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God is light! December 31, 2019
God’s love is widely seen today as some sort of ubiquitous ‘security blanket’ against the prospect of judgment of sin.

Communicating the truth of creation with grace December 30, 2019
Some suggestions for sharing the truth of creation with grace.

Genesis historical narrative December 28, 2019
What does the grammar of Genesis tell us, and is this the only indicator of historical narrative.

UEFA anti-racism campaign concedes an own goal December 27, 2019
Will racism ever be eradicated? Does the world have the remedy? A return to biblical creation is needed: God made from one man every nation of mankind.

Did Matthew misuse the Old Testament? December 26, 2019
Did Jesus’ birth actually fulfill prophecies in Scripture?

Christmas Why December 25, 2019
Why do we celebrate Christmas? And why on December 25th?

Incarnate Word December 24, 2019
While Matthew and Luke talk about Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, John traces Jesus’ story much further back.

Incarnation Why God became man December 23, 2019
Why did the Creator take on human nature? How does this relate to Genesis creation and even before that?

The genealogies of Jesus December 22, 2019
The genealogies of Jesus in Matthew and Luke are different. In-depth study of Scripture and Jewish methods explains why. Both genealogies explain important facets of the Gospel message.

The virginal conception of Christ December 21, 2019
The Virginal Conception of Christ

CMI changes lives December 20, 2019
Creation ministry changes lives. Read the testimonies!

Mary: the biblical woman behind the cultural legend December 19, 2019
What does the Bible tell us about Mary, the mother of Jesus?

Christmas and Genesis December 18, 2019
How does creation relate to this season? Because the babe in Bethlehem was the Creator of the Universe!

Creation compromise is depleting churches in western countries December 17, 2019
Can a house divided against itself stand? Does a church that does not believe its own doctrines have a future?

Making sense of ‘Homo naledi’ December 16, 2019
It doesn’t fit any evolutionary story.

Defining terms carefully December 14, 2019
How should we define terms like ‘evolution’, ‘atheism’, and ‘religion’?

Review of ‘Right from the Start’ December 13, 2019
An important defense of Genesis

Is a brain a human being? December 12, 2019
Does the brain represent the seat of our humanity? Is it okay to experiment with minibrains grown in the lab?

Coming full circle December 11, 2019
Creation magazine talks with German astrophysicist, theologian and philosopher ‘Stephan’ who operates a mission to Muslims in many lands.

Archaeology confirms King Hezekiah: 1 December 10, 2019
Archaeology confirms the biblical account of Judah’s deliverance from Assyrian invaders.

Submarine canyons bigger than Grand Canyon December 9, 2019
Carved as Noah’s Floodwaters receded

Most influential facts for creation? December 7, 2019
Are there some evidences for creation that are more effective than others?

Effective population sizes and the Flood bottleneck December 6, 2019
How much genetic diversity did humanity lose because of Noah’s Flood?

Were the pyramids built before the Flood? December 5, 2019
We respond to a YouTube video claiming that we need to re-examine biblical chronology.

Designer stripes: Zebras and the truth of Genesis December 4, 2019
Sorting out the equid kind is not always a black and white issue.

“Fossil dinosaur feathers found near the South Pole” – Separating fact from fiction in a farcical story! December 3, 2019
Do ancient fossil feathers found near the South Pole actually belong to dinosaurs? Or is this another National Geographic fantasy?

Ice Age Mystery Solved! December 2, 2019
How the Bible’s short timescale unlocks the long-standing mystery for secular scientists of what causes an ice age

How could a loving God send a global Flood? November 30, 2019
The Flood was an expression of God’s just wrath against sin.

Genetic effects of the Flood bottleneck November 29, 2019
Is human genetic diversity consistent with Noah's Flood?

Why I believe in biblical Creation November 28, 2019
Finnish editor and software engineer Ari Takku tells how he became a creationist.

Facing up to design November 27, 2019
Our incredible facial expressivity—able to represent 21 distinct emotions—would appear to be overdesigned.

What would count as 'new information' in genetics? November 26, 2019
Let’s explore the answer to a common skeptical question about ‘new information’ in genetics.

Real particle physics disappoints big bangers November 25, 2019
Latest antimatter research undermines big bang theory

Could thorns have existed outside of Eden, and what about the Framework Hypothesis? November 23, 2019
Could thorns have existed outside of Eden? What about the Framework Hypothesis? And how certain are we that Genesis 1:1–2:3 is history?

A review of 'The Strange Death of Europe' November 22, 2019
Bestselling British journalist, a gay atheist, confirms the toxicity of Darwinism to the Christian faith.

Weird synthetic proteins are no help to evolution November 21, 2019
Have evolutionists changed the genetic code to make protein evolution faster? The evidence shows that they are far from it.

Black butterfly wings inspire solar cell design November 20, 2019
Solar cell modelled on butterfly wing absorbs twice as much sunlight

The Darwin Dictionary November 19, 2019
A satirical guide to the creation vs evolution controversy—exposing fallacies in evolutionary thinking.

An eggcellent design November 18, 2019
Eggshell nanostructure shows purposeful construction

How can so many scientists be wrong on the age of the earth? November 16, 2019
The Bible provides the foundations for the answers

Christianity and Newtonian science November 15, 2019
How God’s sovereign freedom undergirds the scientific enterprise.

