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C.S. Lewis and evolution–A critical review December 31, 2014
C.S. Lewis was a leader in modern Christian thought. A genius in the literary field, he was nevertheless out of his depth in dealing with the issue of evolution.

Is cancer very good December 30, 2014
Old earth creationists attempt to avoid the issue of ‘no death before the Fall’ by postulating animal death in the ‘very good’ creation. But is cancer and death ‘very good’?

Fly Geyser December 29, 2014
This travertine rock formation in Nevada didn’t need millions (or even thousands) of years to form

Why does CMI focus on creation? December 28, 2014
A reader asks: shouldn’t we be focusing on evangelism rather than the divisive view of young-earth creation? We respond.

Unsolved mysteries December 27, 2014
Should creationists do more to highlight weaknesses and mysteries in our understanding?

Settling for less December 26, 2014
A review of God’s Words in Human Words by Kenton L. Sparks

Incarnate Word December 25, 2014
While Matthew and Luke talk about Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, John traces Jesus’ story much further back.

Psalm 8:1 devotional December 24, 2014
King David wrote Psalm 8 to celebrate God’s glory as Creator.

<em>The Bible Tells Me So</em>: a review December 23, 2014
Peter Enns’ latest book encourages rank unbelief in the Scriptures.

Ancient Egypt confirms Genesis December 22, 2014
The ancient Egyptians knew what many modern theologians deny: Genesis is reliable history

Feedback: The Trinity vs Unitarianism, and explaining the Bible on homosexual behavior December 21, 2014
Does the Trinity make the Bible harder to understand? And how should Christians today interpret the Torah’s laws regarding homosexuality? We have answers!

Abiogenesis? December 20, 2014
A popular magazine publishes an article promoting the unscientific notion of spontaneous generation, and an even more absurd claim about microbes continually raining on the earth—but retraction appears unlikely.

Why was the UK once totally under water? December 19, 2014
See how uniformitarian data about the geology of the United Kingdom supports the reality of the global Flood.

Are there gaps in the biblical genealogies? December 18, 2014
The Bible gives us many different types of genealogies. But how should we interpret them?

Evolution’s influence on modern Bible translations December 17, 2014
Attempts to ‘modernize’ the Bible run into problems when they are based on anything other than the original language.

The Unbelievers: A review December 16, 2014
This documentary follows prominent evolutionists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss, and gives a revealing look at atheism.

The violent volcanoes of Io December 15, 2014
Spectacular evidence for a young solar system

Geological excursion at Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland December 14, 2014
Interprets World Heritage Site using biblical history.

Vestigial organs December 13, 2014
Evolutionists are being forced to rethink so-called vestigial organs in the light of some embarrassing and harmful mistakes.

Inbreeding and the origin of races December 12, 2014
Does inbreeding in people groups explain so-called races?

The revolt against Darwinism December 11, 2014
Hundreds of scientists say they are skeptical of claims that random mutation and natural selection can account for the complexity of life.

Kangaroos—God’s amazing craftsmanship December 10, 2014
Did you know that this faunal icon of Australia uses less energy to breathe when it’s hopping than when it’s standing still?

Why is Adam under pressure? December 9, 2014
The growing antagonism towards God in Western culture requires materialists to insist on a godless, naturalistic explanation for origins—hence they cling to evolution as the only alternative.

Eve created from Adam’s rib December 8, 2014
Why did God make Eve from Adam’s rib?

Exploring the God Question: 1. The Cosmos, Part 2 December 7, 2014
A DVD discussing whether or not God exists promotes multiverses, not Genesis.

A review of Exodus: Gods and Kings December 6, 2014
Movie makers continue to find new and creative ways to present events from history. Moses and the Jewish nation’s exodus from Egypt again get the Hollywood ‘treatment’.

Variable radioactive decay rates and the changes in solar activity December 5, 2014
The effects of solar activity are causing some scientists to question whether radioactive decay rates are constant.

Responding to atheistic opposition December 4, 2014
Responding to underhanded tactics to silence the creation message

The evolution of a monster! December 3, 2014
Adolf Hitler embraced Darwin’s ideas and eugenics to justify exterminating ‘weaker’ races.

Exploring the God Question: 1 The Cosmos, Part 1 December 2, 2014
A DVD discussing whether or not God exists needs a push in the right direction.

Sunstones and Viking ‘magic’ December 1, 2014
Intriguing navigational aids of the ancient Icelandic seafarers

Earth’s rapid magnetic field reversals November 30, 2014
Earth’s magnetic field decay, combined with rapid reversals during the Flood, is good evidence for a young world. But now one secular co-author of the rapid reversal papers has retracted.

Professing Christians: ‘the Bible isn’t factual’ November 29, 2014
Answering religious critics who deny that Genesis gives reliable history.

Tasmania’s fossil bluff November 28, 2014
A watery catastrophe is the only explanation for an amazing collection of fossils on Tasmania’s north west coastline.

The time that people forgot November 27, 2014
A story for today.

The British Evolution Protest Movement November 26, 2014
What began as possibly the first organized opposition to evolution grew into England’s Creation Science Movement.

‘From the beginning of creation’—what did Jesus mean? November 25, 2014
Old-earth creationists fumble in their attempt to avoid Jesus’ clear teaching about the age of the earth.

The Pelican Spider November 24, 2014
A highly unusual spider testifies to biblical creation.

Giant’s Causeway geology clarified for Earth Science Ireland November 23, 2014
Controversy continues over interpretation of World Heritage Site.

Is Genesis infallible? November 22, 2014
Can we trust that the creation narrative in Genesis is actual history?

Woolly mammoths were cold adapted November 21, 2014
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview from the now-released December issue of Journal of Creation. Subscribers will be delighted by the powerful, stimulating content.

Evolution: not just about biology November 20, 2014
Creationists are often slammed for saying that e.g. abiogenesis (chemicals to first life) is all part of ‘evolution’. But leading evolutionists affirm the creationist claim—and more.

British Christendom November 19, 2014
Rather than remain true to its biblical roots, the once-thriving church in England embraced Darwin and has been dying ever since.

Did Jesus die because of how God made us? November 18, 2014
The biblical account of death stands in stark contrast to the Western story of death and evolution over millions of years.

Ichthyosaurs: evidence for a recent global flood November 17, 2014
Fossil graveyards of ichthyosaurs point to rapid burial. Some ichthyosaurs were buried so fast that they didn’t have time to finish giving birth. Some specimens have soft tissue.

