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S07E14 - Who were the Nephilim?
Alien Intrusion [Official Movie Trailer] #2
Alien Intrusion: Chat with the Producer
Alien Intrusion [Official Movie Trailer] #1
S06E24 - Geniuses in the genealogies
Mass extinction points to Noah's Flood
Lawyer jettisons Noah's Flood
S05E19 - Uniformitarianism and the age of the earth
Grand Canyon strata supports Noah's Flood
Upside down geological column
Which History Fits Best? – Ep 4 – Supernova remnants
Which History Fits Best? – Ep 3 – Fossils
Which History Fits Best? - Ep 2 - DNA
Which History Fits Best? - Ep 1 - Dinosaur soft tissue
The Genesis Account
If there was a global flood, what would we expect to find?
Science confirms Earth’s magnetic field flipped rapidly
Flat gaps between rock layers challenge evolution’s long ages
Dinosaur DNA dilemma
Dieting dinosaurs
S04E22 - The Creation model
S04E18 - Refuting ‘bad design’ arguments
S04E06 - The holocaust before the holocaust
Missoula Flood DVD Promo CMI Program Stream
Hypertension -- racial differences don't affect prescriptions
S03E12 - Tracing the nations back to Babel
S03E02 - Fossils: Evidence for Biblical creation
S02E24 - The Ice Age and the Bible
Laetoli Footprints
Mitochondrial Eve -- a good fit for the real Eve
Toumai skull: ape-man, or just ape?
Death Throes -- Dinosaur fossil posture suggests asphyxiation
Stasis -- Another problem for evolution from the fossil record
Creation Magazine - an essential equipping tool for the whole family
The key to understanding earth history: The global flood
Genesis is Revelation
The Darwinian roots of the Nazi tree
S01E24 - 15 Questions for Evolutionists -- #15 Why is a religious idea taught in science classes?
S01E23 - 15 Questions for Evolutionists -- #14 Why is evolution taught as operational science?
Where do cavemen fit into Biblical history?
Junk DNA
S01E17 - 15 Reasons to Take Genesis as History
S01E13 - The Tower of Babel and the origin of 'races'
S01E11 - Dinosaurs and the Bible
The Resurrection and Genesis
Evolutionary Stasis -- Double-speak and Propaganda
Genesis: Bible authors believed it to be history
Two-tone Twins
Six Days ... Really?
Rafting In The Grand Canyon
God the Master Designer
The Mystery of Our Declining Genes
"The Mystery of our Declining Genes" Dr John Sanford
"A Brief, But True History of Time" Dr Mark Harwood
"How Evolution Hurts Science" Dr John Sanford