BBC teaches more than 100 genders November 14, 2019
The BBC’s “The Big Talk” videos for British schools teach children that sex is unrelated to gender, and there are “over 100 different gender identities.”

Is big bang theory scientific? November 13, 2019
Big bang theory only appears to be scientific because people are exposed only to the evidence that appears to support it.

The Creation Survival Guide November 12, 2019
Students: are you ready?

The languages of Babel November 11, 2019
How does the origin of languages fit with the account of the tower of Babel?

Have scientists proved that the earth is old? November 9, 2019
Do all scientists believe in an old earth? The fatal flaws of radioactive and tree-ring dating and the flat earth myth.

CMB shadows argument against big bang no longer sustainable November 8, 2019
Creationists should now avoid using this argument.

What is Homo luzonensis? November 7, 2019
Scant bone fragments from a cave on Luzon island suggest yet another fossil human, not an evolutionary intermediate.

A Chinese camarasaurus? November 6, 2019
Ancient wine vessel depicts sauropod dinosaur

Mars moons mystery November 4, 2019
How did Phobos and Deimos come to be so close to the red planet?

Creationism doesn’t kill! November 2, 2019
Instead, it grounds the life-giving message of the Gospel in history.

Origen, origins, and allegory November 1, 2019
Is the church father Origen of Alexandria support for a non-literal reading of Genesis?

God of Creation review October 31, 2019
This excellent resource introduces Christians to how to interpret the Genesis creation account.

The age of arches October 30, 2019
The rate of collapse affirms a biblical time frame!

Unnatural Selection: CRISPR on Netflix October 29, 2019
Genetic engineering is no longer in the realm of science fiction. We review a Netflix series called Unnatural Selection and discuss the implications of the CRISPR-Cas9 technology.

Radicalizing young people October 28, 2019
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Equal airtime to deep time? October 26, 2019
Should CMI give equal airtime to ‘billions of years’ ideas at our meetings?

Cosmology’s fatal weakness—underdetermination October 25, 2019
Is the physical data enough to justify any cosmological theory?

Genesis 3 world October 24, 2019
In today’s world, having a biblical worldview gives us a unique opportunity to minister to the culture.

Pigeon Revision: Brainy birds trump bookish baboons October 23, 2019
The ability to distinguish the style of a Picasso from a Monet puts a whole new perspective on ‘bird-brainy’

UFO beliefs are changing October 22, 2019
Christian theology is making an important contribution to UFOlogy that is helping suffering people.

What’s your address? October 21, 2019
A team has come up with an interesting universal addressing system. But did you know living things have a solution to their own ‘address problem’?

NT reliability October 19, 2019
Were Paul’s letters coauthored? And are the resurrection accounts really plausible?

Unmasking natural selection October 18, 2019
A review of ‘40 Years of Evolution: Darwin’s finches on Daphne Major Island’ by Peter and Rosemary Grant.

The Genesis Creation Account in the Dead Sea Scrolls October 17, 2019
A useful new resource examining the use of Genesis in the DSS.

Blue eyes mutation October 16, 2019
Many people of European descent have less melanin in their eyes, and it’s got nothing to do with evolution

Gary Bates receives honorary doctorate October 15, 2019
Gary Bates receives honorary doctorate from Whitefield Theological Seminary

Creation astronomy from a rocket scientist October 14, 2019
Space scientist Dr Henry Richter’s book Spacecraft Earth explores how Earth is designed for life.

Ok to be a blunt instrument? October 12, 2019
A friend of the ministry asks, didn’t Jesus and Paul use nasty language toward their opponents? We give an answer.

Developmental gene regulatory networks October 11, 2019
An insurmountable impediment to evolution.

Love Thy Body review October 10, 2019
In today’s society, it’s important for Christians to be able to defend the biblical teaching about gender and marriage. This book helps.

Dinosaur eggs point to the Flood October 9, 2019
Their survival is hard to explain, but after a little digging, answers start to emerge.

Framework hypothesis, missionary societies and the Gospel October 8, 2019
The framework hypothesis is a stratagem for harmonizing Genesis with the atheistic theory of evolution, so it should be shunned by all Christian organizations that depend on Bible-believers for support.

Knock, knock … are you ready? October 7, 2019
Be prepared to take advantage of the evangelism opportunities that come right to your door.

Can the Hebrew word ‘bara’ be translated as re-create? October 5, 2019
Can the Hebrew word ‘bara’ be translated as re-create and did God re-create this world based on an previously existing Earth?

How long was Noah on the Ark? October 4, 2019
Might Noah have measured time on the Ark using a Lunar Year?

Evolution of middle ear bones in mammals from jaw bones in reptiles? October 3, 2019
Do evolutionists really say that the bones, joints, muscles, nerves and eardrum really turn into the middle ear of mammals? Unheard of!

Why don’t we live as long as Methuselah? October 2, 2019
Modern science is catching up with what the Bible tells us about people living for hundreds of years.

The Jesus defence: “It is written” October 1, 2019
Jesus’ defence against Satan’s temptations was simple, effective, and precise: He quoted the Word of God, “It is written”.