Natural selection fact contra Guliuzza November 16, 2014
Refuting creationist Randy Guliuzza’s criticisms of natural selection, which is actually an important part of the creation model.

My pastors don’t believe Genesis. Should I leave my church? November 15, 2014
Should I leave my church?

The origin of Ayers Rock November 14, 2014
The evolutionary story of how Ayres Rock/Uluru was formed does not stand up to scrutiny.

The incredible human hand November 13, 2014
Scientists who try to make a case for the ‘evolution’ of the hand actually highlight its perfect design.

William Jennings Bryan November 12, 2014
Hollywood’s and the media’s take on the Scopes Monkey Trial unfairly turned a man who faithfully served his country and fellow man into a hated figure in history.

Dark radiation in big bang cosmology November 11, 2014
First dark matter, then dark energy; now another mysterious entity is invented to explain a conflict between theory and observation.

Ainsley Chalmers interview November 10, 2014
Biochemist Dr Ainsley Chalmers finds creation, not evolution in a single cell

Atoms and God’s order in the fundamental building blocks of all substance November 9, 2014
Did Dmitri Mendeleev really get the idea for the Periodic Table in a dream?

Can we choose our end? November 8, 2014
An earlier exit is not the answer to terminal illness.

Plants and Darwinism November 7, 2014
The design in the complex movements of plants is obvious.

More reasons to doubt Darwin November 6, 2014
Stephen Meyer’s assessment of the facts regarding the ‘Cambrian Explosion’ is a devastating exposé of further fatal flaws in the Darwinian dogma.

The Mormon Creation according to Joseph Smith November 5, 2014
Mormon founder Joseph Smith taught a very different understanding of our origins to the Genesis account of Creation.

Let all views be heard, dissenters say—teach only one view, suppressers say November 4, 2014
Despite saturation presentation of evolution as fact in the classroom and by the media, a significant percentage of people still want to hear about alternatives such as creation.

Secularism is atheism November 3, 2014
Once-Christian nations are now ‘secular’ (God-less); how did this come about?

Scientific ‘fact’, the Word of God and understanding November 2, 2014
Some Christians accuse creationists of being too argumentative. Is the criticism justified?

The Pope on evolution November 1, 2014
While papal pronouncements have no authority over Protestants, the Pope’s statement about evolution and the big bang made headlines.

The recent, rapid formation of the Mount Isa orebodies during Noah’s Flood October 31, 2014
Metal ores and their enclosing sediments could have been deposited in less than 20 days!

Resisting the secular slide October 30, 2014
Censorship of those who advocate truth has gone on since the dawn of humanity, but the values of the Council of Europe take this to a new level, claiming that creationists threaten human rights!

Creation and occultism October 29, 2014
The occult needs to be opposed because it is based on the denial that there is a Creator and we are His creatures.

Swedish fossil fern preserves chromosome detail, pointing to catastrophic burial October 28, 2014
Catastrophically buried during Noah’s Flood.

The American badger October 27, 2014
Meet the fastest animal digger in the world. It can throw dirt 5 ft into the air, and has even been known to tunnel down through asphalt.

Why evolution hurts the church October 26, 2014
Robert G. Ingersoll knew—and wasn’t shy in telling others, either.

Ebola disease: the result of the Fall October 25, 2014
Ebola virus had a benign function before the Fall, as it seems to have today in bats. The disease is deadly because it turns our immune systems against us.

Precambrian rocks October 24, 2014
Creationist geologists who previously argued that Precambrian rocks were formed before Noah’s Flood had to rethink their position.

Competing wisdoms October 23, 2014
The world’s wisdom and God’s wisdom are at odds. Which do you follow?

Coverdale October 22, 2014
Believers today owe a great deal to a man who almost five centuries ago determined that it was vital for Englishmen to have the Bible written in their native tongue.

A visit to a vitamin factory October 21, 2014
A thought-provoking allegory about a self-perpetuating, self-sustaining, bio-degradeable factory.

Baleen whales have unique sensory organ October 20, 2014
Baleen whales feed very energetically, requiring precise coordination to avoid breaking their jaws

Is the geologic column with its millions of years essential for mineral exploration? October 19, 2014
Are they essential for mineral exploration?

The good, the bad and the ugly … October 18, 2014
Since the Bible clearly teaches that everything was made in six literal days, doesn’t that mean that bad things must have been there from the beginning?

The paradox of Pacific guyots and a possible solution for the thick ‘reefal’ limestone on Enewetok Island October 17, 2014
Explaining the existence of guyots supposedly causes problems for creationists but the reverse is the case.

The myth about myths in early Genesis October 15, 2014
Linguists can’t deny the powerful testimony that the Genesis creation account is real history despite attempts to pass it off as just another myth.

Skeptical tactic for shutting down debates October 14, 2014
When evolutionists refuse to even read creation material, the debate can’t even begin.

Faith can move mountains (but it can’t change history) October 13, 2014
You might have a faith\nthat can move mountains, but there are some things that you just can’t do. No matter how strongly you believe.

Missing the link between Darwin and racism October 12, 2014
Despite the evidence, many evolutionists deny that racist attitudes reached new levels because of Darwin’s ideas.

Darwinist professor David Barash gets ‘theological’ in the classroom October 11, 2014
A response to David Barash’s op-ed about how he preaches an anti-religious sermon in his biology classes.

Lessons from Augustine’s De Genesi ad Litteram—Libri Duodecim October 10, 2014
Augustine’s works are sometimes wrongly used to pour scorn on young-earth creationists.

On the origin of universes by means of natural selection—or, blinded by big bang blackness October 9, 2014
Because our universe is in such a stable state, it speaks of a Creator and causes major headaches for atheists.

Matthew Fontaine Maury October 8, 2014
Matthew Fontaine Maury, a scientist, creationist, and Christian mapped the earth’s currents and winds for the benefits of all.

Eve’s offspring, the serpent, and his offspring—Part 3 October 7, 2014
From Genesis to Revelation, the idea of offspring is important to the story of salvation. Part 3 of this series follows the theme through Jesus and the church.

Katydid’s amazing ear design October 6, 2014
Katydids solve acoustic impedance matching problem in tiny ears on their legs. This could inspire designs of tiny microphones.

