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Back to the future December 31, 2009
In the classic 1985 film, Marty McFly showed the dangers of messing with history. Replacing our real history with evolutionary fantasy is even more disastrous.

Ernst Haeckel December 30, 2009
Ernst Haeckel perpetrated multiple frauds to promote evolution including his infamous embryo drawings.

Dino protein denial December 29, 2009
Rather than question the millions-of-years paradigm, researchers are willing to not just ignore key evidence, but even to find ways to deny it!

Design and intelligence—taking the high ground December 28, 2009
Where can you get information to tackle head-on the Skeptics’ supposed ‘objections to design’?

Virgin birth parthenogenetic December 26, 2009
The fact that Mary’s first-born child was male puts paid to any attempts to explain away Jesus’ divine origin as a natural parthenogenetic birth.

Darwin year Christmas December 25, 2009
If you were invited to present a ‘Christmas lecture’ to children, would you at least mention ‘the reason for the season’?

Politicizing Scripture: Conservative Bible translation December 24, 2009
When politics becomes the measure for a Bible translation, it is a perversion of Scripture, no matter whose politics are involved.

A brief response to anti-creationist books December 23, 2009
A brief response to anti-creationist books

Letter in church of england newspaper December 22, 2009
This letter was sent to the Church of England Newspaper by one of CMI’s supporters in response to recent correspondence about creation. We share it here as a great example of a polite-but-challenging letter.

Evolution: an ancient pagan idea December 21, 2009
If you think evolution and old-earth beliefs are modern ideas, think again: the early defenders of the Christian faith refuted these ideas from the ancient pagans.

Dogmatic 6000 years December 19, 2009
Some Christians are ‘uncomfortable’ about believing something ‘dogmatically’.

Dino demise mammal evolution December 18, 2009
Another long-cherished evolutionary ‘truth’ falls by the wayside.

Darwin’s bodysnatchers: new horrors December 16, 2009
People deliberately killed to provide ‘specimens’ for evolutionary research.

Review Did Darwin Kill God December 15, 2009
A recent television charade promotes theistic evolution. But why would the BBC produce such a film?

‘Exceptionally preserved jellyfishes’ December 14, 2009
In Origin of Species, Darwin wrote that ‘No organism wholly soft can be preserved’.

Intelligent intervention December 12, 2009
In trying to duplicate conditions whereby life is supposed to have arisen without intelligent intervention, evolutionists use intelligent intervention.

Myriad mechanisms of Gene regulation December 11, 2009
Information is stored on the DNA molecule in cells astonishing ways, but equally astonishing is the way information is copied and used.

Rejecting creation the movie December 10, 2009
Was the BBC Darwin movie too evolved for U.S. audiences or too boring for investors to risk?

Spong is wrong December 9, 2009
See Bishop Spong apply Darwinism in the church; mutilates the Bible and destroys the gospel of Christ.

Obama racism row December 8, 2009
‘Disgustingly racist and offensive’ pictures on the internet of America’s First Lady have caused a furore, for which Google executives have apologized. What’s behind it all?

Saturn—the ringed planet December 7, 2009
This beautiful giant ringed planet baffles evolutionary astronomers.

Why apologetics is important December 5, 2009
How a solid response to questions about science and Genesis strengthens our faith.

Darius is Artaxerxes December 4, 2009
These two are the same king, linking a continuous chronology from creation to Christ.

Evolutionists retreat from science December 3, 2009
Their regress to unfalsifiable positions is now evident in every arena where they once triumphed.

Darwin brave new world 3 December 2, 2009
You’ll be amazed at how the ‘evidence for evolution’ in this pro-Darwin television series crumbles under scientific scrutiny.

Wilberforce Huxley debate December 1, 2009
Did Wilberforce ask Huxley if he was an ape on his grandfather’s or his grandmother’s side? You’ll be surprised at the answer.

Whether tall or small—people, all! November 30, 2009
The staggering variation in people’s height illustrates the created capacity for variety in the human kind.

Hitler dalai lama conscience November 28, 2009
Why do some people commit mass murder yet others follow great moral teaching?

Darwin Brave New World 2 November 27, 2009
Episode 2 of this TV series on Darwin shows that experimental evidence for Darwinism is fictitious.

NZ Baptist theistic evolutionists November 26, 2009
Evolutionary scientists claim biblical justification for their stance.

Darwin Brave New World 1 November 25, 2009
A new TV series on Darwin gives viewers lots of examples of ‘struggle’, but fails to show how all this proves ‘evolution’.

The Darwin Anniversary November 24, 2009
November 24, 2009, is the 150th anniversary of the publication of Origin of Species. How should we respond?

Living on Boulder Hill November 23, 2009
For years Mark Howard had watched builders digging on his housing estate but the significance of what they were uncovering never occurred to him.

The fourth kind review reaction November 21, 2009
CMI’s review of the latest ‘aliens’ movie has certainly stirred readers’ passions.

Design paradigm November 20, 2009
The continued dominance of the design paradigm in architecture raises questions about the usefulness of evolutionary theory.

Did God create life on other planets? November 19, 2009
Would God create such a huge universe and not fill it with intelligent species? Actually, God has clearly revealed in His Word why not, and the purpose of the vastness of the cosmos

Creationists are ‘liars’ (?) November 18, 2009
Geologist Donald Prothero does’t like the fact that we dont agree with his ideas on Darwinian evolution.

Science peer pressure November 17, 2009
Whether from self-censorship or peer review, data that goes against ‘the prevailing view’ doesn’t get published.

Maori Creator Io November 16, 2009
Polynesian preservation: Knowledge of the one true Creator God retained for millennia.

Pandas thumb November 14, 2009
Is the panda’s thumb an example of natural selection increasing diversity?

Genetic redundancy November 13, 2009
This big surprise in modern biology brings down more than one pillar of contemporary evolutionary thinking.

Natural selection cannot explain the origin of life November 12, 2009
The evolutionary hype around this month’s celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species ignores a key problem that even Darwin acknowledged.

Muscle and blood in fossil November 11, 2009
The best ever find of preserved soft tissue yet documented in the fossil record gives powerful evidence for the Bible.