The albatross flies for free September 30, 2019
Powered by ocean wind shear, the dynamic soaring of the albatross enables it to fly for thousands of miles just above the sea surface without flapping its wings.

Killing babies is wrong September 28, 2019
Abortion is wrong. But some women can’t afford a baby. How would you respond?

The origin of dogs September 27, 2019
When and how did dogs diversify after Noah’s Flood?

Blunt instrument September 26, 2019
We seek to “destroy arguments” that oppose Christianity, but to win people.

We are less than dust September 25, 2019
Everything we see is mostly made up of empty space

Book review of Richard Dawkins’ “Outgrowing God” September 24, 2019
Dawkins latest book rehashes tired, age-old atheistic arguments, shows bias, and makes basic errors.

‘Killer’ caterpillar with ‘sting’ in its tail September 23, 2019
A tiny caterpillar can make a meal out of an unsuspecting insect in the blink of an eye.

What is Archaeotherium? Pig or hippopotamus? What is Onychonycteris? Shrew or bat? September 21, 2019
No proof for evolution—Archaeotherium pre-Flood pig, and Onychonycteris turns out to be yet another species of bat.

More functions for ERVs and LINEs September 20, 2019
What new functions do these supposed examples of ‘junk DNA’ have?

Homo Deus, the worship of Man, and the recovery of Genesis September 19, 2019
Satan’s old lie, “You will be like God”, reverberates still today, and an effective rebuttal of the idolatry of popular humanistic claims requires creation without compromise.

Beluga-narwhal hybrid September 18, 2019
DNA reveals beluga-narwhal hybrid

Senseless cynical censorship of the teaching of creationism in Welsh schools September 17, 2019
A campaign organized by the British Humanist Association, of 46 leading scientists and organizations, is pressuring the Welsh Government to ban creation in Welsh schools

The red fox and post-Flood migration September 16, 2019
The furry carnivore which rapidly spread across the globe.

Christians differing views September 14, 2019
God inspired the Bible as completely accurate. So why does He allow us to have different opinions?

Tunnel valleys September 13, 2019
Can they be formed catastrophically?

The planets are young: 5 Uranus and Neptune September 11, 2019
We present reasons why Uranus and Neptune are young, not billions of years old, as claimed in the BBC-TV program The Planets.

Inspiration of Scripture September 10, 2019
We believe the Bible is inspired, but what does that mean?

As silent as a flying owl September 9, 2019
How do you make the blades of a multi-rotor drone ‘chop’ the air more quietly? Look to the owl’s wings …

Resurrection details September 7, 2019
A reader asks: Why would the women take spices to the tomb when Jesus was entombed with 75 pounds of spices? How would you respond?

New A. anamensis cranium undermines the human evolutionary tree. September 6, 2019
New find suggests that several australopithecine species may just be variations of the same kind. Evolutionists are now unsure how to reconstruct the supposed human evolutionary tree. 

Yale university professor renounces Darwinism! September 5, 2019
Yale professor rejects Darwinism for top reasons many college students accept it. But does he believe the right thing instead?

The Planets are young: 4 Saturn September 4, 2019
We present reasons why Jupiter is young, not billions of years old, as claimed in the BBC-TV program The Planets.

End times September 3, 2019
CMI deals with end times, but the really important issue may not be what you think it is!

Big bang universe “should not actually exist” September 2, 2019
In theory, we shouldn’t be here.

Is biblical creation anti-science? August 31, 2019
We respond to a number of comments critical of ‘science-rejecting’ creationists.

A review of ‘Dictionary of Christianity and Science’ August 30, 2019
A review of Dictionary of Christianity and Science by Paul Copan, Tremper Longman III, Christopher L. Reese, Michael Strauss (Editors)

Rainbow spot design challenges engineers August 29, 2019
Philippine snout weevil has brilliantly coloured spots. What causes them, and what can engineers learn?

The planets are young: 3 Jupiter August 28, 2019
We present reasons why Jupiter is young, not billions of years old, as claimed in the BBC-TV program The Planets.

Reformation Wall Vandalized Yet Again August 27, 2019
Reformation wall defaced. Whodunnit and why? Widespread acceptance of homosexuality today signals spiritual situation of our modern culture.

The incredible human brain August 26, 2019
As powerful evidence for a Designer’s existence, look no further than inside your head.

From a rib to a 206-bone human August 24, 2019
Did Eve transition from a single bone to a 206-bone human? What about the transition from molecules to man?

The genetic history of the Israelite nation August 23, 2019
What can genetics tell us about the history of the Jews?

Lizard discovery confirms biblical creation August 22, 2019
Shaun Doyle

The planets are young: 2. Earth and Mars August 21, 2019
We present reasons why Earth and Mars are young, not billions of years old, as per the BBC-TV program The Planets.

Researching creation after secular academia August 20, 2019
Evolution’s top five arguments better support biblical creation – there is hope for college students.

What humans do but animals don’t August 19, 2019
Six abilities of humans that make us different from animals, and are features of God and thus make us accountable to Him.

Can mutations lead to new genetic information? A necessary clarification August 17, 2019
An extra copy of a gene is new information, but not a new kind of information – evolution still doesn’t happen!