Abandon YEC and reconcile the Bible to evolution? October 5, 2014
Make peace with Evolution? And what did leading medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas believe about creation days and Adam and Eve?

Oceans of water deep inside the earth October 4, 2014
Deep inside the earth, there’s a lot of water. Is there a connection with Noah’s Flood?

The theological corruption of the Evangelical Church October 3, 2014
Has the evangelical church lost its ‘saltiness’ in the world by abandoning the authority of Scripture?

‘Evolution is science, but creationism is religion’ October 2, 2014
Using buzzwords to divide and deride.

The Australian dingo—a wolf in dog’s clothing October 1, 2014
‘A dog is man’s best friend’? But there are good reasons to beware the dingo!

Eve’s offspring, the serpent, and his offspring—Part 2 September 30, 2014
Part 2 continues to trace the theme of Eve’s offspring and the offspring of the serpent through Israel’s history.

Answering fools’ folly September 29, 2014
Does the Bible contradict itself in Proverbs 26:4–5?

Dark Matter and the Standard Model of particle physics—a search in the ‘Dark’ September 28, 2014
The Standard Model of particle physics is on a collision course with the Big Bang model.

Meaning, and why does God allow suffering? September 27, 2014
How do we know that there is objective meaning in the world? And why would a loving God allow suffering?

Non-Christian philosopher clears up myths about Augustine and the term ‘literal’ September 26, 2014
Exposes theistic evolutionists’ wrong views.

A Matter of Faith—movie review September 25, 2014
A new movie attempts to create awareness of the problems facing Christian families when their children attend university

The Bible is infallible, but! September 24, 2014
Defining the principles by which we interpret the Bible is crucial for all Christians because it will influence how we understand origins.

Eve’s offspring, the serpent, and his offspring—Part 1 September 23, 2014
From Genesis to Revelation, the idea of offspring is important to the story of salvation. Part 1 of this series introduces this theme.

Traffic clips wings September 22, 2014
Researchers say that cliff swallows are ‘evolving’ shorter wings to avoid being killed by fast-moving vehicles.

African invasion of the bodysnatchers September 21, 2014
In the heyday of evolutionary racism, materialistic scientists saw dark-skinned people as mere specimens to be studied, and they engaged in the macabre trade of body parts from various countries.

Did something precede creation week, and why did God introduce suffering? September 20, 2014
Answering the questions: Did the universe exist before creation week? And why did God introduce suffering with the Fall?

The ‘Darwin’ of German legal theory—Carl von Savigny and the German School of Historical Law September 19, 2014
The ‘Darwin’ of German legal theory.

Who was Adam? September 18, 2014
Just as Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, our ancestor Adam was notable for many ‘firsts’.

Evolution’s oyster twist September 17, 2014
How do you go from ‘flat’ oysters to coiled shells?

Test of Faith DVD September 16, 2014
Why Christians should not embrace evolution, despite the urgings of this DVD.

Monuments from Ancient Assyria confirm biblical history September 15, 2014
Archaeological evidence from the British Museum

World War 1 centenary September 14, 2014
New video clip about the evolutionary origins of World War 1, which were the precursors of WW2 and the Nazi Holocaust.

Dreadnoughtus! September 13, 2014
Dreadnoughtus was a gigantic titanosaurian sauropod dinosaur that was wonderfully preserved in sedimentary rock but is not evidence of evolution but of creation and Noah’s Flood.

Surficial continental erosion places the Flood/post-Flood boundary in the late Cenozoic September 12, 2014
What do erosional features on the earth’s surface suggest for the placement of the post-Flood boundary in the rock record?

The Oscar Pistorius trial and the role of forensic bias September 11, 2014
The Oscar Pistorius trial illustrates how establishing the history of an event based on forensic evidence alone often leads to conflicting interpretations of the evidence.

Air attack: The kea—clever, clownish and … carnivorous!? September 10, 2014
New Zealand’s kea is blamed for the deaths of thousands of sheep.

Does the Bible really forbid homosexual relationships? September 9, 2014
Some argue that a modern understanding of the Bible makes clear that it does not forbid all homosexual relationships. Is this true?

Massive erosion of continents demonstrates Flood runoff September 8, 2014
Evidence of runoff from Noah’s Flood

‘What if Jesus tells you you’re wrong?’ September 7, 2014
A correspondent asks, ‘What if you get to heaven and Jesus tells you that you were wrong?’

Icing the ALS ‘ice bucket’ challenge September 6, 2014
Problems with the ALS bucket challenge, including use of stems cells from embryos and aborted fetuses, although ALS association admits that adult stem cell research is most promising.

Lunar formation—collision theory fails September 5, 2014
Collision theory fails.

Missing cosmic sources elude astrophysicists September 4, 2014
Astrophysicists have found there is too much light in the space between galaxies and propose it is caused by decaying Dark Matter.

What is Peripatus? September 3, 2014
It’s not a caterpillar. Nor an earthworm—its ‘legs’ have retractable feet and hooked claws. And it most certainly is not a ‘missing link’.

Egypt Chronology September 2, 2014
Egyptian history intertwines with Old Testament events, but it can be confusing to try to harmonize the two. Gary Bates introduces some of the issues for laypeople.

Arthropods inspire strong, biodegradable material September 1, 2014
Hybrid of arthropod exoskeleton and silk is about as strong and tough as an aluminium alloy, but is only half as dense.

Animal carnivory began at Fall August 31, 2014
The Bible is clear that humans were only permitted to eat meat after Noah’s Flood but is less clear on whether animals were eating each other before the Flood.

The essential doctrine of the Trinity August 30, 2014
Does the Bible really teach that there is one God in three Persons?

The meaning of porous dinosaur eggs laid on flat bedding planes August 29, 2014
What do porous dinosaur eggs laid on flat bedding planes mean?

More than a pile of stones August 28, 2014
The battle of world views is often most fiercely contested when it concerns the believed age of rocks. Northern Ireland’s Giant’s Causeway illustrates this particularly well.

Moulting arthropod fossilized in a flash! August 27, 2014
Arthropods moult in mere minutes, yet this ancient specimen was caught in the act, showing disaster struck suddenly, like the Bible says.

New Scientist on ‘losing our religion’ August 26, 2014
According to New Scientist, we are losing our religion. But there’s more to the story than they’re willing to admit.