Picture Gorge shouts sudden cataclysm November 10, 2009
But most geologists don’t see it because they’re not looking for it.

The Fourth Kind November 9, 2009
A scary movie allegedly based on real events seeks to diminish man’s importance at the center of God’s creation.

Indoctrination of children November 7, 2009
A correspondent tackles CMI over our comments about the teaching of children.

Immune system antibody diversity November 6, 2009
The various adaptive immune systems in the animal kingdom are all equally complex, yet with major discontinuities between them.

Darwin and Lyell November 5, 2009
Charles Darwin

Darwin’s bulldog—Thomas H. Huxley November 4, 2009
The ‘success’ of Darwin’s theory of evolution in the 19th century was largely due to the work of this man. So who was he and what motivated him?

Sand to Rock November 3, 2009
With the help of added microbes, researchers can turn soft sand into rock as hard as marble. You don’t need millions of years.

Significance November 2, 2009
Secularists, such as Carl Sagan, diminish the significance of humans in their cosmology and then struggle to find meaning and purpose for human life.

RNA self replication October 31, 2009
Has spontaneous RNA self-replication been found, and is it evidence for chemical evolution? And is CMI ignorant of speciation?

How life works October 30, 2009
Life is not a naturalistic phenomenon with unlimited evolutionary potential as Darwin proposed.

Evolutionary equivocation October 29, 2009
My brush with PZ Myers at one of his skeptical anti-creationist talks.

Church of England apologises to Charles Darwin October 28, 2009
Anglican leaders’ appeasement of evolutionary theory in 2008, just before Darwin’s bicentennial, was as futile as Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler, 70 years previously.

Richard Dawkins v Darwinopterus October 27, 2009
Dawkins’ latest book The Greatest Show on Earth purports to provide the proof of evolution. Yet this new pterosaur fossil upsets a hypothesis he endorses. Read this chapter from our forthcoming refutation.

Hooray for eugenics October 26, 2009
Last century many religious leaders embraced eugenics, the elimination of the ‘unfit’ from mankind’s breeding pool. Invented by Darwin’s cousin Francis Galton, it reached its apex in Nazi Germany.

Glycon Jesus October 24, 2009
A correspondent asks whether Jesus’ claims to deity might simply be made up ‘to separate the faithful from their money.’ Lita Sanders responds.

Review Cornelius Hunter Sciences blind spot October 23, 2009
A review of Science’s Blind Spot: The Unseen Religion of Scientific Naturalism by Cornelius Hunter.

Spin from the BBC about Darwin October 22, 2009
A BBC program tries to distance Darwin’s theory of evolution from the Holocaust and other atrocities, but Darwinism is not that easily whitewashed.

Morals decline linked to belief in evolution October 21, 2009
Darwinists object, but it’s linked to belief in evolution.

Dragonfly design October 20, 2009
The designers of micro air vehicles are learning from the dragonfly.

Twiddling the knobs October 19, 2009
An illustration from everyday life shows why evolution does not work.

Darwin racism October 17, 2009
Some today would like to believe that Darwin’s views about ‘savages’ like the Fuegians were just a product of his time, rather than of his evolutionary ideas.

Molecular limits natural variation October 16, 2009
Variation is the result of an intelligently designed system and not an unlimited naturalistic process.

creation movie October 15, 2009
This movie portrays Charles Darwin as a loving, devoted family man who struggles personally over the implications of his theory, thus leading viewers to regard his evolutionary ideas sympathetically.

Universal acid October 14, 2009

Church censors biblical creation October 13, 2009
The Melbourne Anglican requests an article from CMI and then refuses to publish it because the editor could not find anyone willing to write a countering article.

Bugs, baramins and beauty October 12, 2009
Dr Gordon Wilson, an insect-specialising science professor who teaches creation evidences at his university, has some interesting angles on the purposes of all that design.

Folding rocks and atheists teaching rights October 10, 2009
If Christians want to be allowed to teach what they believe, then why shouldn’t atheists enjoy the same freedom?

Extrasolar planets with organic materials October 9, 2009
Are they incubators of life or just similar to the dead planets in our solar system?

Augustine young earth creationist October 8, 2009
Those who want to fit deep time into the Bible often cite Augustine in support. However, Augustine was a young earth creationist, as a scholar of Augustine’s works reveals.

Fraud rediscovered October 7, 2009
Ernst Haeckel, one of the most effective popularizers of evolution, fudged some drawings. Now the breathtaking extent of his deceit has been revealed.

Anchiornis huxleyi: new four-winged feathered dino October 6, 2009
Does the new Chinese fossil Anchiornis huxleyi prove the dinosaurian origin of birds, and solve a major objection?

Plant geneticist: ‘Darwinian evolution is impossible’ October 5, 2009
Ground-breaking research shows that evolution by mutations and natural selection just does not work.

Ardipithecus again October 4, 2009
The papers are full of “Ardipithecus” or “Ardi”—many would not realize it’s just a lot more detail on the same creature we wrote about in 2001.

Red Sea crossing October 3, 2009
Could the Israelites leaving Egypt have really made it across the Red Sea in just a day?

Review Philip Kitcher Living with Darwin October 2, 2009
A review of Living with Darwin: Evolution, Design, and the Future of Faith by Philip Kitcher.

Ancient Textile Factory October 1, 2009
When a so-called ‘Stone Age’ site gives evidence of sophisticated textile processing, the idea that these were grunting cavemen takes a hit.

America’s evolutionists: Hitler’s inspiration? September 30, 2009
Did American Darwinist eugenicists inspire Hitler?

Biblical roots of modern science September 29, 2009
The Christian worldview began modern science. A straightforward understanding of Scripture advanced scientific methods still further. And belief in Adam’s Fall inspired scientists to try to reach his pre-Fall knowledge.

Anyone for fundamentalism? September 28, 2009
Those who believe the Bible are often linked with Islamic terrorists through a term that used to have an honourable meaning, but is now viewed as derogatory. What does ‘fundamentalism’ mean nowadays?

Violent crime September 26, 2009
Evil has been around in the world a long time. But today, evolutionary teaching gives evil-doers the justification they previously lacked.

Fresh look at Nebraska man September 25, 2009
An honest mistake by an honest scientist or a deceptive stunt, during the famous Scopes Trial, to secularize education policy in America?