Is the Shroud of Turin authentic? August 16, 2019
Is the Shroud of Turin authentic? We examine the biblical, anatomical, chemical evidence.

Where is our focus August 15, 2019
How do we communicate the truth over social media?

The planets are young: 1. Mercury and Venus August 14, 2019
We present reasons why Mercury and Venus are young, not billions of years old, as per the BBC-TV program The Planets.

Have astrobiologists really found a super-Earth? August 13, 2019
Could extrasolar planet GJ 357 d, orbiting a nearby red dwarf star, support liquid water or life? More evolutionary hype.

Chris Rupe and John Sanford on human evolution August 12, 2019
The co-authors of Contested Bones talk with Creation magazine

A knocker answered August 10, 2019
A critic who fires off many rhetorical rockets at once is seriously misinformed

The satellites of Pluto August 9, 2019
Can naturalistic theories explain their origin and properties?

Rails derail Darwinism – the loss of flight in birds is not evolution! August 8, 2019
Loss of flight several times is not evolution, no new structures, no new genes.

Evolution revolution August 7, 2019
Stick insect research upsets one of evolutionists’ long-held beliefs

Nineteenth century artwork picturing an apparent pterosaur in the waters of Noah’s Flood August 6, 2019
What would you include in an image of the global Flood of Noah? Nineteenth century artist Edward Burne-Jones depicted a pterosaur, consistent with the biblical text.

Eve, the rib, and modern genetics August 5, 2019
Scientific investigation supports the idea that we descend from an original couple.

Iron sharpening iron August 3, 2019
A reader claims that we were unfair in our assessment of another Christian’s research. We respond.

A review of 'Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis' August 2, 2019
One more powerful critique of neo-Darwinism.

Lutherans take stand on creation August 1, 2019
The LCMS’s recent resolution on creation is an encouraging example for others.

International research journeys July 31, 2019
How moving around the world helped set the groundwork for a young scientist to become part of a dynamic ministry.

Ambopteryx – bird or bat-winged reptile? July 30, 2019
Is it a bird? A bat? No, it’s Ambopteryx! Multiple characteristics show that new fossil is likely a bird.

Refuting evolutionary propaganda July 29, 2019
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics.

Is Genesis poetic? July 27, 2019
Doesn’t Genesis explain the “why” and ‘science’ the “how”?

Carol Cleland’s case for historical science—part 2 July 26, 2019
How reliable are the conclusions of historical science compared to experimental science?

US States’ abortion bills reveal culture clash over unborn human life July 25, 2019
What do the US abortion laws tell us about the culture clash in America?

Deconstructing Darwin: Darwin’s real message July 24, 2019
Darwin’s real message—have you missed it? Some evolutionists really do understand its materialistic implications.

New sugar transport gene evolved in yeast? July 23, 2019
Despite capability of taking up new sugar, yeast species has not undergone evolution

Trickster, varmint, wolf July 22, 2019
Does the reviled coyote deserve its reputation?

God is love July 20, 2019
Is God forced to be loving by his nature?

50th anniversary of Apollo moon landing July 19, 2019
50 years ago today, man landed on the moon for the first time. What can we learn looking back?

Limestone fossil slab perfectly captures a swimming school of fish July 18, 2019
The dynamic process of fish schooling is amazingly preserved in a ‘Fossilized freeze frame’ recording their coordinated collective motion.

Multiverse no help for evolution July 17, 2019
It’s an ‘out there’ concept that doesn’t help to explain why we are down here.

One day is as a thousand years: God’s warning to those who deny creation and the worldwide flood July 16, 2019
“one day is as a thousand years” is often used as an excuse for not believing in literal creation days, but this passage is actually a warning for creation compromisers.

Nature’s self-cleaning marvels: July 15, 2019
Nobody saw her “billions of years of research and development”, yet ‘she’ is credited with nature’s marvels of engineering.

Faith worth sharing July 13, 2019
A touching testimony shows exactly why we do what we do.

Unconformities July 12, 2019
How does Noah’s Flood provide a better framework for understanding unconformities?

A Detective's Approach July 11, 2019
Learn how to ask The Big Question when dialoguing with skeptics and unbelievers.

The importance of biblical creation July 10, 2019
How Creation magazine helped shape one man’s theology.

Utilitarian Ethics July 9, 2019
Only an ‘ethicist’ could ask the question ‘Would the world be better off without humans?’

Moving forward July 8, 2019
There are many strong arguments for Creation, but some are not so strong, and others are totally unsound. It’s important to know the difference. This is why it’s important to keep up with current creationist literature. There is so much good evidence for Creation that there is no need to use any of the ‘doubtful’ arguments.

Stick to the science? July 6, 2019
Why CMI talks about theology as well as science.

Review of ‘A Fortunate Universe’ July 5, 2019
Is the fine-tuning of the universe evidence for divine design?

Isaac Watts: A poet in awe of his Creator July 4, 2019
He was the originator of the English congregational hymn, which was a new genre of poetry that expressed praise and dedication to God in rhymed verse.

The appendix July 3, 2019
The little appendage that can cause a lot of pain and confusion.

