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Colonial nesting or hurried egg laying by dinosaurs? December 31, 2021
Can Noah’s Flood explain dinosaur eggs clumped together?

Review of The Secular Creed: Engaging five contemporary claims December 30, 2021
What fills the void once the Bible is rejected? BLM thinking, celebrating gay relationships, claiming transgender women are actually women are just some ‘secular creeds’ discussed in a new book.

Chimps natural killers December 29, 2021
As evolutionists ponder the propensity of chimps to kill other chimps, they are not rushing to the conclusion that this explains why humans kill humans.

Breakthrough in paleomagnetic measurement resolves C-14 dating dilemma and helps biblical archaeology December 28, 2021
Paleomagnetic measurements in archaeological material belonging to the time of the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem may well lead to accurately calibrating carbon-14 dating

The James Webb Space Telescope December 26, 2021
Will it really see the most distant galaxies? Do the quoted distances prove they are billions of years old?

Jesus’ incarnation, miracles, and why naturalism fails December 25, 2021
Central to Christmas is the supernatural account of God taking on human flesh to reconcile lost sinners to God—but naturalism is devoid of such a message of hope.

The complex tRNA subsystem: part 2 December 24, 2021
Raw tRNAs are not enough; they need dozens of biochemical to function.

How old are Göbekli Tepe and the Lost City of Dwarka? December 23, 2021
Claimed dates for the Neolithic site Göbekli Tepe predate the Bible’s date of creation, and the Lost City of Dwarka supposedly predates the Flood—how should creationists respond?

Darwin, Spurgeon and the black dog December 22, 2021
How consistent Darwinism eliminates any ultimate meaning in life.

How abortion harms women December 21, 2021
What does the science say?

Startling Sturddlefish December 20, 2021
Sturddlefish or paddlegeon: inter-family hybridization between sturgeon and paddlefish and created kinds.

How do we account for so many species of beetles if Noah’s Flood was only 4,500 years ago? December 18, 2021
How do we account for so many species of beetles if Noah’s Flood was only 4,500 years ago?

The complex tRNA subsystem: part 1 December 17, 2021
Their formation is a ‘chicken and egg’ problem for evolution.

Created or evolved? December 16, 2021
What’s the evidence for creation, in the debate with evolution? Here’s how to make sense of this vital origins question.

Lizard losers (and winners) December 15, 2021
Contrary to media hype, anole lizards on the Bahamas are not evolving

Ethical treatment of animals December 14, 2021
Many people today believe it is immoral to eat animals, to use any animal products, or to use animals in medical experiments. The Bible has much to say on the subject.

Is the Birka Pinhead a plesiosaur? December 13, 2021
Viking ‘Dragons of the Sea’ defy evolutionary theory

Why would a designer leave debris floating in space? December 11, 2021
Are cratered planetary landscapes and moonscapes, and colliding galaxies, evidence against an Intelligent Designer?

Snowball earth December 10, 2021
How could the earth get out of a global glaciation?

What’s a billion years here or there? December 9, 2021
How easy it seems to simply adjust an age that does not fit the evolutionary long-age narrative. Sometimes, there are no qualms about changing a ‘date’ by a billion years!

Worm evolution in pollution? December 8, 2021

No flies on 'freak' sheep December 7, 2021
A ‘handy’ mutation in sheep could revolutionize the Australian woolgrowing industry. But it’s not evolution.

Tooth enamel hard to replace December 6, 2021
It’s the hardest substance in the human body. But be warned: If you’re slack with your dental hygiene, fixing your tooth enamel ain’t easy.

Speleothem growth in caves vs man-made structures December 4, 2021
A question is asked about sceptics’ responses to creationists using speedy growth rates of speleothems under man-made structures to illustrate speedy natural cave formations

Review: 'Science Without God?' December 3, 2021
A review of Science Without God? by Peter Harrison and Jon H. Roberts (Eds.)

A four-legged fossil snake December 2, 2021
Fossil experts are delighted, but somewhat bemused, by the discovery of a beautifully preserved snake, complete with four tiny, but definitely functional, legs—opinion is divided!

The house that changed colour December 1, 2021
Would an atheist believe in God if his house changed colour overnight?

The Fagradalsfjall–Geldingadalir eruption of 2021 November 30, 2021
Recent Icelandic volcanoes highlight major changes to landform in a matter of months and years.

An amazing desert trio: Adapted to the heat November 29, 2021
After the Flood, numerous animals adapted to special environments. Let’s look at how some special animals, the sandcat, fennec fox and mulgara adapted to the desert heat!

When atheism seems easy November 27, 2021
How should we respond when amoral atheism feels easy to believe?

Homo erectus with stone tools November 26, 2021
What can we learn from stone tool finds with Homo erectus skulls?

Faith and facts November 25, 2021
When debating skeptics who insist that science is all about evidence, it’s important to show that their worldview is incoherent; it does not make rational sense of the world we live in.

The history of flying machines November 24, 2021
What does it tell us about the evolution of flight?

Over-engineering in nature: an evolutionary conundrum November 23, 2021
Natural selection can only select for the attributes an organism needs to survive, so how is it that creatures are endowed with a whole lot more than necessary?

E. Coli’s optimal design electric motors November 22, 2021
The bacterium has “remarkable” and “sophisticated” nano-scale electric motors

Is there any evidence for evolution? November 20, 2021
A lot depends on what we mean by ‘evidence’.

Rapid caves part 3: Flood and Ice Age variables November 19, 2021
How were speleothem growth variables affected by Noah’s Flood and its aftermath?

