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Let the baby die? December 31, 2020
A chilling look at the logical result of Darwinism.

The sophisticated Neandertal December 30, 2020
Is The Flintstones a more accurate picture of Neandertals than evolutionary documentaries?

Claims of pre-Fall original goodness threaten to sabotage the Gospel of Jesus Christ. December 29, 2020
The increasingly popular belief in the inherent pre-moral goodness of Homo sapiens denies the corruption of human nature at the Fall and sabotages the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

A Stickleback fish giving birth to live young? December 28, 2020
Does pregnant ‘Mary’, a stickleback fish from the Outer Hebrides, support evolution?

Nativity details December 26, 2020
Where was Jesus actually born? And are nativity scenes in error?

Jesus’ family tree December 25, 2020
What can we learn by looking at Jesus’ ancestors?

Christmas Why December 24, 2020
Why do we celebrate Christmas? And why on December 25th?

Hear bee, make nectar December 23, 2020
Not only can plants ‘hear’, but they can respond rapidly.

Biology professors biased against evangelicals December 22, 2020
Why are Christians underrepresented in science, which was founded by Christians? New study shows that biology academics have overt bias against Evangelicals.

Literal days before the sun December 21, 2020
Critics of biblical creation often use ‘days before the sun’ to try to prove that the creation days were not ~24 hours.

African origins and the rise of carnivory December 19, 2020
Dr Robert Carter answers questions about the why so many scientists think humans evolved in Africa and if God created predators.

Review of Unbelievable: 7 myths about the history and future of science and religion December 18, 2020
Debunks many science-related historical myths that demean the Christian faith

Does the Bible compel an old-earth interpretation? December 17, 2020
Is the Bible so clearly an old-earth book that a young-earth reading is absurd?

RECYCLED (14895) December 16, 2020
God’s creative power on display

Upside Down World December 15, 2020
In increasingly unsettled times, we have the answer!

Dark matter search comes up empty December 14, 2020
Despite the latest failure to detect dark matter, why do they continue searching?

Massive flood impacted Caspian Sea and Eurasia December 12, 2020
How to link the evidence to Noah’s Flood

Review of Timefulness: How thinking like a geologist can help save the world by Marcia Bjornerud December 11, 2020
Rigid uniformitarianism and a hysterical fear of the scientific creationist bogeyman.

James Webb Space Telescope and ET. December 10, 2020
The James Webb space telescope will be able to examine the atmospheres of exoplanets in greater clarity than ever before. Will we find a truly habitable exoplanet?

Bighorn horns not so big December 9, 2020
Much to trophy-hunters’ disappointment, bighorn sheep on Ram Mountain are not what they were. But is it evolution?

Egyptian chronology confusion December 8, 2020
Christian researchers understand the need for a revision of the standard Egyptian chronology. If Christians are working from the same premise though, why are there such huge differences of opinion?

Spider eyes shining in the rocks December 7, 2020
These bright-eyed, perfectly-preserved fossils provide compelling evidence for the global Flood recorded in the Bible

Red letter Christianity? December 5, 2020
A reader asks: Are only the ‘red letters’ inspired? We respond!

Review: 'Human Errors' by Nathan Lents December 4, 2020
A book about human errors that don’t exist.

RNA Vaccines and COVID-19 December 3, 2020
RNA vaccines have been developed to fight COVID-19. Are they dangerous? Will they modify our DNA?

Caring for creation December 2, 2020
Caring for creation

Responding to supposed refutations of Genetic Entropy December 1, 2020
Evolutionist scientists on Dr Swamidass’ blog try their hands at refuting Genetic Entropy!

Genetic entropy: The silent killer November 30, 2020
A devastatingly powerful argument against evolution

Was Noah’s Flood too destructive? November 28, 2020
Could Noah’s Ark and creatures outside the Flood survived the conditions Noah’s Flood created?

The polymer shield explanation for soft tissue fossils November 27, 2020
Does the evidence justify invoking this mechanism to preserve soft tissues for millions of years?

The human genome is amazingly complex November 26, 2020
The genome is not simple. It is a hyper-sophisticated information processing system that cannot be explained by the Darwinian descent-with-modification idea.

The 3 Rs of Evolution November 25, 2020
Evolution’s a cinch, right? Wrong

Apologetics – a steppingstone, not a crutch November 24, 2020
Avoid a pitfall: don’t let apologetics become a crutch for your faith!

Sauropod trackways in water November 23, 2020
Amazing fossil trackways confirm deep Floodwaters

When we let the doubts win November 21, 2020
Is there a way back to trusting God again?

Review of The Missoula Flood by John Soennichsen November 20, 2020
Analogue for the greatest flood of all.

A biblical and scientific approach to climate change November 19, 2020
The biblical and scientific evidence concur to show that human-generated carbon dioxide will produce some warming, but there is no climate emergency that requires radical action.

Where have all the big fish gone November 18, 2020
If you’re a fisherman who reckons that fish are now smaller, and there are fewer of them around, you’re very likely right.

‘Atheist atrocities fallacy’? November 17, 2020
What is it? Is it a real fallacy? How do we respond?

Ostrich November 16, 2020
A reminder of creation and the Fall

Neil DeGrasse Tyson: wrong on God, evil, and miracles November 14, 2020
Neil DeGrasse Tyson misunderstands the nature of God, the problem of evil, and the nature of miracles.

