
Man’s designs pale into insignificance compared with God’s handiwork.

Fossil folly July 4, 2018
A misleading museum display seems to want to exclude the truth of Genesis ‘by definition’.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom review July 3, 2018
Review of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Nickel concentration indicates youthful oceans July 2, 2018
How mineral-rich oceans hold clues to the age of the earth.

Is the trinity biblical? June 30, 2018
Explaining why we believe the Scriptures teach the Trinity, the Deity of Jesus, and the Personhood of the Holy Spirit.

Where was Eden? June 29, 2018
Part 2: The geology and geography of Eden

Swimming with sharks June 28, 2018
Sharing the gospel with evolutionists is not as dangerous as people imagine.

Meet ‘Mr Living Fossils’ June 27, 2018
A former evolutionist who has worked as a research biologist now has a museum that highlights creation.

Dr Henry Richter: Not even a NASA VIP could help me June 26, 2018
David Coppedge tells how he became friends with Dr Henry Richter of NASA and cooperated on Spacecraft Earth.

Placental versus Marsupial: A tale of two ‘wolves’ June 25, 2018
It’s not right to blame the dingo, just for the sake of promoting the evolutionary storyline.

Must people hear the Gospel to come to faith June 23, 2018
How many ways has God told us there are to come to faith?

Creation in-depth: Rock arches June 22, 2018
A new mechanism to form freestanding arches questionable.

The Case for Miracles review June 21, 2018
The latest installment in Strobel’s series examines whether or not God has acted miraculously in the world.

Why life is impossible apart from creation June 20, 2018
A tiny insect’s existence is finely-tuned and incredibly complex, and also easily extinguished.

Is genesis important? June 19, 2018
Why defending the reliability of Genesis matters.

Stone Mountain was once molten magma. June 18, 2018
How a catastrophic event helped form an astonishing feature in Georgia’s landscape.

Why no mention of the Ice Age in the Bible? June 16, 2018
Why is it not mentioned in the Bible?

Where was Eden? Part 1 June 15, 2018
Examining pre-Flood geographical details in the biblical record.

Punching holes in Scripture June 14, 2018
When someone rejects biblical teaching in one area, it shouldn’t surprise us when they end up eventually rejecting all of it.

Whale explodes fossil theory June 13, 2018
A macabre scene played out on a floating carcass has an obvious message for evolutionists.

Did religion evolve? June 12, 2018
Evolutionary psychologist Steven Pinker attempts to explain the origin of religion.

Pluto June 11, 2018
As scientists continue to study the images provided by the NASA spacecraft New Horizons, preconceptions about Pluto have been replaced by lots of head-scratching.

Will Heaven ever get boring June 9, 2018
A reader asks: Will Heaven ever get boring? How would you respond?

Coelacanth does not walk June 8, 2018
Famous living fossil ‘link’ idea fizzles further

Consciousness is not an emergent property of matter June 7, 2018
Taking apart the argument that says consciousness, rather than being a product of the supernatural soul, emerges from the complex physical structure of our brains

Born to communicate June 6, 2018
Amazingly, deaf children stranded by themselves develop their own complete sign language. 

Effective evangelism June 5, 2018
Lessons from the business world—laying the foundations

Minister and Bible scholar: Genesis is history! June 4, 2018
See why respected Australian pastor and scholar Rev. Dr Peter Barnes believes Genesis as written

Uniformitarian dogma vs the Bible June 2, 2018
Answering a number of questions about science and the Bible.

Nylon-eating bacteria: Interpretation according to Coded Information System theory June 1, 2018
How does the creation-based Coded Information Systems theory explain the nylon-eating bacteria?

Elephant Genome re-written elephant theory May 31, 2018
The Elephant Genome Project reveals a new elephant species alive today, and rewrites the previously held evolutionary tree for elephants. Research findings fit nicely with the Biblical account.

The breath of life May 30, 2018
The incredible design of our respiratory system points to an intelligent Designer and not blind chance.

Praying mantis: unique stereoscopic vision May 29, 2018
Praying mantis brain computes depth to target by comparing changing images from its two eyes

Gecko skin microstructure also kills bacteria May 28, 2018
Drops explode off superhydrophobic gecko skin, and its microstructure also kills bacteria, a structure which could save human lives

Standing up for the biblical doctrines of Hell and the Trinity May 26, 2018
Response to a friendly critic who says CMI is too theologically “judgmental”.