Did the ear bones of mammals really evolve from the jawbones of reptiles? July 2, 2019
Evolution of bones in middle ear in mammals unheard of.

Lizard skin inspires lubricant-free slipperiness July 1, 2019
Lubrication in a dusty environment can be a problem, so engineers have turned to the sandfish skink lizard for a solution.

Could chemical evolution produce DNA? June 29, 2019
Could DNA building blocks have formed in a primordial soup? How to think about chemical evolution papers.

An overview of the Denisovan puzzle June 28, 2019
How can we understand the mysterious Denisovan people from a biblical perspective?

Wilberforce Huxley debate June 27, 2019
Did Wilberforce ask Huxley if he was an ape on his grandfather’s or his grandmother’s side? You’ll be surprised at the answer.

Liliger June 26, 2019
What is a liliger? Why can all cats today interbreed? And why does the Bible teach rapid speciation?

Countering blockers and knockers June 25, 2019
Here are some of the reasons given for refusing ministry from CMI, and why none of them make sense.

Peacock ‘eyes’ that hypnotize June 24, 2019
When the peacock vibrates its colourful fan of tail feathers, the ‘eyespots’ behave differently from the rest of the feathery background, leaving the peahen mesmerized.

Were stem cell-like organisms the first forms of life? June 22, 2019
Stem cell-like ancestors of sponges only make early life more complex, and the probability of evolution less likely.

A review of 'The Neanderthals Rediscovered' June 21, 2019
Modern science shows that Neandertals are fully human.

Secular researchers agree: worldviews control science! June 20, 2019
A secular peer-reviewed paper confirms that worldviews control the interpretation of scientific data.

Life imprisonment for ‘feeble-mindedness’? June 19, 2019
How evolutionary philosophy and bad science led to imprisoning people deemed inferior.

Can ‘day’ (Hebrew yom) mean a long period of time (eon)? June 18, 2019
Some argue the Hebrew word yôm in Genesis 1 means a long time period because they try to fit billions of years into the Bible. Have they got a point?

Sulfur bacteria stasis June 17, 2019
“The greatest absence of evolution ever reported” is hailed as support for evolution.

Jesus: right on Genesis! June 15, 2019
If Jesus taught a historical Genesis, so should we.

Planation surfaces below the Antarctic Ice Sheet June 14, 2019
How did they form?

Homeschooling, Old Earth Creationism June 13, 2019
Great encouragement from attendees at homeschool conference, yet we also experienced concerns due to false teaching about creation

Dolphin's double beam sonar June 12, 2019
Dolphins use ‘double sonar beam’ to narrow down prey’s location. Algorithm used to analyse this could help design better body scanners.

Tilapia June 11, 2019
How tilapia skins help to heal burn victims

The Vredefort Dome, South Africa June 10, 2019
Long-age thinking held back scientific explanations of a major South African geological feature.

Prove God exists? June 8, 2019
A skeptic says that creation is fictional because we haven’t proved that God exists. Is he right?

At least some ‘tillites’ may be impact debris June 7, 2019
Answering a challenge to biblical geology: do pre-Ice Age ‘tillites' require glacial processes to form?

Stunning trace fossils showing dinosaur skin in high definition June 6, 2019
Have you ever seen a dinosaur running in the rain? No, but a stunning new fossil find is the next best thing.

Science reinforces faith in God June 5, 2019
A childhood experience of studying the anatomy of a sheep led to a career in biology.

Masoretic vs Septuagint June 4, 2019
Interacting with Henry Smith’s latest response to our textual research.

Microstructural architecture of feathers makes them tough June 3, 2019
Electron microscope unlocks the amazing design of the structures that makes avian flight possible.

Earth age, big bang, nature of science June 1, 2019
Is there such a thing as “the best scientific evidence for creation or a young earth”? Soft tissue in dino bones, carbon-14 in diamonds, big bang problems.

Ancient chronology and the Old Testament: part 2 May 31, 2019
How can we begin correlating the Bible’s chronology with data outside the Bible?

Baptist minister Steve Chalke’s New Reformation on YouTube is a defamation of true Christianity May 30, 2019
Steve Chalke is releasing 95 YouTube videos calling them his “New Reformation”, but his challenge to the Church to rethink fundamental issues (like marriage and human sexuality) is counter-Christian.

The Blue Whale May 29, 2019
Perhaps the largest creature God created, this denizen of the deep is awesome to behold.

The best defense is a strong offense May 28, 2019
Can you believe it? Bringing CMI to your church is one of the most powerful ways to equip your youth to resist secular challenges to their faith.

Water and wind gaps May 27, 2019
When were these geomorphological features carved?

Creation isn’t science? May 25, 2019
A critic says creation isn’t science. How would you respond?

Planation surfaces formed by river piracy? May 24, 2019
Or do planation surfaces require a more catastrophic mechanism?

Newly discovered Medusavirus turns evolutionary theory to stone May 23, 2019
Eukaryotic genes in newly discovered Medusavirus hints at devolution and not evolution

Where was Eden? May 22, 2019
What information does the Bible give us that might help to locate Eden?

Revisiting the Fallout May 21, 2019
We interviewed college students about the reasons why they left the church or stayed.