A watchman for the Lord August 25, 2014
As a well-known US street evangelist constantly encounters the challenge of evolutionary thinking, he is well-equipped with the answers.

Richard Dawkins: Dolphins worth more than babies with Down Syndrome? August 24, 2014
Dawkins’s latest Twitter rant insults the dignity of people with Down Syndrome.

Mormonism … rooted in evolution? August 23, 2014
If Mormon doctrine is true and the first God was once a man, where did that 1st man come from? Evolution is the only logical response …

Helium-3 capture in lunar regolith and the age of the moon August 22, 2014
Is there too much helium in moon rocks for a young solar system?

The whites of their eyes August 21, 2014
Hollywood’s obsession with making apes appear as human as possible starts with the eyes.

Birds of a feather don’t breed together August 20, 2014
What are ‘ring species’, and are they a legitimate argument for ‘proof of change of kinds’, as some evolutionists claim?

Is there definitive evidence for an expanding universe? August 19, 2014
Some big bang cosmologists end up with the conclusion they want to find simply by turning the evolution knob.

Fascinating flower pots August 18, 2014
Noah’s Flood explains Hopewell Rocks, Canada

Conversion, apostasy, and CMI’s approach August 17, 2014
Why words mean the same to man and God.

Hinduism and other religions August 16, 2014
Is there a difference between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam? And what about Buddhism?

The left recurrent laryngeal nerve design in mammals is not poor design August 15, 2014
Not poor design!

Sperm wail August 14, 2014
The evolutionists’ cry that ostracod gametes are 17 million years old defies common sense.

Zenkey, zonkey, zebra donkey! August 13, 2014
Everyone was expecting the pregnant donkey to give birth to a donkey foal. But the newborn had … stripes!

Tension, not extension in creation cosmology August 12, 2014
Creationists continue to explore the possibilities of how God caused the cosmos to appear as it does.

The Serpent August 11, 2014
Is the account of Eve’s temptation by the serpent meant to be taken literally, or is it purely symbolic?

Playing mind games with our brains August 10, 2014
Does the fact that our instincts, emotions and reasoning are each controlled by separate components of our brain give evidence of its evolutionary development?

Strawmen and censorship August 9, 2014
The British Humanist Association and creation in schools

If you can’t beat them, ban them August 8, 2014
A review of Slaughter of the Dissidents by Jerry Bergman.

The geological history of the Brisbane and Ipswich areas, Australia August 7, 2014
Your view of the past will inform your choices today, and these determine your future.

Tiny pterosaur’s untimely end August 6, 2014
A pterosaur fossilized—in its egg! What would you think?

Christian leaders who uphold Genesis August 5, 2014
Meet some theologians and prominent church leaders from around the world who support biblical creation.

Seabed worm fossils still soft after 500 million years? August 4, 2014
Pre-Cambrian fossils of marine worms have their original tissue. Similarly for bacteria that feed on them.

Evidence for an old earth? August 3, 2014
Does the Bible really teach a 6,000 year old creation? And is there good evidence that the earth is older than that?

Just preach the Gospel? August 2, 2014
The New Testament authors preached the Gospel under a background of Genesis history. This includes the people, events, time frame, and order of events.

Engineering without an engineer, or shedding new light on feats in the junkyard of DNA August 1, 2014
A review of Evolution: A View from the 21st Century by James A. Shapiro

Inflation—all in the ‘Dark’ July 31, 2014
The latest conclusion from big bang cosmologists is that our universe doesn’t exist!

Sea slugs leave Darwin’s theory slipping July 30, 2014

Long life or eternal life? July 29, 2014
Long-age thinking means denying that the world’s biology changed at the Fall. But that unwittingly diminishes the Cross.

Getting the Word out July 28, 2014
Carl Wieland chats with organic chemist and businessman Gary Baxter

The Gospel and Transsexuals July 27, 2014
How should Christians love transsexual people?

Was Adam more guilty than Eve? July 26, 2014
We discuss whether the Bible says that either Adam or Eve was more guilty than the other.

The Darwinian core, and fundamentally anti-Christian character, of Nazism July 25, 2014
A review of Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian Worldview by Jerry Bergman.

How do we love our neighbor? July 24, 2014
It is difficult sometimes to get the appropriate balance of ‘grace and truth’ when responding to opponents. Here are some principles that CMI uses.

The Sea Horse July 23, 2014
Is there an evolutionary advantage to having a mode of swimming like this?

Christians sidelining the Creator? July 22, 2014
‘Christian’ compromises of Genesis actually marginalise the Creator; but relegating God to a ‘backstage role’ is to disregard the text itself, as well as to deny Him his rightful glory.

The reality of Creation July 21, 2014
What’s even worse than claiming that the Bible is ‘wrong’? Saying that it’s ‘not even wrong’! But this is the unfortunate consequence of many compromise views on Genesis history.

Oxidizable carbon ratio dating July 20, 2014
What is it? And is it evidence against the Bible’s age of the earth?

Planetary formation theory in chaos July 19, 2014
The variety of exo-planets being discovered makes planet formation by dust-accretion even more unlikely.

The Messinian salinity crisis questioned July 18, 2014
Conventional wisdom or questionable deduction?

Flood Fossils July 17, 2014
Rapidly formed fossils, and many that still contain carbon-14, defy the conventional wisdom of millions of years.

Turtles! July 16, 2014
These uniquely designed creatures continue to defy evolutionary explanation …

The singularity—a ‘Dark’ beginning July 15, 2014
Did the universe create itself from nothing?

The hyena—a creature we love to hate July 14, 2014
Does the hyena deserve its ‘cowardly and villainous’ reputation?

Why would Christians be hostile to biblical creation? July 13, 2014
There are many different reasons.

Salter’s trilobite, a national fossil of Wales, is evidence for a young earth and biblical history July 12, 2014
Evidence for a young earth and biblical history.

Godless universe untenable July 11, 2014
A review of A Universe from Nothing by Lawrence M. Krauss.

Science: The unreliable historian July 10, 2014
Why we can’t rely on scientific discoveries to give an accurate account of what happened in the past.

Worm evolution in pollution? July 9, 2014

19th century minister to colleague: Darwin will drag you down July 8, 2014
Clear-thinking clergyman warned of the theological confusion that would follow from abandoning what God told us in Genesis and embracing Charles Darwin’s view of origins.