Nylon-eating bacteria: Current theory on how the modified genes arose May 25, 2018
Did nylonase arise from mutations in a pre-existing enzyme?

Does the Bible tell us how God created? May 24, 2018
Does it give us a timetable? Does it give us the mechanics of how the parts came together?

Saltwater platypus surprise! May 23, 2018
The platypus is a creature limited to freshwater streams, right? Wrong! On Kangaroo Island, platypuses have been seen ‘riding the waves’ up on to the seashore.

Carriers trying to eliminate the plague May 22, 2018
Why secular attempts at ‘social justice’ are doomed to fail.

Noah’s Ark on a Roman coin! May 21, 2018
The oldest coin to depict a biblical scene. What shape Ark does it depict?

Does the Bible say polygamy is wrong? May 19, 2018
We answer: Were all Cain’s descendants wicked? And does the Bible say that polygamy is sinful?

Nylon-eating bacteria: Refuting Ohno’s frame-shift theory May 18, 2018
Did bacteria gain the ability to eat nylon through a random frame-shift mutation?

Antony van Leeuwenhoek May 17, 2018
Leeuwenhoek believed the perfections he saw in his tiny ‘animalcules’ showed that they were created by God and not by spontaneous generation.

The robber crab May 16, 2018
Like a thief in the night, this creature from the deep raids the fruits of the forest.

Creation evangelism St Louis Zoo May 15, 2018
Talking about animals helps point people to their Creator.

Why antitheists are forced to believe in antiscience May 14, 2018
It’s irrational to think there is such a thing as ‘free energy’ in the universe.

Do oral traditions have any authority? May 12, 2018
How should Christians think about oral traditions and other claimed non-biblical sources of religious authority?

Nylon-eating bacteria: Discovery and significance May 11, 2018
How were they discovered? Why are they important for the creation/evolution debate?

Can death be abolished? May 10, 2018
“Do you want to live forever?” Some scientists are skeptical but others believe in a future where, with advanced anti-ageing treatments, people may live to 1,000 years plus.

Startling evidence for Noahs Flood May 9, 2018
Rock layers tells us a lot about the earth’s past, but some geologists have an ingrained bias when they look at some amazing features.

David Attenborough: Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life May 8, 2018
David Attenborough fails in his attempt to refute the Genesis account of creation with his account of the Darwinian tree of life.

Making disciples with creation May 7, 2018
Creation magazine helps us to think biblically about science, evolution, and origins. Disciples must submit to God’s Word, including Genesis. See this editorial from the soon-to-be-released issue.

Is God’s love conditional? May 5, 2018
A reader asks, if God is loving, why would He kill all those people in a Flood?

Genesis as ancient historical narrative May 4, 2018
The genre of Genesis based on its grammar and its usage in the rest of Scripture shows that it is historical narrative

Plastic-munching enzyme May 3, 2018
New plastic-munching Ideonella sakaiensis bacterium was intelligently engineered, not randomly evolved.

A sweet revelation May 2, 2018
The honey bee is a wonderful example of intricate design and complex genetic information.

Can the Bible be trusted May 1, 2018
A new documentary explains the mountains of evidence for the New Testament text.

‘Animal salad’ points to catastrophic demise April 30, 2018
Evolutionists struggle to explain an enormous fossil graveyard that includes sea, land, and flying creatures.

How to resolve creation vs evolution debates April 28, 2018
How to assess arguments and make better ones

Earth impacts and the faint young sun April 27, 2018
A look at the problems associated with evolutionary origin-of-life scenarios for our world.

The prophet Isaiah’s signature? April 26, 2018
Prophet Isaiah’s signature on bulla found in Ophel by Eilar Mazar

Regenerating ribs: Adam and that ‘missing’ rib April 25, 2018
This ‘bone’ of contention is actually a reminder of God’s creative genius.

Can spirits manifest physically April 24, 2018
A viewer of the Alien Intrusion movie asks: if this is a spiritual phenomenon, how can it leave physical traces?

Wonderfully designed sawfish April 23, 2018
From its comical snout to its friction-reducing skin, this endangered fish bears testimony to its Designer.

Pre-Fall seafood April 21, 2018
What fish ate before the Fall

Chagas disease April 20, 2018
Facing up to the complex issues surrounding an annoying bug.

Lowest common denominator Christianity? April 19, 2018
Some people claim to subscribe to “mere Christianity”. Should we support “mere creationism”?