Enemy revealed September 24, 2009
The root cause of why Christianity is losing the younger generation.

A Civic Biology and eugenics September 23, 2009
How did the school text book that was the subject of the Scopes trial impact eugenics—the ‘scientific’ breeding of human beings?

Lessons from evolution superheroes September 22, 2009
Science fiction with its pervasive evolutionary undertones has a massive influence on young minds, as the author can testify. Parents and youth leaders need to be especially aware of this…

Jupiter: King of the planets and testament to our Creator September 21, 2009
This beautiful giant planet baffles evolutionary astronomers.

New genetic information claim rebutted September 19, 2009
Contrary to evolutionist claims, Richard Lenski’s citrate-digesting bacteria do not support microbes-to-man evolution.

Mutations are evolutions end September 18, 2009
Mutations do not provide the new information for novel organic designs but rather they are driving all life on earth relentlessly toward genome decay.

Horner Larsson chickenosaurus September 17, 2009
Within five years, ‘if all goes according to plan’, will we see a live dino-chicken on The Oprah Winfrey Show?

Inside the mind of a killer September 16, 2009
The Finnish high school tragedy once again shows that ideas have consequences.

Fossil Squid Ink September 15, 2009
The ‘Medusa effect’—animals with even soft tissue evidently preserved quickly in stone—puzzles paleontologists. Here’s the latest example—supposedly 150 million years old!

Stone Age Atlantis September 14, 2009
Beneath the Solent—the channel of water separating the Isle of Wight from mainland England—is a ‘Stone Age’ settlement with some technological surprises.

Who Is The Creator September 12, 2009
In a rare situation, a reader says he is convinced of recent creation, but doubts if the Bible or Christianity is true.

foxp2 gene neandertals human September 11, 2009
DNA analysis reveals the exact same protein as modern humans supporting the creationist interpretation.

Gender-Neutral Bible Translations September 10, 2009
‘Inclusive’ versions of the Bible distort the message of Scripture to avoid being offensive.

Do monkeys play football? September 9, 2009
Football’s governing bodies are trying to stop racist taunts from spectators. But do they understand the problem?

Stickleback Evolution September 8, 2009
The pro-Darwin crowd are crowing over rapid and dramatic changes in a little fish—dubbing it a ‘superstar’ of evolution.

A fearsome reptile September 7, 2009
Crocs are fearsome reptiles, but with fascinating features that speak of creation.

Knowing Christ through creation evangelism September 5, 2009
A correspondent who once mocked Christians tells of the time he watched two brave young men declare their faith in the open. Their street preaching was not in vain.

Southern Greenland—warm and ice free! September 4, 2009
Ice core discovery supports the creationist model of the post-Flood ice age.

Biblical worldview project for parents and grandparents September 3, 2009
A meaningful way to pass on the biblical worldview.

Ivanov’s ape-human hybrid project—Why? September 2, 2009
A researcher says that archived documents shed light on the motives behind the ‘forgotten scandal’ of ‘Stalin’s mutant ape army’.

Christian academics promote evolution in New Zealand September 1, 2009
Lecturers from Christian training institutions reject plain reading of Genesis.

Lifting for the Lord August 31, 2009
In all that she does, Olympic weightlifter Deborah Lovely gives God the glory.

Is Darwin criticism valid today August 29, 2009
Some criticize creationist groups such as CMI for critiquing Darwin.

Mars catastrophic geology August 28, 2009
Flooding, volcanism, glacial movement, sedimentary deposits and even geysers point to a violent past not long ago.

Who has an answer? August 27, 2009
Apologetics may be the key to keeping young people in the Church.

Genetics and God’s natural selection August 26, 2009

Using conscience and creation as witnessing tools August 25, 2009
Smacking your thumb with a hammer is a painful experience! It often makes you hesitant to try again. But an experienced carpenter rarely misses, and feels the satisfaction of regularly hitting the nail on the head.

Making Darwin Documentary August 24, 2009
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of an article from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Suicidal atheist converts to Christ August 22, 2009
A former atheist found himself suicidal when he realized the implications of atheism, which logically destroys all meaning and purpose in our existence. Thankfully he has now found purpose and meaning.

The paradox of warm-climate vegetation in Antarctica August 21, 2009
Points to floating mats of vegetation rafting trees and plants into the region during Noah’s Flood.

Pesticide resistance and evolution August 20, 2009
Whether pest control experts realize it or not, successful pesticide strategies have been designed from a creationist perspective.

Darwinism’s influence on modern racists and white supremacist groups: the case of David Duke August 19, 2009
The extensive writings of David Duke, head of the largest white supremacist organization in the world, show the strong influence of evolutionary notions in his racist views.

Notable evolutionists retreating from empiricism to arguments from analogy August 18, 2009
Notable evolutionists are retreating into arguments from analogy. Are evolutionary “strongholds” buckling?

Would Darwin be a Darwinist today? August 17, 2009
If Darwin had today’s knowledge of the complexity of life, the lack of transitional fossils, the crumbling evidence for the tree of life, would he have been an evolutionist?

UFO phenomenon growing August 15, 2009
Society’s cultural views are constantly shifting to keep pace with its evolutionary worldview. Can the church get up to speed when much of it fails to identify the root cause?

Did eyes evolve by Darwinian mechanisms August 14, 2009
Many kinds of eyes exist, but there is no progression of eye designs from simple to complex in the fossils. Even the simplest light-detecting cell requires enormously complicated coordinated biochemistry.

Why were the Reformers burned? August 13, 2009
Modern evangelical Christians might be surprised to learn of what was, and is, at stake. How many would be prepared to similarly resist, to the point of death, today?

Who’s inheriting the wind now? August 12, 2009
A bitter harvest from the Darwinian propaganda film about the Scopes trial (1925–2005). Darwinian advocates have failed to predict the bad consequences of teaching evolution as truth

Global warming facts and myths August 11, 2009
A lot of the doom and gloom over global warming comes from a non-biblical view of history. Thinking biblically dispels fear.

Darwinist hype and the culture war August 10, 2009
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Explaining new cosmology August 8, 2009
A reader misunderstands time dilation on the fourth day of creation week. Russ Humphreys explains that it really is an ordinary length day according to Earth clocks.