A successful decade for Mendel’s Accountant November 13, 2020
Creationists have written the most sophisticated evolutionary modelling program to date. Mendel’s Accountant is the final nail in neo-Darwinian neutral theory coffin.

The Eye of the Sahara November 12, 2020
How Noah’s Flood formed this fascinating feature.

Four steps for surviving evolution classes at high school November 11, 2020
How teenagers with little knowledge and experience can hold their own in evolution classes.

Eyewitness Testimony is Reliable November 10, 2020
A frequent claim repeated by skeptics: “Eyewitness testimony is notoriously unreliable.” Let’s investigate this claim.

God speaks! November 9, 2020
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Past life memories November 7, 2020
Some people claim children have memories of their past lives. How do we respond?

Leisola bioengineer dumps Darwin, declares design November 6, 2020
Matti Leisola, leading bioengineer, demonstrates in his book why he rejected Darwin in favor of design. Engaging, humorous and thoughtful—a must read from a world-class scientist.

Göbekli Tepe shows evidence of geometric planning November 5, 2020
Göbekli Tepe is one of the world’s oldest architectural sites and is associated with early biblical history. It reveals further secrets demonstrating the mathematical and engineering knowledge of post-Flood man.

Stone Mountain was once molten magma. November 4, 2020
How a catastrophic event helped form an astonishing feature in Georgia’s landscape.

Are fictional writings a form of untruth November 3, 2020
Should Christians write fiction? We say it’s ok as long as it does not promote unbiblical ideas.

Enoch: The man who walked with God November 2, 2020
The genealogy in Genesis 5 is a somber history of death—with one startling exception

Are there biblical reasons for compromise? October 31, 2020
Does the text of Genesis indicate a short or long timescale?

Will humans artificially evolve to a new form of life? October 30, 2020
Is human life getting an update? Will artificial intelligence evolve us to the next level? Removing our five senses seems more of a downgrade.

Did the Exodus lead to the Hyksos Invasion? October 29, 2020
Advocates of revisionist Immanuel Velikovsky and David Down believe that the Hebrew Exodus destroyed Egypt which led to the Hyksos invasion. We look at some flaws with this theory.

Why the elephant is losing its tusks (and it’s not evolution!) October 28, 2020
Why the elephant is losing its tusks (and it’s not evolution!)

Fossils of pre-Flood artifacts October 27, 2020
If the geologic strata were deposited by a global Flood, why aren’t there pre-Flood tools and buildings in the fossil record?

Manta ray might inspire new filter design October 26, 2020
Manta ray filter with ricochet separation inspires non-clogging biomimetics

Chronology vs. chronogenealogies: Is Ussher to blame? October 24, 2020
A feedback question doubts the biblical history in favor of secular Egyptian chronology.

The United Methodist Church on creationism and intelligent design October 23, 2020
A history of opposition to a literal understanding of Genesis

Ancient doodles in stone represent intriguing Ice-Age art October 22, 2020
Ice Age cartoons unearthed in Britain’s Channel Islands give insights into the lives of post-Ice Age colonizers.

The heritage trail at Siccar Point, Scotland October 21, 2020
Commemorating an idea that did not work

Does phosphine prove life on Venus? October 20, 2020
What should we think about phosphine in Venus’s clouds? Why do all living creatures use phosphate?

Interview with creation geologist Tim Clarey October 19, 2020
Shaun Doyle talks to Tim Clarey about his research career in Flood geology.

Genetic diversity on the Ark October 17, 2020
We answer questions about post-Flood human and animal genetics.

Darwin’s Point October 16, 2020
Is a tiny lump on the rim of some human ears evidence for evolution?

Designs in nature inspire new super material: Proteus. Can it be cut? October 15, 2020
Have engineers actually designed a super material that cannot be cut? And where did they get their inspiration?

Tibetan snow lotus October 14, 2020
Is the Tibetan snow lotus evolving to elude detection?

The Bright Angel Trail trackways October 13, 2020
These recently discovered tracks at the Grand Canyon show yet more strong evidence for a massive watery catastrophe.

Cell cycle October 12, 2020
The cell cycle is complex and unique to larger domains of life. Mutations do not help the cell cycle but rather lead to cancer.

Theology made me reject creation October 10, 2020
A reader asks for help responding to someone who says, “It was theology, not science, that turned me off to creation.”

Feathered pterosaurs October 9, 2020
Ruffling the feathers of dinosaur evolution.

Case for Biblical Archaeology October 8, 2020
A helpful new resource introduces Christians to biblical archaeology.

Growing Opals—Australian Style October 7, 2020
Long-age icon created in weeks

Exploring the ‘Evidence for Evolution’ … in 1970 October 6, 2020
How has the alleged evidence for evolution changed in the past 50 years? How has it stayed the same?

Abortion Choices October 5, 2020
Abortion involves at least three choices which involve personal preference, the value of human life, and whether to take responsibility for one’s actions.

Otherworldly Science fiction October 3, 2020
A reader asks: if a science fiction depiction of life on other worlds is biblical?

High altitude adaptation October 2, 2020
Discover how many paths lead to it.

Historical Science, Chaos Theory, and the sliding scale of trust October 1, 2020
What can the famed character Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park teach us about forensic investigations and historical science?