Fossils in a day? May 20, 2019
Can fossils form quickly under the right conditions?

Genesis as history May 18, 2019
An old, discredited interpretation?

Hybridization and evolution May 17, 2019
Hybridization occurs in the wild more than evolutionists thought. What does this mean for biblical creation?

National Review publishes pro-evolution misinformation piece by Khan May 16, 2019
A new article from a well-known conservative news site promotes evolution uncritically.

Pediments May 15, 2019
Rapidly carved by channelized Flood runoff

Calling the BBC out on their inconsistent position on evolution and moral ‘values’ May 14, 2019
The BBC are enthusiastic purveyors of evolution, so why sack their staff when they base their moral decisions on the BBC’s teaching?

Tardigrades too tough for evolution May 13, 2019
Sometimes scientists are so enthralled by the wonders of the nitty-gritty, they forget what’s really at issue.

Does God cause Down syndrome? May 11, 2019
How can someone be “fearfully and wonderfully made” if they have disabilities like Down Syndrome?

Review of ‘Evolution’s Bite’ May 10, 2019
Taking the bite out of evolution.

Dinosaur footprints at Karoola station, Australia May 9, 2019
Fleeing the rising waters of Noah’s Flood

Valley and canyon formation in the Flood model May 8, 2019
The past is the key to the present understanding of these geological features.

Leonardo’s dragon May 7, 2019
How did he draw a dinosaur so accurately?

God’s DNA-detangling motors May 6, 2019
Complex operations within a cell have to be present from the start for it to function at all.

Defending the resurrection May 4, 2019
How would you answer these objections to the most central event to our faith?

How did cats become carnivores? May 3, 2019
How did their digestive biology change to make them need meat?

Stretching biblical Creation teachings risks undermining the Author’s intended meaning May 2, 2019
Should Christianity bow the knee to naturalism and get in line with evolution? What would happen to the doctrines of the Bible if this approach was taken?

How did the Solar System form? May 1, 2019
The results of a computer analysis to investigate how the solar system might have formed should cause evolutionists to think again about naturalistic processes.

BBC as the Noble Liar promoting a liberal agenda April 30, 2019
National broadcaster practiced in deceit—former BBC executive Robin Aitken exposes the mendacity of the UK’s Broadcasting Corporation.

Everything is theological April 29, 2019
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be energised and strengthened by the powerful content and brilliant graphics

Doubt and the Cambrian explosion April 27, 2019
Does lengthening the ‘timeframe’ of the Cambrian explosion make it easier for evolutionists to explain?

Ancient chronology and the Old Testament: part 1 April 26, 2019
How can we begin correlating the Bible’s chronology with data outside the Bible?

Peregocetus pacificus four-legged whale April 25, 2019
Have they now finally found a whale missing link, Peregocetus pacificus?

Seabed circles ‘Whodunnit?’ solved April 24, 2019

Conrad Mbewe interview April 23, 2019
The story behind an engineer who left the mining industry and fulfilled a desire to preach.

He arose! The Easter connection with Creation April 22, 2019
What has Easter got to do with the creation of the world and humanity? Well, consider that the resurrected Jesus taught from the authority of Moses’ books (which include Genesis)!

Is the fossil record ‘overwhelming evidence for evolution’? April 20, 2019
No, it's evidence for Creation!

If Christ is not raised April 19, 2019
The resurrection is central to the Christian faith.

Interpreting the geology of Central Australia April 18, 2019
A geological guide book reveals landmarks, patterns, and puzzles.

The remarkable Captain Robert FitzRoy April 17, 2019
The man in charge of the Beagle was known for his Christian character as well as his great skill as a mariner.

First ever image of a black hole April 16, 2019
How do black holes relate to biblical creation?

Dragons in the British Museum April 15, 2019
When some early fossil hunters unearthed the bones of creatures, they recognised them as more than mythical animals.

Precambrian geology and the Flood April 13, 2019
Where do the lowest rocks in the rock record fit in the biblical timeframe?

Review of 'Controversy of the Ages' April 12, 2019
Missing why the age of the earth matters.

Dystopian science 3 April 11, 2019
In a post-apocalyptic scenario, would science be re-discovered?

Unplanned review April 10, 2019
"Unplanned" gives the viewer a front-row seat to the horrors of abortion.

Is Christianity unbelievable in the face of atheism? April 9, 2019
When Christian radio host goes head-to-head with many leading atheists and critics of Christianity, does it leave his faith intact? You be the judge.

Diatoms: artistry in miniature April 8, 2019
Tiny diatom frustules reveal God’s beautiful design

Geological interpretation of Apsley Falls, Australia April 6, 2019
How published geological reports help develop a biblical interpretation.

The failure of evolutionary mechanisms April 5, 2019
Neo-Darwinism, Neutral evolution, and the 'Extended Evolutionary Synthesis' cannot avoid the multilayered complexity of the genome and cell.

Dystopian science 2 April 4, 2019
How do we know what we know? What is the role of authority?

Walking ain’t easy April 3, 2019
Robotics engineers trying to copy human bipedal locomotion have a long way to go

Extremism being redefined to advance secular agenda April 2, 2019
Influential humanist propagandists try to redefine ‘extremism’ to advance their secular agenda—and they’re targeting the teaching of creation in schools.