Slaying Yesterday’s Dragons July 7, 2014
Some evolutionists believe strict Darwinian evolution has ‘reached the end of its rope’; get ready for new versions already in the wings.

Taking the Bible seriously? July 6, 2014
Is our authority God’s Word or secular uniformitarian ‘science’? Taking the Bible ‘seriously’ means taking it as God’s Word according to its original meaning.

Enigma Man: A Stone-age Mystery July 5, 2014
Has a new human species been found in China?

Fossil jellyfish from the Pilbara, Western Australia July 4, 2014
From ‘2.5Ga’ rocks in the Pilbara, Western Australia.

The authors of the claimed biggest astrophysics discovery of the century admit they may have been wrong July 3, 2014
Astrophysicists in damage control after big-bang ‘find’ doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

Rats: no evolution! July 2, 2014
Agents of the ‘Black Death’, these much-despised rodents very clearly did not have a non-rodent ancestor.

Creation lecture at university impacts science student educators July 1, 2014
Challenged thinking and changed teaching plans.

Lottie Moon-A life poured out for China and for God June 30, 2014
A life poured out for China and for God

How did the earth recover after the flood? June 29, 2014
Would volcanic dust and ash block the sunlight? And would salt cover the continents?

Scorpion armour bumps biomimetics June 28, 2014
Rough scorpion armour deflects airflow, greatly reducing sand damage. Exposed steel with such design would prolong life.

Genesis confirmed in clay June 27, 2014
Despite secular claims that the Genesis account is a myth borrowed from various earlier sources, author Bill Cooper discovers the reverse is true.

Calendars more than just days and months June 26, 2014
Not all calendars are the same and some are arguably flawed. So why has most of the world settled on the Roman calendar?

Kangaroo rats June 25, 2014

A disaster of ‘biblical proportions’ June 24, 2014
In spite of widespread disregard for the Genesis Flood, journalists and politicians can’t resist invoking the Bible when catastrophe strikes!

Did Angkor really see a dinosaur? June 23, 2014
Skeptics have objected strongly to CMI’s presenting of the famous Angkor carving as evidence that man lived alongside dinosaurs.

A hard time finding God June 22, 2014
The ‘evidence’ David Attenborough and others present for evolution has caused a reader to question his faith.

Amazing preservation: Three birds in a dinosaur! June 21, 2014
Did dinos give rise to birds? No—they ate them.

Chance or more than chance? June 20, 2014
Russian author asks some tough questions about evolutionary storytelling.

The largest structure in the observable universe, or cosmic variance? June 19, 2014
Some of the most basic assumptions of the big bang should be under challenge from this discovery, but how it has been dealt with is a lesson for all.

Creative design in the human embryo June 18, 2014
The astonishing way a human develops in a mother’s womb speaks of incredible design rather than of any claimed evolutionary ancestry.

Don’t read the Bible!? June 17, 2014
Elitism of the worst kind, from a media presenter on religious affairs—a former church minister and lecturer in theology.

Markus Blietz astrophysicist interview June 16, 2014
Ph.D. astrophysicist and expert in black-hole–containing galaxies explains why he believes in biblical creation.

Father’s Day and the Christian connection June 15, 2014
Meet the Christian mother behind the tradition that has become known as Father’s Day

Why did Jesus have to die? June 14, 2014
If only the sinful die, why did Jesus?

Australopithecus and Homo habilis—pre-human ancestors? June 13, 2014
Pre-human ancestors?

Big Bang blunder bursts the multiverse bubble June 12, 2014
Hugh Ross praised latest Big Bang inflationary theory claims but—weeks later—evolutionists admitted they got it wrong.

The mysterious giant squid June 11, 2014
Despite scoffers over the years, the ‘legends’ and ‘stories’ about these creatures from seafarers are actually based on fact.

Creation and a cult June 10, 2014
Use the creation account in John 1:3 to counter Jehovah’s Witnesses denial of Christ’s deity.

Peat bogs June 9, 2014
Are these ancient heaths and mires really 10,000 years old or more?

Keeping debates on topic June 8, 2014
Tips on how to keep debates with friends on origins on topic.

Adam and Eve: their lifespans and eternal destinies June 7, 2014
Answering questions about the length of time before the Fall and where Adam and Eve will spend eternity.

Meiotic recombination—designed for inducing genomic change June 6, 2014
Designed for inducing genomic change.

Sorry, atheists, but you’re wrong: The death of ‘Love your neighbour’ June 5, 2014
Vicious, mindless, random acts of violence are on the increase.

The Sulawesi bear cuscus June 4, 2014
What has eyes like a lemur, a body like a koala, is often called a ‘marsupial monkey’, and shares its island home with pigs and dwarf buffaloes?

Why I teach my kids evolution June 3, 2014
A guide to ‘immunizing’ your children—homeschooled or not—against humanism in science.

Butterflies fly on designer wings June 2, 2014
The wings and the ‘aviation programming’ of the humble butterfly are far more sophisticated than anything man has made.

Can CMI refute … ? June 1, 2014
CMI is often asked to give a refutation of various TV shows and other media. Why don’t we always?

Is ‘devolution’ offensive to God? May 31, 2014
CMI consigned to hell for proposing loss through mutational degeneration.

Internal oceanic waves and sedimentation May 30, 2014
How recent sedimentation research helps show the plausibility of Noah’s Flood.

Why believe in God in an age of science? May 29, 2014
Students at a secular university challenged about how negatively evolution has impacted humanity and presented with the Gospel alternative.

Ants—swarm intelligence May 28, 2014
Ants: swarm intelligence

Which came first: the Archaeopteryx or the dinosaur egg? May 27, 2014
The first bird from a dinosaur egg! Who dunnit?

Neandertal paintings ‘bombshell’ May 26, 2014
Neandertals weren’t artistic—and yet they were.

Should we be open-minded? May 25, 2014
Should Christians embrace teachings from other religions?

Blinkered scientists look past the obvious May 24, 2014
A correspondent tells of shellfish and seaside aromas emanating from limestone when broken open to reveal beautifully preserved bivalve shells.

Fundamental theorems of Coded Information Systems Theory May 23, 2014
Part 4 of this series outlines the fundamental shape, scope, and value of Coded Information Systems theory for understanding biology.

Karl Giberson unmasks himself May 22, 2014
High profile theistic evolutionist Karl Giberson reveals how it is not possible to be a Darwinist and a Bible-believing Christian—if one thinks about it.