Lindy chamberlain-creighton interview September 30, 2020
Carl Wieland chats with Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton.

Could God inspire error? September 29, 2020
A reader asks: Could God inspire error? And: do people continue to sin in Hell?

The holiness of God and three great events in history September 28, 2020
God’s holiness, as seen at the Fall, at the Crucifixion, and at the last great Judgment.

Questioning carbon 14 dating of Durrington Circle artefacts September 26, 2020
A CMI supporter writes in with a comment about the assumptions made behind the method of carbon 14 dating.

Deposition on Greenland Ice Sheet September 25, 2020
New evidence the sheet is younger than previously thought

Gender and climate change September 24, 2020
How does biblical creation allow us to

Pigeons don’t fancy Darwin September 23, 2020
Pigeon fanciers’ fancy pigeons fuelled Darwin’s flights of fancy

Wave Rock, Western Australia September 22, 2020
How Noah’s Flood formed this fascinating feature.

Roland Beard: a passion for the poor September 21, 2020
Ministering to the poor with biblical creation

Do other planets have a multi-level atmosphere like Earth? And could atmospheres evolve? September 19, 2020
How does Earth’s atmosphere compare to those of other planets and what bearing does this question have for the creation versus evolution question?

Green algae multicellularity September 18, 2020
How the green algae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii demonstrates multicellularity is a design feature.

CMI is a youth-oriented ministry! September 17, 2020
CMI is a ministry for youth, not just for technical specialists.

Fascinating flower pots September 16, 2020
Noah’s Flood explains Hopewell Rocks, Canada

Biblical creation answers modern insanity September 15, 2020
How does a biblical worldview help us to respond to climate change and LGBT arguments?

Spiders and ants aiding boat design September 14, 2020
Bug benefiting boat design

Egyptian chronology before the Exodus September 12, 2020
A question regarding biblical chronology as it relates to Egyptian chronology was sent into CMI. Can we trust old dates proposed for the earliest period in Egyptian history?

Distribution of plants and animals September 11, 2020
Was it by rafting or continental drift?

Copying enzyme design to make industrial catalysts September 10, 2020
Chemical researchers copy enzyme design and tweak it. Is this really evolution in action?

Isn’t it obvious? Natural selection can eliminate, but never create! September 9, 2020
Candid evolutionists have publicly recognized the obvious: natural selection is a process of elimination, not creation.

The parable of the cupboard and Genesis 1:29–30 September 8, 2020
A simple parable to help you in your conversations with Christian old-earthers.

How brilliant builder-bees create 3-D spiral honeycombs September 7, 2020
Tetragonula carbonaria are stingless bees that build complex spiral brood combs. Scientists have likened these to crystals, but bees are far more complex than crystals.

Dynein: a molecular motor that shows incredible design September 5, 2020
Dynein and other molecular motors showcase God’s amazing design in biology.

Waterfall formation September 4, 2020
It may not need tectonics or climate change.

The geology transformation tool September 3, 2020
A new way of looking at your world.

Zippy fossil finds September 2, 2020
Exciting rock formations show that fossils form naturally much faster than we are conditioned to believe.

A Review of A Civic Biology September 1, 2020
A Civic Biology was the centerpiece of the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial. It is high time to review what was in that textbook.

Designer DNA replicating rabbits August 31, 2020
Scientists learn to encode 3-D printed objects with instructions coded in DNA, enabling them to replicate the objects again and again.

Is radioactive dating affected by the age of the magma? August 29, 2020
Why it all depends on what is meant by ‘age’.

Examining the usage and scope of historical science August 28, 2020
Why is historical science less trustworthy than operational science? Important question—let’s find out!

Christian parents can leaving a lasting legacy August 27, 2020
Christian parents can ‘fire-proof’ their children’s spiritual foundations and leave a lasting legacy by honestly answering their questions and defending the Bible as God’s inerrant Word.

Designer didn't design junk August 26, 2020
Portions of the genome thought to have no purpose—disparagingly named ‘junk DNA ’—are now known to contain patterns suggesting instead an important functional role.

Scopes at 100 August 25, 2020
The 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial pitted evolution and creation against each other in the courtroom.

Pre-Adamic sin is inherent within theistic evolution and so-called old earth creation models August 24, 2020
If humans evolved from animals, ‘sin’ predates Adam by millennia, undermining the case for moral imperatives and restraints on human behaviour today.

Hydroplate theory: the strongest theory? August 22, 2020
Is the Hydroplate theory of Noah’s Flood the strongest Flood model on offer today?

Rapid formation of concretions August 21, 2020
These geological structures form much more quickly than was thought!

Bible evidence in Egypt August 20, 2020
There is a wealth of evidence for biblical events in Egypt—if you know where to look!

Radioactive dating methods August 19, 2020
Ways they make conflicting results tell the same story.

Affirming God’s Image August 18, 2020
A new resource to inform Christians about the scientific and biblical arguments about transgenderism.

DNA detected in duckbilled dino fossil August 17, 2020
More headaches for the ‘millions of years’ story

Who wrote the Gospels? August 15, 2020
A reader asks: How do we know who wrote the Gospels?

Apemen before Darwin August 14, 2020
Did people believe in apemen before Darwin?

William Lane Craig creation and anthropology August 13, 2020
Responding to recent William Lane Craig statements about creation and the historical Adam and Eve.