Deism and divine revelation November 18, 2021
Does God have good reasons to use special revelation, like the Bible, to reveal Himself?

Understanding death November 17, 2021
Answering the question, ‘Why does God allow bad things to happen?’ 

The Wonder of Science is a brilliant exploration of the creation and evolution debate. November 16, 2021
If you’re looking for a book that covers a range of science subjects to counter evolutionary indoctrination, you need seek no further.

Fossils in amber defy long-age dogmas November 15, 2021
Fossils in amber look like creatures still alive today!

Does God judge sinners? November 13, 2021
And how does Jesus’ death allow sinners to go free and be reconciled to God?

Rapid caves part 2: growth rate variables November 12, 2021
What variables affect the growth rate of speleothems?

Five atheist miracles November 11, 2021
Atheists actually believe in miracles without any reasonable cause for them.

Can they all be wrong? November 10, 2021
Evolution must be true because most scientists agree it is; but is that really the case?

Why interpret Genesis through the lens of Ancient Near East pagan creation myths? November 9, 2021
Many theological scholars today wrongly try to force the Genesis account into a straitjacket, interpreting it according to Ancient Near East pagan myths.

Countering indoctrination November 8, 2021
Creation magazine is a powerful tool

Order in the fossil record November 6, 2021
How can Noah’s Flood explain it?

Mount Pinatubo eruption November 5, 2021
How does the Mount Pinatubo eruption support Flood geology?

The geological history of Tasmania, Australia November 4, 2021
How biblical geology interprets our world to add insights, reveal problems, and solve puzzles.

Smaller fish to fry November 3, 2021
Dramatic reductions in fish size disappoint anglers and surprise many evolutionists

Response to Dr Luke Barnes, Why I’m no longer a young-earth creationist. November 2, 2021
CMI’s Dr Jim Mason responds to Dr Luke Barnes’ Premier Christianity magazine article, “Why I’m no longer a young-earth creationist”

Victory of Jesus November 1, 2021
In the wilderness temptation, Jesus succeeded where Adam failed.

Long Sojourn Response October 30, 2021
Scholars debate the length of time the Israelites spent in Egypt, but the long Sojourn view of 430 years has more weaknesses than most assume

Review: ‘Let There Be Science’ by Hutchings and McLeish October 29, 2021
God vs science?

Planet found outside our galaxy? October 28, 2021
Has a planet really been discovered outside our galaxy? How could they find it? Could it support life?

Speedy sharks and golf balls October 27, 2021
A key design feature of modern golf balls has been found on sharks, too.

The Genesis genealogies October 26, 2021
The Genesis genealogies are both a historical account, which can be used to calculate the age of world, and a key aspect of the fulfillment of the Messianic promise.

Stalactites in a pub cellar October 25, 2021
Showing how cave structures don’t always form by ‘slow and gradual’ processes.

Did morality evolve? October 23, 2021
Answering the claim that morality can arise through a naturalistic evolutionary process.

The volcanism and age of Io October 22, 2021
Does recent modelling solve the long-age problems with Io?

Critic calls young-earth creationism laughable and dangerous October 21, 2021
Response to a correspondent who takes issue with Genesis as literal history.

Too dry for a fly October 20, 2021
When researchers found that a rainforest fly was unable to adapt to drier conditions, it was ‘a complete surprise’. But why?

Not my job to save people October 19, 2021
Remembering our role in evangelism can encourage us when sharing our faith.

Interview with former cancer researcher Philip Bell October 18, 2021
Former cancer researcher explains why evolution is irrelevant to real science, and how evolution undermines the Gospel

Answering yet more objections from the village atheist October 16, 2021
People sometimes feel overwhelmed by the constant onslaught of anti-Christian rhetoric that others put out, but most of those arguments can easily be answered with a little thought.

Review: ‘Stairway to Life’ October 15, 2021
A powerful cumulative case against abiogenesis.

Stop the fallout October 14, 2021
If there was something the church could do to keep its young people, wouldn’t you want to know what that was?

Loss of flight in rails is not evolution October 13, 2021
Flightlessness is devolution, not evolution.

Climate Change and undermining Christian doctrines October 12, 2021
In a speech on Climate Change the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson undermined a basic Christian doctrine relating to the status, duties and rights of mankind.

Trilobite conga line October 11, 2021
Amazingly preserved trilobite fossils testify to rapid fossil formation during Noah’s Flood

Did God use big bang October 9, 2021
Is the big bang compatible with God’s creation described in Genesis?

Fossil time ranges continue to be increased October 8, 2021
Evolutionists cannot challenge creationists to explain the order in the fossil record, since that order appears to be far from established.

‘Discovering the Truth about Dinosaurs’, a recommended new children’s book. October 7, 2021
‘That’s why there are stories from cultures worldwide, of dragon encounters and men terrified.’

Puzzling over evolution of language October 6, 2021
The ‘great apes’ are not-so-great at providing clues as to our origins

The rapid decline in biblical lifespans October 5, 2021
Skeptics scoff at the long lifespans of the biblical Patriarchs. Yet, the biblical data gives us a seamless exponential decay curve that could not have been invented by accident.

Talking muscle physiology with Prof. Hans Degens October 4, 2021
Lucien Tuinstra dialogues with Dutchman Prof. Hans Degens

Different understandings of origins? October 2, 2021
How important are different understandings of origins?