Do rivers erode through mountains? April 18, 2018
Have you ever noticed that many of the world’s rivers flow through mountain ranges rather than around them?

Fossilized dinosaur retains its shape April 17, 2018
Scientists excited that many details remain visible in exquisitely preserved creature.

Razor clam—impossibly good at digging April 16, 2018
The razor clam gives digging lessons to surprised and envious engineers.

Simultaneous causation and the beginning of time April 14, 2018
Can causes operate at the same time as their effects?

Has light from the first stars after the big bang been detected? April 13, 2018
Or is it concluded from the assumption of a big bang?

Origin of science: Christian? April 12, 2018
A Law-Giver, not atheism, is the only rational basis for true scientific endeavor. Like it or not (and many don’t), science really is rooted in the Bible.

God’s webspinners give chemists free lessons-Creation Magazine (spider silk) April 11, 2018
The production of man-made fibres that have bullet-stopping capabilities leaves behind dangerous chemicals and don’t match the wonders of a spiderweb.

Age of the earth: Christian apologists April 10, 2018
A Christian advocate of millions of years of death and ‘natural evil’ before Adam is challenged to answer the dilemma this poses, namely that it implies that the Creator God is a moral monster.

Long-distance boulder deposits reveal Noah’s Flood April 9, 2018
When rocks are found great distances from their place of origin, what explanation best fits such an occurrence?

Does God judge sinners? April 7, 2018
And how does Jesus’ death allow sinners to go free and be reconciled to God?

Utterly preserved cells are not remnants—a critique of Dinosaur Blood and the Age of the Earth April 6, 2018
Evolutionists’ attempts to explain stunning preservation in fossils are totally unconvincing.

Rebuilding Noah’s Ark: April 5, 2018
Could Noah’s Ark have been a giant coracle, as claimed by British Museum curator Irving Finkel in his translation of a Babylonian tablet?

The not-so-Nobel decision (Raymond Damadian MRI) April 4, 2018
Despite Raymond Damadian’s role in the development of MRI, he was overlooked for the Nobel Prize.

Geological field trips April 3, 2018
How a fun day in the outdoors looking at rocks and landscapes can strengthen your faith.

Kepler-78b: The “scorching lava world” that “shouldn’t exist” April 2, 2018
The exoplanet Kepler-78b stuns astronomers, defies evolutionary formation theories

Life in light of the resurrection March 31, 2018
The Resurrection of Jesus is not less than a historical event. But it is also more—it is a reality that should permeate our entire lives as believers.

Genesis and the Cross March 30, 2018
It may seem odd for people to celebrate the humiliating defeat of their leader and hero. But the suffering, shame and death of Jesus Christ are a source of hope to Christians.

A classic celebrates 20 years March 29, 2018
Creation and Change celebrates 20 years since its original publication with a new updated and expanded edition.

Message in a bottle March 28, 2018
A bottle encased in solid rock proves fossils don’t require millions of years.

Sirius the documentary March 27, 2018
A new UFO movie makes some startling claims about alleged evidence of alien visitations. But people need to look below the surface claims.

What about those who have never heard? March 26, 2018
What happens to those who never get to hear the Good News of salvation?

Is the Bible’s historical record reliable? March 24, 2018
Does the Bible’s record of Sennacherib’s attack of Jerusalem contradict extrabiblical historical records?

How many impact craters should there be on the earth? March 23, 2018
Does the moon give us enough clues to estimate how many asteroids impacted the earth.

The Humanzee: Responding to David Barash March 22, 2018
A psychology professor has gone off the deep end with his call for twisted genetic experiments in the name of atheism

Seeing back to front March 21, 2018
Claims that the human eye is wired backwards have proved shortsighted.

Stephen Hawking (8 January 1942-14 March 2018) March 20, 2018
What can we learn from Hawking’s passing? Is our brain just a computer made of meat?

Mechanical engineer on creation March 19, 2018
Tenured Penn State Professor believes in creation.

Nagging doubts March 17, 2018
Answering the question, “What if I’m wrong about God and the afterlife?”

Why does Richard Dawkins want to eat human meat? March 16, 2018
Richard Dawkins wants to eat lab-grown human meat. Why?

Early mosaic calls Jesus ‘God’ March 15, 2018
Mosaic from a house of worship in Israel shows that early Christians believed in the deity of Christ long before Constantine and Nicaea.

Charles Darwin’s termites March 14, 2018
When these insects mate and shed their wings, it flies in the face of Darwinian thought.