Cat mutations August 12, 2020
It’s true that cats have an uncanny ability to land on their feet. But that doesn’t make them invulnerable.

Would the science that supposedly supports evolution stand up to scrutiny in a court of law? August 11, 2020
Evolution cross-examined in the dock. A British lawyer prosecutes his case against neo-Darwinian evolution.

Bronx Zoo apologizes for putting a man in a monkey house August 10, 2020
New York’s Bronx zoo apologizes for putting an African man in a monkey house, but still does not admit the real reason it occurred.

Do animals have spirits August 8, 2020
A reader takes exception with our statement that animals are not spiritually alive.

Parasites and creation August 7, 2020
Did God create destructive parasites?

Denis Alexander’s heretical hermeneutics August 6, 2020
British bio-scientist Denis Alexander reads evolution into the Bible, but this forces him to reinterpret fundamental biblical doctrines like an originally perfect Creation, the Fall and Christ’s Atonement.

Fossil flip-flop August 5, 2020
How objective are scientists?

Responding to liberal scholarship on Behemoth August 4, 2020
Some liberal scholars are advancing a ‘lewd hypothesis’ about the description of Job’s behemoth in Job 40:17.

Biblical creation has the answers August 3, 2020
Creation magazine can help us see how Scripture answers life’s most important questions.

Did the Genesis 1 ‘days’ vary in length? August 1, 2020
Could the first three days of Creation Week have been longer than the last three?

Patriarchal drive in the early post-Flood population July 31, 2020
What effect did long-lived men having children have on human genetic diversity?

Evidence that modern humans and ‘super-archaic’ humans may have shared DNA July 30, 2020
New genetic evidence shows that humans may share DNA with super-archaic humans.

Dogs breeding dogs? July 29, 2020
Dog genetics present a huge problem for evolution. Despite many centuries of breeding producing many varieties, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes, dogs are still dogs.

Evolutionary compromise violates God’s Creation and Rest, and undermines revival. July 28, 2020
Pagan and philosophical cosmogonies, and the major reinterpretations of Genesis 1 they have led to—gap theory, progressive creation, and theistic evolution—violate Genesis’ teaching about Creation, Rest and providence.

Is Hell unfair? July 27, 2020
Many people object to the doctrine of eternal conscious punishment. How do we respond?

Too much heat in Noah’s Flood? July 25, 2020
Did the physical mechanisms that operated during the Flood generate too much heat for Noah and the Ark to survive?

More evidence for genetic entropy: update July 24, 2020
Did the 1918 Spanish Flu virus really go extinct, as genetic entropy predicted?

Lunar volcanoes rock long-age timeframe July 22, 2020
We hope you enjoy this sneak preview of an article from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the printed magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Vance Nelson’s Catastrophic Caves July 21, 2020
Noah’s Flood is the key to understand the rapid formation of caverns.

SETI@home project closing down July 20, 2020
The crowdsourced search for intelligent extraterrestrials known as SETI@home has shut down after two decades of failed searching.

Was the Bible updated? July 18, 2020
We answer the question: Was the Bible’s text updated by later scribes?

Review: ‘Theistic Evolution’ July 17, 2020
A comprehensive critique of theistic evolution.

The Salt Range saga July 16, 2020
The Salt Range of Pakistan has yielded some very interesting fossils—that according to evolution should not have been found!

Sir David Brewster—scientist, creationist, preacher July 15, 2020
The field of modern optics owes much to the creationist who invented the kaleidoscope two centuries ago. 

I’m now a tour guide July 14, 2020
How do I include a creation perspective?

In jettisoning Genesis, societies practice unrestrained abortion—a silent genocide. July 13, 2020
The astonishing numbers of abortions performed each year is indicative of the complete loss of society’s Judeo-Christian foundations, which should drive Christians to their knees in prayer.

Coronavirus end times July 11, 2020
Is coronavirus the start of the end times? And if flat earth is wrong, why isn’t the entire universe backlit by stars?

The origin of flightless birds July 10, 2020
Is flight an easy trait to lose?

Evolution games July 9, 2020
How should we think about games that include evolutionary ideas or mechanics.

The bigger they are … July 8, 2020
Skeptics say if humans and dinosaurs co-existed, then we would have been easy prey for such monsters. Or would the reverse be the case?

Mutations are not random July 7, 2020
This ‘dirty secret’ of modern-day Darwinism blows a hole in evolutionary theory a mile wide!

A new cancer treatment thanks to Darwin? July 6, 2020
It actually speaks against Darwinism!

Could advanced technology enable ‘extraterrestrials’ to travel vast distances? July 4, 2020
Could advanced technology enable inter-stellar travel of extraterrestrials?

Review: ‘Faith and Fossils’ July 3, 2020
One-sided discussion of theistic evolution.

Life: worthless or priceless? July 2, 2020
Is it okay to abort deformed babies?

Calvin said: Genesis means what it says July 1, 2020
One of Christendom’s most significant reformers was in no doubt about what Genesis taught regarding the age of the earth.

Seeing the solar eclipse in a new light June 30, 2020
A total solar eclipse is an amazing phenomenon, and can illustrate biblical teachings

Stonehenge and the new discovery of Durrington’s mile-wide circle June 29, 2020
Archaeologists uncover huge new structure near Stonehenge testifying to ancient man’s ingenuity and brilliance.