Sharks: denizens of the deep May 21, 2014
Few creatures alive today incite more fear and awe than these fierce marine predators with their razor-sharp teeth. But not all sharks are harmful to man.

The big bang is not a Reason to Believe! May 20, 2014
A research physics professor, Dr John Hartnett points out how Scripture’s version of events differs completely from the big bang/long-ages model and defends creationist claims of problems with ‘inflation’.

Medical pioneer: creation ‘foundational’ May 19, 2014
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics. Respected medical researcher Professor Bernard Brandstater says creation is ‘foundational’

Responses to an apostate friend May 18, 2014
A supporter gets answers to questions raised by a friend who abandoned his faith and his understanding of creation and embraced evolution.

Why is Jesus crucial for Creation? May 17, 2014
Some Jews and Muslims are creationists, too. So why do we emphasize the Gospel?

The standing stones of creation May 16, 2014
Cold seeps are an enigmatic geological feature. Could they provide support for the Genesis Flood?

Who is listening? May 15, 2014
If the person you’re sharing the Gospel with doesn’t seem to be interested, don’t despair. Because someone else might be eavesdropping—with good reason.

Spectacular, surprising seals May 14, 2014
Seals were once mercilessly hunted for economic benefit. The more we learn of these special marine animals, the more we can appreciate the unique wisdom in their design.

Richard Dawkins upset that public don’t like him May 13, 2014
Richard Dawkins contradicts himself during an interview promoting his new book.

The heritage trail at Siccar Point, Scotland May 12, 2014
Commemorating an idea that did not work

Mother’s Day and the Christian connection May 11, 2014
What’s behind the tradition that designates the second Sunday in May as a special one?

Geologists are not biased? May 10, 2014
A critic claims that geologists are not biased when it comes to interpreting the age of the earth.

Geology indicates the terrestrial Flood/post-Flood boundary is mostly in the Late Cenozoic May 9, 2014
Creationists disagree over where to place the post-Flood boundary in the rocks. Creationist researcher Michael Oard argues that the boundary is generally in the Late Cenozoic.

The greatest hoax May 8, 2014
Jonathan Sarfati PhD exposes some major contradictions in evolutionary thinking.

Catching a kinkajou May 7, 2014
This south American carnivore ignores meat-baited traps, but goes bananas over bananas!

Getting behind the evolution facade May 6, 2014
Many Christians say evolution is mostly a mere facade that atheists hide behind. There’s a lot of truth in that …

Winning the war May 5, 2014
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Why is theistic evolution so problematic? May 4, 2014
Dialogue with a long-time theistic evolutionary objector to our material highlights the problems and dangers of theistic evolution.

What is our motivation? May 3, 2014
What is our reason for engaging in apologetics? And why should we thank God?

Sorting ‘early’ Homo May 2, 2014
Why Homo habilis is not transitional between Homo erectus and australopithecines.

Scientific proof we were created by aliens? May 1, 2014
Does our DNA point to alien creators?

Beavers April 30, 2014
Famous for their dam-building, beavers have their own built-in ‘goggles’ to see clearly underwater.

The end of a slippery slope April 29, 2014
An acceptance of a naturalistic account of origins leads logically and inexorably to a rejection of the other fundamental doctrines of Christianity.

Bad things by church April 28, 2014
Some facts about evolutionary atrocities, and how to refute skeptics who complain about alleged biblical or Christian ones.

The Paracas skulls: they’re not aliens April 27, 2014
Unsurprisingly, these skulls are not aliens, even though some people want you to think they are.

Answering moral nihilism April 26, 2014
Is God’s definition of ‘good’ arbitrary?

Dismantling the anti-Christian arguments from history April 25, 2014
A review of Atheist Delusions: The Christian Revolution and Its Fashionable Enemies by David Bentley Hart.

How evolution is driving the clergy to atheism April 24, 2014
Struggling ministers say doubts sparked by evolution caused them to abandon the Bible, their faith and their pulpits.

Jellyfish—a clever hunter for a creature with no brain April 23, 2014
No heart. No bones. Made up of 95% water. But they can kill you.

Has journalism been compromised in the creation-evolution debate? April 22, 2014
How the media lacks balance in the creation-evolution debate.

How cats drink milk without wetting their chins April 21, 2014
Contrary to popular belief, cats do not ‘ladle’ milk into their mouths.

New earth April 20, 2014
What do we have to look forward to?

‘Race mixing’ and animal hybrids—condemned by God? April 19, 2014
Answering a critic who says that it is wrong to create animal hybrids and that God is opposed to interracial marriage.

The search for meaning, and what it means April 18, 2014
A review of Surprised by Meaning by Alister McGrath.

Are there out-of-sequence fossils that are problematic for evolution? April 17, 2014
Bill Nye’s claim that there are no out-of-order fossils puts a bullseye on a weak spot for evolution.

The Mole April 16, 2014
Whether you love them or hate them (ugh, those molehills!), moles are testimony to a Creator.

Activist challenges judges to redefine chimpanzees’ legal status April 15, 2014
Although judges haven’t yet caved in to Steven Wise’s appeals for animals to be given human rights, they acknowledge his case is growing stronger.

Teenage mutant ninja people April 14, 2014
Why comic book fiction is not biological reality

Craters, radiohalos, and ‘geologic time’ April 13, 2014
Just because a long-ager claims something doesn’t make it so.

Whale evolution fraud April 12, 2014
Whale evolution depends on three fossil species. Claims about these being transitional to whales have now been shown to be bogus.

The puzzle of disharmonious associations during the Ice Age April 11, 2014
Why are so many Ice Age fossils found in strange climates?

Setting the captives free, one (or two?) at a time April 10, 2014
How do you attract an atheist (or two!) to church?

Design in Australian plants—The Australian Greenhood Orchid April 9, 2014
From the landing stage, to the exit gate, it’s no accident that the travel corridor for a gnat visiting an orchid is strictly one-way.

Nephesh chayyāh April 8, 2014
Life can only truly be understood by starting with the Creation account in the Bible.

Prioritizing People April 7, 2014
Carl Wieland chats with environmental biologist Douglas Oliver

Does the Bible trump all evidence? April 6, 2014
Should creationists stick with their views no matter what the evidence says?