Opalised fossils or pseudofossils April 1, 2019
Can opals and opalised fossils form quickly under the right conditions?

Starting from Genesis or geology? March 30, 2019
What is the best way to approach the study of Genesis and the rocks?

Tremendous erosion during the Flood March 29, 2019
The erosion that occurred during the latter stages of Noah’s Flood is almost unimaginable, but remarkably obvious.

Dystopian Science 1 March 28, 2019
Humanity emerges from the rubble of a nuclear holocaust. Would science be reborn?

Antibiotic resistance not evolution in action March 27, 2019
Why are man-made pills increasingly ineffective in the battle against infections?

Craig misrepresents The Genesis Account March 26, 2019
William Lane Craig swings at The Genesis Account—and misses.

The universe of the lone brain March 25, 2019
In wrestling with the overwhelming evidence of design around us, atheists propose explanations somewhere beyond this world; even in imagined other universes.

Clueless about the origin of human consciousness March 23, 2019
Well-funded YouTube video falls far short in explaining how consciousness evolved

Review: ‘The Big Picture’ by Sean Carroll March 22, 2019
What is a ‘big picture’ that has no author, meaning, or purpose?

The Christchurch mosque attacks March 21, 2019
Speaking Christ’s peace, truth and love into a tragic massacre.

How does fetal blood circulation differ from circulation after birth? March 20, 2019
The amazing changes in a new born baby’s circulation

Can Christians add the big bang to the Bible? March 19, 2019
God tells us in Genesis how and when He created the heavens and the earth. It wasn’t by means of a bang no matter how big.

Water walking lizard March 18, 2019
The incredible basilisk has an amazing ability that allows it to skim across the water.

Biblical inerrancy and the age of the earth March 16, 2019
Everyone is on a journey.

Can functional sequences come from random DNA? March 15, 2019
Can random DNA sequences be a source of evolutionary novelty?

Lost World of John Walton March 14, 2019
Wheaton college professors write a series of books encouraging evangelicals to abandon the biblical understanding of Creation and the Flood as taught by Christ and the NT writers.

Continental margins formed rapidly during Flood runoff March 13, 2019
Below the sea around land masses there is evidence of rapid water run-off, not slow and gradual erosion.

Hachimoji DNA argues against evolution March 12, 2019
Evolutionists claim that an eight-letter DNA alphabet called hachimoji allows for more varied evolution of life, but simple science shows otherwise.

Schrader Hebrew professor March 11, 2019
Dr Stephen Schrader, former Old Testament Department Chair and Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament, explains the importance of a historical Genesis.

Find creation based education in astronomy and geology March 9, 2019
What colleges would you recommend for my children?

Mixing among Israelites and non-Israelites March 8, 2019
Does the Bible point to much genetic mixing in Israel?

Do Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence? March 7, 2019
CMI responds to a common catchphrase used by skeptics.

Bioluminescence—the light of living things March 6, 2019
A chemical reaction allows a tiny creature to stand out in the dark.

Whence the craziness enveloping the once-Christian 'West'? March 5, 2019
Radical change in attitudes and laws has followed the West’s rejection of its Christian heritage.

Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy March 4, 2019
New Patterns of Evidence film tackles tough questions

Origin of the Carrickfergus salt deposits, County Antrim, Northern Ireland March 2, 2019
When did they form and how?

Review of 'Sapiens’ by Yuval Harari March 1, 2019
This so-called history of humankind is drenched in evolutionary conjecture.

Redemptive history February 28, 2019
Theistic evolutionists

The wombat February 27, 2019
To the first Europeans to settle in Australia, it looked like a badger. But the creature—a godsend to shipwrecked sailors—turned out to be something very different.

Answering the Premier Christianity article by Michael Roberts – 10 questions to ask a young earth creationist – Part 2 February 26, 2019
Clergyman and geologist Michael Roberts has thrown down the gauntlet to creationists with 10 provocative, and supposedly unanswerable questions about their ‘young Earth’ belief! (Part 2 of our answer)

Gorge ‘looks thousands of years old’, but created in months February 25, 2019
Within months, a river was so drastically changed that many could not believe what they were seeing.

Barcodes, unclean animals, and skeletal mutations questions February 23, 2019
Answering genetics questions from our readers.

Floating forest hypothesis fails to explain later and larger coal beds February 22, 2019
If most coal was formed from plants other than lycopods, then do we need the floating forest hypothesis to explain the origin of coal?

Answering the Premier Christianity article by Michael Roberts – 10 questions to ask a young earth creationist – Part 1 February 21, 2019
Clergyman and geologist Michael Roberts has thrown down the gauntlet to creationists with 10 provocative, and supposedly unanswerable questions about their ‘young Earth’ belief! (Part 1 of our answer).

Creation evangelism at Mars Hill February 20, 2019
What Paul’s address to the Greeks teaches today’s evangelists.

Countering emotional attacks on creation February 19, 2019
Those who oppose God often use emotional arguments. Are you ready to respond?

The Samurai Crab February 18, 2019
The idea that the samurai face on the Heike crab was designed by natural selection isn’t true.