Do whales have leg ‘genes’ June 27, 2020
Do whales have leg ‘genes’?

Long-distance transport of sediments June 26, 2020
Surprising catastrophism in sediments for uniformitarians; is it consistent with the Flood?

Was earth covered in water “3200 million years ago”? June 25, 2020
No! That was early during Noah’s Flood and continents still existed

Warped earth June 24, 2020
Folded, bent and deformed rock layers across the globe testify to catastrophe on an unimaginable scale.

Age of the earth matters June 23, 2020
Why billions of years is an even bigger issue than evolution.

Fossil octopus ink June 22, 2020
Did octopus fossil ink really survive millions of years?

Paleozoic Corals and Lunar Recession June 20, 2020
The growth rings in Paleozoic corals are often used to support the idea that the earth is very old, but the argument was flawed from the beginning.

Is there purpose in evolution? June 19, 2020
A review of Is There Purpose in Biology? by Denis Alexander.

If evolution explains contrary things, can it legitimately be called science? June 18, 2020
Evolution is often claimed to explain something and its opposite, so it certainly should not be called science, rather an unfalsifiable ideology!

Crouching tiger, hidden dinosaur? June 17, 2020
For the Chinese these huge creatures were not mythical.

John Grigg: Astronomer and Christian June 16, 2020
A pioneering astronomer in New Zealand who discovered several comets, and also a devoted Christian.

Charon craters and comet conundrums June 15, 2020
Where are the small craters expected by the ‘billions of years’ framework on Pluto’s moon Charon?

Was Ham or Canaan cursed? Are there three races? June 13, 2020
Is the curse of Ham real? Are there three races according to the sons of Noah? What can we learn from the Bible, history and science?

Racial reconciliation June 12, 2020
Recent events have shown that racism is still very much a relevant issue. How should we respond as Christians?

The priests of Darwin want your children June 11, 2020
College biology teachers are becoming increasingly effective in convincing young people into accepting evolution and many become atheists. What can you do to protect your children from this trend?

Zippy zonkey June 10, 2020
When Ziggy the zebra gave birth …

How I (a former evolutionist) came to know Jesus as Creator and Saviour June 9, 2020
How trying to disprove the Bible with evolution led someone to faith in Christ.

Hagfish slimy superpower—‘ancient’ protective design June 8, 2020
A sophisticated protective mechanism in such an ‘ancient’ living fossil defies evolution

Old earth talk Eric Gustafson June 6, 2020
Another old-earther in a seminary shows ignorance of standard biblical creationist responses.

The origin of laminae in shales June 5, 2020
Can they form in moving water, consistent with Noah’s Flood?

The world’s oldest alphabet June 4, 2020
Evidence suggests that the first alphabet may have been developed by the Hebrews, not the Phoenicians, as commonly believed.

Ceres Surprises June 3, 2020
The dwarf planet Ceres is generating wonder and consternation amongst scientists

More of the moth myth! June 2, 2020
The peppered moth myth takes on a new dimension. But genetic evidence shows no novel information caused the change between light and dark moths.

The multilayered codes of DNA June 1, 2020
Delving into DNA’s mind-blowing, multi-layered information system

Progressive revelation May 30, 2020
Is God’s revelation of Himself in Scripture progressive? How is this different from the evolution of religion?

‘Oumuamua—what is it? May 29, 2020
How can we explain this likely interstellar object from a biblical perspective?

Poor reasons to reject Christianity May 28, 2020
How to respond to a college student’s loss of faith.

The death of my beloved wife May 26, 2020
Death will come to all of us unless Christ returns, so how can we be comforted after the death of a loved one?

Hell Creek Formation supports the Bible May 25, 2020
How could T. rex be buried with sharks in the same rock formation?

Did God make Adam ‘half-female’? May 23, 2020
Are women superior to men because they have one more X chromosome?

Debating origins May 22, 2020
A review of Four Views on Creation, Evolution, and Intelligent Design

William Lane Craig flubs on the Flood May 21, 2020
William Lane Craig misrepresents biblical creationists about the Flood, speciation, and migration.

Dinosaur footprint treasure trove found in Britain May 20, 2020
How quickly did they form?

Dark matter in trouble again May 19, 2020
Does a new analysis undermine ‘exotic neutrinos’ as dark matter or not?

Tapir May 18, 2020
‘Primitive’? A ‘hodge-podge of leftovers’? Or something else?

Analyzing John Walton’s ‘functional creation’ view of Genesis 1 May 16, 2020
John Walton’s claim that Genesis 1 is exclusively about functional creation is considered and critiqued.

Have uniformitarians rescued the ‘Pacemaker of the Ice Ages’ paper? May 15, 2020
Is the data on which the secular Milankovitch theory of climate forcing saved by a 1997 paper?

Natural Selection in Paradise May 14, 2020
The fact that some organisms reproduce more than others, depending on the environment, means that natural selection will be operating in the world before Adam sinned and death and suffering entered in.

Purebred dogs May 13, 2020
How did eugenics give rise to many of the modern dog breeds?

Sons of God Genesis 6 May 12, 2020
Figuring out one of the most curious passages in Scripture.