St Huttons Hagiography August 7, 2009
James Hutton: the pioneering founder of uniformitarian geology? Was he the bold empiricist and rational thinker, who cast aside biblical superstition. Or was this hagiographic revisionism from Playfair and Lyell.

The doctrine of sin in contemporary theology August 6, 2009
How Darwinian evolution and millions of years are destroying the foundation of the gospel of Christ—in our theological colleges.

Hitler’s ‘master race’ children haunted by their past August 5, 2009
The living remnants of Hitler’s plan to specially breed a race of ‘superbabies’ are a tragic testimony to the effects of Darwinian thinking.

Genesis enigma August 4, 2009
Yet another reinvention of Genesis 1 rolls off the printing presses.

The real ‘Jurassic Park’? August 3, 2009
Not just DNA, but even entire organisms capable of being brought back to life are increasingly being found in specimens supposedly ‘millions of years old’.

Creation information and circular reasoning August 1, 2009
Philip Bell and Carl Wieland respond to a young but very well-informed critic.

Review Man Who Found Time Repcheck July 31, 2009
An author holds up James Hutton as the father of modern geology who freed science from religious orthodoxy, but do the ‘facts’ fit the ‘story’?

Radioactive dating fatal flaw July 30, 2009
When you peel away the mystery it’s obvious that the dates are not objectively measured.

‘The child is father of the man’ July 29, 2009
The attitudes of the young Charles Darwin help us understand his later theorizing.

Go West, young man! July 28, 2009
Many people still think that missionaries are most needed in lands far away. But times have changed.

Monarch manoeuvre July 27, 2009
Probably the most critical point of the Monarch butterfly’s amazing transformation from egg to butterfly is when it sheds its caterpillar skin to reveal the chrysalis.

Darwin historians not misrepresented July 25, 2009
As CMI’s Darwin documentary The Voyage that Shook the World starts to impact, serious allegations emerge which are easily documented as incorrect.

The flat-earth myth and creationism July 24, 2009
Many antitheists assert that Christians of the past believe in a flat earth, so were the bane of Columbus. But Christian scholars have almost always accepted the earth’s roundness.

Snake charming and Bible accuracy July 23, 2009
Can a snake actually hear a snake charmer’s flute? The consensus is it doesn’t, while the Bible implies otherwise. Hence, skeptics say, the Bible is wrong. But the skeptics are mistaken.

Peacock tail tale failure July 22, 2009
Charles Darwin’s ‘theory of sexual selection’ fails to explain the very thing Darwin concocted it for.

The moon landing and evolutionary insights July 21, 2009
Evolutionists claim that the Apollo 11 moon landing resulted in new insights about the evolutionary history of life on Earth. But the moon poses serious problems for evolutionary theory.

Liberating animists July 20, 2009
A missionary to animists and Buddhists in S.E. Asia’s Mekong River region knows where to begin—at the beginning.

Cain’s wife explanation ‘gross and disgusting’? July 18, 2009
The ‘Who was “Mrs Cain”?’ question is a good example of how Christians should use logical deduction from Scripture rather than emotional reaction.

Romans 5 Pauls literal Adam July 17, 2009
Many passages in Scripture require Adam to be historical. Among them is Romans 5:12–21, where a historical Adam is contrasted with the historical Jesus.

Children see the world as ‘designed’ July 16, 2009
Much to Richard Dawkins’ chagrin, even children can see that God and design.

Darwin, Spurgeon and the black dog July 15, 2009
How consistent Darwinism eliminates any ultimate meaning in life.

Reaching out at Roswell July 14, 2009
Thousands flock to Roswell to commemorate an alleged alien crash landing, but it is really about exploring and trying to understand their place in the universe.

Where did all the water come from? July 13, 2009
Skeptics object that there could not have been enough water for Noah’s Flood to cover the Earth’s highest mountains. But the answer is very simple.

Citizens for Science and NCSE cartoons July 11, 2009
Evolutionists should stop using creationist straw men and promoting abusive ad hominem arguments.

Mostly masterful defence of Christianity; pity it’s slack on creation July 10, 2009
D’Souza shows Christianity’s beneficial effects on government, science, philosophy, and morality, and refutes christophobic attacks.

Galileo Quadricentennial July 9, 2009
On the 400th anniversary of Galileo turning his telescope to the heavens, misotheists gloated about ‘science vs. religion’. But it was science vs. science, and Galileo never renounced his faith.

Darwin’s ‘yard apes’ July 8, 2009
A deadly hurricane exposes an even deadlier philosophy.

What ever happened to ‘sin’?: A response to the UK Equality Bill July 7, 2009
Under the Bill churches could be forced to employ practising homosexuals.

A tasty morsel—left uneaten July 6, 2009
A leopard’s gentleness towards a baboon orphan defies evolution.

Could monkeys type the 23 Psalm? July 5, 2009
No, not even if time was infinite. Read why.

When was Cain conceived? And is CMI ‘male dominated’? July 4, 2009
Did Adam and Eve “need to get to know each other” before having children? And should CMI get a “woman’s viewpoint”? So biblical scholar Lita Sanders responds.

Review The Doctrines of Genesis 1-11 by Warkulwiz July 3, 2009
A Roman Catholic priest and Ph.D. physicist shows how biblical creation was the traditional view of the Church Fathers and medieval Church Doctors and makes sense of science.

‘Dino tree’ project ends July 2, 2009
After all the hoopla, the Wollemi project winds up with a whimper.

Jesus Fish/Darwin Fish July 1, 2009
Opponents of Christian faith have parodied the ancient symbol of the Christian faith, the ‘Jesus fish’. Their creations underline the significance of evolutionary doctrine to unbelievers, which Christians cannot ignore.

Multiverse theory June 30, 2009
A New Scientist columnist uses her own religious ideas to deny the existence of God, and then claims that it’s science.

Engineer goes back to school June 29, 2009
A 1st-class Honours degree in Geology boosted (not harmed) this young-earth creationist’s confidence in the Bible.

The Voyage Darwin film defended June 27, 2009
Anti-creationists are in a hot lather over The Voyage. Accusations of lying and deception are flying around the Internet. The truth?