Hemizygosity and post-Flood diversification October 1, 2021
A novel genetic paradigm for how the created kinds diversified after the Flood

White Squirrels September 30, 2021
White squirrels appear in a handful of towns in North America. How did they get there? Is it evolution? Is white fur a beneficial mutation or a curse?

Brood parasitism September 29, 2021
What is brood parasitism? Can evolution explain its origin?

The 7 Churches of Revelation, Times of Fire: movie review September 28, 2021
By looking at the archaeological record and trying to understand what the early churches went through, there are lessons for us today.

Duck-billed dinosaur September 27, 2021
Has preserved skin, blood vessels, and bone cells

Is Jesus the Creator? September 25, 2021
Does Scripture teach that Jesus is the Creator? Is He the begotten Son of God or was he created? Could he die physically if he is God?

Dread of man: Part 2 September 24, 2021
Was the ‘fear and dread’ of man in the animals after Noah’s Flood something new God specially brought about?

Response to the audaciously titled book, ‘How Evolution Explains Everything about Life’. September 23, 2021
Grandiose claims by leading experts, for evolution’s power to explain ‘everything about life’, are ably combatted in a compelling new book, by 10 PhD scientists.

Flights of fancy September 22, 2021
No simple brute or sub-human pre-Adamite would pluck feathers for headdresses!

How long were the Israelites in Egypt? September 21, 2021
The time the Israelites spent in Egypt is a matter of much debate, but it can be resolved by taking a deep dive into their fascinating family history.

Green Sahara September 20, 2021
How does the biblical framework explain a wet, lush Sahara in the past?

Vying with Velikovsky. What does CMI think? September 18, 2021
A supporter writes into CMI with a series of perceptive questions critical of the late Immanuel Velikovsky and asks what does CMI think?

Dread of man: Part 1 September 17, 2021
Was the ‘fear and dread’ of man in the animals after Noah’s Flood something new God specially brought about?

Oldest example of applied geometry September 16, 2021
A newly interpreted Old-Babylonian clay tablet reveals a sophisticated understanding of mathematics and survey consistent with the biblical timeframe

Killifish survivors are ‘losers’ September 15, 2021
Killifish have been found living in polluted rivers with levels of industrial toxins 8,000 times the lethal dose.

Billion years missing from Great Unconformity? September 14, 2021
How Noah’s Flood solves long standing geological puzzles

Waking up to true history September 13, 2021
An encounter at a dinosaur park underscores the importance of letting the Bible’s history transform our lives

Genetic entropy and human lifespans September 11, 2021
If the human genome is degrading, shouldn’t lifespans be getting shorter?

Circadian rhythms and creation September 10, 2021
Can evolution explain the origin of systems underlying circadian rhythms?

Breaching the Weismann barrier September 9, 2021
The body cells do not contribute DNA to the next generation. Only reproductive cells do. This is called the Weismann barrier, an important concept for the development of evolutionary thought. It is no longer true.

Lessons from locust wings September 8, 2021
Wind tunnel videos have revealed some unexpected aerodynamic characteristics of locust wings, which design engineers of small robotic aircraft want to copy.

What would it take for biblical creationists to change their convictions? September 7, 2021
Should compelling naturalistic explanations be enough for Bible-believing Christians to give up their convictions? If so, what about atheists who, by definition, rule out the supernatural?

Human taste September 6, 2021
Elaborately designed by God

Theistic evolutionist William Lane Craig’s ‘original’ views on original sin September 4, 2021
William Lane Craig, world famous apologist appears on a leading British podcast and shares his unbiblical views about original sin.

The pre-Flood world resembled Pangaea September 3, 2021
What was the pre-Flood continental configuration?

The Israelites: forging of a nation September 2, 2021
The origin of the Israelites is detailed in the Bible, but people tend to have an oversimplified understanding of the sons of Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham.

Everard Noack proclaims creation in his garden September 1, 2021
One man uses nature to declare his faith and also shows how Noah’s Flood shaped the world.

“Life on our planet”, a review of David Attenborough’s latest book. August 31, 2021
Sir David Attenborough is a highly accomplished man, but wrong about things like God’s existence and evolution; what about environmental and climate issues?

Antikythera Mechanism August 30, 2021
The Antikythera Mechanism has proven to be an astonishingly complex mechanical computer capable of predicting the planets positions contradicting evolutionary ideas of primitive ancient man

Science more true than the Bible? August 28, 2021
A commenter takes issue with using the Bible as an authority. Does he have a point?

Review: 'The Rise and Fall of Adam and Eve’ by Stephen Greenblatt August 27, 2021
A historical survey of Adam and Eve—from a skeptical perspective.

‘Scientific research’—or depraved barbarity? August 26, 2021
Scalps of aborted babies were grafted onto mice to test human immune responses to bacteria. This represents new lows in science, whereby humans are brutally treated like commodities.

David Coppedge Creation Safari man August 25, 2021
Meet the amazing David Coppedge, the ‘Creation Safari man’ who singlehandedly runs an astounding range of creation outreach activities.

Is Covid-19 evolving? August 24, 2021
The SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19 is mutating rapidly. Deadly new forms of the virus have appeared. Yet, there is no ‘evolution’ here.

Charles Hodges interview August 23, 2021
How does the Bible address counseling issues?

Faster than Light? August 21, 2021
A star appears to explode faster than the cosmic speed limit.

The origin of stone meteorites is a major mystery for astronomical science August 20, 2021
A naturalistic origin for these is not even in sight.

Kiwi conservation conundrum August 19, 2021
Does evolution hinder conservation efforts for the kiwi?