Canaanite-hazor May 11, 2020
Uncommon knowledge of the ancient city preserved in Scripture

Dating Kabwe 1, the Broken Hill skull from Zambia May 9, 2020
Why is Homo heidelbergensis so much younger than previously thought?

Yedomas show one ice age May 8, 2020
Where are the yedomas from previous ice ages?

Do ape vocalisations inform human speech evolution? May 7, 2020
Research on great apes supposedly helps us understand the evolution of speech. Is this true?

Baby snake fossil defies evolution May 6, 2020
A tiny snake “frozen in time” in amber belies its claimed 99 million year age

The deep inconsistency of evolutionism, revealed amid the COVID-19 crisis May 5, 2020
The New York Times released an opinion piece recently that perfectly illustrates how evolutionists cannot live consistently with their worldview.

How big were the dinosaurs, really? May 4, 2020
How big were the dinosaurs on average, and what was the biggest of them all? How did Noah get them on the Ark?

5G and COVID-19 May 2, 2020
People have concerns about the new 5G technology. Other mix in fear of the coronavirus to stir the pot of conspiracy theory. The answers are actually easy to find.

Deep time in 18th century France: part 2 May 1, 2020
How did the development of deep time in 18th century France affect Britain?

Does the Bible support abortifacients? April 30, 2020
Properly interpreting two Old Testament passages shows that they do not endorse killing preborn children by means of abortifacients.

Interview with computer scientist Ed Knorr April 29, 2020
Interview with computer scientist Dr Ed Knorr, who stands on the Bible from creation to new creation.

Was Pharaoh Shoshoni—the plunderer of Jerusalem? April 28, 2020
Does the evidence line up with the Bible’s account?

The coherent creation worldview April 27, 2020
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Amino acids produced in hydrothermal vents? April 25, 2020
Have chemical evolutionists proven that life could have evolved from non-living chemicals in hydrothermal vents?

Deep time in 18th century France: part 1 April 24, 2020
How did deep belief in long ages of ‘geological time’ develop in 18th century France?

Fake spider fossil passes peer review! What lessons should be learnt? April 23, 2020
A fossil spider fooled experts and was published in a scientific journal. Since fossils are often used as weapons in the war of worldviews, what cautionary lessons can be learned?

Interview with termite expert Dr Victor Meyer April 22, 2020
How termites reflect the glory of their Creator.

Answering young people April 21, 2020
When young people have questions, how we answer can make all the difference.

Church forests April 20, 2020
How the church in Ethiopia preserved biodiversity.

Duplicity in the Bible? April 18, 2020
Is the Bible made up of stories plagiarized from other sources? Does it contain contradictions about God? Is it historically and scientifically accurate?

Objection to bipedal apes sinking human evolution theory April 17, 2020
The complexities of turning a non-biped ape into something that walks bipedally appears to be totally ignored by evolutionists when they peddle their just-so stories.

How the Joggins polystrate fossils falsify long ages April 16, 2020
Research into the huge polystrate reed fossils (lycopods) at Joggins, Nova Scotia shows that deep time is in deep trouble.

Electric spider flight April 15, 2020
Spiders use electric fields in the atmosphere to help them get airborne

Putting death in its context as many die from Covid-19 April 14, 2020
With more people thinking about the topic of death during the current covid-19 pandemic what does the Bible teach about its origin and finality?

Easter and Good Friday: questions and answers April 13, 2020
Some claim that the word ‘Easter’ is derived from a pagan goddess, and others claim that Jesus must have been crucified on a Wednesday. Read Dr Sarfati’s comments.

Hope of the resurrection April 12, 2020
This Easter as most of us are prevented from celebrating the Resurrection with our churches, we can still rejoice in the hope that Christ gives us!

The importance of the Resurrection of Christ to our salvation April 11, 2020
What is so important about the Resurrection of Jesus, that without it no one can be saved?

Darkness at the crucifixion: metaphor or real history? April 10, 2020
In defiance of many skeptical claims, there is substantial historical evidence of a non-eclipse darkness in the middle of the day when Jesus died on the Cross.

When was the Last Supper? April 9, 2020
Was the Last Supper on Wednesday or Thursday?

What should Christians think about artificial selection and genetic modification? April 8, 2020
Is it ok for humans to modify organisms? What about human-animal hybrids? We discuss the biblical and ethical guidelines for Christians in today’s world of rapidly developing biotechnology.

Racial mixing is perfectly biblical! April 7, 2020
Racial intermarriage is perfectly acceptable. We completely repudiate the racist claims of the ‘Christian Identity’ movement.

The blue rose April 6, 2020
Why couldn’t one be bred?

Jericho archaeology after Joshua April 4, 2020
Joshua destroyed and cursed Jericho, but did the ancient city lay in ruins forever? No. Archaeology and the Bible agree on the events that occurred at Jericho.

Origins of pathogenic microbes: part 2 April 3, 2020
Where did disease-causing viruses come from?

Unlikely encounters April 2, 2020
How can we be prepared for unexpected witnessing opportunities?

Lingwulong shenqi: dino in wrong evolutionary place and time April 1, 2020
Lingwulong shenqi, ‘amazing dragon of Lingwu’, is a Diplodocus-like dinosaur confounds evolutionists by being in the wrong place and time

Hugh Ross bluffs at church meeting March 31, 2020
At church meetings, Ross still makes blatantly false claims, including about church fathers, human fossils, Neandertals, and the flood.