Review Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design by Jonathan Wells June 26, 2009
A leading Intelligent Design theorist provides a lucid summary of up-to-date arguments for ID and against materialistic evolution.

New creation cosmology June 25, 2009
Dr Humphreys’ new time dilation creation cosmology solves the distant starlight problem for relatively close stars.

The Darwinian roots of the Nazi tree (Weikart review) June 24, 2009
Review of From Darwin to Hitler by Weikart.

Desert creatures inspire ‘SandBot’ June 23, 2009
Even specialty vehicles such as dune buggies can end up hopelessly mired in sand. So designers of Martian robotic vehicles are looking to copy the ‘effortless’ all-terrain locomotion of earthly lizards.

Liquid Gold June 22, 2009
Gold research on a Pacific volcanic island challenges the way geologists think about history.

Evolutionary Spore game supporters attack CMI article and Christianity June 20, 2009
Our critique of Spore brought anti-Christians out of the woodwork. The author’s response covers Bible reliability, scientific problems with evolution, and Christian v atheistic atrocities.

Organophosphorus resistance in the Australian sheep blowfly June 19, 2009
Most pesticide resistance is due to natural selection on pre-existing genes, not evolution. But some resistance arises from designed mechanisms that allow for adaptation in created life.

Atheism June 18, 2009
A critical examination of the causes and effects of atheism shows that it does not provide a proper foundation for a free, just and compassionate society.

The Darwin/Trotsky connection June 17, 2009
How could the son of a rich Jewish land-owner became so vehemently prejudiced against his father’s class and against religion?

Bird breathing anatomy breaks dino-to-bird dogma June 16, 2009
A new discovery about bird thighs and lungs seems to be the ‘nail in the coffin’ for the popular notion that they evolved from dinosaurs.

Evolution—the ultimate antidote to spirituality June 15, 2009
The Bible says “God is spirit”. Evolution says “the spirit realm isn’t real”. They can’t both be right.

String theory ‘philosophy’ challenged June 13, 2009
Are scientists truly objective? Is string theory religiously neutral and just an explanation of why our universe is the way it is?

North Sea Megaflood June 12, 2009
Two catastrophic floods were responsible for separating the British Isles from Continental Europe.

Dating oldest pottery from China June 11, 2009
The evidence is consistent with biblical history.

The Darwinian foundation of communism June 10, 2009
Central to the thinking of its central architects like Stalin, Lenin, Marx and Engels.

Junk DNA slow death June 9, 2009
New findings undermine the idea that large stretches of our DNA are useless.

The people that forgot time (and much else, too) June 8, 2009
A hunter-gatherer tribe thought to have “descended unchanged from the Stone Age” has recently been DNA-tested—with “astonishing” results.

The return of the Nephilim? June 6, 2009
According to the Israelite spies returning from the Promised Land, fearsome ‘giants’ were there. But hadn’t the Nephilim of Noah’s day all been destroyed in the Flood?

Review of ‘The Ancestor’s Tale’ by Richard Dawkins June 5, 2009
The Apostle of Atheism, Richard Dawkins, contributes much to the public myth of evolution as established fact, but this book offers nothing substantive to the defence of evolution.

Age of the earth June 4, 2009
Data from many different sources point to a young age for the cosmos; not billions of years.

Holy war? June 3, 2009
Who really opposed Darwin? Popular belief has it back to front …

Swine flu—Is it evidence of evolution? June 2, 2009
Just as with AIDS and avian influenza, the latest virus scare is being hailed as proof that evolution is true.

Smaller fish to fry June 1, 2009
Dramatic reductions in fish size disappoint anglers and surprise many evolutionists

Adam and the immune system May 30, 2009
Did Adam have an immune system like ours? And if so, what was it for, if life was perfect and there were no diseases?

Geological pioneer Nicolaus Steno was a biblical creationist May 29, 2009
Steno believed that the Bible recorded an accurate history of the earth. His geological framework is remarkably similar to biblical models developed by modern creationist geologists.

MSNBC’s seven signs of evolution all point to creation May 28, 2009
Evidence presented to support evolution does not do what is claimed.

Darwinism and the Nazi race holocaust May 27, 2009
Darwinism and the Nazi race Holocaust

Lactose intolerance May 26, 2009
For years, lactose intolerance was regarded as abnormal.

Is ‘string’ the next big thing? May 25, 2009
Some are tempted to marry their ideas about God to the latest fad in physics, like ‘string theory’. But such ideas often only exist as scratches on paper, without experimental support.

Darwin fossil Ida hype May 23, 2009
The public hoopla over this fossil belies its real significance. Perhaps it is not really about science at all.

Review The Edge of Evolution Michael Behe May 22, 2009
Behe shows that mutation and selection can accomplish little—nothing like the hugely complex machinery of life. But ignoring the Bible leads to confusion over a coherent explanation.

Cuttlefish inspire TV design May 21, 2009
Human designers of TV screen copy one of the ways cuttlefish change colour.

Darwinism: it was all in the family May 20, 2009
Darwinism began not with Charles but with his grandfather Erasmus.

Darwin and the Fuegians May 19, 2009
Darwin used the indigenous people of Tierra del Fuego to illustrate his ideas about human evolution. How could he have been so wrong?

Squirrels! May 18, 2009
The amazing abilities of these busy little creatures reflect the hand of the Creator.

Ancient proteins and bugs, and vegan cats May 16, 2009
Responding to critics of our articles on dino proteins, Antarctic bacteria and the vegan cat. What would C-14 tests on those dino proteins find?

Whose god? The theological response to the god-of-the-gaps May 15, 2009
This charge is a favourite of compromising churchians against creationists. Yet it really works only against a deistic worldview, not against the biblical Christian one.

Tooth enamel: sophisticated materials science May 14, 2009
Why are teeth so tough, although they are coated with material as brittle as glass? Because of so-called imperfections, as well as other features!

Darwin’s finches May 13, 2009
Evidence supporting rapid post-Flood adaptation.

Now a Creationist May 12, 2009
CMI Ph.D. scientist and author, Jonathan Sarfati, explains to an outside site what turned him to biblical creation

Real tricks with hypothetical animals May 11, 2009
A university lecturer tells students all about the first multi-celled animal—except it is purely imaginary.