Cosmos by Neil deGrasse Tyson Episode 2 April 5, 2014
Neil deGrasse Tyson is a worthy successor—as an atheistic propagandist—to Carl Sagan, but nothing we haven’t refuted.

Vas deferens—refuting ‘bad design’ arguments April 4, 2014
Refuting ‘bad design’ arguments.

Hey, not so fast with the Nobel Prize! April 3, 2014
Cosmologists cast doubt on recent evidence cited for big bang ‘inflation’

Heard of elephants? April 2, 2014
A fascinating look at the world’s largest living land animal …

Noah movie making waves April 1, 2014
It’s unfortunate that this movie ‘inspired by’ the biblical account of the global Flood falls short.

The Singapore Evolution Garden March 31, 2014
Its exotic plants actually show evolution has not happened

UK hospitals heated by incinerated babies March 30, 2014
In what can only be described as an obscene byproduct of evolutionary thinking, hospital authorities show complete disregard for life by burning human remains for heating.

The reality of suffering, and the Gospel confronting culture March 29, 2014
The Gospel inevitably changes the cultures it encounters–and that’s a good thing.

A theistic paleontologist with dubious theology and little-better science March 28, 2014
A theistic paleontologist with dubious theology and little-better science.

The atheist who dared to question materialism March 27, 2014
Neo-Darwinists are upset that an atheist philosopher has questioned their view of materialism.

A tale of ancient toothpaste March 26, 2014

Joanna Lumley: The Search for Noah’s Ark March 25, 2014
Joanna Lumley looks for Noah’s Ark, and finds lots of evidence for the Flood.

Telling tales—how evolutionists spin their story March 24, 2014
‘Early Cambrian’ arthropod fossils showing ‘exceptionally preserved eyes’ with ‘modern optics’ should be an eye-opener for evolutionists—but they resort to ‘spin’ instead

Nothing new under the Cosmos March 23, 2014
Neil deGrasse Tyson is a worthy successor—as an atheistic propagandist—to Carl Sagan, but nothing we haven’t refuted.

BioLogos, theistic evolution and the Pelagian heresy March 22, 2014
In the debate over an historical Adam BioLogos revives an old heresy that leads to the destruction of the Gospel.

New science on the young sun, and Earth migration March 21, 2014
Could an earth closer to the sun solve the evolutionary faint young sun paradox?

Has the ‘smoking gun’ of the ‘big bang’ been found? March 20, 2014
Media headlines make people think that some astounding scientific ‘proof’ has been discovered. The reality is far less spectacular.

Grotesque dinosaur cannibals! March 19, 2014
The Bible says God created animals to reproduce ‘after their kind’. But these dinosaurs ate their own kind! Go figure …

Arguments evolutionists should not use March 18, 2014
When the arguments used to support evolution are examined, how many actually pass muster?

Is God a moral monster? March 17, 2014
How do we answer challenges of ‘atrocities’ in the Old Testament?

David Attenborough’s Natural History Museum Alive March 16, 2014
Evidence for Genesis not evolution at the Natural History Museum!

Are there side issues in Scripture? March 15, 2014
How do we differentiate salvation issues as opposed to others?

Creationism and millennialism among the Church Fathers March 14, 2014
What did early Church Fathers believe about creation and why?

Being ‘ready to answer’ March 13, 2014
When you know of Romans 1:20 and 1 Peter 3:15, it can change your life—and the lives of people you meet!

The Parable of the Candle March 12, 2014
When Chris and Lucy found a note and a lighted candle that Manuel had left for them, loud-mouthed Lucy brought her ‘forensic science’ to the fore.

Another case of academic fraud highlights cheating in the sciences March 11, 2014
Many secular scientists are willing to report false and fraudulent data to get noticed.

The silky anteater March 10, 2014
It loves to hide in silk-cotton trees, where it’s well camouflaged. And it eats ants. Lots of ants. Up to 8,000 ants in a single night

The attack on biblical creation in UK schools continues March 9, 2014
The continuing secular offensive against any whiff of creationist influence in UK school classrooms should give pause for thought.

How could unfallen Adam have sinned? March 8, 2014
A correspondent asks: If the relationship between Adam and God was ‘very good’, why did Adam go against Him?

The authoritative dinosaur book March 7, 2014
The authoritative dinosaur book.

Gay Marriage—a big stick to beat the church with March 6, 2014
Gay marriage is becoming the law of the land—and Christians are being ordered to cater to this in ways that violate our faith.

Enter the sea dragon March 5, 2014
Did you know that ‘sea dragons’ suck unsuspecting prey into their mouths? Thankfully they’re only small …

Anchoring their faith March 4, 2014
Providing answers helps people when they are questioning the faith.

Vegetarian shark March 3, 2014
This nurse shark refuses to eat fish or meat. She uses her razor-sharp, serrated teeth to pulp broccoli and cabbage instead.

David Attenborough’s Dawn of the Mammals March 2, 2014
David Attenborough’s old tricks—explained and refuted.

Back to the beginning March 1, 2014
Contrary to the assertions of many secularists, science supports the Bible rather than undermines it.

The evolutionary paradox of the Roraima pollen of South America is still not solved February 28, 2014
An evolutionary paradox still not solved.

Is the dog’s ‘collar bone’ vestigial? February 27, 2014
The dog’s shoulder is a brilliant design, in spite of evolutionary teaching to the contrary.

Coral: animal, vegetable and mineral February 26, 2014
Coral reefs are masses of limestone created as the polyps build their skeletons—an amazing symbiosis between an animal and algae. They grow quickly. Bye-bye millions of years.

The ‘Trojan Horse’ of deep time February 25, 2014
Many Christians want to increase the church’s influence in the culture but still cling to the very idea that eroded biblical authority in the first place.

Saving the ‘billions of years’ age of Titan February 24, 2014
Saturn’s moon Titan is sinking old-age ideas, despite rescue attempts.

David Attenborough’s Rise of Animals, Episode 1, From the Seas to the Skies February 23, 2014
Sir David—up to his old tricks!

The watchers and genetic diversity February 22, 2014
Is there genetic evidence of the Nephilim? And does the genetic diversity of animals today match what we would expect from the biblical account?

‘Ancient’ coral growth layers February 21, 2014
Do ‘ancient’ corals show that days were shorter than now?

God’s not dead movie review February 20, 2014
It is true that ‘God is not dead’ but the arguments used in this movie to prove it have some major problems.