Synchronized dance of dwarf galaxies stumps big bang boffins March 30, 2020
Stumps big bang boffins

Do mutations add information and is that evolution? March 28, 2020
Mutations can add information, so why is that not evolution?

Origins of pathogenic microbes: part 1 March 27, 2020
Where did disease-causing bacteria come from?

Did Christians oppose James Simpson on childbirth pain relief? March 26, 2020
James Simpson did justify childbirth anesthesia using Scripture, but there was almost no opposition from the Church.

Supercapacitor electrode design inspired by leaves on branches March 25, 2020
The arrangement of branches and leaves maximizes gas absorption. Supercapacitor modeled on this pattern, albeit a millionth the size, maximizes charge storage capacity.

Cosmic Biology March 24, 2020
A strange group of scientific ‘outsiders’, the Hoylites, are denouncing Darwin while promoting panspermia.

The octopus: Intelligent, evolution-defying master of camouflage March 23, 2020
“Said to have ‘alien biology’, and are ‘too brainy’ for their age!”.

Meat eating March 21, 2020
A reader writes in with a question regarding whether God gave permission to eat meat.

Review: 'The Global Sexual Revolution' by Gabriele Kuby March 20, 2020
A global anti-Christian totalitarian threat.

From the mouths of sceptics: sometimes sceptics unwittingly support what creationists teach. March 19, 2020
“From the horse’s mouth”—one has to smile when evolutionary scientists unintentionally provide strong confirmation of the views of those ‘pesky’ creationists!

Vance Nelson interview March 18, 2020
Gary Bates interviews fossil researcher Vance Nelson

Animal death before the Fall: Contrary to God's nature March 17, 2020
Does God care anything about animal death and suffering? The Bible says ‘yes’. It’s part of God’s nature.

‘Out of Africa’ theory problems are growing March 16, 2020
The favoured story of human evolution is now struggling

Love and faith March 14, 2020
We answer the questions: Is the love of God conditional or unconditional, and what did Abraham believe?

Why did fungi become pathogenic? March 13, 2020
How did the Fall affect fungi?

An open letter to Rhett McLaughlin March 12, 2020
Rhett McLaughlin is one of the highest paid YouTube stars and has recently rejected Christianity and come out as a “hopeful agnostic”. Dr Carter answers his objections.

Apologist March 11, 2020
How should we think about apologetics?

RNA world pig-monkey chimera? March 10, 2020
Does the RNA world hypothesis explain the origin of life, and what should we make of the pig-monkey chimera?

Can plants ‘hear’? March 9, 2020
Researchers discover pea seedling roots grow towards the sound of gurgling water.

Trinity creation March 7, 2020
What can we say regarding the actions of each Person of the Godhead in creation?

Post-Flood boundary: Arctic coast of North America March 6, 2020
Where does the evidence point to the post-Flood boundary being in this difficult area?

National Geographic’s strange ideas about the origin of life March 5, 2020
National Geographic’s ideas about the origin of life merely masquerade as science. Yet they say creationists are at war with science?!

The biggest dinosaur eggs March 4, 2020
Just how big were they, and what are the implications for the Ark?

Solar wind protects us from cosmic rays March 3, 2020
Why do we have solar wind? Startling discoveries by Voyager 2 show its great benefits to life.

Oldest Pigment molecules March 2, 2020
Can biological pigment molecules really survive over a billion years?

Post-Flood Race for Survival February 29, 2020
Would animals have to run for their lives as soon as they got off the ark? Would some go extinct as they got hunted by predators?

Paleoanthropology in Australia February 28, 2020
Homo erectus and modern human origins

Reply to Richard Holloway’s patronizing letter to God February 27, 2020
Former Bishop of Edinburgh The Right Reverend Richard Holloway blames Genesis for the world’s environmental problems and tells the Author of Genesis he has been badly misunderstood!

Nathan Marinau February 26, 2020
How does biblical creation inform this psychologist’s practice?

Review: 'The Genealogical Adam and Eve' February 25, 2020
A new model that claims Adam and Eve can be the genealogical ancestors, but not the genetic ancestors, of all people alive today, after people evolved from apes, fails all biblical tests.

Bunnies cute and cursed February 24, 2020
Loved or loathed, rabbits certainly fit the biblical narrative, not an evolutionary one.

Competition between apex predatory dinosaurs pre-Flood? February 22, 2020
Carnivorous dinosaurs pre-Flood: Wouldn’t lots of apex predators be problematic for the biblical creation perspective?

Catastrophic plate tectonics February 21, 2020
What are the six types of data and how do they support rapid plate movement during the Flood?

Preaching the Gospel in honour/shame societies February 20, 2020
The Gospel removes the guilt and shame of our sin, and gives us the right to sit with Christ on His throne.

Walk like a skate? February 19, 2020
Are the ‘walking’ actions of skates an evolutionary step between swimming and walking on land?

Micro-robot eyes inspired by jumping spider February 18, 2020
Ingenious depth perception of jumping spider eyes has inspired designers of micro-robot eyes.

Stonehenge February 17, 2020
‘Stone Age’ relic of post-Babel construction?

How did the Fjords form? February 15, 2020
Were they carved by the glaciers or was it something else?

Confirmed: quasars physically associated with galaxies February 14, 2020
What does this mean for big bang and biblical creation?