Algae to oil August 18, 2021
‘Fossil fuel’ takes a lot less time to form than commonly believed

If you can’t say something nice August 17, 2021
Why it’s actually loving to critique and refute false ideas.

Kangaroos in India? August 16, 2021
Rock art in India depicting kangaroos supports the Bible.

Answering Alien Questions August 14, 2021
We answer some questions regarding extraterrestrial life and UFOs.

Review: 'Spectacle' by Pamela Newkirk August 13, 2021
A review of Spectacle: The astonishing life of Ota Benga by Pamela Newkirk Amistad, New York, 2015.

Species were designed to change, part 3 August 12, 2021
Not only can species change over time, but they can merge and split as well. This can be described with the ‘braided baramin’ concept.

Genesis 1:28 replenish or fill August 11, 2021
How come Adam and Eve were told to ‘replenish’ the newly created earth with their descendants if it had never been previously filled?

Exercising discernment August 10, 2021
How do Christians cut through the misinformation to get to the truth?

Soft flexible nerves found in Triceratops bone August 9, 2021
Soft flexible nerves have been found in a Triceratops fossil

Sevens in the Bible August 7, 2021
A reason to doubt God created in a literal week?

Review: 'Blueprint' by Nicholas Christakis August 6, 2021
Does a good society have evolutionary origins?

Mud experiments overturn long-held geological beliefs August 5, 2021
A call for a radical reappraisal of all previous interpretations of mudstone deposits

The great chromosome fiasco August 4, 2021
For years, scientists kept ignoring the evidence of their own eyes because of the pressure to ‘conform’.

Social dinosaurs lived and died together? August 3, 2021
Did T. rex relatives live and die together, or are the scientists right that these Teratophoneus fossils were buried together in a flood?

Young Earth and Flood: Why they matter August 2, 2021
Creation magazine editorial: A pastor and a geologist realize why the young earth and global flood are foundational to the authority of Scripture, the goodness of God, and the Gospel

UFOs as spiritual phenomena July 31, 2021
Is it possible that some UFO sightings might be explained as demonic manifestations?

Only one ice age observed in western Alberta, Canada July 30, 2021
Multiple ice ages are mainly an assumption stemming from reinforcement syndrome.

The world may ignore the challenge of biblical creation, but is ignorance bliss? July 29, 2021
Ignoring the challenge of biblical creation may seem a sound decision if you think it is not scientific. But is it? Would you risk eternity on it?

Dear deer—when white ‘mutants’ have a selective advantage July 28, 2021
These ‘Ghosts of the Forest’ defy the odds against their survival. Or do they?

Harvard professor proposes to make a treaty with aliens. July 27, 2021
Should we make a treaty with aliens that might have advanced weapons and could destroy us before we know it? Who would sign it; for the people, for the aliens?

Owls—masters of the night sky July 26, 2021
Owls are God’s masterpieces of design, with their acute vision, fine hearing, and soundless flight. Owls have always looked the same since their creation on day five of creation week.

How can we tell who is right? July 24, 2021
Is there a simple way to make such a decision?

The biblical Flood helps explain shallow metamorphic rocks July 23, 2021
Flood models provide answers to a secularist geological mystery.

Species were designed to change, part 2 July 22, 2021
Where do species come from? How much change is allowed? If species change, what separates creation from evolution?

Kauai’s silent nights (the crickets have gone quiet) July 21, 2021
A parasitic fly has silenced the crickets on this Hawaian island. But crickets remain there yet.

Where did the Israelites cross the Red Sea? July 20, 2021
The location of the Israelites Red Sea crossing has perplexed scholars and intrigued the public for centuries. Multiple places have been suggested, each with a set of strengths and weaknesses.

Water: not from meteorites July 19, 2021
Earth’s water didn’t come from meteorites

Help for teachers required to teach evolution July 17, 2021
Advice for teachers who may be required to teach evolution in the classroom.

Are lizards and snakes related? July 16, 2021
Are lizards and snakes a part of the same biblical ‘kind’?

Creation: a form of white supremacy? July 15, 2021
Scientific American accuses creationists of white supremacy, glossing over evolution’s own disgusting racist past.

Traffic clips wings July 14, 2021
Researchers say that cliff swallows are ‘evolving’ shorter wings to avoid being killed by fast-moving vehicles.

Eddystone Lighthouse July 13, 2021
How God’s design inspired the enduring design of John Smeaton’s Eddystone lighthouse.

Turning the tide July 12, 2021
No other book before or since has so effectively substantiated Christians’ belief in the historicity of the Genesis Flood.

Robert Carter gets everything wrong? July 10, 2021
Daniel Stern-Cardinale and Joshua Swamidass have made many false claims about creationism and creationists. DSC and Erika “Gutsick Gibbon” were at it again recently, but once again refused to listen to our answers.

Review: 'Scientism and Secularism’ by J.P. Moreland July 9, 2021
Scientism is bunk. But how do we integrate Scripture and science?

Is evolution about science? July 8, 2021
Statements from evolutionists reveal their real motives.

Dance … or die! July 7, 2021
When fire ants threaten lizard populations, it really is ‘survival of the fittest’. But ‘evolution’? No!

Nimrod—the first post-Flood tyrant and empire builder July 6, 2021
Where does the biblical Nimrod fit into extrabiblical history?

Reclaiming the peppered moth July 5, 2021
The capacity for dark colouring is now known to be in each moth; and its caterpillar can detect twig colour through its skin, changing its colour to match.