Dino proteins and blood vessels: are they a big deal? May 9, 2009
One blog claimed, ‘finding the rare, hardy biomolecule from dinosaurs is nothing to get excited about’. But see why proteins could survive the Flood but not eons.

Is the human pharynx poorly designed? May 8, 2009
Evolutionists love to claim that our throat design is too poor for a creator. But its design is actually superior to the hypothetical alternatives.

Review of Dr Jonathan Sarfati’s book By Design: Evidence for Nature’s Intelligent Designer—the God of the Bible May 7, 2009
Independent reviewer is impressed with the scientific arguments for the wonders of design and against chemical evolution. Also, the biblical framework answers questions fumbled by the Intelligent Design movement.

Dinosaur soft tissue and protein--even more confirmation! May 6, 2009
Mary Schweitzer announces even stronger evidence, this time from a duckbilled dino fossil, of even more proteins—and the same amazingly preserved flexible blood vessel and cell structures as before.

Review of "Darwins Dangerous Idea" Marr BBC May 5, 2009
Leading presenter Andrew Marr’s 3-part TV series adulates Darwin and his ideas, but makes some important admissions about their tragic consequences.

Lunar volcanoes rock long-age timeframe May 4, 2009
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of an article from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

The human umbilical vesicle (’yolk sac’) and pronephros—Are they vestigial? May 2, 2009
A university lecturer teaches that the human umbilical vesicle (‘yolk sac’) and other temporary embryonic structures are vestigial—evidence that we evolved. Is this so?

Creation or evolution: choose wisely! May 1, 2009
The creation-evolution debate is not a storm in a tea-cup.

‘Plants rights’? The latest evolutionary absurdity April 30, 2009
An evolutionary “ethics” committee in Europe bizarrely decrees “plant rights”. This is the logical outcome of denying man as created in God’s image.

Deconstructing Darwin: Darwin’s impact April 29, 2009
How Darwin’s ideas led Marx, Trotsky, Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot to become mass murderers.

The cat who refuses to eat meat April 28, 2009
A vegetarian cat? How does this shed light on Eden, the pre-Fall world?

Answering the new atheists April 27, 2009
Christian author Doug Wilson has met the challenge of the new apostles of godlessness ‘head-on’, teaching Christians how to refute their arguments with ease.

Gospel Dates and Reliability April 25, 2009
When were the Gospels written? How long was this after the events they record? Should they be trusted if they were written decades later?

Sloppy, lazy and dishonest April 24, 2009
Yet another compromising neo-evangelical book that attacks biblical creationists but ignores or distorts their actual arguments. This one promotes the unbiblical “Analogical Days” view.

Bacteria trapped for ‘millions of years’ under Antarctic ice April 23, 2009
Evolutionary fascination drives yet another news story about vast timespans. But what do the facts show?

In Darwin’s footsteps April 22, 2009
We hope you enjoy this preview of an article from the recently released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Dawkins and Design April 21, 2009
Some atheists like Richard Dawkins might accept a designer—as long as it is aliens not the biblical God.

How could Noah care for the animals? April 20, 2009
Like Noah, farmers in northern Europe keep their animals inside for months at a time.

The disingenuous and anti-Christian nature of ‘gay rights’ rhetoric April 18, 2009
The homosexual rights lobby use some deceitful tactics, and are guilty of glaring double standards. Some of their churchian allies exhibit remarkable eisegetical gymnastics to evade the Bible’s clear teaching.

Progressive creationist anthropology: many reasons NOT to believe April 17, 2009
Long-age compromises have especially baneful effects when it comes to origin of mankind, butchering both Scripture and science.

Anti-creationists: do they fear an overthrow of Darwin in the U.S.? April 16, 2009
More and more US states are passing laws weakening the sacrosanct status of Darwinism, and evolutionists are reacting ever more shrilly.

Did Darwin recant? April 15, 2009
Did Darwin recant?

Dinosaur herd buried in Noah's Flood in Inner Mongolia April 14, 2009
Juveniles catastrophically mired in deep mud after larger mature members of the herd abandoned them to their fate?

Zebra or horse? A 'zorse', of course! April 13, 2009
Did Noah take zebras, donkeys and horses onto the Ark? Or just two ‘horses’—one with stripes?

The Bible vs slavery and apartheid April 11, 2009
Atheopaths love to blame slavery and apartheid on the Bible. Rather, slavery was a worldwide evil finally abolished by biblical Christians, and apartheid’s architect had a strong evolutionary philosophy.

The Resurrection and Genesis April 10, 2009
The Resurrection is a real event that happened in real time. It’s based on history, flows out of the events of Genesis 1–3, and changes everything.

Intelligent Design: why the fuss, and what’s it about? April 9, 2009
To some, design is a ‘no-brainer’. To others, it’s the thin edge of the wedge. How should we view it?

Deconstructing Darwin: Darwin’s quisling (Charles Kingsley) April 8, 2009
The compromising cleric who helped promote evolution.

Probably no God? April 7, 2009
British buses have been carrying slogans of unbelief recently. What’s the real agenda behind this latest advertising campaign? And how should Christians respond?

Zoogenesis—a theory of desperation April 6, 2009
An astonishing ‘alternative’ theory of evolution shows the lengths people will go to in believing anything other than divine creation.

Biblical creation impedes evangelism? Plus yet another uninformed atheist. April 4, 2009
Should believers accept billions of years and evolution to avoid ridicule? Did God ‘entrap’ Adam?

Strong case, but flawed by compromise April 3, 2009
A generally useful apologetics book but has several blind spots about the age of the earth.

Prescription for raising children April 2, 2009
A recent analysis of American children reveals some home truths which might be unpalatable to some of the “intelligentsia”.

Deconstructing Darwin: Blast from the Past—Prof. Johann Blasius April 1, 2009
Prof. Johann Blasius was director of a major German museum when Darwin wrote Origin. His reaction reminds us that it was predominantly the scientists, not the theologians, who at first opposed Darwinism.

The brain—brainier than believed before March 31, 2009
Overturning long-held ideas, new research shows that our brains unconsciously make the ‘best possible’ decisions. But this optimal design makes little sense in a Darwinist scenario.

