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S06E12 - Fossils: evidence something happened quickly, not slowly.
S06E11 - The Flat Earth myth and the Bible.
Alien Intrusion [Official Movie Trailer] #2
Alien Intrusion: Chat with the Producer
Alien Intrusion [Official Movie Trailer] #1
Pollen problem for evolution
"Faith" means different things to different people
Our four dimensional genome
Neandertal genome confirms they were human
Mass extinction points to Noah's Flood
S05E24 - Refuting abortion arguments
Marine Fossils on Mount Everest
Lawyer jettisons Noah's Flood
Fallout Trailer (Extended)
Fallout Trailer
S05E16 - Creation and marriage
S05E13 - Epigenetics: What is it and how does it confirm creation?
S05E11 - Logic, reason and Christianity
Red Centre: Glen Helen Gorge, Northern Territory, Australia
S05E07 - Atheism needs evolution
Genesis explains HOW God created, not why.
Old Earth creationists must accept human death before Adam
Did Darwin plagiarise natural selection?
No evolution for 3.5 billion years???
S04E21 - The Koran vs Genesis -
S04E17 - It’s a great time to be a Christian!
S04E09 - The key to understanding the age of the earth debate
S04E07 - The key to understanding the creation/evolution debate
S04E06 - The holocaust before the holocaust
S04E03 - Is the evidence for deep time really rock solid?
The time that people forgot - Dr David Catchpoole
S03E15 - Do we all come from two people?
Hypertension -- racial differences don't affect prescriptions
S03E13 - The atheist's creation story
Global flood on Mars -- but not on Earth?
Exploding whales - sinking a fishy fossil theory
Evolution and purpose in life - what is it?
Does the bible teach flat Earth?
S03E05 - Why does the evidence always point to evolution?
Dinosaur extinction- what killed the dinosaurs?
S03E03 - How smart was ancient man?
Dating the Earth - How old is it?
Cranial capacity and intelligence - what's the connection?
Blind fish -- evidence of de-volution
Biased against design
Belgian Blue Cows -- evidence of 'de-volution'
Bee Waggle Dance
CMI: Teaching creationism is child abuse? (Part 3)
CMI: Teaching creationism is child abuse? (Part 2)
S02E23 - Apes and Humans: 99% similar?
Mitochondrial Eve -- a good fit for the real Eve
Monkey Madness -- could monkeys ever type out Shakespeare?
S02E18 - A 'mountain of evidence' for evolution?
Nobel Discrimination
Polystrate Fossils -- evidence against millions of years
Quick Granite
Radiocarbon found in Diamonds
Sickle Cell Anemia -- not evidence for evolution
Small Dogs are Mutants
The Cambrian Explosion
The Roswell Incident - a UFO crash?
Atheist's promo fail: bus ads
Discouraged in your faith? Book a CMI speaker.
S02E06 - God's amazing design
S02E02 - How natural selection supports a recent creation
Races and Human Genetic Variation
How did animals get to distant places after the Flood?
Change is not enough -- it is the type of change that matters
Creation Speakers available to come to your church
Creation Magazine - an essential equipping tool for the whole family
Dinosaurs ARE mentioned in the Bible - Behemoth
The key to understanding earth history: The global flood
Evidence for God
Darwin's 'yard apes'
The Darwinian roots of the Nazi tree
Creation teaching makes a difference
Where do cavemen fit into Biblical history?
Does the Bible say the Earth is flat?
Should Genesis be taken literally?
Noah's Ark -- judgement on sin
Should evolution be taught in public schools?
Were humans designed by 'Aliens'?
Is Evolution a Religion?
Does the Bible give clues to how old the earth is?
Aliens and Life in 'Outer Space'!
Carbon Dating
Noah's Ark -- the size of the ark
Can you marry your relative?
S01E09 - Where did Cain find his wife?
S01E06 - The Simple Story of Evolution
S01E01 - 'Day' in Genesis 1: easy to understand
S01E23 - Effective Evangelism in a Evolutionized World (Part 1)
S01E21 - Cornerstones of Evolution Refuted
S01E17 - 15 Reasons to Take Genesis as History
S01E11 - Dinosaurs and the Bible
Prison power Answering 'Genesis questions' reaches young offenders for Christ
Genesis: Bible authors believed it to be history
Richard Dawkins: "Theistic evolutionists are deluded"
Summer in the enemy's camp
Would Darwin be a Darwinist today?
Close Encounters of the 'Fourth Kind'
How dating methods work
Galileo Quadricentennial Myth vs fact
Geologic Catastrophe and the Young Earth (Steve Austin Interview)
Are fossils ever found in the wrong place?
Aliens, UFOs and the Bible
"Alien Abductions & UFOs—Exposed!" Gary Bates