Is the age of the earth important? July 3, 2021
My Christian friends don’t think it is

Water gap features: Krichauff Range July 2, 2021
How did the receding waters of the Flood create these complex water gaps?

Species were designed to change, part 1 July 1, 2021
When God created life, He purposefully put the ability to adapt and change into living things. He applied sound engineering principles to the problem and came up with brilliant solutions.

Nebraskan deer mice—evolution’s latest ‘icon’? June 30, 2021
A colour mutation that camouflages deer mice against a sandy background is a great example of natural selection.

Micro-fossil balls buried in Noah’s Flood June 29, 2021
‘Earliest life’ fossils of Bicellum brasieri were buried by Noah’s Flood and not one billion years ago.

The creation hyperbola June 28, 2021
How long God took to create reflects his power.

Interpretation Argument June 26, 2021
An ex-Christian posts a video claiming to have an irrefutable argument against Christianity. We respond.

Genetics supports a biblical model of human origins June 25, 2021
How recent genetics research supports the Bible’s history of humanity.

The inhuman nature of secular humanism June 24, 2021
Historically, humanism had noble roots in Christian academia, but post-Reformation, through Unitarian influence, humanism’s biblical foundations were eroded and replaced by secular thinking based on evolution.

Little-known facts about radiometric dating June 23, 2021
Long-age geologists will not accept a radiometric date unless it matches their pre-existing expectations.

What is sin? June 22, 2021
To effectively share the Good News, we must first understand the ‘bad news’.

Manchineel tree June 21, 2021
Every part of this tree is poisonous. How can we explain it?

Body, soul, and spirit June 19, 2021
What does the term “soul” mean? What are the components of human beings, and how are they transmitted from generation to generation? Are Christian doctrines Greek or Hebrew?

Rapid caves part 1: excavating caves June 18, 2021
Could sulfuric acid help excavate many caves in a biblical timescale?

Australia's largest dinosaur June 17, 2021
Drowned and buried in Noah’s Flood.

Going batty over evolution June 16, 2021
Bats’ wings in flight are not simply skin-covered paddles flapping up and down—this thwarts evolutionary explanation.

Theistic evolution and the doctrine of death June 15, 2021
‘No death before sin’, say biblical creationists, as an argument against theistic evolution—but there is so much more to the argument than that.

Yellow penguin June 14, 2021
Evolution in action or loss of information?

T. rex, cats and attack-defense structures in a pre-Fall world. June 12, 2021
Answering a question about the purpose of attack-defence structures like claws, and about vegetarian diets pre-Fall.

Review: 'Richard Dawkins, C.S. Lewis and the Meaning of Life' by Alister McGrath June 11, 2021
A conversation that never happened.

Massive graveyard of parrot-beaked dinosaurs in Mongolia June 10, 2021
Paleontologists puzzle about the cause of death but miss the obvious clue.

A lesson from Pluto June 9, 2021
Going, going, gone! Lessons from a disappearing planet.

Is biblical truth being suppressed? June 8, 2021
A society where all views are allowed, or only ‘approved’ views? Who decides? What do evolutionists fear that they feel the need to ridicule or oppose creationists?

Peter Borger interview June 7, 2021
Tasman Walker talks to Dr Peter Borger about biochemistry and the meaning of life

Who is wrong about the biblical date of the Flood, and the Great Pyramids? Somebody must be wrong somewhere… June 5, 2021
John B from the UK writes into CMI questioning the article Time fears the pyramids? How they fit into the true biblical history. Gavin Cox and Gary Bates respond.

Review: 'Understanding Scientific Theories of Origins' June 4, 2021
New ‘Christian’ textbook promotes theistic evolution

Insect flightlessness June 3, 2021
If insects evolved the ability to fly, then they also evolved the ability not to fly, as well. No, wait, that can’t be right …

Unfolding the plan June 2, 2021
The concept of God is not something that has evolved, but is unfolded for us in the Bible, which tells us that God is Creator, Lawgiver, Judge and Saviour.

Supposed billion-year-old fossil balls evidence created complexity June 1, 2021
Balls of cells discovered in ancient rocks pushes back complexity and multi-cellularity to supposedly one billion years ago. Such evidence fits early biblical history far better than evolution.

The immune system May 31, 2021
Cleverly configured to devour, deactivate, and destroy

Does Ark of Covenant have Egyptian influences? May 29, 2021
Egyptologists recognize the Ark of the Covenant has Egyptian influences in its design. How do we respond to such claims and still recognize the Bible is God’s unique Word?

Ordos Plateau in central China points to the Genesis Flood May 28, 2021
Such a large planation surface provides evidence of the Recessive Stage of the global Flood.

Supposed ‘icon of evolution’, Archaeopteryx, was ‘dressed for flight’ in modern, probably black, feathers May 27, 2021
Extract the exciting new fact about Archaeopteryx from the ‘paleobabble’ and evolutionary hype—and the conclusion is obvious.

The collapse of ‘geologic time’ May 26, 2021
The collapse of 'geologic time': Tiny halos in coalified wood tell a story that demolishes ‘long age’.

Red centre May 25, 2021
Reveals compelling evidence of the cataclysmic global Flood of Noah’s day.

Wet deserts and the Ice Age May 24, 2021
How the Flood solves another Ice Age mystery

Repentance May 22, 2021
How do repentance and salvation relate to each other?

Ice Age megafloods provide insight into the Genesis Flood May 21, 2021
Megafloods cause rapid, layered sedimentation and demonstrate that the Genesis Flood was capable of depositing the continental sedimentary rocks.