Question evolution apologetics February 13, 2020
Darwin’s birthday should be a day to question evolution! How should we present the truth?

Deuteronomy—the Creator’s covenant February 12, 2020
What can the covenant in Deuteronomy teach us about our God?

Bad Masoretic arguments February 11, 2020
Responding to a creationist paper that uses bad argumentation to support the Masoretic text.

Patterns of Evidence Red Sea Miracle February 10, 2020
The third installment of Patterns of Evidence examines the question: can we really believe God parted the Red Sea?

Vale Dr John C. Whitcomb (1924–2020) February 8, 2020
It is hard to overstate the influence Dr John Whitcomb on the modern creation movement

Review: ‘The Lost World of the Flood’ February 7, 2020
A review of The Lost World of the Flood by Tremper Longman III and John H. Walton.

Coronaviruses in creation February 6, 2020
Most viruses are beneficial to living things, but occasionally one of them escapes whatever is controlling it and it run amok, burning hot but often quickly burning out.

Tall tale of the hippo’s tail February 5, 2020
Has evolution affected Bible translation?

Junk DNA ideas have hindered progress in medical science February 4, 2020
There’s compelling evidence that the evolutionary concept of junk DNA has held back medical science for decades.

Creation magazine: like a guided tour February 3, 2020
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Valley of Fire, Nevada February 1, 2020
How it is explained by the geological processes of Noah’s Flood.

Tephra and inflated ice core ages January 31, 2020
Why do volcanic tephra layers decrease in frequency down ice cores?

Wally Tow legacy January 30, 2020
Remembering a faithful believer and recognizing his impact on CMI’s ministry.

Nuclear physicist for creation! January 29, 2020
Nuclear physicist Dr Heinz Lycklama explains the importance of biblical creation, the folly of radiometric dating, and the bankruptcy of goo-to-you evolution.

Creation scientist lifetime achievement award January 28, 2020
Creation scientist Henry Richter used receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award as an opportunity for sharing the Gospel.

Ancient Roman concrete January 27, 2020
The Ancient Romans understood the correlation between natural sedimentary rock and man-made concrete

Is the RubisCO enzyme an ineffective leftover of evolution? January 25, 2020
Some evolutionists claim that the RubisCO enzyme is an evolutionary leftover, but when we look at the details it is obviously a design element!

Review: 'The Lost World of Adam and Eve' January 24, 2020
A review of The Lost World of Adam and Eve by John H. Walton.

Wise use of smart devices and social media in a secular age January 23, 2020
Smart phones and social media, though amazing digital resources, are portals for information of all sorts, some of it wrong or harmful—use them profitably and wisely!

The mystery of the moon January 22, 2020
Whatever scenario evolutionists invoke, they can’t adequately explain the moon’s origin.

Summoning the Demon: Worshiping Artificial Intelligence January 21, 2020
Anthony Levandowski’s ‘Way of the Future’ cult has disturbing ideas about computers.

Physicists’ dark secret January 20, 2020
There’s a message in the stars for scientists.

Pre-fall ecological crisis? January 18, 2020
If there was no pre-Fall animal death, would they have overrun the world if Adam hadn’t sinned?

Aussie bushfire crisis January 17, 2020
How should we respond to Australia’s current bushfire situation?

Archaeology confirms King Hezekiah: 3 January 16, 2020
Archaeology confirms the biblical account—Jerusalem’s deliverance and Sennacherib’s end.

Shrews eating peppers January 15, 2020
Another example of a natural selection favouring an information-losing mutation, which is the opposite to that required for goo-to-you evolution.

Do koalas prove that humans got part of their DNA from viruses? January 14, 2020
Koalavirus likely not example of invasive genetic element but rather part of the genome’s overall design.

Were dragons real in medieval times? January 13, 2020
Comparisons between modern and medieval artists show ancient peoples saw 'extinct' reptiles and dinosaurs

Widmanstätten patterns in meteorites January 11, 2020
Not a problem for the biblical timescale.

Changing paradigms in stratigraphy: part 2 January 10, 2020
Can uniformitarianism be saved from the drastic incompleteness of the rock record under long-age assumptions?

Archaeology confirms King Hezekiah: 2 January 9, 2020
Archaeology confirms the biblical account—Hezekiah’s preparations in Jerusalem.

Salad-eating sharks January 8, 2020
Bonnethead sharks have short ‘carnivorous ancestry’ intestines, yet their stomachs have been found to contain up to 62% seagrass

Snakes losing legs over time is not evolution! January 7, 2020
Deactivation of genes coding for limb morphology and loss of limbs is yet another case of devolution, not evolution.

What was God doing before creation? January 6, 2020
Does Scripture help us to understand this often asked question?

Why did God create? January 4, 2020
If God didn’t need the world, why create it?

Ancient cosmology and Genesis 1 January 3, 2020
Does the supposed 'flat earth/solid sky’ cosmology of the ancients mean we can read the Genesis 1 days non-literally?

Prof Stuart Burgess wins the prestigious Clayton Prize January 2, 2020
Creationists are often accused of bad science or worse but a multiple award-winning, world-class engineer keeps putting the lie to these claims.

Super-successful self-cloning crayfish January 1, 2020
A crayfish that reproduces asexually raises some important questions regarding the origins of sex.