Beneath the surface with marine reptiles March 30, 2009
Having completed a doctoral degree in paleontology, Ross Marcus sees no conflict between the Bible and science.

An emotional response to the age of the earth March 28, 2009
Not everyone gets angry when asked about a ‘young’ earth

The meaning of yôm in Genesis 1:1–2:4 March 27, 2009
Despite claims to the contrary, the meaning of yôm in Genesis is not in doubt.

‘But the New Testament does not make a big deal out of the Age of the Earth …’ March 26, 2009
That does not mean it’s a side issue.

Charles Darwin's illegitimate brainchild March 25, 2009
If you thought Darwin’s Origin was original, think again!

Is death a good thing or a bad thing? March 24, 2009
A long-time creationist writer shares some very personal insights following the passing of his wife after 47 years of marriage.

Frozen frogs March 23, 2009
Some frogs survive freezing in the Arctic winter, apparently ‘dead’, only to revive in spring. Such design speaks of a clever Creator.

Distant starlight, and dino and human fossils March 21, 2009
The Horizon problem: the big banger’s own distant starlight problem, and more evidence against the big bang. Why are there no mass graveyards of human and dino fossils?

Astronomical troubles for the astronomical hypothesis of ice ages March 20, 2009
Evolutionists explain the alleged plurality of ice ages with three Milankovitch cycles that change the earth’s orbital geometry around the sun. Yet the evidence is weak, and evolutionists actually assume what they claim to prove.

President Obama okays funding embryonic stem cell research (but removes adult stem cell funding) March 19, 2009
President Obama now forces taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research, but will this save lives or take them? And he rescinded funding for proven life-saving somatic stem cell research

Deconstructing Darwin: Darwin and eugenics March 18, 2009
Many evolutionists claim that ‘Social Darwinism’ is a distortion of Darwin’s teaching. Yet he clearly held to many social Darwinist views, and his cousin and son promoted eugenics.

Deconstructing Darwin—full steam ahead! March 17, 2009
CMI’s Deconstructing Darwin meetings are having an impact.

Should missionary societies have a position on creation/evolution? March 16, 2009
Missionaries need to face the fact that they’re going to have to tell (potential) converts what Genesis means—i.e. whether it is historical truth or theological ‘myth’.

Do large crystals in granite prove very slow cooling? March 14, 2009
An old oft-quoted argument for long ages turns out to be invalid.

Evidence for turtle evolution March 13, 2009
Turtles have unique design, and their hard shells leave an excellent fossil record. Yet they show no evolution—the ‘oldest’ turtles are fully-formed turtles.

New footprints from Ileret, Kenya, supposed to be from human evolutionary ancestor March 12, 2009
And all based on the angle of the big toe!

Darwin’s arguments against God March 11, 2009
How Darwin rejected the doctrines of Christianity.

How your brain creates God? March 10, 2009
A new study indicates that people naturally believe in God. So, does the universal thirst for God indicate His reality, or did the brain evolve to make God?

Pascal's wager March 9, 2009
Simple logic shows that it is foolish to ignore the claims of Christ.

Answering another uninformed atheist: Galileo, Miller–Urey, probability March 7, 2009
Historical revisionism about Galileo, and handwaving probability assertions, are no match for real history and science. Chemical evolution is still bankrupt regardless of atheists’ blind faith in it.

Intelligent debate March 6, 2009
Evolutionists fiercely attacked the Intelligent Design movement, but it still succeeds in showing intractable problems for materialism, especially in the origin of first life. A biblical perspective is more effective still.

The forgotten kingdom of the Hittites—featured in Journal of Creation March 5, 2009
For 3,000 years, only the Bible preserved a record of their greatness.

Deconstructing Darwin: Darwin’s real message March 4, 2009
Darwin’s real message—have you missed it? Some evolutionists really do understand its materialistic implications.

The Trial and Death of Adolf Eichmann March 3, 2009
Eichmann’s evolutionary worldview provided the rationale for his participation in the Nazi Holocaust, with no regrets.

One man and a vision March 2, 2009
The sight of a stately ‘Ark’ cruising Holland’s waterways turns heads—and hearts.

Answering uninformed atheists on DNA complexity February 28, 2009
Design of the genetic coding machinery, with its inter-related components, thwarts materialistic explanation. Evolution is thus a deduction from materialism not science.

Secular sermons February 27, 2009
As expected, this older book from Dawkins is a misotheistic tirade. Not only is it full of errors, it fails to show why his own atheistic faith solves the problems.

God’s mighty expanse February 26, 2009
A creationist physicist looks at the evidence—including some clues from Scripture—about the very fabric of space itself.

Eugenics ... death of the defenceless February 25, 2009
Eugenics … death of the defenceless. The legacy of Darwin’s cousin Galton

Bible Society reports that the Bible is not anti-female: is this news? February 24, 2009
The Bible is the most female-friendly book around, in contrast to the female inferiority taught by the early Darwinians. What did the purity laws mean?

Creation clock February 23, 2009
Here’s a clock that reenacts scenes from Genesis 1–6, on the hour, every hour.

A skeptic falsely accuses creationists of lying about human and ape similarities February 21, 2009
An evolutionist accuses creationists of lying, but the accusation proves to be utterly false and instead reflects badly on the accuser.

The carnivorous nature and suffering of animals February 20, 2009
Detailed biblical evidence shows that animals eating, hurting and killing each other is incompatible with the original ’very good’ creation. Therefore carnivory must have begun after the Fall.

Churches celebrating the ‘Year of Darwin’ February 19, 2009
It is a shame that so many churches who embrace evolution are blissfully unaware that they are caught up in a web of deceit that has the atheists cheering.

Darwin’s slippery slide into unbelief February 18, 2009
Drift from a childlike trust into an abyss of hopelessness.

What should we think of new or trendy Bible translations? February 17, 2009
How far should Bible translators go to accommodate their proposed readers? Some important biblical principles are explained.

Surtsey still surprises February 16, 2009
This island with canyons, rounded boulders and a ‘fully functional ecosystem’ has been described as ‘astonishing’. Why? It’s only 45 years old!