Footprint fiasco May 20, 2021
If radiometric dating is objective science then why do researchers disagree so widely over the results?

Coal: memorial to the Flood May 19, 2021
A memorial to Noah’s Flood.

Mathematics—from the mind of God May 18, 2021
Some academics claim that mathematics could be racist, and that there is such a thing as ‘white math’.

Our magnificent Creator May 17, 2021
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Is God’s existence irrelevant? Are Christians irrational? May 15, 2021
When an atheist does not believe in debate, but asserts the proof of non-existence of God, while calling the Christian irrational!

Little erosion beneath Antarctica and Greenland Ice Sheets May 14, 2021
How could the ice sheets have lasted millions of years with so little erosion underneath them?

Don’t be tricked! May 13, 2021
In Walton’s view no one can truly understand the meaning of Genesis 1-3 unless they view the text through worldview lenses informed by Ancient Near East literature.

The Tamu Massif, the largest volcano on Earth, erupted catastrophically May 12, 2021
The largest volcano on Earth erupted catastrophically

Francis Bacon and science and Scripture May 11, 2021
Is science independent of Scripture?

Judy Finnessy Creation Magazine May 10, 2021
The encouraging story of an “ordinary Christian” who influenced her denomination to re-affirm their biblical stance on creation.

Post-Flood boundary May 8, 2021
Are disagreements among creation researchers reason to doubt biblical creation?

‘Fruit’ in Romans 6 and Genesis 3 May 7, 2021
Does Paul allude to the Fall in Romans 6?

Michael Heiser Demons review May 6, 2021
What makes the Bible different from other ANE literature?

Terrible lizards trapped by terrible Flood May 5, 2021
What happened to the dinosaur struggling to maintain its course in deep flowing water?

Review of "Darwins Dangerous Idea" Marr BBC May 4, 2021
Leading presenter Andrew Marr’s 3-part TV series adulates Darwin and his ideas, but makes some important admissions about their tragic consequences.

Candles turned to stone May 3, 2021
Found deep in a mine, they help demonstrate the length of time needed to turn buried animal and plant remains into rock

Missing Matter found? May 1, 2021
A new study claims to have found the same amount of matter as the Big Bang predicted

What is the point of Egypt’s pyramids? April 30, 2021
Does it have something to do with Creation and Noah’s Flood?

Darwin’s statue, racism, and the Natural History Museum, London. April 29, 2021
With pressure from anti-racist groups to remove statues linked to racism and slavery, we ask questions about statues of Darwin and the representation of human evolution in major museums.

Chile desert whale fossils April 28, 2021
Marine graveyard is dramatic evidence for Noah’s Flood

God is our Father April 27, 2021
Is capitalizing God’s pronouns a key biblical issue, or are the masculine pronouns more of a stumbling block for some?

Ammonite in amber April 26, 2021
A sea creature found trapped in resin from a land tree

Judas Bible contradictions April 24, 2021
Do Matthew and Luke contradict each other when recounting how Judas died?

Plants growing on quartzite April 23, 2021
Supports rapid plant growth after the Flood

Race worldwide April 22, 2021
How creation helps us answer some of the most controversial current events.

Salter’s trilobite, a national fossil of Wales, is evidence for a young earth and biblical history April 21, 2021
Evidence for a young earth and biblical history.

Reaching people where they are at! April 20, 2021
CMI aims to direct hard-hitting creation apologetics at the salient issues of our day.

Polka-dotted zebra April 19, 2021
A new species in the making?

Memory, the brain, and the soul April 17, 2021
A reader asks—if memories are stored in the brain, what basis is there for belief in the soul?

Review of Since the Beginning: Interpreting Genesis 1 and 2 through the ages by Kyle Greenwood (Ed.) April 16, 2021
A biased survey of the history of Genesis interpretation.

Synthetic life really April 15, 2021
Scientists once again have claimed to created artificial living cells? What does this really mean for chemical evolution?

Swedish fossil fern preserves chromosome detail, pointing to catastrophic burial April 14, 2021
Catastrophically buried during Noah’s Flood.

Remembering the late Bill Cooper April 13, 2021
Prolific author Bill Cooper has died (9 March 2021), author of numerous books, including After the Flood, and Authenticity of the Book of Genesis.

Saturn’s system still too young April 12, 2021
Latest Cassini findings confirm a timeline too short for secular models of the solar system.

Did a Chicxulub impact wipe out dinosaurs? April 10, 2021
Did a meteorite really wipe out the dinosaurs? If not, what did?

Review: 'Biblical Doctrine' by Richard Mayhue and John Macarthur April 9, 2021
Systematic theology with a solid foundation

Prewired language processing: An evolutionary ‘Catch 22’ April 8, 2021
Humans are born with brains 'prewired' to see words. How can evolutionists explain this?

Glasswing April 7, 2021
Both evolutionists and creationists are claiming the Glasswing Butterfly as their own. Who’s right?

Genetic entropy and the gospel April 6, 2021
Multiple pieces of evidence support the idea of genetic entropy, but if it is true there is no hope for the human race outside of the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The gorilla April 5, 2021
These clever, ingeniously-designed creatures point to the Creator.

He is Risen April 2, 2021
The resurrection is the glorious news that changed history and gives us hope in uncertain times.

Indoctrinating children April 1, 2021
The UK’s National Secular Society does not want religious creationism taught in schools, but they are OK with religious humanism being taught.