Sermon ideas February 19, 2014
What do you teach a congregation that already believes the Genesis creation account?

How I became a Christian February 18, 2014
CMI’s Jonathan O’Brien tells how he became a Christian, a geologist, and a young-Earth believer.

Discovering scientific evidence for creation February 17, 2014
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Is Genesis allegory or poetry? February 16, 2014
If Genesis is mere ‘poetry’ or allegory, then what about the resurrection of Jesus?

How old is Australia’s Great Barrier Reef? February 15, 2014
It’s a lot younger than many people believe.

Information Theory—part 3: introduction to Coded Information Systems February 14, 2014
Introduction to Coded Information Systems.

Creation evangelism in Japan February 13, 2014
Japanese churches using Acts 17 evangelism see conversion growth.

Dugongs: ‘sirens’ of the sea February 12, 2014
The order Sirenia defies evolutionary classification.

Camels and the Bible February 11, 2014
Do the recent claims that there were no camels in Canaan until long after Abraham disprove the Bible?

Original animal protein fossils February 10, 2014
Complex biomolecules such as proteins are increasingly being found in fossils supposedly ‘millions of years old’.

What was Adam’s sin? February 9, 2014
Adam’s sin: deliberately choosing to disobey God and so putting his own authority above God’s.

Box jellyfish eyes surprise scientists February 8, 2014
The lowly, ‘basal’ box jellyfish has astonished scientists with its capacity to see things above the water.

Information Theory: weaknesses in current conceptual frameworks February 7, 2014
Weaknesses in current conceptual frameworks.

Clash over worldviews February 6, 2014
An analysis of the debate: Is creation a viable model for describing nature?

Bats sophistication in miniature February 5, 2014
For the amazing echolocation ability of bats to function properly, both emitting and receiving organs must be present, and cooperate. (There are other problems too, to drive evolutionists ‘batty’.)

Is God inconsistent? February 4, 2014
Is the God of the OT different from the NT?

Buddha, science and Jesus February 3, 2014
Pastor uses creation and science to help reach Buddhists.

Is faithless education possible? February 2, 2014
The claim that modern secular education is not religious, or neutral, is false; it is actually atheism.

Paricutin, Mexico February 1, 2014
Helps us see how the shape of the earth can be changed—without the millions of years

Information Theory: overview of key ideas January 31, 2014
An overview of the key views about information theory by leading thinkers in the creation/evolution controversy.

It’s all talk,Tiktaalik can’t walk January 30, 2014
A fishy story that has no legs.

Fascinating cuttlefish January 29, 2014
With green blood, three hearts, and able to change colour in a flash, the cuttlefish sounds like a ‘weird aliens’ movie creature.

Dinosaur soft tissue January 28, 2014
The significant amount of soft tissue being found in dinosaur bones is causing evolutionists to grasp at straws in order to explain its existence.

Homology made simple January 27, 2014
Does common anatomy necessarily point to common ancestry?

Did Adam sin for love January 26, 2014
Correspondents take CMI to task over our ‘attitude’ to Adam.

Dark matter crisis for big bang January 25, 2014
How should creationists respond to claims that dark matter has been found?

Did Darwin plagiarize his evolution theory? January 24, 2014
Some historians believe that all the major contributions Darwin is credited with in regard to evolution theory actually were plagiarized from other scientists.

End bad science and discrimination in education policies January 23, 2014
Governments bow to special interests to impose belief systems in schools.

The bear that isnt! January 22, 2014
Highly specialized for living in eucalypt trees, the koala is something of an evolutionary mystery, with its marsupial pouch opening backwards (unlike the kangaroo’s, and possum’s, which open forwards).

Evolutionists divided over coexistence of placental mammals and dinosaurs January 21, 2014
Evolution textbooks have said for years that placental mammals didn’t appear until after dinosaurs went extinct. But now many are saying that’s wrong.

Dazzling DNA January 20, 2014
A huge collaborative study finds that most, and probably all, human DNA is functional (contrary to evolutionist predictions)

Breeding unicorns January 19, 2014
Are there any limits to the production of hybrid animals?

Why so many planets? January 18, 2014
Can populated planets arise by chance, and are empty planets a waste of space?

The geological column is a general Flood order with many exceptions January 17, 2014
A general Flood order with many exceptions.

What percentage is acceptable to you? January 16, 2014
Is your family equipped to stand against the challenge?

Frogs—Jeremiah was not a bullfrog January 15, 2014
When the band Three Dog Night sang ‘Jeremiah was a bullfrog’, was it making an evolutionary statement?

The tide is changing … January 14, 2014
Are you equipped to answer the world’s challenges to biblical authority?

Kauai’s silent nights (the crickets have gone quiet) January 13, 2014
A parasitic fly has silenced the crickets on this Hawaian island. But crickets remain there yet.

The spiritual death of the Adam tribe? January 12, 2014
Do the ‘years’ of Genesis 5 actually refer to generations?

Is ‘the ultimate curse’ the result of ‘the sin of Adam and Eve’? January 11, 2014
A reader questions ‘omitting’ Adam’s helpmate from blame for the world’s tragic condition.

Is the geological column a global sequence? January 10, 2014
A global sequence?

Thinking ‘upside-down’! January 9, 2014
When you think through challenges to the faith with a creation foundation, it is easy to come up with answers.

Camels—confirmation of creation January 8, 2014
Renowned for their ability to carry goods across arid wastelands, camels use three main mechanisms to survive when forced to go without water.

So obvious … now! January 7, 2014
When we start evaluating our personal journey, we can do so with ‘20:20 hindsight’.

Broken images January 6, 2014
What happened to the image of God in mankind after the Fall?

Is creation apologetics a problem? January 5, 2014
Does biblical creation distract from the Gospel?

An ‘old-earth’ answer provides only problems January 4, 2014
An old-earth fails to deal with the major point raised in a CMI article. In fact, he actually makes the point and ignores four fundamental problems.

Scientific orthodoxy, theological innovation January 3, 2014
A review of The Cambridge Companion to Science and Religion by Peter Harrison (Ed.)

Why would a loving God allow death and suffering? January 2, 2014
How can we reconcile a God of love with the natural and moral evils in the world, including tragedies, atrocities, disabilities, and pain?

A living dinosaur? January 1, 2014
Does the Congo’s ‘mokele-mbembe’ also live in PNG?