Is baptism necessary for salvation? Further feedback. Plus a reader asks about death. February 14, 2009
A writer took issue with a recent feedback pointing out a logical fallacy in an argument for baptismal regeneration. Another reader asks if death is really a bad thing.

WMAP ‘proof’ of big bang fails normal radiological standards February 13, 2009
COBE and WMAP satellite maps of cosmic microwave background fluctuations allegedly prove the big bang. But a radiology expert shows they are unreliable, miserably failing radiology standards.

Australia’s worst-ever bushfire disaster February 12, 2009
A nation stands in shock at it?s worst-ever natural disaster

A truly stunning event February 11, 2009
CMI’s recent international family supercamp/conference held in southeastern Australia featured scientific breakthrough announcements as well as wonderful family fun.

‘Creating’ a Stir at University February 10, 2009
Constant barrage of evolutionary propaganda confuses Christians but creationist information clears the fog.

The universe's birth certificate February 9, 2009
The Bible’s ‘birth certificate’ for the universe trumps concepts of ‘deep time’.

Origin of life questions, and what biblical creationists really believe February 7, 2009
CMI commended for providing answers that pastors wouldn’t, and helps refute atheist’s chemical evolution propaganda and misunderstandings about biblical Creation/Fall model.

A pathetic case for an old earth February 6, 2009
Compromising author barely attempts to make the case of the title, arguing more from ‘science’ than Scripture. Snoke is also decades out of date in his understanding of real creationist arguments.

Foxes crying foul in the henhouse! February 5, 2009
We reveal some of the cunning tactics used by anticreationists to turn public opinion against Bible-believing Christians.

Creationist crimefighter February 4, 2009
How does a top cop, and a dedicated Christian, handle policing the toughest streets of Sydney?

A Circus of Clergy February 3, 2009
Atheist Zimmerman invites clergy to dance to his evolutionary Clergy Letter Project.

The enigmatic narwhal February 2, 2009
The bizarre tusk of this unique marine creature bolstered stories of unicorns—what are the facts, and how do they relate to Genesis history?

Cannibalism complaint against CMI January 31, 2009
A reader takes us to task for:
1. promoting what she regards as ‘cannibalism’
2. promoting ‘race mixing’
3. not teaching baptismal regeneration.

Loess problems January 30, 2009
Loess, generally considered to be wind-blown silt, has caused a number of problems for uniformitarianism.

Newsweekfs Gay Apparel: Lisa Millerfs Travesty of Exegesis January 29, 2009
Refutation of the mainstream media’s incompetent eisegesis that tries to deny that the Bible’s clear teaching that marriage = one man + one woman.

Great creation scientist: Blaise Pascal (1623–1662) January 28, 2009
While many have heard of outstanding scientist Blaise Pascal (1623–1662) and his legacy, not everyone is aware that he was a committed Christian.

‘Backwards’ comet perplexes scientists January 27, 2009
The recent discovery of a comet dubbed ‘Dracula’ has left evolutionary scientists scratching their heads as to its origins.

Hippo habits January 26, 2009
Hippos are a weird and wonderful unique created kind.

Hypocritical hostility towards Christians, and explaining hereditary defects January 24, 2009
How should Christians react to increasing worldly hostility? And what exactly are hereditary diseases?

Life’s irreducible structure—Part 1: autopoiesis January 23, 2009
‘Autopoiesis’ (self-making) shows that all aspects of life lie beyond naturalistic explanations.

Creation among the crowds January 22, 2009
An experienced open-air evangelist shares from experience about the tragic fallacy of claiming that evolution and the age of the world are ‘side issues’ to the Gospel.

Editorial: The 2009 Darwin celebrations January 21, 2009
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Skippy surprises scientists January 20, 2009
Kangaroos are not supposed to be our close evolutionary relatives. But a recent genetic analysis shows ’roo genes are ‘largely the same’ as in people.

‘Window plants’ let the light shine in January 19, 2009
What lessons can we learn from looking at desert window plants?

How can distant starlight reach us in just 6,000 years? January 17, 2009
Creationists have more in their armoury now to deal with that question than ever before—while the problems for long-age evolutionists just get worse.

Granite formation: catastrophic in its suddenness January 16, 2009
Catastrophic in its suddenness.

Too many dinosaur names January 15, 2009
The number of dinosaur species names has been halved—from more than 1,000 down to 500 or so. Did Noah need to take these hundreds of dinos aboard the Ark?

Venus: Cauldron of Fire January 14, 2009
The beautiful morning and evening star holds a fiery secret underneath its cloudy veil—a world so hot that lead will melt at its surface.

Fountains of the great deep on Mars? January 13, 2009
New data indicates that there were huge underground springs of water that burst forth on Mars—and huge buried glaciers have also been identified.

Power evangelism January 12, 2009
Brad Tuttle flexes muscle for a purpose.

Was Christianity plagiarized from pagan myths? January 10, 2009
?to be supplied?

Origin of oxygen more complex than imagined January 9, 2009
Contradictory observations mean more trouble for naturalistic theories but the problems disappear within a biblical perspective.

‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’—a movie review January 8, 2009
A remake of the 1951 classic continues the ‘spiritual’ themes, but with a hyperenvironmentalist-new age flavour. And more about ‘evolving’.

Can it bee? January 7, 2009
The brilliant design involved in bee flight is being studied for its potential in mini flying robots and more.

Genesis: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle January 6, 2009
A popular Canadian public speaker tells it like it is.

Starlight and time—a further breakthrough January 5, 2009
An Australian physics professor shows how light would have reached Earth from the most distant stars in an extremely short time, demolishing one of the major objections to biblical creation.

Peter Singer: ‘Christians condone murder to harvest donor organs’. Is he right? January 3, 2009
A supporter asks about this infamous atheist ‘ethicist’ accusing Christians of hypocritically putting aside the ‘Genesis/God’s image’ argument when it suits them.

Defining the Flood/post-Flood boundary in sedimentary rocks January 2, 2009
Twelve criteria to use to define where the Flood stops in the rock record.

Butterfly brilliance January 1, 2009
Some of the most striking butterfly colours are produced by advanced photonic crystals not pigments. The scales of Lamprolenis nitida form two interspersed diffraction gratings, producing two different signals.