Natural selection cannot explain the origin of life March 31, 2021
The evolutionary hype around this month’s celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species ignores a key problem that even Darwin acknowledged.

Humans are made in the image of God. Blurring it is harmful for society. March 30, 2021
Today, as has been true throughout history, people do what is right in their own eyes. Society’s straying from God, and blurring His image in individuals, is harmful all round.

Over-kill, over-chill, or over-ill? March 29, 2021
Why a mass extinction at the end of the Ice Age?

The Attenborough eye-worm argument against God March 27, 2021
The esteemed presenter of memorable nature documentaries has a standard answer when asked about a creator.

Review of Darwin Devolves by Michael Behe March 26, 2021
The new science about DNA that challenges evolution

DIY abortions cause more harm than reported March 25, 2021
Should doctors preserve live, or be involved in ending it? DIY abortion pills are by definition not safe, and women have needed emergency surgery, and had mental health problems.

Morning glory’s designer label clothing March 24, 2021
Whatever the flower colour of your morning glory plant, it did not evolve that way.

A strategy for debate between atheists and Christians March 23, 2021
Can atheists and Christians have an honest, profitable debate? If a strategy could be agreed upon, what would happen if both sides engaged and truly adhered to it?

Flapping flight challenge March 22, 2021
Revolving copter blades on drones certainly work, but engineers are eager to attain the advantages of flapping flight, especially at the ‘nano’-scale.

God and the beginning of the universe March 20, 2021
Could God have entered into time?

Flood impacts and the start of the Ice Age March 19, 2021
Volcanism and meteorite impacts likely kick-started an immediate cooling after the global Flood

Pop culture evolutionism March 18, 2021
How do we stop the cycle of misinformation?

Pesticide resistance and evolution March 17, 2021
Whether pest control experts realize it or not, successful pesticide strategies have been designed from a creationist perspective.

Missions: then and now March 16, 2021
The experience of missionaries to remote tribal people (e.g. PNG), in seeking to reach out with the Gospel, have vital lessons for western Christians too.

The oceans show us a young Earth March 15, 2021
Using the same philosophy (uniformitarianism) employed by evolutionists, the oceans fail to live up to old-earth expectations.

Do we throw out contrary evidence? March 13, 2021
A reader asks us to clarify whether CMI has a blind allegiance to the Bible.

Caprimulgiformes: a single created kind? March 12, 2021
Is the bird order Caprimulgiformes a single created kind?

When efforts to stop nature changing over time (conservation) conflict with the belief that nature does change over time (evolution) March 11, 2021
Laudable conservation efforts are predicated on the belief that nature shouldn’t change over time, but this doesn’t sit well with the prevalent evolutionary belief that nature does change over time.

Do toads goad snake evolution? March 10, 2021

Rapid evolution?—Are Aussie snakes really evolving to cope with toxic toads? CMI’s Dr David Catchpoole investigates.

Long ages of time is atheists bedrock and launch pad March 9, 2021
Dismantling the millions and billions of years timeframe deprives evolution of its foundation, gutting atheism of its beachhead for firing ‘doubt-missiles’.

Disharmonious associations and the Ice Age March 8, 2021
Warm- and cold-climate animal fossils found together conflicts with uniformitarian ice ages, but fits with the biblical Ice Age.

Are we free to be as creative as we want? March 6, 2021
How much freedom do we have to artistically represent what God has described in the Bible? Creativity must not be a licence to misrepresent the truth.

Refining baraminology methods March 5, 2021
Applying a data filtering method to help clarify created kinds in dinosaur and cephalopod datasets.

Abortion in New Zealand March 4, 2021
For humans, but not for cattle?

The cane toad ‘war’ March 3, 2021
Have cane toads evolved since invading Australia? Certainly both toads and native fauna have changed—but it’s not evolution.

Confronting Christianity is a confusing apologetic for the faith due to compromise on origins. March 2, 2021
When compromise enters into apologetics, it brings confusion. Confronting Christianity does answer questions from a Christian perspective, but is found wanting.

Giant dicynodont March 1, 2021
This huge dicynodont means evolutionary history needs revising—again!

Darwin’s ideas about races, how his ideas catered to racism, and what the Bible states about it all. February 27, 2021
Is Darwinism foundational to racism? Was Darwin a racist himself? What about the biblical view?

Review of Genesis: God, Creation, and Destruction by Dennis Prager February 26, 2021
Orthodox on God, ambivalent on biblical literalism, bypassing science, and socially conservative.

Prepare ye the way—the aliens are coming! Part two February 25, 2021
Disclosure! A much-desired proclamation by the UFO community about alien visitations to the earth, might not be far away. Are we prepared?

Where did deep time belief arise? February 24, 2021
Western belief in ‘deep time’ first appeared in 17th and 18th century France

Animals on the Ark February 23, 2021
Various old-earth positions have loads of trouble figuring out why God put animals on the ark!

Bombardier beetle February 22, 2021
God’s engineering marvel that inspired new spray system designs.

Why should a Christian ‘labour and toil’? February 20, 2021
Are Christians exempt from work, or on the contrary, called to work, unto the Lord? Our work ethics are rooted in the book of Genesis.

Baraminology methods February 19, 2021
A comparison of morphology-based and genomics-based approaches to understanding the created kinds.

What does it mean to be a “Living creature”? February 18, 2021
Would a robotic dog that could make copies of itself be alive?