Origin from Dan Brown vs Genesis from God March 13, 2018
Best-selling author Dan Brown sets his sights on attacking creation—and gives creation.com a mention.

Pigeons don’t fancy Darwin March 12, 2018
Pigeon fanciers’ fancy pigeons fuelled Darwin’s flights of fancy

Sinners and saints regardless of race March 10, 2018
The best and worst of humanity can be found in people of all races.

Review Man Who Found Time Repcheck March 9, 2018
An author holds up James Hutton as the father of modern geology who freed science from religious orthodoxy, but do the ‘facts’ fit the ‘story’?

Unintelligent Design March 8, 2018
Evolution, it is claimed, removes the need for a designing intelligence of life on Earth, but this amounts to the logically absurd proposition of ‘Unintelligent Design’.

The non-evolution of the horse March 7, 2018
The amazing variety in these magnificent animals serves as a reminder that things do not make themselves.

Power of the paradigm March 6, 2018
What is ‘paradigm blindness’ and how can creationists counter it?

The Bible: written by mere men? March 5, 2018
A widely misunderstood verse helps us to answer this question.

Was there enough time for thick permafrost to form? March 3, 2018
Is there enough time for permafrost to form in the biblical timeframe?

Review Christians and Evolution March 2, 2018
Despite saying he’s irritated by the creation debate, one author goes to great lengths to add to the discussion.

Christianity in America is not dying! March 1, 2018
A recent survey provides encouraging data for Christians.

Led by the nose February 28, 2018
It was an obvious hoax that should have been easy to sniff out, so why were so many taken in?

Dinosaur and mammal tracks found together February 27, 2018
Highly concentrated fossil tracks found near NASA Goddard Space Center support Noah’s Flood

Scallop’s amazing mirror eyes February 26, 2018
Shellfish has tiny eyes structured like some advanced reflecting telescopes, but make two images.

Billy Graham: 1918-2018 February 24, 2018
‘America’s pastor’ died at the age of 99. What can Christians learn from his life and ministry?

An atheist rubs shoulders with creationists February 23, 2018
Review of Among the Creationists: Dispatches from the Anti-Evolutionist Front Line.

Dinosaurs are almost certainly extinct February 22, 2018
We have had decades to verify the many claims that dinosaurs are still alive today, but to date none of those have panned out.

The Yellowstone petrified forests February 21, 2018
The petrified tree-trunks found in the beautiful national park at Yellowstone have been used for years to ‘prove’ that the Earth cannot be young as the Bible indicates. But the evidence shows otherwise.

Are we grasping the nettle with our apologetics? February 20, 2018
Everyone with a strongly-held opinion about origins desires a higher profile for their point of view but only a minority are actively promoting what they believe. What about you?

Ignaz Semmelweis February 19, 2018
Semmelweis correctly diagnosed the cause of childbed fever, only to be ridiculed by the establishment because he contradicted their opinion. Today the establishment reacts similarly to biblical creationists.

Reader claims Jesus approves of his same-sex marriage February 17, 2018
But are feelings and experiences the best way to determine Jesus’ view?

Reversible autopoiesis—a foundational design principle for life’s survival February 16, 2018
Because cells have the ability to adapt to certain stresses, such as a lack of food, they must have been functioning that way from the start.

Time: The Great Enabler February 15, 2018
Evolution relies on deep time which in turn relies on naturalism but science tells us the earth is young and so evolution is false.

Salty seas February 14, 2018
The salinity of the oceans is a strong evidence that they, and the Earth itself, are far younger than the billions of years required for evolution, and is consistent with the biblical age of about 6,000 years.

Two trees, one root: the link between evolutionism and Eastern spirituality February 13, 2018
How two philosophies both lead people away from God.

Just what we need February 12, 2018
Creation magazine helps us to think biblically about science, geology, evolution, and origins. See this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released issue.

Was Jesus an alien? February 10, 2018
How can we show the absurdity of the ‘alien Jesus’ idea?

The Cenozoic, Flood processes, and post-Flood catastrophism—problems and parameters February 9, 2018
Where in the geologic record is the Flood/post-Flood boundary?

The great educational experiment February 8, 2018
Why using public money for school education is dangerous to children.

The sixteen grandsons of Noah February 7, 2018
Secular history shows that the survivors of Noah’s Flood were real people, whose names were indelibly carved on much of the ancient world.