How could Noah's Ark have survived the flood? February 16, 2019
What with all the waves, water jets, hurricanes, and ocean heat?

‘Paleosol’ formation February 15, 2019
Can happen faster than secular scientists think.

God of Creation February 14, 2019
How should we think about a Bible study that is flawed regarding creation and the Flood?

Killifish survivors are ‘losers’ February 13, 2019
Killifish have been found living in polluted rivers with levels of industrial toxins 8,000 times the lethal dose.

Is there a God? February 12, 2019
Here are Stephen Hawking’s reasons for believing that God does not exist, and ours for believing that he was wrong.

Conversation with an unlikely convert February 11, 2019
How an academic’s life was eventually turned around by true friendship and reading the Bible.

Medicine and Miracles February 9, 2019
God can do miracles, so is getting medical care a sign of lacking faith?

The male reproductive system February 8, 2019
The male reproductive system is not poorly designed.

Is evolution a message of hope for humanity? February 7, 2019
You think it’s no big deal how humans originated? Where, according to atheists, do meaning, value and significance come from? Is theistic evolution the answer?

The peacock spider February 6, 2019
A tiny, amazing, colourful arachnid ‘struts’ around like the bird after which it is named.

New York abortion February 5, 2019
New York passes a gruesome new abortion law. How should Christians respond?

Fish scales inspire flexible armoured gloves February 4, 2019
Water dwellers have intricate design features that can be mimicked to help build better protective gear.

Neanderthals pre-flood? February 2, 2019
A questioner asks: Did Neanderthals live before the Flood?

Are all fossil stromatolites biological? February 1, 2019
Why this is an important issue for Flood geology.

Supermoon eclipse January 31, 2019
Total eclipse of wolf supermoon causing blood moon: what can creationists learn?

Could the Flood have been tranquil? January 30, 2019
John Fleming proposed a tranquil Flood that left no trace. But then, why are scoffers without excuse? Could there be a tranquil flood any more than a tranquil explosion?

Children and worldview January 29, 2019
A German family who was penalized for homeschooling their children is an important reminder for all Christian parents.

Sea pens January 28, 2019
‘Extreme’ living fossils shout ‘after their kind’

Evolutionists disagree on how evolution happens January 26, 2019
There is more than one view among evolutionary researchers on how new biological structures arise.

Very old landforms January 25, 2019
Should landforms like planation surfaces even still exist, if the earth is billions of years old?

Can Evangelicals agree to differ about evolution? January 24, 2019
Can genuine Evangelicals really come to some agreement?

‘How does it fit with the Bible?’ January 23, 2019
A sneak preview of the editorial from the soon-to-be-released Creation magazine. Subscribers will be delighted with the magazine’s powerful content and brilliant graphics

‘Bloat-and-float’ model explains upside-down ankylosaurs January 22, 2019
Are ankylosaur fossils really found on their backs? If so, why?

Eugenics is back January 21, 2019
It is abhorrent that humans should decide which baby is allowed to live based on their ‘fitness’.

Biocentrism January 19, 2019
What is ‘biocentrism? Is it a better explanation for the fine-tuning of the cosmos than the biblical God?

More fossil range expansions January 18, 2019
Many new fossil discoveries at ‘wrong’ evolutionary dates.

Theistic evolution and the Christian faith January 17, 2019
The first man Adam? Original perfection in Eden? The Fall into sin? Noah’s Flood? For modern evangelicals to disregard Genesis 1–11 as history enhances rather than harms Christianity, doesn’t it?

Michael and Shouchin Man January 16, 2019
Joel Tay interviews Michael and Shouchin Man.

UFOs on History Channel January 15, 2019
CMI’s Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception helps answer questions raised by the History Channel series Project Blue Book.

The alien intrusion creation based movie January 14, 2019
Have people really encountered visitors from another galaxy, or are they being deceived?

The remarkable landscape around Provadia, Bulgaria January 12, 2019
Formed by Noah’s Flood

Pseudo-pseudogenes January 11, 2019
Revealing further complexity in the genome

Can evolutionists use celebrities to brainwash the public? January 10, 2019
A team of evolutionist researchers suggests intentional brainwashing of students using celebrity endorsements of evolution.

Coral: The animal that acts like a plant, but is an active predator, and makes its own rocks for a house January 9, 2019
The sea creature that makes so much of an impression, its effects can be seen from outer space.

Submission to Scripture—the key to understanding our worth January 8, 2019
Submission to Scripture helps us to have a biblical worldview.

Convert to Creation January 7, 2019
How a fascination with birds led to a lifetime of scientific investigation.

The Alvis Delk human-dino footprints artefact January 5, 2019
Is it an ancient fossil indicating dino-human coexistence or a modern hoax?

Science and fraud January 4, 2019
The problem with science is that so much of it simply isn't.

Rusty cars and Christian institutions January 3, 2019
Biblical authority in Christian institutions tends to corrode away towards apostasy—what is the cure?

Saturnian ‘pristine’ problem January 2, 2019
The evolutionary timeline has a problem: Saturn’s icy rings are too ‘pristine’.

Black Mountain, North Queensland, Australia January 1, 2019
How did this fascinating tourist feature form?