How old are the pyramids of Egypt? February 17, 2021
How the Egyptian pyramids fit into the true biblical history

CMI's response to the 'electric universe' February 16, 2021
We explain why CMI is not interested in entertaining ‘electric universe’ ideas.

The Perfect Planet: testifying to biblical creation February 15, 2021
For those with eyes to see, a new Attenborough series conveys much biblical truth

Adam, Eve, Noah and the Flood—in Ancient Egypt? February 13, 2021
Answering an interesting question about whether the Ancient Egyptians knew about Adam’s genealogies up to Noah and Mizraim.

Review: ‘Interpreting Eden’ February 12, 2021
Some keen insights into Genesis 1–3, but hampered by an analogical days approach.

How would your child draw Noah’s Ark? Most kids have unbiblical images in mind (free Noah’s Ark colouring-in pages included). February 11, 2021
Would your child draw a cutesy bathtub Ark, or one that matches the biblical size and shape in Genesis 6?

Far-reaching fox migration February 10, 2021
How an arctic fox’s far-reaching migration testifies to the post-Flood dispersion

The fingerprintless family. The result of a beneficial evolutionary mutation? February 9, 2021
Rare mutation in a Bangladeshi family means they lack fingerprints. Is this evolution in action?

Did mulicellularity evolve? February 8, 2021
Or are the supposed ‘examples’ of it just a case of designed adaptability?

God not nice? February 6, 2021
God killed the entire population of the earth, except Noah and his family, during the Flood. Was this evil?

Review: 'Superior' by Angela Saini February 5, 2021
Does ‘race’ science refute superior humans? Angela Saini explores the depths of racism and eugenics through history and into present times.

Divine designs in flies and beetles deny evolution February 4, 2021
To the unprejudiced, unexpectedly diverse instructions in fly embryos and recently discovered leg springs in flea beetles argue powerfully for Created design.

Scientific problems with secular ice ages February 3, 2021
What drives their models and why they have scientific problems

The work ethic February 2, 2021
The source of the work ethic that drove development of Western democracies.

'Where did I come from?' February 1, 2021
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Could Jesus sin? January 30, 2021
A reader contests our assertion that Jesus couldn’t have sinned.

One gene, one trait? January 29, 2021
Genetic complexity and interconnectedness show that many traits are much more complex than previously thought.

The Fall as taught in The Genesis Account. January 28, 2021
How the disobedience of the first human couple had consequences for humanity. Only a historical Adam and Eve makes sense of death, suffering, and the Gospel.

Cain January 27, 2021
What can we learn from this tragic account?

Alien implants January 26, 2021
A well-known UFOlogist claims that the removal of benign objects from people is evidence of extraterrestrial interference of humans.

Brian Thomas Interview January 25, 2021
Interview with Dr Brian Thomas, expert in collagen in fossil ‘millions of years old’

Christianity and the origin of religion January 23, 2021
Did we just invent religion? What was the original religion? Was Christianity copied from pagan religions?

Fingernails and toenails: vestigial organs? January 22, 2021
Are they useless evolutionary relics, or important part of design?

Top Ten Biblical Problems for Young Earth Creationism—Answered January 21, 2021
Answers to challenges from a popular YouTube apologist, who posted an intellectually dishonest hatchet job on young-earth creation.

Soft tissue in an ichthyosaur fossil January 20, 2021
More evidence that fossils are better explained in the biblical timeframe

Grudem systematic theology January 19, 2021
Grudem’s Systematic Theology gets a new edition after 25 years. We review his chapter on creation.

Bats January 18, 2021
Amazingly and uniquely designed by God

Responding to William Lane Craig on Inerrancy January 16, 2021
Do the Gospels contain contradictions concerning Peter’s three denials of Christ?

The Florissant redwood trees, Colorado, USA January 15, 2021
How were all these huge tree trunks deposited?

Providing hope during the COVID-19 pandemic and the difference creation versus evolution makes. January 14, 2021
Genesis 1-3 provides the explanation for the origin of death, suffering, and evil in God’s perfect creation. Evolution-believing theologians dismiss this, robbing Christians of hope.

Inner core conundrum January 13, 2021
According to naturalism, the Earth’s inner core shouldn’t exist!

Scientists keeping faith in spite of contrary science show evolution is a replacement religion. January 12, 2021
Evolution is evidence-based, right? Well why do scientific findings that fly in the face of evolution seldom impact the confidence of its adherents?

Aquinas didn’t need science to defend Genesis January 11, 2021
Aquinas used the philosophy of his day to defend Genesis long before the advent of modern science.

Is God our mother? January 9, 2021
Do feminine comparisons in Scripture mean God is our mother?

Glacial-like striations formed quickly January 8, 2021
How striations could be explained in the context of the Flood.

Deceitful religious education in a school curriculum resource pushing big bang and evolution January 7, 2021
Are big bang and evolution compatible with the Bible? Religious Education group RE Today say so, but their curriculum resource leads to confusion instead of clarity on key issues of faith.

Interview with Ian and Heather Hartley January 6, 2021
Creation evangelism in the marketplace.

Is it ok to be a Christian and believe in evolution? January 5, 2021
Can you be a Christian and believe in evolution?

The human ear January 4, 2021
What does the ear’s design show about the Creator?

Drying out after the Flood January 2, 2021
One objection to a global Flood is the thought that the wind that blew across the earth would be insufficient to dry the land. This is nonsense.

South Caspian Basin supports a late Cenozoic Flood boundary January 1, 2021
How should we explain one of the deepest Cenozoic sedimentary basins in biblical framework?