Music: a crucial gift February 6, 2018
New research reveals that love of music is a foundational part of our design

Not-so-‘Still Life’ February 5, 2018
Not everyone sees a bowl of fruit as being ‘still’.

Noah’s Flood—the big picture February 3, 2018
Learning to see Noah’s Flood in geological maps and reports.

The Red Sea Crossing: can secular science model miracles? February 2, 2018
Can secular scientists really investigate the parting of the waters that allowed the Israelites to escape the Egyptians?

Monkeying around with cloning February 1, 2018
New monkey clones made the same way as Dolly the sheep. What happened, what should we think of this, and how would it apply to humans?

Lasting impressions January 31, 2018
A smelly creature leaves the senses reeling, but is another example of the Creator’s genius.

Bible Word of God January 30, 2018
Skeptics claim “The Bible is just a book written by men.” Do you have an answer?

Biblical text transmitted accurately over millennia January 29, 2018
Skeptics question answered! The Bible has been transcribed faithfully over thousands of years.

The fossil record and Precambrian rabbits January 27, 2018
Why unexpected fossil finds won’t falsify evolution.

Recessive Stage of Flood began in the mid-Cretaceous and eroded kilometres of sediment from continent January 26, 2018
The geology of south-west Western Australia interpreted from a biblical perspective.

BioLogos misreads Jesus on the age of the earth January 25, 2018
Theistic evolutionists at BioLogos make a vain attempt to sidestep Jesus’ teaching on the age of the earth.

New design innovations from biomimetics January 24, 2018
The incredible optics of a lobster’s eye have inspired the development of an X-ray device that can see through walls—a boon to the war on terrorism.

The Bible: is it guilty until proven innocent? January 23, 2018
Challenge the assumption that we should be skeptical about Scripture!

God’s wisdom in creation January 22, 2018
This article takes a look at Proverbs 8 and what it tells us about the role Wisdom played in God’s creation.

Does your brain make your decisions before you do? January 20, 2018
Answering a feedback about how to interpret neuroscience experiments.

Confusion over moon origins January 19, 2018
Evolutionists continue to wrestle with just how our nearest lunar neighbour was formed … and their explanations are unsatisfactory.

Using Bible history to interpret the rocks and landscapes January 18, 2018
A powerful way to change your view of the world.

The Galileo ‘twist’ January 17, 2018
Are historical mistakes being repeated today? And who’s making them?

Nice theologians leading the church away from the truth January 16, 2018
They may appear to be genuine shepherds, but many are leading their flocks astray.

Nebraskan deer mice—evolution’s latest ‘icon’? January 15, 2018
A colour mutation that camouflages deer mice against a sandy background is a great example of natural selection.

How can we tell when the Bible condones what it records? January 13, 2018
The Bible contains records of people doing terrible things. How can we tell when the Bible gives us negative versus positive examples?

Impacts and Noah’s Flood—how many and other issues January 12, 2018
A model of the catastrophic events at the time of Noah’s Flood includes multiple asteroid impacts.

Why CMI doesn’t answer all your questions January 11, 2018
CMI is an information ministry—so why are there questions we don’t answer?

The Riddle January 10, 2018
The Polled Dorset breed of sheep did not evolve—its hornlessness is the result of a mutation.

Correcting a cultist with truth and grace January 9, 2018
Many Christians are intimidated by false religions, but the most loving thing we can do is point people to the truth.

Oxygen in comet atmosphere undermines billions of years January 8, 2018
Space probe Rosetta finds oxygen gas found in coma of comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko

Life of a Universe Part 2 End of Days January 6, 2018
Prof. Cox’s alternatives for the end of the universe are maximum disorder or maximum blowup. The future according to the Bible involves re-creation of the Earth, and universal Judgment by God.

Life of a Universe: Part 1 Creation January 5, 2018
We reveal the scientific problems with Cox’s claims regarding the big bang, the CMB, the horizon problem, the flatness problem, faster-than-light inflation, an eternal universe, and a multiverse.

Initial reviews rave: Alien Intrusion is another hit for CMI! January 4, 2018
Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception is in theaters across the US on 11 January 2018. Listen to why these pastors think you need to see it.

Aliens in your bedroom? January 3, 2018
The truth is out there .... if you really want to know.

Spacecraft Earth January 2, 2018
We are all space travelers—and Spacecraft Earth helps us understand our place in God’s universe.

It’s all about the teacher January 1, 2018
Creation evangelists Bob and Frances Relyea are committed to teaching the teachers to continue spreading the truth of creation.